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ChrisRay, 1983 - 2010
3D Graphics Enthusiast, Forum Moderator, and Gamers' Friend

We're deeply saddened by the loss of our friend Chris "ChrisRay" Arthington who succumbed to pneumonia on January 28th, 2010. He was only 27.

Chris was a longtime graphics enthusiast, nZone moderator, and frequent contributor on a number of on-line forums including nV News, SLI Zone, EVGA, Rage3D, AnandTech, Beyond3D, GameSpot and others. He loved graphics technology and had a sincere desire to assist people by sharing information, trouble-shooting and reporting issues to NVIDIA.

As a member of our user group, he helped us evaluate new hardware and advocated for improvements like advanced anti-aliasing and improved multi-GPU scaling. His Twitter (ChrisRaySLI) bio states:

"Goal: Help All Nvidia users by improving their experience with Nvidia Hardware."

Chris "ChrisRay" Arthington

He did that in a big way. He did it for passion, not for money. He never asked for compensation for his articles, forum moderation, or reviews of new hardware. This is all the more impressive given his challenged finances. Although he had a good job, he also provided for his mother who suffers from a long-term illness.

Chris endured a lifetime of adversity that would have crushed someone of weaker spirit. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, he had a generous and helpful nature and was ever-considerate of others. He was sensitive and considerate almost to a fault.

Chris represented the best of the enthusiast community -- a fascination with 3D technology, a helpful nature, and a desire to improve the gaming experience for all. He was free of rancor or arrogance. He advanced no personal agenda. A love of technology and a genuine desire to help drove his actions.

Chris Arthington with friends at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, January 11, 2010.
From left to right, Nathan Kirsch of Legit Reviews, Daniela Kustre and Theo Valich of Bright Side of News, Chris, and Ken Brown of NVIDIA.

We hope you'll take some time to reflect on Chris and perhaps leave some comments in the forums here (note that guests are free to post). If you were touched by Chris please consider making a donation at the following web page, to benefit his mother, who relied on him for support. We are providing assistance as well.

The enthusiast community and the team at NVIDIA have lost a great friend and a tireless advocate, and he'll be sorely missed. The forums will never be the same without you, Chris. May we all learn from your kind nature and benevolent spirit.

Ken Brown,

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Last Updated on February 20, 2010