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Guide To Benchmarking - Page 4

By: Mike Chambers - June 20, 2000

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MDK2 is an OpenGL based third person shooter developed by BioWare and contains a built-in benchmarking routine. Running a benchmark in MDK2 is simple and can be accomplished with the demo version of the game.

MDK2 Video Options

Configure the video settings and enable Hardware T&L if you have a GeForce based graphics card. Click the Test Setting button and a short demo will run. The results will appear when the demo is complete:

MDK2 Results

X-Isle Demo

The X-Isle demo features Crytek Studios' CryENGINE 2 Outdoor Technology graphics engine which contains a benchmarking mode. This technology demo makes use of bump-mapping with per pixel lighting and realtime cube environment mapping. The graphics engine has full transform and lighting support with 24-bit truecolor lighting featuring dynamic ambient, directional, and point light sources.

X-Isle Video Options

Set the video mode and options and click the Run button.

X-Isle Demo

Click to enlarge - 155K

While the demo is running, you will see real-time results being displayed at the top right of the screen. The following measures are recorded:

  • Number of polygons in the scene
  • Polygons processed per second
  • Average frames per second
  • Current frames per second
  • Minimum frame rate
  • Maximum frame rate

After the demo is complete, the benchmark results can be viewed by opening the text file named fps.text:

X-Isle Results

Guide To Benchmarking - Page 5

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Last Updated on October 22, 2000

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