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Interview - Andrew Han of eVGA - Page 2

Questioned By: Jonathan Martini

April 17, 2001

The GeForce3

nV News: What are your personal thoughts on the GeForce3? Is it really too far ahead of it's time?

Andrew: The GeForce3 - of course it's not too far ahead of its time. nVidia has consistently been able to define the state of the art when it comes to computer graphics and they're doing it again right now. When the TNT2 came out, there were no games that used 32bit color even though the TNT2 could without taking a performance hit, when the GeForce256 first came out, there were no games that used Hardware T&L, and now with the GeForce3 there are no games (at the moment) that will take advantage of it. But all that changes, and very quickly in this business. The incredible detail that you can now achieve with this new family of GPU is simply amazing and I think that the GeForce3 is being at just the right moment. We've seen proof of the power of Hardware T&L, but we've also realized a limitation in it - now this new and groundbreaking technology comes along to remove that limitation, and there you have it. That's just how technology progresses.


nV News: Any comments on the recent delays of NVIDIA's GeForce3 chipset?

Andrew: No. The GeForce3 chipset is ready and will be available soon.


nV News: When can we expect to see an e-GeForce3?

Andrew: The release of this amazing achievement in VGA board architecture will be in limited release, starting in mid May and eVGA will be in full production in June.

Wrapping Things Up

nV News: Is there any push for eVGA to enter the retail market with the GeForce3 or any variation of the GeForce2?

Andrew: We are looking at multiple channel strategies for this year and next, but from a tactical perspective I think it safe to say that the thought has occurred to me.


nV News: Why was there such a lapse in the production of eVGA's GeForce2 Ultra when compared to many other manufacturers (from the eVGA announcement to it's final board... maybe the reason for stating to ship it in November, then delaying it until it's January release)

Andrew: We receive a DDS (Developers Design Kit) in late September of 2000 and once we got started in the lab, we did some additional work that required us to extend our release schedule. It was worth the extra effort and I will always stand by my engineers relentless quest for perfection. After all, it is for the benefit of the customer and that will always be the endgame for eVGA.


nV News: Price will definitely be a determining factor for your GeForce2 offering. What level of support comes at that price?

Andrew: is here today and we will be here tomorrow. If our customers need support, any kind of support, we stand behind our product 100% and we will do what it takes to prove that. This is nothing new to us; we adhere to that principle now, and will continue to do so in the future.


nV News:  How extensive is your testing of the new cards? Well known retail card makers pride themselves on their testing before release? What's it like for eVGA?

Andrew: Our testing protocol is not only rigorous to the point of overindulgence, but also full integrated into our Quality Assurance Program (QAP). In addition, the combination of the extraordinary nVidia “reference design”, driver engineering and top grade components ensure that our products exceed expectation with respect to performance and reliability. Of course,’s patent pending installation and utility software does not hurt either…


nV News: What are you foreseeing in the near-future about the video card market and the computer world in general?

Andrew: What I can say with a fair degree of confidence is that it will be exciting, it will be amazing, it will be immersive and I hope that everyone out there will join us in that experience.


nV News: Where do you see eVGA a year from now?

Andrew: On the big stage and in the spot light.

eVGA Reviews

As I previously mentioned, I've has the chance to review three card from eVGA:

The eVGA e-GeForce2 MX


The eVGA e-GeForce2 MX TwinView Plus

The eVGA e-GeForce2 Ultra


We'd like to thank Andrew for taking time out of his extremely busy days for answering our questions and eVGA for their support.

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Last Updated on April 17, 2001

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