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GeForce3 SuperSampling
By: Typedef Enum - December 1, 2001

Quake3 2xFSAA Comparison

First up is 2xFSAA. Let's get right down to it, shall we? Please click on the image for the full-size screenshot.

1.5x1.5 SSAA


One thing should really stand out: like the side-effect of the ATI 8500, Super-Sampling does wonders for textures. This image nearly appears to have anisotropic-filtering enabled...but it surely does not. Let's take a look at some closeups.


1.5x1.5 SSAA 2xMSAA

I was actually a little surprised that the MSAA shot seems to be inferior to the Super-Sampling counterpart, until I took one thing into account: The GF/GTS 2x method is actually 1.5x1.5, which is 2.25 vs. 2. So, when put in this light, it does make sense, since the Super-Sampling method is actually using more samples than the Multi-Sampling one. How about the performance? Again, you've got to bear in mind that we lose a heck of a lot of GF3 features in using this 'hack.'

Not too shabby, given the circumstances. Let's take a look and see how the 4xFSAA plays out.

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Last Updated on December 1, 2001

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