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GeForce3 SuperSampling
By: Typedef Enum - December 1, 2001

Quake3 4xFSAA Comparison

Next up is 4xFSAA. Please click on the image for the full-size screenshot.





This is more like it. As you can see, the 4xMSAA shot is clearly better handled than the 4xSSAA counterpart. This is, indeed, the main benefit (aside from the performance difference). On the other hand, you can also clearly see the effect on the textures when analyzing the Super-Sampling shot.

Again, let's take a look at the performance.

Once again, you've got to bear in mind that we're talking about losing functionality when using this 'hack.' Still, this isn't too bad considering this fact. Of course, this hack is much better suited at the older-generation games, so lets see how things pan out in Team-Fortress.

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Last Updated on December 1, 2001

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