October 2001


Athlon XP Review - 10/31/01 @ 9:20 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
The AMD Athlon XP 1800+ has been smacking Intel with fantastic performance despite the MHz disadvantage. Hexus, hair salon for the rich and famous, reviews the 1800+ and runs comparison benchmarks against the Pentium4 2GHz.

The first thing which you will notice with this CPU is that the "holder" for the core - the part which used to be a purple ceramic colour is now a brownish colour the reason for this is that AMD have now made this out of an organic matter, this is a lighter and also seems a lot thinner. Will we see an organic matter based Duron soon? We can only wait and see.

Johnny Carson voice: I did not know that.

Gainward Drivers - 10/31/01 @ 8:59 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email - VTec
Gainward's NVIDIA driver support page now offers 22.40 drivers in Win9x/ME and Win2K/XP flavors.  I think I will download these to do a stare and compare to the 22.50's from MSI.

Update: Download is crawling...

Canopus Spectra X21 - 10/31/01 @ 8:10 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
VR-Zone has a news post about the Ti 500 card by Canopus. As usual, Canopus tacks on loads of goodies to torture those of us that will never have the pleasure of using one.

The X21 features all the normal Ti 500 specs and adds:

  • FireBird G2 Cooling Unit (Copper)
  • AeroDynamic fan (Fluid Bearing)
  • SSH Canopus Signal Super Highway
  • DFS Dual Filter System
  • APS Advanced Power Supply 3.0
  • ABS 2000 Active BIOS System for Windows2000 technology
  • Power LED
Sticker shock? Oh yeah - $572 US.

VR-Zone has a full-size screenshot of the card, go check it out.

Bios Editor Update - 10/31/01 @ 6:47 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
Ray has released a new version of his BIOS editor, bringing it up to version 0.93A. This utility will allow you to edit the BIOS settings onboard the GPU. Electic recommends this utility for very advanced users only, so in other words... those that are willing to loose a brand new Ti 500 for a few extra fps. :)

Creative Inspire - 10/31/01 @ 6:13 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
Hardware One has put together their impressions from a demo of Creative's latest speaker system dubbed the Inspire 5.1 5700. For $299, the system comes with four satellite speakers, a center speaker, the new Creative SLAM wood subwoofer, a decoder amplifier, and wireless remote control.

The Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 is an all-in-one audio entertainment system comprising 4 satellites, a centre speaker, the new Creative SLAM wood subwoofer, decoder amplifier and wireless remote control. The included decoder amplifier eliminates the need for a separate receiver and users watching movies encoded in DTS and Dolby Digital formats will experience 6 channels of discrete audio for a truly stunning cinematic experience. Sound Blaster 5.1 sound card owners can also experience precise digital surround audio when they connect to Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 through the six-channel Digital DIN connection. Specially designed to deliver an immersive multi-channel audio experience in movies, games and music, the Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 also supports a myriad of devices, including the PC, set-top DVD/CD players and game consoles such as Sony's PlayStation 2.

DMZG/IOM Demos - 10/31/01 @ 5:45 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
Ran across a Russian web site that is hosting a couple of classic GeForce and GeForce2 technology demos. They have both the Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens and Isle of Morg demos available for download.

NVIDIA Sweeps - 10/31/01 @ 5:15 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
NVIDIA announced today that the company's line of graphics processing units, including the award-winning GeForce3 and GeForce2, has swept PCWorld.com's Top 10 Graphics Board for Gamers feature. Click on the headline for the press release or here to check out the feature at PCWorld.

GeForce3 Review - 10/31/01 @ 4:59 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
The crew over at Evil 3D takes a look at VisionTek's Xtasy 6964 (GeForce3 Ti 500) and 6564 (GeForce3 Ti 200). The review includes performance measures under Windows ME and Red Hat Linux 7.1 (Quake 3 only).

They also have an updated version of their NVIDIA based graphics card overclocking tool for Linux. Click here for more information on NVClock.

GeForce3 Review - 10/31/01 @ 11:44 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
CPU 3D reviews the Gainward Golden Sample GeForce3. Like many other Gainward reviewers, CPU 3D was able to get Ti 500 speeds by overclocking. They benchmarked their card at 250MHz core and 550MHz memory.

Budget GeForce3 - 10/31/01 @ 8:12 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
Liquide OC test the GF3 waters with an unknown video card manufacturer Point of View. Can this budget card stand up to it's more expensive competition?

More On 22.50 - 10/31/01 @ 8:10 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3D Chipset
3D Chipset has discovered a couple more interesting tidbits hiddent within this new batch of drivers:

There are a couple of references to the nForce board in these 22.50 drivers. This explains why they are from MSI. MSI has been giving out review units to a variety of websites that are doing previews of their new nForce board. These drivers are apparently what's going to be used or shipped with the board.

There is also mention of GeForce 2 GO in these drivers in the same NvCpl.dll file. This can only concur that Nvidia is going to unify everything together. Maybe the GeForce 2 GO will get better reference support then in the past.

GeForce3 Review - 10/31/01 @ 8:08 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3D Chipset
Active-Hardware has posted their thoughts on MSi's StarForce 822 video card.

Asus Cheats Again? - 10/31/01 @ 8:02 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
RIVA Station has snagged an Asus option in their 21.81 drivers (3D Turbo mode) that automatically enables overclocking when running OpenGL or D3D apps, thus portraying that the card is running in stock mode, yet performing 10% better in benchmarks. This option doesn't provide any sort of warning to the dangers of overclocking and is actually enabled by default. This should have been an opt-in option instead of an opt-out.

Fact is that ASUS achives better results than other NVIDIA based cards of that class with this driver "feature". The chipmaker NVIDIA normaly forces board manufacturers to strictly use the standard given clockrates. The only manufacturer who changes the standard rates by a driver option is Gainward. But the Gainward driver always asks if it should run the card with default settings or in the "enhanced performance" mode. There´s no such dialog in the ASUS driver. It´s also unknown yet if ASUS guarantees a stable operation of the card while overclocked like Gainward does with their "Golden Sample" series.

Asus' Kent Chien has responded to this new controversy:

The default setting of "3D TURBO mode" will be disable. We will add a warning dialog when user try to enable this feature as you recommend.

Many Rumours... - 10/31/01 @ 5:20 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
As many have already seen on the net, there are a number of rumours flying around, not just concerning nVidia. Just browsing the net, I have seen the following...
  • GeForce GO
  • Matrox
  • BitBoys
  • NV17/25
Rumours are fun to discuss, so why not? According to a few posters @ Beyond3D, the BitBoys have supposedly had a 2nd tapeout of their chip. There have been a few registered names by those squirly Finnish lads, particularly the name "Avalanche." If you're interested in finding out more, I suggest paying them a visit.

I did read a response some months ago from an actual Matrox employee over @ the MURC, claiming that they did have something the Matrox fans would surely like, as far as the highend is concerned. Furthermore, I noticed a thread over at 3DGPU suggesting that Matrox does, indeed, have something up their sleeve.

And what about the next PowerVR series?

Of course, many have already seen (or possibly not) that the MSI drivers already have some strings containing NV17/NV25. This doesn't necessarily mean too much, but don't forget...Comdex is coming up in 2 weeks. Would nVidia possibly discuss their next architecture? Will this be what many had hoped from the Titanium? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...Until then, let the speculation begin.

JonathanM: A quick comparison of the two different .inf files containing the new strings can be seen here. I have also heard rumour about Matrox's upcomming high-end product. My buddy who worked there during the summer was involved in the pre-silicon testing phase of this card. He had to leave in August, (to start school again), but the first batch of silicon cards was supposed to be arriving in September or October. Will we be seeing a high-end card from Montreal-based Matrox? I surely hope so.

MSI 22.50 Drivers - 10/30/01 @ 8:19 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
Electic Tech has 22.50 Detonator based drivers for MSI cards. You MSI owners, go get silly...

JonathanM: Sheesh.

HalcYoN: OK, OK, simmer down.  Here is a mirror for the 22.50 drivers.  You happy now Jonathan?  Hmmm?    Heh.

Budget Comparison - 10/30/01 @ 8:14 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
Here is a great match up in the $150 price range.

BurnOut PC compares the Asus V7700 GeForce2 GTS to the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500.

Everybody knows nVidia-drivers are all over the place, leaked beta's and official drivers posted almost every week now. It's hard to find the right driver for your card, since there are major performance differences between the drivers. Some contain new, optimized GeForce2 code, others contain the latest features for the GeForce3, without any real improvements for the GeForce2. So for the ASUS, I decided to stick with the tried and tested 12.90's, which for some reason contain the ASUS-icons.

The 3D-prophet however is an entirely different subject here, so I went to the Hercules website to obtain the latest official revision of the drivers. I'm using version (released 24-10-2001).

Linux Forum News - 10/30/01 @ 6:45 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Just received word from NVIDIA that nV News, hey that's us, has launched a Linux discussion forum.

NVIDIA and NVnews.net Serve Linux Community With New Open Forum

This week NVnews.net has launched a Linux discussion forum to support Linux users with NVIDIA Hardware. Enduser-to-enduser support will be available through these forums with additional support from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA is pleased to support NVnews in this endeavor. The Linux community has always been vocal and active in pushing technology forward - including the development of binary drivers which provide optimized hardware acceleration for OpenGL applications and support for NVIDIA graphics chips.

By partnering with NVNews in this project, NVIDIA will continue to provide the best driver support for Linux users while maintaining the tradition of community which has been instrumental to the tremendous growth in popularity of Linux.

NVIDIA has also added a link to the forum on their Linux drivers page.

Random News Bits - 10/30/01 @ 6:08 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
Another day feeling lousy as I managed to drag myself to the doctor. Turns out I have an ear infection which I haven't had in well over 20 years.

I'm beginning to reinstall my library of games under Windows XP and spent most the day getting Half-Life and Counter-Strike up to snuff. That's five down (including Age of Empires II, Quake 3 Arena and Team Arena) and about 20 or more to go...heh.

I'm still using the GeForce3 Ti 200 in my system and gave it a stress test using Counter-Strike. I enabled 4X antialiasing and 8X anisotropic filtering at a resolution of 1280x960. While keeping an eye on the frame rate counter (cl_showfps 1), I was averaging around 60-70 frames per second. The game looks and plays great with these settings.

Now for some news...

  • TvTool has been updated with a few fixes one of which addresses the admin right problem under Windows NT/2K and XP and another which allows it to run properly with WinDVD.
  • Warp2Search has run the new beta 22.50 Detonator 4 drivers through a series of tests. They show a significant increase in performance in 3DMark2001 with a GeForce2 Pro. geopeak reports that he's broken the 8000 barrier in 3DMark2001.
  • Hardware Accelerated has an article about the "Graphical Divide", where manufacturers of computers and video cards lag the market by selling older video cards. For example, Dell and HP both ship TNT2 M64's as standard on some of their higher end PCs.
  • GamePC has tossed up a few tips on how to setup a completely silent PC and have it be a great performer as well.
  • NVIDIA will be presenting at the Prudential Securities Technology & Telecommunications Conference and at The AeA Classic, a financial conference for public technology companies hosted by the American Electronics Association. Slide presentations will be available concurrently with each presentation on the Investor Relations section of NVIDIA's website.
  • Creative Labs has released Windows XP drivers for their Sound Blaster PCI 512, Live/Value, Live 5.1, and Audigy soundcards.
  • Windows XP shutdown speedup from Reactor Critical's forum. Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Find the service "Nvidia Driver Helper", disable, and reboot.

22.50 Detonators - 10/30/01 @ 1:55 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
Mark Fox from Max Reboot has gotten a hold of the latest version of the Detonators that were released by MSI. They arrive in self-extracting format. As always, post your results in the forums.

Update: Here's a nice new addition:

MikeC: Wohoo - a selection for anisotropic texture filtering!

Creative Ti Cards - 10/30/01 @ 12:09 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
Hardware.fr is reporting that Creative Labd France has officially announced a line of cards based on the NVIDIA Ti graphics chipsets. They're expected to be available within the next two weeks. (In France anyways...)

GeForce3 Go - 10/30/01 @ 12:05 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
Hardware.fr received word that NVIDIA may (i.e. rumoured) be announcing a new chipset @ Comdex. They're putting their money on the announcement of the GeForce3 Go mobile chipset as the chipset will allow us to go 'far, fast and everywhere'.

Xtasy Ti Reviews - 10/30/01 @ 11:58 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
Speedy 3D has posted a comprehensive review covering the whole Visiontek Xtasy Ti lineup (GF2 Ti, GF3 Ti 200 & Ti 500).

MSI Ti 200 Review - 10/30/01 @ 11:56 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
AMD World has posted a review of MSI's GEFORCE 3 TI-200 PRO-TD which arrives with TV-out, DVI-out and sports a huge shiny silver heatsink. They were able to overclock upto 200/450 which is an inch behind the GF3's speeds.

Price Guide Updates - 10/30/01 @ 8:40 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
Never underestimate the power of cheese.

VillageMark OGL/D3D - 10/30/01 @ 12:48 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
This thread at Beyond3D started out trying to find out if the 8500 had proper HyperZ support in OpenGL, and it has turned into something quite different.

Head on over to this page where you will find both OpenGL, as well as Direct3D Villagemark applications. I didn't know they ported it to OpenGL.

The reason why this is so interesting is the following. I have always achieved about 79 FPS in the D3D version, so when I ran the OpenGL one, I was somewhat surprised to see that I had achieved 92 FPS. However, the end graphic said I was running the benchmark in 16-bit color. So, I tried like heck to force 32-bit color, and it wouldn't work. Passing "-Bpp=32" does not work in OpenGL, despite the fact that the README says that it should work.

So, I then proceeded to re-run the D3D benchmark in 16-bit color, and then make equal comparisons. The results simply make little to no sense.

Here's the setup:

  • WinXP
  • T-Bird @ 1.36 GHz.
  • GF3 @ 250/560
  • FIC AD11 w/ 512 PC2100
  • 1024x768x16
  • Compression On
  • Trilinear On

    D3D: 68 FPS
    OGL: 92 FPS

    Again, I could not run in 32-bit color in OpenGL. So, here are all the numbers...

    1024x768x16 (D3D): 68 FPS
    1024x768x32 (OGL): 92 FPS

    1024x768x32 (D3D): 79 FPS
    1024x768x32 (OGL): N/A

    Given the fact that a 16% increase was realized in D3D, would the same hold for OpenGL? Why do scores actually go down significantly when going from 32->16 bit color?

    HalcYoN; There is some conjecture that some of the bandwidth saving techniques of the GeForce3 are not used in 16bpp color depth. If true, the OpenGL version is useless as a benchmark.

    Typedef: Actually, I believe it would be the exact opposite?! I read the same info regarding the GF3's lack of occlusion detection in 16-bit. So, if this were the case...and then take into account the fact that @ the same resolutions, there's a difference of almost 30 FPS...wouldn't you expect to see a similar increase in going from 16->32 bit? In other words, the fact that the GF3 scores as well in OpenGL @ 16-bit lends credability to the fact that it would come *very* close to the 8500, in 32-bit color mode, because the occlusion detection would kick-in, thereby providing additional performance...?

  • Unreal2 Screenshots - 10/29/01 @ 8:50 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Voodoo Extreme gets crazy with a few more screenshots from Unreal2.  All I am going to say is 'sweet'.

    EN: Kingston PC2100 - 10/29/01 @ 8:35 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    Welcome back to another episode of....*insert soap opera voice* 'As the Clock Cycle Rises and Falls', tune in to see PC133's younger brother DDR 2100 take on the likes of benchmarks and the evil overclocking attempt. Will DDR be the hero everyone is looking to, or another martyr for the performance cause? Will that sexy motherboard fall head over heels in love with DDR? If you are dying to find all this out and more don't touch that dial, "As the Clock cycle Rises and Falls" will be right back after a word from our sponsor."

    Kingston ValueRAM 256MB PC2100 ECC DDR-RAM

    MSI MS-6373 Review - 10/29/01 @ 8:31 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    It is Ace's Hardware's turn to review the MSI nForce 420-D motherboard. We had mentioned recently that Ace's had a few strange overclocking results and the review talks a little more in-depth.

    They tried several things to get better results with add-in video cards including...

    As some of readers reported, the Enermax EG351P with its long ATX power cable is not the best powersupply for overclocking, we decided to test with the Sparkle FPS 350Watt, one of AMD's favorite power supplies. This power supply comes with a very short ATX cable. This time, the MSI K7N420Pro equipped with a Geforce Ti 500 even booted at 147 MHz (73 MHz AGP), but it unfortunately was not stable at that speed.

    Once again, the nForce beats the competition in almost all benchmarks.

    KyleM.: I am just waiting to see the final pricing on the nForce boards before I commit to my up-coming upgrade. Sure it's faster, but will the cost justify me choosing it over a comparable KT266-A mobo. And just when are these boards going to reach the North American retail channel?

    HalcYoN: All the features of the nForce may cause a price advantage for the KT266A based boards. If you are building a news sytem though, think of all the hardware you do not have to buy...

    KyleM: That is so true for system builders and people building on a budget. Where I work I always stear people towards the "integrated but upgradable" motherboards. They are a much better long-term purchase.

    GF3 Ti 200 Review - 10/29/01 @ 8:18 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Don't you just love watching re-runs of The Simpsons?

    AMD World takes a look at the MSI Geforce 3 TI-200 PRO-TD. The Ti 200 is quickly becoming a bang-for-the-buck winner and the MSI Ti 200 is no different.

    The GEFORCE 3 TI-200 from MSI comes as a budget option over the GEFORCE 3 TI-500 with unparallel performance in its price range, it will outperform the existing GEFORCE 2 series of cards and to a certain degree will match the GEFORCE 3 card with a bit tweaking and combined with features like NVIDIA Shadow Mapping Techniques and the NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine you will have features once only associated with professional rendering cards used by designers and once beyond the price range of the retail market for consumers.

    GF3 Ti 500 Review - 10/29/01 @ 8:07 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Icrontic has reviewed the VisionTek Xtasy 6964 GeForce3 Ti 500.  It is a pretty quick review hitting the main points.

    The benchmarks speak for themselves. The VisionTek Xtasy 6964 is a solid video card from start to finish. This is one of the lowest priced Ti 500 video cards out there, and it's one of the best. Considering that nearly all of the nVidia-based video cards are built on reference designs, they are all essentially equal. The VisionTek is no exception, it's a solid card at a good price.

    Sunday Specials - 10/29/01 @ 5:45 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    Sorry for being one day late (Just formatted and installed Windows XP Professional (I took the plunge finally :)) Some of these specials may expire after today.


    Yuri's Revenge (Command and Conquer Red Alert2 Expansion pack):$19.99 after $10 instant savings

    Dark Age Of Camelot: $29.99 after $10 instant savings

    Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick and Flight Simulator 2002 Bundle: $149.98 for both but 99.98 after $10 instant savings , -$20 Bundle instant savings, -20 Bundle Manufacturer's Mail-In Rebate.

    Buy Windows XP Home Upgrade for $99 and you can get 256MB Ram, McAffee's Viruscan 6.0 and a Spectre Digital Camera for free after rebates (a $200 value)

    Buy Windows XP Professional for $199 and you can get the above 3 items AND a Hival 12x 10x 32x CDRW and a HP 2100 Scanner for free after rebates.

    Best Buy

    Flight Simulator 2002 Regular : $37.99 (there's also a rebate for $15 in the box )

    Project Eden : $29.99

    Stronghold: $29.99

    Random News Bits - 10/29/01 @ 5:28 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Been feeling pretty bad since returning from my trip and don't think I'll be able to make it to work again tomorrow. This congested ear is very painful and is driving me nuts. Looks like I'll be visiting good old Doc McCormick tomorrow...
    • Hardware Accelerated has an article detailing a few of the possible additions to DirectX 9. Included are displacement mapping, antialiasing, vertex and pixel shaders, and a bit on Renderman.
    • PC Hardware has posted a review of the Excalibur GeForce2 Pro from Pine Technology (second time I've heard of that company).
    • Digit-Life rounds up twelve i845 chipset based motherboards which includes products from Abit, Acorp, Asus, Chaintech, Epox, Gigabyte, MSI, and Intel.
    • t-break reviews MSI's feature loaded motherboard - the K7T266 Pro2 which is based on VIA's KT266A chipset.
    • CDRInfo has posted the first reviews of the TEAC CD-W524E and Yamaha CRW3200E read-write CDs. Both drives support 24x writing, 10x re-writing and 40x reading.
    • Digital Silence has a guide on upgrading from Windows 9X/ME to Windows XP which covers the preparation, installation and aftermath of the upgrade.
    • 4DRulers releases a multiplayer demo of Goretest2 which is touted as being a "thinking mans" first person shooter.
    • Overclocked Cafe writes about the struggle of finding an IT job in today's market, and shares some tips and wisdom for those who are letting a bear market discourage them.

    Ben: Hope you feel better Mike...

    MSI nForce Info - 10/29/01 @ 2:14 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    Clubic has some info about the availability of the MSI nForce motherboard. It'll arrives with 5 PCI ports, 1 CNR slot, 1 AGP slot and three DDR slots. From the pic, there seems to be a mammoth heatsink on the nForce IGP chip. For those interested in utilizing the integrated GPU, MSI will also be including an add-in card that adds TV-out support if connected to the AGP. Great idea!

    3D GPU Is Back - 10/29/01 @ 2:04 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Surprisingly I didn't find a 404 when searching for news today. 3D GPU's back on it's feet and hopefully, they won't bbe experiencing any more server troubles.

    After some downtime, it looks like we are back in business, at least for some of you folks. Everyone should be coming back online as soon as your ISP updates it's DNS information.

    Prophet III Ti 500 - 10/29/01 @ 2:00 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    The folks from Guru3D.com posted the first review on the new graphics card from Hercules, the 3D Prophet III Titanium 500. They where able to clock the memory frequency to a screaming 590 MHz which at default is 500 MHz. Smokin...

    Vacation Pictures - 10/29/01 @ 8:42 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    We returned from our vacation to Disney last night and boy did we have a great time. The weather was unseasonably cool, the accommodations were excellent, and the crowds were much smaller than normal. We visited all the major parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom) and even took in a movie (Corky Romano - very, very, funny) Saturday evening at Downtown Disney. Here are a few pics from our visit.

    Caribbean ResortJulie, Steve, & Dave
    Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
    Disney CharactersSteve w/Donald
    Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
    Me & Julie w/MinnieDisney Show
    Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
    Tower of TerrorIndiana Jones
    Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge
    Planet HollywoodAnimal Kingdom
    Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

    Unfortunately I did catch a cold yesterday morning and my left ear is really clogged up. The air pressure from the flight home made it much worse as we flew well over 30,000 feet.

    My favorite rides were Space Mountain, Test Track, Tower of Terror, The Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin...heh.

    Radeon 8500 LE - 10/29/01 @ 8:11 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Digital Silence
    Looks like ATI has finally taken some measures to addresse those "underclocked" OEM 8500 cards:

    Based on the award-winning RADEON 8500 chip architecture, the RADEON 8500LE affords customers all of the industry-leading features of the world's fastest and most technologically advanced graphics chip at a cost that is extremely appealing to a broader group of customers and at a performance level (250 MHz (megahertz) core clock speed compared to the RADEON 8500's 275 MHz core clock speed) that would satisfy even the most power-hungry game or application. While ATI is marketing the RADEON 8500 through retail outlets worldwide, it is not selling the RADEON 8500LE through retail under the ATI brand name. ATI will only distribute the RADEON 8500LE to OEMs, ODMs and AIBs, who will then market the technology under their own brand names, selling it to systems integrators, distributors and retailers.

    Intel Price Drops - 10/29/01 @ 7:43 am - By: KyleM - Source:
    Intel has come through and dropped their prices as of Oct. 28th. In the P4 line the price transition has been smoothed out from 1.5gHz until 1.9gHz, meaning that you pay about an extra $30 for each step higher. 2.0gHz still carries a premium of a little over $400, but that is to be expected. The P3 line is just about set to fade away, and the Celerons get even more tempting as the 1.2gHz Tualatin falls to just $103!!

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out for AMD in the coming months. In the average consumer's mind (not enthusiast) Intel is still king.

    Elsa Gladiac 921 - 10/28/01 @ 8:54 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    After spending most of the day away from the computer, I received some good news from Amazon International, one of our sponsors. Brian sends word that the Elsa Gladiac 921's are finally becomming available. Click the headline to check out the benchmarks that he's tested. BTW, all the benchmarks were tested at stock speed.

    MSI MS-6373 Review - 10/28/01 @ 5:06 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email - Cesar
    TECHhard has posted a review of the MSI K7C12-PRO MS-6373 motherboard. How is that for an eyechart?

    What do all those letters and numbers mean? The motherboard is based on the nForce chipset. The review includes all plenty of background info and benchmarks. Once again, we see that the nForce has an advantage in almost all areas over the Via KT266A chipset, rather impressive for NVIDIA's first outing into system control.

    KyleM:OUCH, pop-up's abound! Be forewarned!

    JonathanM: The review's been updated with results from Q3 and UT at 1024x768, as well as some audio benchmarks. Jump into the update here.

    WinTV XP Drivers - 10/28/01 @ 11:27 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: NTCompatible
    In keeping with the WinXP news, one site that the newer adopters should definitely bookmark is NTCompatible.

    Hauppauge have released some WinXP drivers, along with a new WinTV application specifically for WinXP.

    XP/60 Hz Reminder - 10/28/01 @ 11:22 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I just want to remind you guys, particularly those picking up WinXP this weekend for the first time, or those who have never used anything outside of Win9x/Me, to download this refresh rate fix application.

    After you install the drivers, go ahead and run this application, and then set it to support the highest capable refresh rates of your monitor. There has been this 'bug' (if you will) with Win2000/WinXP for as long as I can remember in dealing with video adapters/60 Hz.

    Daylight Savings - 10/28/01 @ 11:18 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Just a friendly reminder :)

    While booting into my PC this morning, I noticed a slight difference in time between my watch and my PC. Upon 'further' investigation, I confirmed that it is, in fact, time to set those clocks back (unless you happen to live in one of those exclusion states).


    GeForce3 Review - 10/28/01 @ 10:11 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Hexus.net, free highlights with a cut and style, reviews the Prolink PixelView XX-Player GeForce3.

    By default the PixelView XX Player runs at 200MHz core 480MHz Memory, this is a bit higher than the default 460MHz memory speed that most Nvidia cards run at. This should make it that bit quicker in the benchmarks and might point towards some good overclocking potential.

    As a proud Texas Longhorn, I might have to grab one of these. The PCB and heatsinks are as close to burnt orange as a piece of hardware can get...

    Random News Bits - 10/28/01 @ 10:00 am - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Congratulations to Joe Paterno for win number 324.  JoePa rules.

    On to the links...

    • Frosty Tech reviews one very cool cooler (pun intended).  The Arkura 7528 Cooper Core is the little brother of the 7228, the current reigning champ of their CPU tests.

    • AcidHardware is giving away a few of sticks of Crucial memory in PC2100 and PC133 flavors.

    • CryoEniac has posted AMD Athlon XP Shootout - is it really worth it?.  Eight CPUs, two of which are XPs, are benched with a GeForce2 Ultra as part of the test system.

    • TweakTown reviews the Alpha PAL8045.  I dig the copper insert in the base of the ALPHAs.

    • Planet Savage digs on the Seagate Barracuda ATA-IV hard drive.  Quiet and fast...

    Crystal ORB Review - 10/28/01 @ 9:29 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Overclocker Cafe reviews the Thermaltake Crystal ORB.

    I have to confess, the Crystal ORB is one sweet looking piece of hardware.  Moreover, it actually works.  On OCer Cafe's GeForce2, the core temp dropped from 48.5C to 42.2C.

    GF3 Ti 200 Review - 10/28/01 @ 2:09 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NVChips-fr has poste dtheir review of Prolink's PixelView GeForce3 Ti 200. The review's in French.

    Creative CD - 10/28/01 @ 2:07 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    I have no idea what's up with this:

    To obtain the latest software applications and updates, you will need to order the Sound Blaster Live! Software CD for a nominal shipping and handling fee.

    Creative's LiveWare seems to have run it's life. If you use the software and would like to upgrade it, you'll have to buy the CD. Was the Live software such a drain on their bandwaidth that they had to resort to this?

    Just to round out the story, the drivers will still be avaialble, it just seems to be all those extra goodies located within LiveWare that'll go on CD. AND from a post over at NeoWin it seems the CD will cost about $0.50 plus ~5.00 for S/H. While the price for the CD is low, the cost of shipping is absurd. I can buy a protective CD box and ship it to the US (from Canada) for less than 4 bucks CDN.

    BIOS Editor Update - 10/27/01 @ 4:04 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    A couple bugs were located after the public release of the NVIDIA BIOS Editor yesterday. It's been updated to version v0.90a.
    • GPU and Memory clock editing and saving (fixed)

    • Freeze when trying to read current BIOS on some Windows (fixed but may fail on some Windows 98)

    • Error loading ELSA BIOS.
      For last error:
      Now program detect original NV Control block and will not load BIOSes with bad block. Many ELSA BIOSes have a strange structure. I will try to solve this problems in future.

    • GeForce 2 Go - GPU and Memory clock doesn't supported yet.
    HalcYoN: One user has responded to the Warp2Search news page concerning the BIOS Editor, and reports that the program still had some issues changing clocks and displaying the BIOS properties.

    OCZ Titan3 Rebate - 10/27/01 @ 1:29 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    3D Chipset has a link to retail version of OCZ's Titan3 video cards for $299.99. I find the price a bit high for this GF3 as one can pick up a GeForce3 Ti 500 with free 3D glasses for 349.99.

    Featured Games - 10/27/01 @ 9:27 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Riva Station
    I saw over at Riva Station that NVIDIA has updated the Power of 3D: Games page to include info on Silicon Dreams Soccer. The game features extremely detailed and complex player models using a 29 bone skeleton.

    NVIDIA also gives an overview of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind which is an RPG. On the tech side, Morrowind features high polygon counts, extremely detailed textures, real-time shadows, and a game world weather system.

    Motherboard Monitor - 10/27/01 @ 9:15 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Motherboard Monitor has been updated to version 5.1. Click the title link for information or click here for a list of mirrors.

    Crystal Orb Review - 10/27/01 @ 2:18 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    ExplosivePC has posted up their review of Thermaltake's Crystal Orb chipset/GPU cooler. They gave it a 9.6/10 and now's your chance to win it.

    Developer Drivers - 10/27/01 @ 2:09 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    Mark Fox from Max Reboot has a quick post up about the 22.20 drivers NVIDIA has available for registered developers. The last leak from the developer site was the 21.85's which coincidentally, were also available to reviewers on NVIDIA Ti 500 card. I can't remember the last time a driver was leaked since NVIDIA's changed the background workings of their developer section.

    Elsa Drivers - 10/27/01 @ 2:03 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    Elsa has updated their drivers to the 21.81 revision. They're available for all MS OS's.

    Prophet III Ti 500 - 10/27/01 @ 2:01 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Guru 3D has some pics of Hercules' 3D Prophet III Ti 500 card. It's still sporting the modified orb-style cooler and blue thermaltkae RAM sinks.

    NV Bios Editor - 10/27/01 @ 1:53 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    Guru3D is hosting a little app that'll allow you to change various settings of the bios within the NVIDIA GPU.P ossibilities of this tool:
    • Load and Save any BIOS Image files
    • Load current BIOS from memory
    • Change Device ID (Select from List)
    • Change Sub Vendor ID (List for more than 1500 vendors!)
    • Change Sub Device ID
    • Set boot time options:
    • Skip DDC Monitor detection
    • Enable Memory Size Message
    • Enable Signon message
    • Removing engineering release
    • Editing Signon message
    • Editing BIOS Version message
    • Change color for Signon message (beta testing)
    • Change delay after boot screen
    • Change SBA Status (beta testing)
    • Change FastWrites (beta testing)
    • Editing Memory Tables GPU and Memory clocks
    As always, take care when messing around with your video card's bios as well as with a beta program such as this.

    eVGA Ti500 Pre Order - 10/27/01 @ 1:46 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    eVGA's taking Pre-orders for their e-GeForce3 Ti 500. They're selling for 349 + s/h. Here's the rest of the goodies included within the package:

    If you order now, the first 100 applicants will receive a pair of I/O 3D glasses that will immerse you in an intense 3D environment that has to be seen to be believed. What else is included in this package? A 2-year Step-Up program, 1 full year warranty, Full PowerDVD software and eVGA.com's ADM driver software.

    Here's more on the unique Step-Up program offered by eVGA:

    Imagine this, you own the e-GeForce3 Ti 500 video graphics adapter, which you bought during the eVGA.com Pre-Order event. You are a quality conscious consumer with an urge to stay on top of the curve when it comes to video graphics adapters. eVGA.com announces the release of the next generation video graphics card. You want it. Well, come and get it. eVGA.com's Step Up Service is designed to facilitate a trade in of e-GeForce3 Ti 500 cards for what's around the corner, and all you have to do is to pay the difference. Nothing could be easier and to top it off, eVGA.com will keep the program running for two (2) years to ensure that everybody that participates gets the opportunity to upgrade.

    eVGA Member Section - 10/27/01 @ 1:29 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    eVGA has updated their member section to include a wealth of info.

    Making purchases online is a snap thanks to the new shopping cart that offers a wider range of shipping options as well as a real time UPS shipping calculator for determining the proper shipping charges to fit your needs. Registered members can take advantage of discounted pricing on all of our products. Every now and then, eVGA.com will offer upcoming special promotional events such as the e-GeForce3 Ti 500 Pre-Order Program.

    We also offer multiple technical support resources such as the Knowledge Base of FAQ's, updated Install Guides for all Windows platforms including the recently released Windows XP and a Glossary of Terms containing explanations of video card terminology. Our online articles include topics ranging from eVGA.com company announcements, product reviews, and in-depth technical notes of existing and upcoming technologies.

    eVGA RAMSinks - 10/27/01 @ 1:24 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Back on Monday, I had a post about eVGA's GF3 Ti 500 supporting what seemed to be flat silver heatsinks, similar to Leadtek's old GF3 ones.

    Keith, eVGA's Chief Engineer had this to say about them:

    They are actually stepped like a ziggurat, with channels at the intersection of edges. Its cooling properties are on the same level as the memory heatsinks that are provided by nVidia, and their channels actually help to capture air flow a little better.

    A ziggurat shaped building.

    GeForce2 Ti Review - 10/26/01 @ 11:39 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    The Rev has been busy lately. His latest effort yields a review of the VisionTek 5864 GeForce2 Ti entitled The New TNT2?.

    In time, perhaps NVIDIA's new GeForce2 Ti may well replace the old TNT/TNT2 in all aspects as described in the above paragraph - the GeForce2 Ti may become NVIDIA's "baseline gaming and multimedia chip". Of course, this review will only be about gaming - and the GeForce2 Ti in the form of VisionTek's Xtasy 5864 GeForce2 Ti provides quite a sufficient solution to the large and general "casual" gaming consumers.

    Abit TH7II Review - 10/26/01 @ 8:13 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    It's Intel against Intel, Abit against Abit in this comparison review of the Abit KH7II RAID by Hardware One. The BL7 RAID is used as the would-be spoiler.

    The i850 is still the preferred companion you can get for your Pentium 4 processor. Only the high RDRAM prices makes you think twice before getting one. Intel believed then that the SDRAM was dying and in order for faster and faster procesors to perform, a higher memory bandwidth was needed. Getting a high yield of RAM modules matching the PC166 standard is already difficult, not to mention matching even higher standards. That's where the RDRAM comes in.

    I had an interesting email exchange with a reader concerning RDRAM. The price performance war is tightening now that all memory is getting cheaper. SDRAM and DDR SDRAM still has a huge advantage, but buying RDRAM is nowhere near as painful as it once was.

    XP Auto Update - 10/26/01 @ 7:50 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    I am at present updating Windows XP, more correctly, letting it update itself. A little bubble popped up to let me know that a patch for issues found from August 2001 to October 2001 would be installed. I am letting it do its thing and the cable modem is showing slow but steady activity.

    We'll see how it goes...

    Update: Painless.

    Quake3 Editorial - 10/26/01 @ 4:32 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    My buddy, Ichneumon from Rage3d has put up his take on the reason ATI lowered image quality to get more fps in Quake3 (there's no doubt they did exactly that) Click the headline for the article. I must say , I disagree with him on a couple of points but it's well written and I'll give my own thoughts on the matter shortly...

    I want to preface this editorial with a few things. First off, this editorial is simply an attempt to wrestle with my thoughts on the whole Quake/Quack fiasco, and explore some of the facets through which it can be viewed. Second, I had a fairly lengthy and very pleasant phone conversation with David Nalasco (Technology Marketing Manager, Desktop Business Unit, ATI) yesterday (10/24/01) where we discussed many of the issues currently being hotly contested. I'd also like to state right up front that I am really disappointed that ATI made the decision to sacrifice some visual quality in the Quake III and Quake III Team Arena games on the Radeon 8500 to get better performance for their users, without giving users an option to disable the functionality should they prefer only the best quality display.

    Kirk Interview - 10/26/01 @ 3:53 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    The reverend has posted an interview with NVIDIA's Cheif Scientist, and all around swell human being, David Kirk. David can be classified as the guy behind the guy behind the guy...

    Here is a question concerning the GeForce3's occlusion capabilitites.

    What's the cost for a occlusion query on the GeForce3? Proportional to screenspace size? What's the "fillrate"? Is it DX8? Can you only query with screen aligned bounding boxes, or can you use polys?

    David : Occlusion queries are at worst case proportional to screensize and fillrate. Can be up to 4x fillrate. I don't know if it is supported in DirectX.

    Creative XP Drivers - 10/26/01 @ 9:10 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Warp2Search has posted Creative's drivers for their Live! and Audigy sound cards which are XP approved.

    A7N266 Review - 10/26/01 @ 9:08 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Clubic has posted a review of Asus' nForce based motherboard the A7N266. Well, I don't know if you can call it an nForce based mobo as it's missing what most people consider the best aspect of the nForce chipset combo, the MCP chip which provides the Dolby Digital audio and Ethernet controller. Clubic states that Asus will be manufacturing a card in the near future which will utilize the MCP, but it has yet to be announced.

    GF2 GTS-V? - 10/26/01 @ 9:05 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    IT Buyer guide has some info on some mystery board from Visiontek. The Xtasy 5632 uses a GTS chip clocked at 175 MHz and paired up with 7ns RAM. Visiontek's reply to IT Buyer's inquest stated that the GTS-V chip is "designed to being GTS chip and DDR memory into the entry level price range." Isn't that what the MX was for?

    The GTS-V is priced at 65 dollars and would surely outperform any MX based card purely because of the 4.6GB bandwith provided by the DDR memory.

    Asus GF2 Go - 10/26/01 @ 8:59 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    IT Buyer Guide has posted a pic and some info on Asus' upcomming Tualatin/GF2 Go powered laptop.

    ASUS is going to announce new generation of full size all-in-one notebook, B2 model, that use Intel Pentium III Tualatin desktop processor (yes desktop processor on notebook system) which is based on VIA Apollo Pro 266T chipset with 2.5V PC2100 DDR SO-DIMM support (2 slots for supporting up to 1GB). This notebook will be using nVidia Geforce2 Go graphics chipset with 32MB DDR memory; this make ASUS the fourth vendor (after Toshiba, Dell and Gateway) to use nVidia Geforce2 Go chipset.

    Water Cooling Kit - 10/26/01 @ 8:45 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    As these kits continue to get cheaper and easier to install, I have to admit to thinking of giving the waterblock and radiator a shot.

    Adrian's Rojak Pot reviews the OCH Z3 Blizzard Intercooler Kit.  This kit has everything you need in order to wow your buddies at the next LAN party.  The single best piece is the reservoir,made of CNC machined anodized aluminum.

    The reservoir is easy to use because it gets rid of air bubbles by itself. Just let the pump run to check for leaks. The pump is very quiet and doesn't vibrate a lot. This is a watertight reservoir so you can actually carry the whole case to a LAN party without spilling any water. Great for LAN party freaks! But the water does add some weight to the case so it might strain your back or arms a little.

    Hook speaks - 10/26/01 @ 2:09 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I'll let Brian do the talking...This one is in response to Derek Smart's comments on ATI.

    I like Derek, on a personal level. I think he has a lot of admirable attributes, but I think he seriously needs to work on his presentation. To say the least =)

    That said, his post -- all fifty six chapters of it -- can be condensed as follows:

    "Drivers suck. ATI's drivers suck worse."

    The rest of it is just general bitching and moaning, and to be honest, I don't have that much sympathy for the "we don't run well on this board so buyer beware" bit because a developer's JOB is to make sure their software runs everywhere (within reason, of course). If you have to use textured quads for sprites, then that's what you do. You can't expect new drivers to fix everything, because all too often your users have no idea what a driver is.

    Consumers don't have much sympathy for games (and developers) that tell them, basically, their hardware and drivers suck. If a developer doesn't get that, he's going to be in a world of hurt unless he has a HUGE hit on his hands.

    Last I checked, both UT and Q3 were outsold by Unreal and Q2 respectively. Software rendering fallbacks had a LARGE part in this.

    There's running ugly, and there's not running at all. By and larger, the former is much better than the latter.

    Speaking of Matrox...my main computer now uses a Matrox G550 because of its strong dualhead and rocking DACs. I wish NVidia would eventually make high quality boards for 2D work also.

    Speaking of ATI...they win enough benchmarks to please the OEMs, which is what matters for sales. But I don't think they're ever going to get the enthusiast crowd until their drivers are solid. And ATI's drivers have never, ever BEEN solid, and so long as management doesn't take that seriously, it's going to always be their #1 limiting factor.


    Leadtek Ti 200 - 10/25/01 @ 11:27 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Clubic have posted up a review of Leadtek's GeForce3 Ti 200 based board. Can you believe they took the card all the way up to 250/520! It outperforms a Ti 500! If you're looking for value, I'm sure your search has just ended.

    NVIDIA And WinXP - 10/25/01 @ 9:53 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Yhoo Finanace has the obligatory "NVIDIA is primed for XP" Press Release. Here is a bit of the PR.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) reported that its groundbreaking GeForce3(TM) series of graphics processors was selected by Microsoft(r) Corp. to power hundreds of PCs showcasing Windows(r) XP at official launch events held today nationwide, including Microsoft's flagship bash in New York City. Consumers participating in the 65-city launch will have an opportunity to explore Windows XP on machines powered by Intel(r)'s Pentium(r) 4 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 graphics processor, both selected for their ability to make the most of the operating system's new and robust feature set. In addition, NVIDIA's products were the first to be awarded WHQL certification by Microsoft and also carry the "Designed for Windows XP" logo.

    EN: Kodak EasyShare - 10/25/01 @ 9:52 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    Our last two digital camera reviews have covered Kodak's EasyShare DX3500 and DX3600. Kodak has a growing line of EasyShare cameras, and these include others that we have not reviewed here, such as the DX3215, DX3700, and DX3900. There's a common theme in all the cameras - EasyShare, and that defines the point that these cameras are easy to use and simplify both the learning curve for the use of the camera and the knowledge required to download content from the camera.

    Kodak EasyShare Camera Dock

    EN: Kodak DX3500 - 10/25/01 @ 9:51 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    Not too long ago, we reviewed Kodak's new mid-range 2-in-1 camera, the DX3600. The DX3600 was an all around decent camera for the casual user or family man. Its ability to capture video clips with audio as well as having 2x-Optical Zoom offered great value for the money. This time around, we present you with their 'Mid-entry level' camera, the DX3500.

    Kodak DX3500 Digital Camera

    Windows XP Launch - 10/25/01 @ 9:48 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    The Squab has numerous links and a news story up covering the New York release of Windows XP.

    With an introduction from New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a special appearance by television personality Regis Philbin and a keynote address from Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates, Microsoft today officially kicked off its newest operating system, Windows XP.

    "Today is a great day for users and for the PC industry," Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates said in his keynote address. "With the launch of Windows XP, we are entering an exciting new era of personal computing."

    As mentioned in the forums, most of you have been reading so much about Windows XP that the release is fairly anti-climatic.  Many of us heere at nV News have made the switch to the new OS already and we are loving it...

    nForce Overclocking - 10/25/01 @ 9:41 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Tech Report
    Ace's Hardware has posted a few intitial observations on overclocking the MSI nForce based motherboard.  The best overclocking results, interestingly enough, occured when using the integrated GeForce2 MX video, 154MHz FSB.  With a Ti 500 in the AGP slot, the max overclock was 140MHz FSB.  Interesting.

    Use the title link to get more information and stay tuned for their review.

    GeForce3 Shoot Out - 10/25/01 @ 9:30 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Here comes another GeForce3 comparison. This time it is Brent Justice's turn at HardOCP. Card-makers featured include VisionTek, MSI, Gainward, 3DPower, Asus, Hercules, and ABIT.

    GF3 Ti 500 Review - 10/25/01 @ 9:27 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    TweakersGuide has posted a review of the GeForce3 Ti 500.

    Der Speicher läuft auf JEDEN Fall viel schneller als mit 500 MHz , das konnte sogar der 3.8 ns DDR-SDRAM einer normalen GeForce 3 welcher normal mit 530-540 laufen sollte , der mit 3.5 ns ist für 570 MHz ausgelegt.

    Anders sieht es beim Chipsatz aus welcher eigentlich nicht geändert wurde und trotzdem mit 240 MHz läuft.

    Did I mention the review is in German?  Translate?

    3DGPU Hosting - 10/25/01 @ 9:13 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Brian Evans is hurting for bandwidth. Help a fellow NVIDIOT.

    We are having some major hosting problems (we exceeded our bandwidth by over 16GB this month already) and that we are trying to work on a solution. If anyone has a hosting solution that can give about 400MB of web space and around 40GB of bandwidth a month they can reach me at 3DGPU@home.com.

    Derek Smart - 10/25/01 @ 7:52 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    Derek Smart has gotten on his soapbox and given a rant about ATI and Nvidia and drivers in general. Frankly, I'm not sure what his point was ... His team was responsible for the "wonderful" Battlecruiser 2000AD and 3000AD series... Click the headline to read the whole rant

    ATI's drivers are consistently bad for high end games. They don't fix their drivers at a level that is consistent with the meaning of the word, fix. And when they DO fix their drivers, they end up breaking more than they fix. Unlike nVidia (I'll get to them later) whose developer relations program leaks like a sieve (AE: what? You thought they sanctioned those leaked Beta drivers?), ATI's driver support program is practically non-existent. I swear they must be on some internal schedule that says they have to release drivers every full moon and then only on Fridays, assuming that Friday is the last day of that month.

    AGP Airlift - 10/25/01 @ 10:39 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    i am not a geek dot com has posted a review of the AGP Airlift made by HighSpeed PC.  Here is the premise behind this new gizmo.

    The AGP Airlift is an extremely simple idea consisting of: a fan adaptor attached to a YSTech Fan. It is extremely light and poses no damage to your graphics card. The AGP Airlift is mounted on to rubber feet which promise to "grip" the back of your video card so that it shouldn't fall off very easily. HighSpeedPC suggests that you place the AGP Airlift directly above your GPU, which also should be directly underneath your PSU and CPU. The idea is that the AGP Airlift lifts the hot air away from the video card, blows up past the CPU (carrying in new air for the HSF and also carrying away CPU heat), and then finally blows into your PSU or other case fan. These two components provide exits for your heated air. As you can see this is a very simple idea that looks like it should work! The one disadvantage of the AGP Airlift is that it doesn't include a 3 - 4 Pin adapter (I don't know what HighSpeedPC's policy on this is now but my review sample did not include one).

    GF3 Ti 500 Review - 10/25/01 @ 8:56 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    It's 3D Spotlight's turn to check out the VisionTek Xtasy 6964 GeForce3 Ti 500.  This card is currently in my test system getting beat to death with benchmarks.

    A bit from the 3D Spotlight review...

    After taking the card out of the box I was delighted to inspect it, first thing you will notice, the card ships with a blue HSF and RAM heat sinks which gives the card a cool appearance. Another of the things you will notice immediately is that the card comes equipped with a TV-out and Digital output connector along with the standard VGA output.

    VIA 4in1's - 10/25/01 @ 7:57 am - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    VIA has once again updated their 4in1 drivers, bringing them up to version 4.35. They are intended to be the official Windows XP drivers. But if you haven't had any problems with previous builds, then why upgarde?

    nForce Review - 10/25/01 @ 7:47 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    AMDMB has posted a complete review of NVIDIA's reference nForce motherboard. Scores include the integrated GPU, as well as the comparison between a GF3 coupled with a nForce and KT266A. Who's the winner?

    Many people are wondering why it has taken so long to get some reference boards (and very soon retail boards) out to us. More than likely, NVIDIA was working hard to get the bugs and glitches that come along with a first-time attempt and a new kind of technology out before releasing the product to OEMs and reviewers.

    They have finally reached what they claim in the level of stability and speed necessary to release the product. NVIDIA shipped me out a reference board, some updated drivers, and I was off to the races. Let's see what this new AMD socket-A chipset has to offer potential and current AMD users.

    Heading Down South - 10/24/01 @ 9:42 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    Trying to wrap us a few loose ends before we head out for a 5 day vacation to Disney World in Florida. Should be a great time.

    Tomorrow is the big day for Microsoft as Windows XP makes it debut. For those of you that are planning to upgrade, take some time and visit Microsoft's Windows XP web site to gather pertinent information. I recommend creating a dual-boot system and using Windows XP for a couple of weeks as I did. If everything checks out, you can wipe the system clean and do a fresh install.

    We have a new forum available for users of Linux operating systems. I've enlisted the help of two individuals who are very experienced users - Jeff Abbott (fdiv_bug) and James Komkov (jkomkov). The forum was created at NVIDIA's request and they will have a technical engineer on hand who can offer assistance should Jeff or James need it. NVIDIA is also planning to link to the forum from their web site. I really hope this turns out to be a successfull venture between nV News and NVIDIA.

    Finally, I just got this in from Sam Parker over at GameSpot. They have footage of Square's real-time GeForce3 demo of the Final Fantasy movie which was done at Siggraph back in August. You won't want to miss that piece of work. There are also a couple of graphics card reviews that I need to mention. First, the Korean web site Dark Crow checks out Leadtek's WinFast Titanium 500 TD and Guru 3D reviews the Radeon 7500.

    Take care and I'll talk at you next week. Hey, look over there! It's Mickey Mou...heh.

    HalcYoN: Have a great time, Mike.  We will take care of your house, might have a small party.  One or two kegs and a band, nothing major...

    KT266A Round-Up - 10/24/01 @ 9:37 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Anand Tech has decided to do an Initial Roundup of of Via KT266A based motherboards.  First the contestants and then a blurb from the introduction.
    • EPoX 8KHA+
    • MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU
    • Shuttle AK31 Revision 3.1

    With only three boards readily available this is far from an Intel chipset launch, which is something that VIA and the rest of the chipset players will have to work on in the future. Regardless, with the arrival of the Athlon XP many users are finding themselves in a very tempting position of wanting to upgrade. We've already shown you how much of a difference a high performing DDR platform like the KT266A can make in the benchmarks, but now it's time to take a look at the options you have available if you're making that upgrade today.

    Hercules Tweaker - 10/24/01 @ 9:24 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Hercules users may be interested in version 2.4 of the Hercules 3D Tweaker. The 2.7MB .exe works for Win9X/ME and Win2K. I would guess that it is cool for XP, as well...

    GF2 MX 400 Review - 10/24/01 @ 9:17 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Little White Dog reviews the Inno3D Tornado GeForce2 MX 400 32MB PCI card.

    Even though AGP slots have been around for almost 3 years, there is still a very large portion of the population running OEM systems (from Dell or Compaq for example) with a video system that's integrated onto the motherboard, like those based around the i810 chipset. Upgrading these "older" systems, so they perform better in the gaming world, usually means installing a newer PCI graphics board & disabling the on-board video, or replacing the entire motherboard. Today we're going to look at a PCI video card from Inno3D based on the GeForce2 MX chipset, specifically designed for this type of upgrade.

    ATI on OEM Clocks - 10/24/01 @ 8:39 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    The Tech Report was able to snag a quick Q&A with John Challinor concerning the OEM Radeon 8500's clockspeeds. As if the Quake/Quack wasn't enough...

    1) Your statement yesterday seemed to indicate that Radeon 8500 cards in a 250/250 configuration are only available from third parties--that only the chips in these cards come from ATI. In my article, I have pictures of an "OEM" ATI Radeon card we purchased. It runs at a stock 250/250MHz clock rate, but the card is clearly marked--all over it--as an ATI card. Is this card one of the "third party" cards you referred to in your statement? If so, in what sense do you mean "third party"?

    ATI sold a limited number of ATI-branded boards with the RADEON 8500-based 250/250 chip to its add-in board (AIB) manufacturer partners to help hasten their entry into the worldwide PC marketplace with our latest technologies. This level of support will soon revert to our planned program of providing only RADEON 8500-based chips, which AIBs will then add to their own boards and market to their various customers around the world, including retailers and system integrators. The RADEON 8500-based product sold to AIBs will not be sold by ATI into retail. It will be sold by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and AIBs into retail as part of their overall technology offerings. We will be making a formal announcement in this regard in the next few days. By the way, in second reference to them in my earlier correspondence with you, I have referred to OEMs, ODMs and AIBs as third parties.

    HalcYoN: Basically, ATI is saying that they rushed slower chips to board makers to get the product on to shelves quickly and take advantage of new product hype. Or am I reading that wrong? The ATI PR responses are starting to sound like Kennedy depostions.

    Typedef: Good news as ATI will shortly announce a new name/number for the 250/250 OEM part.

    The really sad aspect of the whole 8500 launch/marketing/Quake deal is that...what gets lost in the whole thing is the fact that the 8500 is a fine piece of hardware, delivering a high quality 3D experience.

    I have already made a few posts about it, as I picked up my retail 8500 from Best Buy yesterday morning.

    More From ATI - 10/24/01 @ 7:14 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    From Rage Underground:

    Just got off the phone with Dave Nalasco from ATI discussing the "Quacky Driver" Issue.

    What Mr. Nalasco did confirm :

    • yes, we did do optimizations specificly for Quake 3.
    • yes, we did it because it is being used as a benchmark in reviews of our cards.
    • yes, we sacrificed imagequality to gain better framerates.
    Right. We already knew that didn't we ?

    What he didn't want to confirm :

    • this is "cheating"

    GeForce2 Ti Review - 10/24/01 @ 8:49 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    File this under "overclock capability".

    Hardsalon.com took a GeForce2 Ti from Gainward, which features a sweet GPU cooler and 4ns DDR SDRAM, to 310MHz core and 530MHz memory. As you can imagine, high resolution gaming results shot up dramatically.

    The review is in Chinese, but the graphs speak for themselves. Quake3 at 1280x1024 - how does an increase from 79.3fps to 106fps sound?

    Radeon Clock Speeds - 10/24/01 @ 7:55 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    The Tech Report has put together an article concerning the clock speeds associated with the OEM and retail versions of the Radeon 8500.

    The consumer who buys a computer system (or an OEM card) with a "Radeon 8500" inside will get a card that might be more appropriately called a Radeon 8200. OEM cards will be measurably slower than retail versions, but the two cards are sold as one and the same product. ATI has regularly engaged in such practices in the past, but ATI's new model numbering scheme offers ample room for the company to do the right thing and clarify the issue. ATI has apparently elected not to do so.

    EN: Abit KG7-Lite - 10/24/01 @ 1:02 am - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    In what seems to be - oddly enough - a web exclusive, we review Abit's excellent KG7-Lite motherboard. Does a motherboard earn the title of mainboard when it gets such high praise the likes we've never expected? This may be Abit's "Lite" or 'diet' version of their KG7 line of boards, but you won't lose calories nor will you lose stability when using the board. We've achieved a level of overclock unfathomed in the Envy Labs thus far, and a near perfect product review score.

    Only 1 calorie per serving!

    Workstation Results - 10/24/01 @ 12:59 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Brian Robinson from Amazon International has sent us a sneak peak at benchmarks for dual Athlon XP CPU workstations running with the Elsa Gladiac 920 (GeForce3) and Gloria III (Quadro2 Pro). Click on the headline for all the details and test results.

    New eVGA Articles - 10/24/01 @ 12:37 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    eVGA has a couple of new articles concerning the technology behind the GeForce3.
    • Shadow Buffers - NVIDIA shadow buffer technology closes the gap between PC gaming and cinematic style special effects for realistic, real-time shadows. This outlines the techniques used to create and utilize shadow buffers. It also describes the unique hardware features in the GeForce3 Ti GPUs that enable this groundbreaking capability and its benefits for end users.
    • 3D Textures - The NVIDIA nfiniteFX Engine delivers the first true 3D texture technology aimed at consumers. NVIDIA's 3D texture technology allows for more flexibility, performance, and ease of implementation than traditional texturing techniques. The nfiniteFX engine can use a 3D texture from any angle or orientation (not just as a stack of 2D slices). As a result, NVIDIA's 3D texture technology gives developers the ability to create effects that cannot be implemented with a standard 2D texture approach.

    Driver Comparison - 10/24/01 @ 12:34 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Tweakers Asylum have just finished updating their Windows 9x NVIDIA Detonator Driver Database with the new 21.88 Detonators. They got good results from the 21.88 Detonators in both 3DMark2001 and Quake3.

    The Windows 9x/ME NVIDIA Detonator Driver Database contains performance data on most of the Windows 9x/ME NVIDIA Detonator Drivers. For each set of NVIDIA Detonator Drivers added to our database we have included performance data from SEVERAL different benchmarks, not just a few.

    EN: Crucial PC2100 - 10/23/01 @ 9:48 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    In our 104th review, Envy News covers a stick of 256MB Crucial PC2100 DDR-SDRAM. See what wicked scores and stability we get when we push it from 133FSB CAS2.5 to 177FSB CAS2. Pretty insane scores, and a real informative article. Take a gander.

    Crucial PC2100 256MB RAM

    WinXP Boot Disk - 10/23/01 @ 9:32 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    That's right, a Windows XP boot disk. Electic Tech has the download for both Home and Professional editions...

    ATI On Drivers - 10/23/01 @ 7:09 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    I asked John Challinor II, ATI's Public Relations Director, to comment on the Quake/Quack issue. Here's what he had to say.


    ATI optimizes its drivers on many different levels, including the application level, the game engine level, the API level, and the operating system level. That is, some optimizations work only on specific games while others work only on specific game engines or only on specific operating systems. In the case of Quake III or Quake III Arena, we were able to achieve certain optimizations specifically for that game, as we do for other popular games. Our engineering team is committed to providing the best visual experience for the user in all applications, with the optimal combination of high frame rates, image quality and stability.

    Hope this helps.



    John B. Challinor II APR
    Director, Public Relations
    ATI Technologies Inc.

    HalcYoN: Actually, no it doesn't help. Perhaps John can explain why the Quake tweaked drivers yielded higher framerates at the cost of visual quality?

    Aquanox Review - 10/23/01 @ 8:41 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Warp2Search reviews the German retail version of Aquanox. Will the game live up to all of the visual effects hype?

    Aquanox is based on the self-developed KRASS-Engine from Massive and shows off with some of the best graphics you have ever seen rendered in a computer game. The submarines are nearly detailed to perfection while the whole game impresses with rusty underwater stations, very deep canyons, blubbering lava and ther fancy eye-candy. That is what you can expect every time you're playing Aquanox.

    But that isn´t all Aquanox offers. The weapon effects are really great, the sun breaks itself in the water; you see plankton floating in the water and many more cool effects.

    While Aquanox did fall short in the quality of the Intro and in-game movies, the gameplay and the soundtrack kept up with the visuals.

    Be sure to check out the screenshots on page four of the review...

    Asus 21.88 Drivers - 10/23/01 @ 8:33 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Electic Tech has the latest release of drivers for Asus cards available for download. They are the Win2K/XP 21.88 flavor...

    JonathanM: Just wanted to add that these are modded drivers. Asus has yet to release any drivers based on DetXP tech.

    HalcYoN: More specifically, they are Techno-Garb drivers to add Asus functionality to XP Detonators.  More info here.

    Driver Comparison - 10/23/01 @ 7:56 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Tweakers Asylum have just finished updating their Windows XP NVIDIA Detonator Driver Performance Database with the newly released 21.88 Detonators. They found the 21.88 Detonators to be somewhat "Optimized" for the 32 Bit benchmarks they tested.

    The Windows XP NVIDIA Detonator Driver Database contains performance data on most of the current Windows XP NVIDIA Detonator Drivers. For each set of NVIDIA Detonator Drivers added to our database we have included performance data from SEVERAL different benchmarks, not just a few.

    At this time we have included NVIDIA Detonator Drivers from the 21.xx, and 20.xx series.

    GF2 Cooling Article - 10/23/01 @ 7:35 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Void Your Warranty has completed a DIY (Do It Yourself) guide on adding better cooling to that video card. This is a must read for those who aren't familiar with the process of removing stock heatsinks, and are not sure on which tools are best for the job.

    Clamp the heatsink down firmly to a work surface. I wrapped the clamp in tissue paper to avoid scratching the surface of the heatsink. Make sure your work surface is away from any electronic equipment as the metallic particles produced can be dangerous to said equipment since they are electrically conductive. Good examples of such electronic equipment include your computer and your video card. I suggest you put it in an antistatic bag while you work.Using the 2mm drill bit, make holes at the center of the two markings you made.

    WinXP And Gaming - 10/23/01 @ 7:29 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    GameSpot takes a look at Windows XP as a gaming platform and compares performance to Windows ME. While most popular OpenGL based first person shooters ran fine, they had problems getting a variety of Direct 3D and DOS titles to function properly.

    Sports-game testing revealed a few surprising incompatibilities. A number of EA Sports titles flat out refused to run on XP. Tiger Woods 2000 installed fine, but crashed on execution. Madden 2001 was shaky--it often ran for a few minutes before crashing to the desktop. FIFA 2001, NBA Live 2000, and NHL 2000 experienced a similar lack of stability. A representative from Electronic Arts informed us that EA Sports titles that were released prior to the 2002 series were not designed to run on Windows 2000 or XP and are only supported by Windows 98 and Me. We were able to test Madden 2002, and it ran smoothly and dependably.

    DOS games also didn't do too well. The Doom and Duke Nukem series ran, but without sound. Destruction Derby wouldn't even install. Hyperblade worked moderately well, but exhibited frequent slowdown (that old game should just fly on a P4 1.5GHz). Final Fantasy VII didn't work at all, even on a Voodoo3 card. Tomb Raider II and III both generated errors on startup.

    MikeC: This report reinforces what OpenGL was originally designed for. That is to function independent of the underlying operating system.

    Quack Revisited - 10/23/01 @ 5:55 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    HardOCP has tossed up a one-page followup to their 8500 review. They present a few more facts, and some additional numbers. As reported in other forums, the Quake3 numbers went down some 15-20% once the renaming was in place. The more serious issue, however, is the fact that the image quality was obviously degraded. I think you can figure out where that 15-20% came from :)

    GF2 Go & TV-Out - 10/23/01 @ 2:10 am - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    Looking to use that TV-out on your GeForce2 Go powered laptop, but having problems configuring it due to your setup? Tv Tool may have the solution for you:

    Mostly it´s interesting for laptop owners with a nVidia GF2Go-chip and a TV output. So far the support of TVTool for this chip is relativly limited, that means you have to go the complicated way through the nVidia driver settings to turn on the TV output. Only then TVTool can be started. But this doesn´t apply if there´s a monitor attached to the laptop. In this case the whole functionality of the tool can be used. But I guess you don´t want to carry a monitor always with you just to turn on the TV mode comfortably. At this point the monitor dummy comes into play.

    Ti Overclocking - 10/23/01 @ 2:07 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3D Chipset
    The Firing Squad has an article up about overclocking NVIDIA's new line of Ti chipsets. They were able to push the Ti 500 to 265/570. What's most impressive is the performance they were able to squeeze out of the GF3 Ti 200. The Squad was able to clock their card upto 215/485, where it blew by the original GF3.

    Compro Cinema - 10/23/01 @ 2:00 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    Compro has a page up about their Personal Cinema based product. They seem to be the only other reseller of this product besides Visiontek (for the US market).

    Pers. Cinema Review - 10/23/01 @ 1:57 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    3DGPU's newest memeber has written up his review of Visiontek's Xtasy Everything 5564 card that features NVIDIA's Personal Cinema.

    GF2 MX400 Review - 10/23/01 @ 1:38 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Chillblast has reviewed Absolute's Nemesis, which is claimed to be running on a GeForce2 MX400 Pro. Although indicated upon the box, there is no difference between the GPU of the standard MX and this "Pro" version. I'm assuming Absolute has added the "Pro" right after the GPU's name to specify that it arrives with 4.5ns RAM with the stock speed being set at 210MHz, well above the standard 166MHz.

    XP ACPI Tweaks - 10/22/01 @ 9:51 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Tweaker's Asylum has posted their Windows XP ACPI Tweak Guide. It is not so much a guide as it is a how-to on disabling ACPI in oreder to gain a bit of performance. Would you believe 14fps at 800x600 when using a GeForce3?

    I imagine that one does not see the same gains at higher fillrate limited resolutions, however it does show that OS features sometimes come at the cost of performance...

    Octal Data Rate - 10/22/01 @ 9:44 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Rambus has reinvented the wheel again.

    Surpassing Rambus' already industry-leading memory signaling technologies, Yellowstone Octal Data Rate (ODR) operation allows for the transfer of eight bits per clock cycle, leveraging differential pair signaling to achieve transfer rates of 3.2GHz. In addition, Yellowstone technology incorporates ultra low voltage Differential Rambus Signaling Levels (DRSL) of 1.2V with a 200mV swing, on-chip termination, and bi-directional signaling.

    I am already taking out a second mortgage to finance a stick of this stuff, heh.

    Voodoo XP Drivers - 10/22/01 @ 9:34 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: 3dXtreme
    Looks like somebody finally decided to pick up the slack and create drivers for Voodoo owners. 3dXtreme has a news post about AE Software's decision to help 3dfx owners wanting to upgrade to XP or to update aging Win2K drivers. Read all about the Nfx drivers by clicking the title link.

    HalcYoN: I am still upset with NVIDIA's failure to support the Voodoo owners. 3dfx was an important part of the technology we enjoy and the Voodoo owners deserve a little help...

    8500 And Quake3 - 10/22/01 @ 7:20 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    As some of you guys might recall, there has been much speculation regarding the 8500's Quake3 optimizations, since HardOCP reviewed this card a few days ago.

    This is a small screenshot of ATI's OpenGL DLL using my favorite Hex-Editor. You will clearly see the ASCII String "Quake3" highlighted.

    In the days since this news broke, there has been some careful scrutiny over the rendering quality of Quake3 under the 8500. In short, was performance sacrificed for speed? I would like to point out that many claimed nVidia did the same thing when the 1st batch of Det4 drivers were released. Of course, the bug has since been corrected, without a performance penalty.

    In any event, take a look at this thread. Before the solution to the Quake3 texture issue was revealed, it may have been assumed that an actual fix had been made to the drivers. As a matter of fact, an astute ATI fan found those same Quake3 reference(s) in the OpenGL ICD, and renamed them to something other than Quake3. The bigger question is: what impact do those changes have on performance, and was the lower quality texture issues a simple bug, or a tradeoff between quality and performance? Regardless of the fix, it still appears to not have entirely fixed the issue.

    Here are the links to the screenshots:

    The original comparison shots:

    Typedef: Well, very interesting indeed. According to this user, he merely lost 45 FPS in going from the one lesser quality GL driver to the other HQ GL driver.

    Powertoys For XP - 10/22/01 @ 6:16 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Windows XP users can rejoice as the final version of Powertoys for Windows XP has been released. Here are the goods.
    • Super Fast User Switcher
    • Powertoy Calculator
    • ALT-TAB Replacement
    • Virtual Desktop Manager
    • Phototoys
    • TweakUI
    • Command Window on Folder
    • Slideshow Generator
    • Maginifier
    • HTML Slideshow Generator
    • Timershot

    D3D In Linux?!? - 10/22/01 @ 6:05 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    So, I told you guys about Transgaming earlier. I received an email from Transgaming, as I had used their code quite a while ago, and wanted to be notified when it was set for release.

    Here it is baby. Believe it or not, I was able to run 3DMark2000! This is an amazing feat, given the fact that this is a first cut for these guys.

    Let me also say that it did fail the EMBM and 64MB Texture tests, so I would have to think the scores would be even greater. Furthermore, it's not clear to me whether or not the latest nVidia Linux drivers have any of the Det4 code either...I don't think it does.

    Here it is...a real screenshot of my results. Just remember...the important thing to keep in mind is the fact that it actually worked...not necessarily the performance (at this stage).

    One last thing. This is on a GF3 @ 230/540 (downclocked it in Linux), 1.36 GHz T-Bird, RedHat 7.0. I would guess that the raw numbers would put it about a 40% drop in performance, as compared to Windows; however, I would be willing to bet that using comparable Det4 driver code and having the ability to run those 2 tests would provide another 1000-1500 points.

    Linux 3D Mark Score

    Radeon 8500 Review - 10/22/01 @ 1:37 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    This time, it's Hot Hardware. They evaluate the 7500 and 8500, and compare them to the Ti-200 and Ti-500, respectively.

    As has been the case for the last week or so, the conclusion is very much the same...Drivers, and take the 'wait and see' approach. I think you can expect many of these review sites to have 'updated' reviews as newer driver releases take place.

    128MB Flash Card - 10/22/01 @ 1:31 pm - By: NeilY - Source: http://www.nvnews.net/envy/
    Today, CompactFlash Cards are available in capacities ranging from 4MB right up to 512MB in solid-state format, and up to 1GB in IBM's Microdrive form-factor. Solid-state is still very fast and more energy efficient, however you have to admire a hard disk that's the size of a matchbook. The big pioneers of CompactFlash were SanDisk, but shortly there after Kingston Technologies started to offer CF Cards to the public. In our latest article, we review Kingston's 128MB CompactFlash Type-I card.

    Kingston 128MB CompactFlash

    Gaming In Linux - 10/22/01 @ 10:10 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Blues News
    I like to keep up with Linux, and I somehow missed this one. If the name Transgaming is meaningless to you, let me give you the quick/dirty. Wine was created several years ago as a layer which would allow you to run Win32 applications directly in Linux, without having to worry about porting, etc. Since then, Wine has matured and evolved, but is still a ways away. One area that has been particularly difficult to implement is D3D, especially when you consider the major overhauls that API has taken over the last 2 years.

    In comes Transgaming. They are going to be releasing a subscription service this Fall, where the users tell *them* what they want debugged in the code, to allow specific gaming titles to fully work. Case in point, they have gotten the Sims up/running in less than 8 weeks time...and I would be willing to bet that each subsequent title will (in theory) take less time to iron out newer bugs, etc.

    Anyhow, here's a few tidbits, and why it has something to do with nVidia. Recall, you're not just buying the hardware when you snag a GF2/GF3...You're also buying the name, which indirectly affects developers/development. Check it out, I think it will become more clear :)

    As Winex has been especially optimized for NVidia drivers, this release should be pretty fast on NVidia video cards on Linux.

    Here's another...

    We have also spent a fair bit of time tweaking our work for the popular NVidia GeForce based graphics cards. We actually provide fully accelerated Direct3D-style hardware transformation and lighting on NVidia cards, through the use of OpenGL extensions such as NV_Vertex_Array_Range2. Our driver even provides vertex buffer renaming, which allows programs to write data to the same geometry buffer over and over, rendering each time - but without waiting for the hardware to be done rendering even the first pass of geometry.

    If you're a Linux user, you already know just well the nVidia binary drivers perform...and you can be rest assured that as the WineX/Transgaming development moves into full Swing, that you're going to be covered as well.

    nForce Preview - 10/22/01 @ 9:06 am - By: MikeC - Source: G256.com
    The French web site Hardware.fr has put together a preview of NVIDIA's nForce. This preview is encouraging as it shows the nForce outperforming the Sis 735, Via KT266 and KT266A, and AMD 760 in all of the applications they tested.

    HalcYoN: Beat you by a few days here Mike.  We were both about a week late, though.

    Voodoo5 6000 - 10/22/01 @ 6:35 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: x3dfx
    Have you always wanted one of those V5-6000's? Well, here's your chance. Some dude on eBay is offering one (of only 50 6000's in existance, according to the auction page).

    Quite a blast from the past.

    Radeon Reviews - 10/22/01 @ 6:11 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a couple of Radeon 8500 reviews to start the day. The first is over at Got Apex? which is follwed by a review at GamePC. Here's part of GamePC's conclusion.

    Once again, ATI's claims of the top performing graphics card on the market don't come true. With a faster core, and faster memory, the 8500 somehow managed to underperform the nVidia Ti500 card in every test, and in some cases, the older GeForce3 and slower GeForce3 Titanium 200.

    Radeon Reviews - 10/21/01 @ 7:48 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    ExtremeTech has posted a review of ATI's Radeon 7500 and 8500. They test performance on AMD and Intel platforms and show how the cards stack up against NVIDIA's GeForce3 Ti 200 and Ti 500.

    ATI needed to land a decisive knockout. They didn't get one. Instead, they released a product that wasn't really finished (incomplete driver = incomplete product). In terms of performance, the R8500 in particular shows promise versus nVidia's flagship Ti 500, but ATI's drivers have to get better quickly.

    eVGA GF3 Ti Cards - 10/21/01 @ 5:37 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: eVGA
    eVGA has posted a page up about their GeForce Ti family of cards. As with the majority of other manufacturers, they will be manufacturing cards based on the three new chipsets. It seems like they're already available to customers, but I'm not sure. I've sent off an email to my contact, who'll hopefully be getting back to me with news about the product's availability.

    BTW, they have a small page up displaying 3DMark scores of the various cards, unfortunately scores from the GeForce2 Ti are omitted.

    From this early shot, eVGA is still going with the traditional green PCB, but have added sleek silver GPU and heatsinks. Now isn't that the coolest looking GPU cooler?

    On a negeative aspect, the heatsinks seem to be flat. As I previously mentioned, I've fired off an email to my contact and I should be able to confirm this tomorrow.

    As always, expect to see some reviewage coming your way once I get this card in my hands.

    Video Reviews List - 10/21/01 @ 5:21 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    8Dimensional has created more lists filled to the brim with reviews from a vast variety of video cards. The lists are divided by chipset. Clicking on the header or here. You can check out the rest: ATI Radeon 8500, Radeon 7500, Matrox G550.

    MultiRes Updated - 10/21/01 @ 5:13 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Electic sends word that Entech updated their MultiRes refresh rate utility yesterday. Click here for the documentation.

    XBox 4 Sale @ Ebay - 10/21/01 @ 5:11 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Got hold of some extra Xbox's? If you're interested in one and haven't reserved one yet. Good luck getting it before Christmas. This will be the ultimate game console for all ages, and it's NVIDIA powered! Hurry up and bid before it's too late.

    GF2 MX 400 Review - 10/21/01 @ 10:26 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Riva Station
    HardTecs4U has posted a review of the Abit Siluro T400 GeForce2 MX 400 card.  The review is in German so use a translator if the graphs and pictures are not enough.

    Titanium Card Pics - 10/21/01 @ 10:15 am - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    You have to scroll down a bit...

    Riva Station has pics of several new Titanium series cards from ELSA, MSI and Leadtek taken at Systems 2001 in Munich.

    The most interesting card in the group is the ELSA Gladiac 721. It is a bit of a departure from ELSA's normally boring image as the card sports a black PCB, a red ORB and red RAMsinks. Snazzy.

    CPU Radiator Zen - 10/21/01 @ 10:07 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    I mentioned this heatsink/fan unit yesterday in a News Bits post and had to link this review.

    Overclockers Oz found the cooler to perform very well, soundly beating the competition under load and besting the old stand-by of the Alpha PAL6035 by 10C.&nbs; Unfortunately, the refrigerator-in-a-heatsink killed on of OC OZ's Athlons because of mounting design flaws.  They outline the shortcomings so the engineers can fix the promising cooler.

    YPM Does WinXP - 10/21/01 @ 2:46 am - By: MitchF - Source: gossip
    Just made the jump over to Windows XP Saturday and I'll have to agree with Brian and Mike. It's very nice. Very nice indeed.

    Typedef: Having used the WiNT, Win2k, and now XP kernel(s) for the better part of 4 years, there is no substitute. I just installed a Win98 partition, simply because I'm preparing to do a review, and want to incorporate both OS's; however, Win98 is just a poor as it was several years ago. I still get this intermitent semi-BSOD, that simply requires you to 'hit a key', to get back to the desktop. This partition only has the basic things loaded.

    Avp2 Update - 10/21/01 @ 1:42 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Blues News
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, the one acknowledged issue with AvP2 is the Join Server crash to the desktop. You can get around this by using Gamespy...As I said before, I would have to believe that this issue would be fixed soon, and that's exactly what's going on.

    The following is part of the update by Jason Hall, as found on Blues news. There's more detail, so click on the link to get the whole scoop.

    We have just checked in a new version of the AVP2 multiplayer demo ( and it is being tested as we speak. Once we have all the proper approvals it will be released. This should be extremely soon.

    Here's the list of changes for the upcoming new version - hopefully all of them will pass the testing process and be made available to you:

    Fixed the crash bug on the Join screen.

    Crystal Orb Review - 10/21/01 @ 12:52 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    TweakTown has just posted a review of the Thermaltake Crystal Orb Chipset Cooler. Here's a snip:

    For those looking into the possibility of overclocking their video cards, a good chipset cooler is a must. Thermaltake has a new chipset cooler that they feel is up to the challenge. Come join TweakTown as they dig into the new Crystal Orb Chipset Cooler and lets you know whether they were successful.

    21.88 Detonators - 10/20/01 @ 10:01 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email - Brad
    PNY has a few new driver sets available for Windows 9x/ME and Windows 2000/XP. They are tagged as 21.88 detonators.

    Note: At the time of this news post, the 2000 drivers link did not work.

    Typedef: You can all thank me later :) I made an educated guess...and I guessed wisely.

    Win2k 21.88

    AvP2 Impressions - 10/20/01 @ 6:21 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Hey fellas,

    I just thought I would give you a quick performance impression of the multiplayer Aliens vs. Predators demo that was released. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the very best Lithtech engine-powered game yet - as far as PERFORMANCE is concerned.

    If you've been paying attention to this title at all, many people have complained about the lackluster AvP2 single player demo that was released a few months ago. Furthermore, others have encountered similar performance issues with other Lithtech titles, which include No One Lives Forever (NOLF).

    Anyhow, I played the demo for quite a good amount of time and can honestly state that the performance simply rocks on my system. Best darn performance of any Lithtech (hate to sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating) title to date.

    Now, as for gameplay. I like it, and I like it a lot. I encourage you to give this one a chance. I've been running at 1024x768x32 and 1280x1024x32 with every single feature turned on, and it still performed exceedingly well. The one issue that I've encountered (and seems to be known) is a bug that throws you back to the desktop when scanning for active servers. I hope this gets resolved soon.

    YPM: GameBoyz - 10/20/01 @ 11:37 am - By: MitchF - Source: Gossip
    What no more Lian Li stuff?!? Yup, sounds like Yur Pal Mitch has moved on to the one called GameBoyz. Unleash the fury HalcYoN.

    Cowboy BeBop

    I think it's time to blow this thing. Get everybody and their stuff together. OK - 3... 2... 1 let's jam.

    ATI 8500 RAMDAC - 10/20/01 @ 11:17 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    It appears the report of a 350MHz RAMDAC in the driver's tab is an error. ADS posted a screenshot in the forum of PowerStrip showing a 393.428MHz pixel clock on a retail 8500.

    Now, we need to check the OEM version...

    Random News Bits - 10/20/01 @ 10:49 am - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    OK, time for the Longhorns to put up or shut up as we take on the Clorado Buffs today.  The Buffalo's only loss came at the hands of David Carr and Fresno State.  Are the Buffs for real?  Are the Longhorns for real?  We'll find out today.

    On with the links...

    • 3D Xtreme has info on the Zen Cooler, the refrigerator-in-a-heatsink.  Click here to get a look at the cooler and to learn more.

    • RipNet-UK looks at the concept of WYSIWYG.

    • Acid Hardware reviews the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Optical.  Unleash the fury, Mitch...

    • x-bit labs rips through the zeros and ones using the Tualatin version Celeron running at 1.2GHz.  Can the new Celery hang with the ultra-cheap Duron?

    • Serial Addiction looks at the Soyo K7V Dragon.  This JT266 based board includes an I/O board for its six-channel on-board audio.

    • Got Apex? tests the Athlon MP 1800+.  The test system includes a reference GeForce3 board.

    NVIDIA Refresh Fix - 10/20/01 @ 10:14 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    There is a new build of the NVIDIA Refresh Rate Fix available, Version 2.1 build 179.  This utility if for Win2K and XP users that get jammed by the 60Hz glitch.

    New Game Demos - 10/19/01 @ 9:42 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Johnny Cedergren of DemoNews sends word that they've got a few new games demos available for download - Empire Earth, Alien vs Predator 2 Multiplayer, and Comanche4.

    GeForce2 Review - 10/19/01 @ 9:37 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The French web site Puces 3D has posted a review of Gainward's GeForce2 Pro 450. Performance is compared to the Prolink GeForce2 Pro.

    GeForce3 Review - 10/19/01 @ 9:23 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    Ex-3dfx PR man Bubba Wolford has written a short but interesting review of the PNY Verto GeForce3 over at SimHQ. Click the headline to check it out.

    Many of you might be wondering where this card fits in with the new GF3 Titanium (Ti) line. It seems that PNY decided that getting on the GF3 bandwagon late does not suite them because along with Visiontek, they are going to be one of the first companies to have Titanium GF3 cards available. A quick check of Price Watch shows that again, they seem to be leading the pack when price is an issue.

    SBLive Beta Drivers - 10/19/01 @ 9:07 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Electic Tech has the hook-up on the latest rev of beta drivers for the Sound Blaster Live Value Digital on Win9x/ME/NT/2K/XP. Get 'em here.

    They also have the latest GeForce2 Go drivers linked up for your convenience here.

    Hardware For Charity - 10/19/01 @ 9:02 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: G256.com
    G256.com has the info to help the American Red Cross by buying rounded IDE cables.  Several vendors are selling rounded cables by Vantec, proceeds going to the American Red Cross.

    So far, sales have been a bit sluggish.  But if you have been looking for an reason to snaz up the inside of your rig, here is the perfect excuse.

    ATI 8500 Review - 10/19/01 @ 3:35 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I truly believe ATI has done a lot more harm, than good, in releasing this card. They would have done themselves a LOT of good if they had just worked on these drivers for another couple of weeks.

    I think the following quote pretty much summarizes the current state of affairs:

    I have a problem with ATi's policy on this clocking issue and would like to see them hold themselves to producing OEM and retail cards of one specification and I am sure many of their potential customers would too. Please let us know if you run into this issue with an 8500 card.

    We are surprised that ATi launched this product at this time. It is obvious that all the features are not operating properly and testing was lackluster at best. We found compatibility problems with the card after only spending ten minutes with it after getting the drivers installed. We would think that if we were putting out a VidCard that we would be embarrassed by such events. You might have seen this card referred to by other hardware sites as having potential. We know that when we buy a piece of hardware, potential is absolutely not what we are looking for. We want to open the box and get our money's worth and ATi has not done that with the Radeon 8500 in its current state.

    If you are looking to buy a DX8 VidCard and getting the most bang for your buck, it is going to be very hard to turn you guys away from purchasing a GeForce3 Ti200 based card as they are looking very attractive.

    Apple And Titanium - 10/19/01 @ 11:34 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Here's an interesting, and possibly confusing, story I ran across at Yahoo Finance. Did you realize that Apple has a line of notebooks branding the Titanium name? Even more interesting is that ATI's Mobility Radeon is the graphics processor in those notebooks.

    ATI Technologies Inc., the world's number one notebook graphics vendor, announced today that its MOBILITY RADEON graphics processor is now shipping in Apple's latest Titanium PowerBook G4 notebook line.

    Press Releases - 10/19/01 @ 7:31 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    A couple of NVIDIA related press releases were issued yesterday.
    • New NVIDIA GeForce Titanium Series in Stores Now

      NVIDIA Corporation announced today that its award-winning GeForce Titanium series of graphics processing units (GPUs) are available for immediate purchase from Babbage's, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, GameStop, Micro Center, Software Etc., and other leading retailers nationwide. NVIDIA's add-in card partners have stocked retail shelves with graphics boards based on the GeForce2 Ti, GeForce3 Ti 200 and GeForce3 Ti 500 GPUs.

    • Microsoft Sets European Xbox Launch Date, Price

      Microsoft Corp. said on Wednesday it will start selling its Xbox video game console in Europe on March 14 for $430, filling in the last blanks in the software giant's timetable to enter the $20 billion global video game industry.

    17" HDTV Monitor - 10/19/01 @ 6:22 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    I am not a geek has posted a review of the Samsung SyncMaster 171MP, which is also HTDV ready. Be expected to pay a premium price, but it looks sweet.

    On the 171MP unlike the 170MP the TV-tuner is an optional feature. This is most likely because if you are going to take advantage of the fact that this monitor is HDTV ready you will need to use a set top box anyways which works as the tuner. The term "HDTV-ready" means a higher resolution monitor, but requires a digital set-top box to decode 720p or 1080i digital HDTV signals. It will work as-is with regular television (if the optional tuner is installed), laser discs, and DVDs.

    Upcoming Contest - 10/19/01 @ 6:10 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Wanted to pass along that Brian and myself are getting rid of some excess inventory. Be on the lookout for a new contest this weekend as we are giving away a GeForce2 Ultra and GeForce3!

    BTW, if you have some time, click on the headline and provide some feedback on a new font that we're testing out. It's called MS Trebuchet and I'm considering using here it at nV News. You can click here to see how the font looks on our FAQ page. Only the body text and not the menus have been changed on that page.

    VisionTek Reviews - 10/19/01 @ 5:55 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The crew over at Evil 3D have completed the first part of their VisionTek's Xtasy 6964 (GeForce3 Ti 500) and 6564 (GeForce3 Ti 200) review. Packed with benchmarks, the results are based on Windows Me and Linux with a follow-up on Windows XP versus Linux coming soon.

    SUMA GF3 Ti 200 - 10/18/01 @ 10:19 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Digit-Life has a few snapshots of the Suma Platinum GeForce3 Ti 200. The card features a sweet black PCB and chromed cooling with 4ns DDR SDRAM by Hynix.

    More On OEM 8500 - 10/18/01 @ 10:15 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    According to Vitocorleone, a new regular on the boards, his OEM Radeon 8500 is not only clocked down to 250MHz core/250MHz memory, but the RAMDAC is running at a lower frequency of 350MHz instead of 400MHz. On a positive note, it does kill his Radeon's performance regardless...

    Update: CainSyris borrowed a card from a Best Buy (the old buy and return routine).  Under XP, the Adapter Properties tab shows the retail card to also have a 350MHz RAMDAC.  Now, is it a hardware issue or is it a software issue? And if it is a software issue with the retail card, is the OEM card actually at 400MHz?

    More to come, I am sure.

    nForce Review - 10/18/01 @ 9:55 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email - Arpad
    This review of the nForce 420D motherboard may be in French, but the graphs speak volumes. Hardware.fr's testing shows the nForce handily beating the KT266A in many benchmarks including a 5% framerate advantage in a low-res Quake3 Arena timedemo. That is pretty amazing.

    If you are feeling froggy (no pun intended), try a translator.

    GF2 MX 400 Review - 10/18/01 @ 9:24 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    PC Hardware takes a look at the MSI MS-8833 GeForce2 MX 400.  It seems to be the hip thing to color the PCB red, even though most people run the risk of making the inside of your case Christmas-like. Heh.

    The card tested by PC Hardware was version 1.00. The video card has 32Mb of memory which is half than other MX400 based on video cards offer, but fortunately this doesn't affect performance in a degree to consider it a lack of the card. Personally I have asked myself for several times why manufacturers ship video cards with oversized memory; in most cases memory size doesn't affect performance but the speed is crucial. And even more under 100 bucks video cards are not bought to be used in 1600x1024 where the use of memory is somehow justified. MS-8833 has something which many other MX400 cards do not have: a fan built on the heatsink and video input - output using the Philips SAA7108E. The video card has one S-video and one composite output and a S-video input. The composite output is provided for compatibility reasons and MSI didn't provide a composite cable.

    GL Excess 1.1a - 10/18/01 @ 9:18 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Warp2Search
    Warp2Search sends word of the latest rev of the GL Excess benchmark utility.

    You can download directly from GL Excess by clicking here.  Click here for Warp2Search's news story.

    Updated MultiRes - 10/18/01 @ 9:17 pm - By: MikeC - Source: M3DZone
    An updated version of the custom refresh rate utility MultiRes has been released by Entech Taiwan. Click here for the documentation or here to download (98K).

    Refresh Rate Fix - 10/18/01 @ 9:01 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Matt Burris from 3DGPU sent word that the NVIDIA refresh rate fix utility program has been updated.
    • Modifications to the driver detection engine
    • Support for updating the device list from a file or from the Internet
    • More WinXP'fied user interface
    • Lifted restrictions for specific Windows versions
    • Registry backup will be saved with driver version in the file name
    • Assload of other modifications and bugfixes

    nForce Pictures - 10/18/01 @ 8:24 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: ICQ
    Neil sends word that Akiba has some shots of MSI's 6373 motherboard equppied with NVIDIA's nForce motherboard chipset. This one looks retail so it shoudn't be much longer before we see these boards popping up across the Pacific.

    Update: Hey, were's the AGP slot?

    Duron CPU Reviews - 10/18/01 @ 12:39 pm - By: KyleM - Source:
    X-bit labs takes a look at AMD's latest and greatest budget CPU. Here's a taste of what's in-store.

    Nevertheless, AMD also didn't keep its hands in pockets. Even though Duron CPUs based on Spitfire core are still quite competitive, all the processors starting from 1GHz core clock are based on a new more progressive Morgan core. What forced AMD to replace the processor core in the Duron family? It is most likely to be the aspiration for unification. The shift to a new core in the value processor family took place together with the shift to a new Palomino core in the Athlon family. Bearing in mind that Morgan and Palomino, like Spitfire and Thunderbird, do not have many architectural differences (only the L2 cache size is different), this move doesn't seem so unjustified any more.

    A Retrospective - 10/18/01 @ 9:52 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    CryoEniac has posted NVIDIA - The past and the future. They cover the humble beginnings of NVIDIA and the rise of the evil empire to destroy all in its path leaving a wake of shatters polygons and shredded silicon.

    NVIDIA is currently world's largest graphics chip maker. It hasn't always been this way, the rise and fall of NVIDIA has been accompanied by harsh competition, and there were times when this company was literally on the verge of collapse. The phrase: "Innovation and perfect Execution" has been coined by this firm, and to this day NVIDIA is one of the very few Semiconductor companies who have reached this amazing level of success.

    OK, I was exaggerating.

    Update: This article has not been to popular with board members.  You can see the feedback for yourself.  Ouch.

    Updated Powerstrip - 10/18/01 @ 7:54 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Entcity sends word that PowerStrip has been updated again and is now up to version 3.03 beta build 211. No word on the fixes yet.

    Memory Cooling - 10/18/01 @ 7:51 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Thermaltake have improved upon their original memory heatsinks to turn the device into an active cooling setup. Yup, they've added a fan that blows directly onto your RAM. You will definitly only be able to purchase one of these, but you could combine their older heatspreader models for those with 2 or 3 sticks of RAM.

    Earlier this year Thermaltake released a memory cooling kit that was that was just a simple heat spreader that as applied with some thermal tape. They have taken that design and improved upon it by adding a fan. Changing it from a passive to an active cooling solution. I was not convinced that the heat speaders did very much and I wasn't able to clock ram more then a 1MHz or 2 higher after adding it. I have a feeling having a fan attached will make more of a difference.

    OCZ Titan3 Review - 10/18/01 @ 7:46 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    The Tech Report has posted a review of OCZ's tweaked out GeForce3.

    NVIDIA'S GEFORCE3 WAS pretty impressive when we first took a look at it some months ago. For its fall refresh, NVIDIA recently released its Titanium line of GeForce3 products, including the Ti 500, which runs at a higher clock speed than the original GeForce3. OCZ, however, wasn't content to wait until NVIDIA's Titanium refresh to crank up the clock speed on its Titan 3 GeForce3 card. In fact, the Titan 3's stock memory clock is higher than that of the newer Titanium 500.

    Asus P4T-E Review - 10/18/01 @ 6:32 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    GamePC checks out the freshly-released Socket-478 Pentium 4 motherboard from Asus, the P4T-E. Following up on the success of the most popular Pentium 4 motherboard to date, the P4T-E takes everything that was great about the original P4T up a notch, as well as adding a few more twists. They compare the board to the Abit TH7-II i850, Asus's i845, as well as similarly configured Athlon/XP systems.

    GeForce3 Ti Review - 10/18/01 @ 6:23 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The Reverend's back in action with a GeForce3 shootout. Anthony look at the features of VisionTek's Xtasy 6564 GeForce3 Ti 200 and Xtasy 6964 GeForce3 Ti500 and campares performance against the original GeForce3. Overclocking is given prime consideration and games like Serious Sam, Max Payne and Red Faction are tested, as well as DroneZMark.

    Elsa Pro Drivers - 10/18/01 @ 12:32 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Warp2Search
    Elsa has released a new batch of drivers for their Gloria line of professional graphics cards (i.e. utilizing Quadro chipsets). These are numbered 15.70, which seems to indicate there was an intermediate step between the 14.xx series and the 20.xx series. The new drivers are available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT4.

    Belkin 6-Port Hub - 10/17/01 @ 10:05 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    In the case of Belkin's 6-Port FireWire Hub, it's one of the first products that break the generic designs of the older. When compared to the first-generation 1394 hub from SIIG, the Belkin 1394 hub is a sight for sore eyes. Someone at Belkin had their milk and cookies that day when they were sketching its design - its curvy sides reflect far more than pure beauty; there's a significant amount of functionality integrated into this splendid device.

    Belkin 6-Port FireWire Hub

    ATI Xilleon 220 - 10/17/01 @ 9:43 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    No wonder the 8500's drivers are a little buggy, the software guys just can't keep up with the hardware churning mad-men from the Great White North.  :þ

    ATI announces the Xilleon System-on-a-Chip.  The chip, which is targetted for set-top applications, features...well I'll let them tell you.

    Unveiled today in San Jose at the Microprocessor Forum (http://www.mdronline.com/mpf/index.html), XILLEON 220 integrates into a single chip all processor, graphics, video, audio, and I/O (input and output) capabilities needed in a set-top box or digital TV. Included are a 300 MHz MIPS(r) CPU (central processing unit), dual-HD (high definition) capable MPEG decoder, audio decoder, display engine, 2D and 3D graphics engine, conditional access, transport demultiplexers, and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), USB (universal serial bus), and hard disk drive interfaces. Only tuners, modems, and memory are required to complete the design for many consumer devices.

    Digit-Life's Review - 10/17/01 @ 5:33 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Digit-Life kicks it into high gear with their ATI Radeon 8500 review which has been translated to English. It's based on the earlier news post made this morning in regards to the Russian review. This is one review you don't want to miss out on as they cover image quality enhancing topics such as anisotropic filtering and antialiasing (supersampling). This is definitely the most encouraging review thus far for the Radeon 8500.

    Radeon 8500 Review - 10/17/01 @ 4:54 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Riva Station has translated their ATI Radeon 8500 graphics card review to English. Here's what Lars had to say.

    ATi's new entry shows potential. Drawing any definite conclusions is hard at this point, since the drivers still seem to be far from final. Instead of SmoothVision, the driver employs the slower SuperSampling FSAA method and consequently falls noticeably behind the GeForce 3 - at least in OpenGL. The Windows XP driver was also far from convincing, causing numerous crashes and offering much lower performance than its Windows 98 counterpart.

    Windows XP & USB - 10/17/01 @ 4:09 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    Windows XP continues to win me over for it's ease of use as I tested out it's USB functionality using a digital camera. After connecting the digital camera to the USB port, Windows Explorer sensed it was connected to the system and added it as a new data source (similar to a hard drive).

    After clicking on the device (PowerShot S100 as shown in the image below), the images are automatically transferred from the camera to the PC.

    Detecting Digital Camera

    Click to Enlarge - 148KB

    Following the transfer, I double-clicked on an image which brings up the Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer.

    View Digital Camera Files

    Click to Enlarge - 176KB

    At this point, I can zoom in, out, rotate, print, save, edit, or view the next image. That's what I call user friendly :)

    GeForce Tweak Util. - 10/17/01 @ 1:58 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Guru 3D has the new version of their GeForce Tweak Utility. Version 3.1 RC2 contains quite a number of fixes and tweaks to the program.

    NVDA In The Press - 10/17/01 @ 1:24 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    Quite a few press releases being announced by NVIDIA today. The NVIDIA Gear Store is a great idea and contains apparel for men, women, and children. The store is also offering other unique items such as baseball caps, bags, pens, scooters, key-chains, umbrellas, and cycling jerseys. Click on the headline to check it out!

    The Gear Store is pretty cool so I added a link to it on the upper right side of this page :)

    Status Of 3DGPU - 10/17/01 @ 1:13 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Brian Evans from 3DGPU sends word that they are experiencing a domain name server (DNS) issue and they should be back up later today or tomorrow at the latest.

    GPC Has 8500's - 10/17/01 @ 11:04 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Was window shopping at GamePC looking for some new components to build a system and noticed they have limited quantities of the 64MB Radeon 8500 in stock. Although it's listed as an OEM, the clock speeds are 275MHz core and 550MHz memory (DDR). Click on the headline for more information.

    Update: The clockspeeds that were posted earlier at GamePC have been updated to the OEM speeds - 250MHz core and 500MHz memory (DDR).

    Radeon 7500 Review - 10/17/01 @ 9:43 am - By: KyleM - Source: E-Mail
    Dean over at 3DXtreme gets his "review on" this morning with the ATI Radeon 7500. Here's a snip:

    I believe Ati has released a high quality product with the Radeon 7500 and I am extremely excited to see what the 8500 can do. While the 7500 wasn't able to compete with a Geforce 3, the results posted here are well worth the $199 retail price. (Seen on Pricewatch for $152 already) The performance of this card puts it under that of a Geforce 3 but on par or above that of a Geforce 2 pro and ultra. The drivers are stable and decent but with more maturity should be able to unlock even more performance. As a gamers video card the Radeon 7500 is perfect for the gamer on a budget that wants the most price-to-performance for their buck!

    SiS 315 GPU Review - 10/17/01 @ 8:41 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    SiS has release the new 315 GPU and Elite Computer Systems has built a video card based on the young chipset. Tech Zone procured one of these $79.00 powerhouses for a review.

    Enter SiS's AGP315-64T video card, ECS's first video product. With SiS's new 315 GPU (which won a "Best Of Show" at Computex this year), 64megs of SDRAM, S-Video and Composite TV-Out, and a low low price, the ECS AGP315-64T might just be ok. SiS has seemed to do alot of things "right" lately. Let's see if that's the case here...

    Secret Discounts - 10/17/01 @ 8:08 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3D Chipset
    Get yer great deals by checking out 3D Chipset's secret discount section. Shh... ;)

    Games Spotlight - 10/17/01 @ 8:07 am - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    NVIDIA's latest Game Spotlight is focused on Silicon Dreams Soccer. This game was one of the ones featured when our original GeForce3 review was up.

    Chaintech Titanium - 10/17/01 @ 8:04 am - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    Gzeasy has a couple pics of Chiantech's upcmming GeForce2 Ti and GeForce3 Ti 200 based cards. Seems like even the little guys are adding some visual treets to their cards as these sport a huge bright blue heatsink which seems to be inspired by those found on Asus cards.

    SUMA GeForce2 Ti - 10/17/01 @ 8:01 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3D Chipset
    Reactor Critical has posted some info about SUMA's upcmming GeForce2 Ti based cards which will come equipped with 4ns RAM, allowing you to get very close to GF2 Ultra performance. SUMA will have three versions of the card:
    • SUMA Platinum GeForce2 Ti with VGA connector.

    • SUMA Platinum GeForce2 Ti TV-Out: VGA + TV-Out connectors.

    • SUMA Platinum GeForce2 Ti SE (Special Edition): equipped with VGA, DVI and TV-Out.

    New Asus Drivers - 10/17/01 @ 7:58 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Station Drivers has a new batch of Asus drivers based on the 14.62 Detonators. I fin it odd to see that Asus is still pumping out pre-XP drivers. They're available for Win9X/Me and W2K/NT4.

    New Dell Drivers - 10/17/01 @ 7:55 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3D Chipset
    3D Chipset released the Dell drivers yesterday. I guess the Toshiba drivers were modified from these ones. W2K/XP version only.

    New Toshiba Drivers - 10/17/01 @ 7:52 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Electic has the latest drivers for all GeForce2 Go powered Toshiba 3000 laptops. They are based on the Detonator Drivers v21.83. These drivers only work for Windows 2000/XP.

    VT Xtasy Review - 10/17/01 @ 6:43 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    X-bit labs has put together a review of VisionTek's complete lineup of Xtasy based graphics cards which are all based on NVIDIA's Titanium chipset. The lineup consists of the Xtasy 6964 (GeForce3 Ti 500), Xtasy 6564 (GeForce3 Ti 200), and the Xtasy 5864 (GeForce2 Ti).

    We can state that VisionTek took the best components for its Xtasy graphics card family and made high-quality and beautifully designed products. Xtasy 6964 showed brilliant performance though its overclocking potential wasn't that high.

    Xtasy 6564 boasted great overclockability due to high-quality graphics memory and "proper" NVIDIA GeForce3 core. And now we can only hope that all other graphics card makers will follow VisionTek's example here.

    Intel Profits Down - 10/17/01 @ 6:29 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    As expected by industry analysts, Intel's third quarter profits were down by 77%. Intel attrributed the loss to weak demand and competitive pressure from AMD. However, Intel did manage to achieve a slight gain in market share over AMD during this time.

    According to Mercury Research, preliminary estimates show Intel's market share in the third quarter at 77.5 percent, up from a revised 76.7 percent in the second quarter. AMD's share slipped to a preliminary 21.5 percent from 22.2 percent in the second period, and Mercury attributed Intel's gains to its aggressive price cutting on the Pentium 4. Analysts now expect further reductions on Oct. 28.

    AMD is also planning a price cut on its new Athlon XP processors on October 29.

    OEM...Be Careful - 10/17/01 @ 6:22 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Rage3D
    Just wanted to post something that might be informative for some of you guys thinking about buying one of the OEM 8500's. It's already a known fact that the retail version of the Radeon 8500 is clocked @ 275/275. However, despite the claims made by an ATI representative, it does appear that the OEM cards are clocked @ 250/250. A user at Rage3D received his OEM card, and discovered the following:
    • clocked @ 250/250
    • No DVI->VGA adapter
    • No software bundle (known)
    • Not overclockable (couldn't hit 275/275)
    Again, this is from (assuming this isn't an outright BS post) somebody who claims to have received an OEM 8500, and I've seen at least one other back this claim up. Just a warning. If you're going to pick one of these up, you may want to consider going the retail route, if performance is your goal.

    Anands Review Up - 10/17/01 @ 4:27 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Here's a snippet from Anand's conclusion. By now, most readers are aware of the driver issues. Here's what he had to say.

    We would be lying if we didn't mention that the Radeon 8500's "final" performance was a bit disappointing; we weren't expecting parity with the $199 GeForce3 Ti 200, we were expecting a GeForce3 Ti 500 killer. All of the specs pointed at a higher performing product, but in the end we are limited by what has been ATI's Achilles' heel: drivers. Luckily the majority of these driver issues are performance related and not compatibility/quality related, but it still means that if you purchase a Radeon 8500 today you won't be getting all that you're paying for; untapped potential is great if it is eventually going to be exposed.

    This brings us to the question of exactly how "final" the Radeon 8500's drivers are. ATI has already stated on numerous occasions that they will continue to improve the Radeon 8500's drivers and with each step they will get closer to their goal of extracting every ounce of performance out of the R200 chip. But how long will it take? It won't be a week, not a month, and maybe not even a full quarter before we see the Radeon 8500 running at its full potential. And when the day comes that it is running as fast as it can without any drivers holding it back, what will NVIDIA be doing? You better believe that NVIDIA isn't sitting around idle while the Radeon 8500 begins to encroach on their territory. A company that is used to dominating the market now has a brand new part that is able to come within a few percent and even outperform two of their fastest GPUs. The Radeon 8500 isn't a performance leader part yet, but it very well could become one.

    Typedef: Some of the reviews seem to paint a different picture, depending on the reviewers point of view. I think revisiting this card in 2-3 weeks would prove most interesting, especially once they get the FSAA issues ironed out.

    MikeC: As I stated in our GeForce3 Ti 500 conclusion, the GeForce3 Ti 200 looked to be the "best bang for your buck" in NVIDIA's 2001 fall lineup. Little did I realize that it would also win over AnandTech when compared to the Radeon 8500 - "If you need solid performance today at the best overall price, the GeForce3 Ti 200 is perfect for you. That may change as the Radeon 8500's drivers improve but for now it's just not worth it."

    HalcYoN: Does ATI read the reviews of their own products? How many times has stated quite plainly that ATI's support is just not good? This time, they have tied one hand behind the back of their hitman because of drivers. The PC builders already bundling the 8500 should be angry.

    KyleM I have had a few emails from angry ATI fans in the past after saying that ATI had a track record of "Promising the world, but delivering 2nd best". I don't for a minute wish anything bad for ATI, in fact if it was faster I'd buy one, but vindication is far too sweet!

    Russian 8500 Review - 10/17/01 @ 4:00 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I really hope this baby gets translated, because I had a heck of a time in trying to use babelfish!

    This is probably the most in-depth coverage of the 8500, and it does include a lot of information about features like anisotropic filtering, comparisons between it and the Ti-500, loss of performance, and overall image quality.

    I took a look at all the screenshots, and it does indeed look like ATI covered their bases on this issue. Their implementation, though unable to force trilinear filtering and anisotropic filtering, looks to be on-par with the GF3/Ti-500.

    Again, I wanted to get a better feel from the user who wrote the article, but the translation was almost impossible to follow. I imagine this article will get translated shortly; Until then, take a look at the graphs, and click on the photos. If they can get these drivers squared away, this one might be a keeper.

    Q&A w/David Kirk - 10/17/01 @ 12:10 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    NVIDIA's Chief Scientist David Kirk has allowed us to conduct an interview with him. Brian and myself are working on a set of questions which we would like to finalize by this Thursday. The topics of discussion are on any of the following items:
    • Shadow Buffers
    • 3D Textures
    • GeForce Shader Technology
    • Lightspeed Memory Architecture
    • GeForce3 Architecture
    • Overclockability of Titanium Cards
    If you have any questions to send in click on the headline and ask away.

    AMD Duron 1.1GHz - 10/16/01 @ 11:11 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    NewsForge takes a quick look at the king of budget CPUs, the new Duron 1.1GHz processor.  The test system includes the Gigabyte GeForce3, but the review focuses on CPU only tests.

    Memory Article - 10/16/01 @ 10:17 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    eVGA has posted yet another article. This one covers the basics of video memory.

    Memory is one of the most important components on your video card. It stores the majority of the information the graphics processor uses; information like screen layouts and vector coordinates and screen buffering. Following is an overview of the different types of video card memory and a brief description of how they work.

    I just got off the phone with Joe from eVGA who has mentioned to me that they've added a few new members to the eVGA staff and that they'd very much like to continue writing up these articles. If you've appreciated the latest batch and would like to see more, let them know and if you've got any great ideas for articles they could write about, fire them off to me and I'll send them in as suggestions for future articles.

    eVGA Giveaway - 10/16/01 @ 10:10 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Seems like I let this one slip by earlier this month. eVGA is up to their montly contests once again. All you have to do is answer 3 questions based on GF3 (any NVIDIOT should know the answers) and three questions about your current video card. Up for grabs this month is a GeForce2 Ti. Good luck!

    Athlon XP OC'ing - 10/16/01 @ 8:53 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Athlon OC tested 13 Athlon XP's ranging from the 1500 to the 1800 to see how well they overclocked.  The lesson here is you get what you pay for.

    The five 1800s (1.533GHz) tested overclocked to an average of 1.8GHz with the high being 1.89GHz.  Click the title link to get info on the steppings tested and to see the tweaks used to unlock and OC...

    Xtasy Everything - 10/16/01 @ 8:30 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    My guess of around $200 retail was right.

    Gateway has the VisionTek Extasy Everything, reviewed here, for $182.95 (free shipping if you tack on something to get your total over $199). Their site says it is in-stock and ready to go...

    EN: Logitech Optical - 10/16/01 @ 6:04 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    This product didn't ship in a pretty blue and white box adorned with geeky jargon and flashing LED lights - instead, it was a clear blue plastic bag with a white sticker that read "To be sold only with a new PC". Ever bought a computer part like this? How about in a simple clear blue bag, and it didn't have a sticker, and it was real cheap? And, no, you didn't buy it with a new PC. That my friend, is what retailers call 'OEM'.

    Logitech Optical (Value OEM)

    HalcYoN: OEM Computer Parts: Less Filling, Tastes Great...

    More 8500 Reviews - 10/16/01 @ 6:00 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Tom referred to Lars over at Riva Station as having an 8500, and sure enough, he has delivered. Unfortunately, it hasn't been translated into English yet.

    Clearly, there are some driver issues, particularly with Athlon and/or WinXP (or some combination). However, there is promise with this card, particularly the Occlusion scores (Villagemark), the DX8 performance (3DMark2001), as well as the awesome overclockability of this beast (300/620).

    I think it would have been wise to have gotten the driver situation squared away before releasing this thing...But in any event, another review is out. Expect the English version to be in a short timeframe.

    MikeC: I just got word from Adrian that another Radeon 8500 review has popped up on the Chinese web site PCPOP. Benchmark results begin on page 6.

    Sygate Firewall - 10/16/01 @ 2:56 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The folks over at Warp2Search send word that Sygate has released a new version of their free personal firewall. Sygates's Personal Firewall is an alternative to ZoneLabs' Zonealarm.

    Graphics Shootout - 10/16/01 @ 2:01 pm - By: MikeC - Source: OpenGL.org
    PC World takes a look at 10 graphics cards with a retail price of $400 or less. The GeForce3 based Elsa Gladiac 920 received a perfect 5 out of 5 rating with GeForce2 and GeForce3 cards from MSI coming in second with a rating of 4.5.

    Performance Analyser - 10/16/01 @ 12:42 pm - By: MikeC - Source: MadOnion
    NVIDIA and VisionTek have both added links to MadOnion's web based Performance Analyzer software.

    NVIDIA and Visiontek have incorporated MadOnion.com's Performance Analyzer as a branded service to their clients and site visitors. The service enables shoppers to view their system components and see how much more performance their PC can get with different products offered on partner sites. To ensure privacy, only hardware attributes are captured during the session. No software or other personal information is required. The performance analysis is based on MadOnion's proprietary online performance database of over 3,000,000 performance benchmark results.

    Click on the headline to check it out.

    IE Security Update - 10/16/01 @ 12:34 pm - By: MikeC - Source: M3DZone
    Microsoft has issued a security patch for users of Internet Explorer 6.0, 5.5 Service Pack 2, and 5.0 Service Pack 2.

    This update eliminates three security vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer, and is discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-051. Download now to prevent a malicious user from taking advantage of the Zone Spoofing vulnerability, the HTTP Request Encoding vulnerability, or a new variant of the Telnet Invocation vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

    Hammer Presentation - 10/16/01 @ 12:18 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Shacknews
    AMD has posted a PDF formatted presentation of their upcoming 64-bit Hammer processor. The presentation was given by Fred Webber at the 2001 Microprocessor Forum.

    MSI GeForce3 Review - 10/16/01 @ 12:00 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The German web site Hardwareluxx checks out MSI´s Starforce 822 GeForce3. They manages to overclock the core speed to 240MH and memory speed to 540MHz and were very satisfied with the card which also includes a decent software bundle.

    Price Guide Updates - 10/16/01 @ 8:36 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    The sleeper must awaken.

    Chantech GF2 Ti - 10/16/01 @ 8:33 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Hardsalon.com has a few pics of the Chaintech GeForce2 Ti.  The PCB seems to be a bit different from the reference design and the card includes GPU and memory cooling.

    GF3 Ti 500 Review - 10/16/01 @ 8:09 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Gotta rush, so here's the quick copy paste:

    Those wacky people from the Guru of 3D just posted a 19 pages counting feature on NVIDIA's new Titanium series videocards. The feature includes a GeForce3 Ti500 review done with a NVIDIA reference model Ti500 graphics card. The Ti500 was tested on an 800 and 1200 MHz platform against videocards like GeForce2 MX, Ultra and GeForce3. Plenty of benchmarks and comparisons can be found in this really nice article. Here's a clip from that feature:

    When we do a small calculation we notice that the Ti 500 has a whoopass ((2x128bit) x 250MHz) : 8bit = 8000 MB/sec !! memory bandwidth, combine this with a faster clocked Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and you have the fastest and versatile consumer videocard to date.

    GeForce3 Review - 10/16/01 @ 8:07 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Dark Crow sends word that they've posted up a review of the InsideTNC Dream.Geforce3. Man, are those some nasty heatsinks or what. The review's in Korean.

    nVidia Soundstorm? - 10/16/01 @ 6:35 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    According to information posted by Reactor Critical, nVidia has registered the name "SoundStorm" (there's a link to it from RC's website).

    In essence, it shouldn't come as a big surprise, given the fact that nVidia developed the sound system for the XBox, as well as the integrated sound chip for the nForce motherboard (probably quite close to that of the XBox).

    More 8500 Numbers - 10/16/01 @ 5:22 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Rage3d
    I think we're going to see the onslaught very soon. PC Magazine has got a few numbers to share, comparing the 8500 to the Ti-500. All of these benchmarks were taken @ 1024x768x32, on a 2GHz. P4.
    3D Winmark2000 (no AA)
    8500: 236
    Ti500: 262

    3D WinMark2000 (2x)
    8500: 84
    Ti500: 137

    3DMark 2001 (no AA)
    8500: 7516
    Ti500: 7552

    3DMark2001 (2x)
    8500: 3731
    Ti500: 5679

    Quake3 (no AA)
    8500: 180
    Ti500: 190

    Quake3 (2x)
    8500: 88
    Ti500: 122

    ATI 8500 Review - 10/16/01 @ 5:17 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Rage3D
    This is one of the first, but is in German. I'll try to highlight, based on babelfish (which can be quite a challenge, I might add).
    • It generally claims the 8500 to exceed the GF3 in many areas.
    • Geometry processing of the 8500 is much better in DX8
    • Nature test, 8500 scored 28 FPS vs. GF3's 40 FPS.
    • In Aquamark...I cannot understand what they said, other than @ 1600x1200, there's some issue with ATI's driver
    • In DX7 games, the GF3 was, in their words, 'clearly faster.' They based this off of Giants, Mercedes-Benz, and Max Payne.
    • As far as SmoothVision is concerned, this is a quote: "was only reduced functional and disappointed regarding quality and rate." Again, translations are sketchy, but there clearly was a driver issue. They go on to mention that it was, according to ATI, fixed in the followup driver.
    • In a surprising comment, they claim that the Anisotropic filtering is very good quality. They even mention that the 'Moire patters', exhibited in the original Radeon's implementation, are no more. Furthermore, it loses only 8% performance. They seem to indicate that there's very little difference between the 2 solutions.
    Again, this is a rough translation (really rough)...But based on the limited info that I could get from this review, it does indeed appear that ATI has a winner on their hands. I've got to believe that it was this last 'driver drop' that was holding up the review sites.

    Typedef: Frank, our German expert, sent along an email, clarifying a few points. This is what Frank had to say, with regards to Aquamark:

    "@1600x1200 the drivers are unable to show all textures (many textures are missing)."

    As for SmoothVision:

    "Your translation of the poor quality of SmoothVision is correct. It is a driver issue which will be fixed in a later (over next??? (the one after the next release)) version."

    And he concludes with:

    "The rest is OK and all important infos are mentioned (I hope)..."

    Thanks a lot Frank! :)

    Gainward GF3 Ti-550 - 10/16/01 @ 3:48 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Anandtech
    I'm not really sure if this had been posted before, but I came across a thread in Anand's forum, which seemed interesting. I went to Gainward's site, and sure enough, there's a link to the Ti-550 Golden Sample.

    Under the specifications, it clearly stated that it's a "NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 GPU." According to the specs, the only difference lies in the video capture capability of their '550' model.

    I'll see if we can't clarify whether or not the '550' is indicative of the memory configuration, or just an internal identifier. I would think they would mention that it was configured with higher spec'd RAM if this was, indeed, the case.

    GF3 Ti 200 Review - 10/16/01 @ 3:37 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I was browsing the net, and somehow, missed this one. HardOCP takes a look at both the GeForce3 Ti 200, as well as the GeForce2 Ti. I think this little snippet speaks volumes about the potential for the Ti-200.

    However, the GF3 Ti200 does have all the GeForce3 features which is what makes it very attractive at this price range. There is literally no other card at the price range the GeForce3 Ti 200 is targeting with as many features that it has. Support for future game titles utilizing programmable vertex and pixel shaders is all here.

    A Few Remarks... - 10/16/01 @ 3:33 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I would like to take this opportunity to have the members of this site take a moment and read what I have to say, with regards to the recent postings both here in this forum, as well as others.

    In short, an end to the unprofessional conduct displayed over the last several days. To cut to the chase, as the saying goes, it does indeed reflect poorly on those who both contribute to this site, as well as those who seek to gain valuable information.

    I shall use better judgement when making public posts, as well as being a heck of a lot more professional. I can assure you that the epsiode(s) that transpired over the last week or so will not happen on this, or any other forum, again.


    GeForce3 Round-Up - 10/15/01 @ 9:39 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Via Hardware tries to pick a winner among three GeForce3 cards. VisionTek, MSI and OCZ are represented in the shoot-out.

    With new Ti500 cards hitting the shelves at prices close to what the GeForce 3 debued at, the vanilla GeForce 3 cards will be dropping in price. So it's possible you may be able to pick up a brand new GeForce 3 card for $250 or even less once the Ti500's settle into the market. Of course, if you do get a GeForce 3 video card you will be glad to know that it's possible to get them running at or beyond the standard GeForce 3 Ti500 secifications. I have selected three GeForce 3 cards based on their features, and overclocking ability.

    BTW, the MSI is the coolest looking card in the bunch...

    Ti 500 Powers IBM - 10/15/01 @ 8:24 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    I've been out of comission due to some unexpected oral surgery this morning. I should begin to feel better within the next few days. Anyway, here's a press release that NVIDIA's Brian Burket passed along earlier today.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA - news) announced today that its GeForce3(TM) Ti 500 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) will be available in the IBM(r) NetVista A and M series of desktop computer systems. NetVista systems represent IBM's most powerful personal computer systems and are configured with cutting-edge technologies for maximum performance. IBM NetVista systems configured with the GeForce3 Ti 500 GPU can be purchased at http://www.ibm.com.

    "IBM recognizes the difference the GPU makes in overall system performance and relies on NVIDIA because we are the performance and technology leaders in 3D graphics," said Jeff Fisher, vice president of worldwide sales at NVIDIA. "By including the GeForce3 Ti 500, IBM is equipping its customers with an elite graphics subsystem, complete with a full DirectX(r) 8.1 feature set and optimizations for Windows(r) XP."

    EN: Antec SX635 - 10/15/01 @ 4:31 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    Antec, for those of you who don't know, have been in the business since 1986, and are most notable known for their SX1030/40 performance cases. One quick check on the Antec website under the 1030/40 page and you will see probably the most reviews on one particular style of casing you have ever seen. If you also check out all the reviews, you will see that they shovel praise upon praise to the case. So Antec did the smart thing and packed as many features they could into a smaller version of the 1030/40 and called it the SX630/635.

    Antec SX635 Case

    KyleM Speak of the devil, I just purchased one of these fine momma-jamma's and was hoping to do a write-up myself. Ah well, I'll keep it short! Antec SX-635 = GOOD!

    EN: AOpen 16x RW - 10/15/01 @ 4:24 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    Well, here we are again with another "burner" review. Instead of having the latest and faster burner on the bench, this time I get a chance to take a look at a "budget" burner. DealsDirect has been kind enough to let me take a look at the AOpen 16x12x32 burner, and it will be interesting to see if it is a "bang for your buck" or a "bong for the gong". What I was trying to say was, is it good or does it suxor!

    AOpen CRW1632 CDRW Drive

    nForce Pre-Order - 10/15/01 @ 1:58 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Seems the Germans are in luck. I just received an email from Sebastian who sends word of yet another retailer taking orders on nForce based systems that will be shipping October 25. Here's a rough Babelfish translation:

    For under 2500 Marks the food Discounter plus sells a PC with AMD Athlon XP 1700+ and Nvidias nForce Chipsatz 25 to October, starting from Thursday.

    New eVGA Articles - 10/15/01 @ 1:50 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Some great articles were posted over at eVGA. They post about the added benefits that AGP 8X will entail. (Multiple AGP adapters mmm...) Answer one of their most frequently asked questions: "What refresh rates can my second monitor generate with one of your TwinView cards?" as well as an article describing a few of the benefits of having a TwinView enabled card.

    Leadtek Ti Shots - 10/15/01 @ 1:43 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    Gzeasy has four pics of Leadtek's upcoming GeForce2 Ti. What's odd is that this card is featuring 5ns rates memory as opposed to all the PR documents they sent clubic. Weird...

    DetXP Certified - 10/15/01 @ 1:37 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    NVIDIA's released a Press Release announcing that the latest drivers (21.83) have received WHQL certification from Microsoft. Here's more:

    SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 15, 2001 - NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) announced today that its Detonator XP unified driver architecture (UDA) has been awarded certification from the Microsoft(r) Windows(r) Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) for all versions of Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows XP operating system, available on Oct. 25. This certification further solidifies NVIDIA's commitment to produce the best software and hardware products specifically designed to unleash the power and features of Windows XP. In addition to the WHQL certification for both Windows XP Home and Professional Editions, NVIDIA is the first company to receive certification on Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. With full workstation features and capabilities, Windows XP 64-Bit Edition is the most advanced operating system to support the Intel(r) Itanium(tm) processors.

    As The World Turns - 10/15/01 @ 1:34 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Still no sign of an 8500 review. Regardless of which side of the grass you stand, there's no denying that this has become slightly backwards, in that final reviews for this card will come well after some people have had a chance to go out and purchase one. I thought that was the purpose of reviews?

    Anyhow, I'm going to stop by our local Best Buy tomorrow morning (which is when they receive shipments).

    I'm expecting to receive some stuff in the mail, which should give me something to review in the days ahead.

    GF3 Ti 200 Review - 10/15/01 @ 1:32 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    3D GPU has posted their review of Visiontek's Xtasy 6564 GF3 Ti200. The system used to test the card isn't your typical 1.4 GHz monster, as people with those systems tend to already have the GF3. Jack uses his 1 GHz Duron which is still fairly powerful, but in the price range of someone who would consider purchasing a GF3 Ti 200.

    nForce Response - 10/15/01 @ 8:05 am - By: JonathanM - Source: ICQ
    iddo from PcPro in Israel sends word of Andrew Humbler, NVIDIA's European PR Manager commenting on the availability of the MSI board at this German Store.

    We actually launched nForce in June, in terms of the announcement and nForce is hitting retail now. Your findings are correct.

    Andrew Humber
    European PR Manager
    Nvidia Corp.

    No word on the reason for the 4 month delay from announcement...

    GeForce2 Ti Review - 10/15/01 @ 7:59 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NVchips-fr check out the PixelView GeForce 2 Ti which sports some fast 4ns memory. They were able to overclock this card to 280/480, well into GeForce2 Ultra specs. The review's in French.

    Audigy Platinum EX - 10/15/01 @ 7:42 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    The good folks over at Hardware One have posted a whopping 13 page review of Creative's SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum EX.

    Overall, the product felt very well integrated such that Creative left practically none of our wanted features for personal digital entertainment unexplored. The highly functional and incredible audio performance offered by the Platinum EX and its software, promises to elevate your expectations of a PC as a home entertainment platform.

    3D Chipset Is Back - 10/15/01 @ 7:31 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The folks over at 3D Chipset wanted to let you know that they are back online following a server upgrade. They are sporting a new design and also have news on where you can get a GeForce2 Ti on the cheap for $65.

    Matrox G550 Review - 10/15/01 @ 7:27 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    RoloTech has posted a review of the Matrox G550 graphics card. The review contains several pictures of HeadCasting in action, and also discusses the performance and other features of the G550. Click here for the review and here for a chance at winning the card.

    GeForce Reviews - 10/15/01 @ 7:22 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a couple of GeForce reviews to announce. The first review is at Digit-Life who check out Prolink's PixelView GeForce3. The second review is from the German web site Hardwareluxx who cover the Gainward Cardexpert GeForce2 Pro/450 Golden Sample.

    Athlon XP Review - 10/15/01 @ 7:15 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    GamePC checks out the 1.53GHz AMD Athlon XP processor. Sporting an updated core architecture and a new processor rating system, the Athlon XP is looking to take over the Pentium 4 as the performance processor of choice. They compare performance against the Pentium 4 at 2GHz, as well as AMD's previous Thunderbird Athlon.

    WinXP All The Way - 10/14/01 @ 10:35 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    I followed Brian's footsteps today by going full-fledged with Windows XP. After some experimentation, I decided to create user accounts for myself, my sons Steve and Dave who mainly use our second PC, and my wife Julie. This allows each of us to manage our own personalized settings such as the look and feel of the desktop, Internet favorites, Windows address book, and our individual e-mail accounts.

    The next step was enabling quick log-ons which lets any of us log on the system at any time with an assigned password. What's really slick is that Windows XP retains the state of each user session that remains logged on. This type of setup becomes practical since logging on and off is done in a matter of seconds.

    For example, the following screenshot shows that Dave, me, and Steve are logged on and that I have five programs running, while Steve has one. At this point, Dave could log on to his account, get his work done, and logoff. If I decided to logon after Dave, the five programs I have running are automatically restored.

    Windows XP Quick Logon

    Click to Enlarge - 41KB

    The next couple of weeks will be spent on installing and testing my critical applications along with a variety of games. I'll provide periodic reports on compatability and performace and may eventually come out with an article on moving to Windows XP.

    If you haven't done so yet, grab a copy of XPBench from Stardock which allows you to test your graphics card/driver support of certain Windows XP API's.

    Ti 200 Impressions - 10/14/01 @ 10:08 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    Was checking around a few of my favorite forums and noticed my good buddy John Reynolds posted his initial impressions on the GeForce3 Ti 200. John covers overclocking, 2D image quality, and performance. Click on the headline to check it out!

    Typedef: I think the interesting, and quite frankly, the least expected comment from John pertains to image quality. Anybody who has seen John around the net knows his IQ prereq's.

    Windows XP Only - 10/14/01 @ 11:36 am - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    I have decided to make the plunge. Windows XP has won me over and I am currently running a fresh install on the gaming system for the upcoming Titanium shoot-out.

    In conjunction with the OS upgrade I also decided to treat myself to a little new hardware, it being my birthday and all.

    • Athlon 1.4GHz
    • Epox 8K7A+ AMD/Via motherboard
    • 256MB Cas2 DDR
    You may be wondering why I did not wait for the Athlon XP. Well, it is still quite a bit more expensive. The motherboard will be upgraded to a Via 266 board or an nForce when available.

    While they are still working on their internet sales, I want to plug Valiant PC. If you are in or around the Austin area, go say hi. They have a ton of great gear including the Thermalright ThermoEngine, plenty of DDR PC2100 Cas2 (cheap), and three Radeon 7500's ($199). They will be expanding soon and want to have a LAN party to celebrate. Email me if you are interested.

    I tell ya what, XP sure does install quick when you got 1.4GHz of horsepower and DDR memory to help out...

    JonathanM: Happy Birthday dude, What does that make ya? 35? 53? ;)

    NeilY: Yup, same here; Athlon XP 1700+ and an EPoX 8KHA+ KT266A board. It's schweet! Congrats, bud.

    XP 3D Screensaver - 10/14/01 @ 11:11 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    XP features true 3D screensavers run under DirectX and Neowin has one available for download.  It is nothing too exciting but the screensaver is a good test with out having to buy the XP Plus! package...

    Poseidon Tidbits - 10/14/01 @ 11:02 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Guru3D
    The Inquirer has a short article about 3D Power's Poseidon GeForce3 water-cooling system. They also have a picture of the components that will be included with the package.

    We can describe this card as ultimate in cooling and we like the fact that 3d Power haven't been greedy and made this cooling system for just one card. It is designed to fit the entire GeForce family of products so you will be able to make your card runs faster if you have this Poseidon system even if we talk about some "old" Geforce series.

    The Poseidon is the first and only water cooling solution ever to be offered by any company as an upgrade to their graphics card purchase. You will have to options to buy this system with Morpheus Titanium card which will be called HARDCORE [, yes, all caps as VIA ED] and you will be able to buy just the Poseidon as stand alone cooling system.

    Update: Darth from GotApex? sends word that the pic located on The Inquirer was an early version of the Poseidon. A pic of the finaly version can be found here.

    Gainward Drivers - 10/14/01 @ 2:24 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Riva Station
    Some Gainward driver goodness in WHQL and non-WHQL formats...

    Non-WHQL 21.81 - Win9X/ME, Win2K/XP, WinNT4

    WHQL 14.10 - Win9X/ME, Win2K/XP, WinNT4

    And just to finish rounding off everything... VIVO drivers for Win9X/ME & Win2k for those with Video In, as well as Gainward's ExperTools overclocking utility.

    GeForce Reviews - 10/14/01 @ 2:19 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    A couple GeForce reviews tonight... Tweakers Asylum check out Inno3D's Tornado GeForce3 card, while Extreme OC admire Abit's Siluro GeForce2 MX400.

    Unika Titaniums - 10/13/01 @ 12:12 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Frank Wu of Unika sent me a couple of box shots of the Unika line of Titanium based cards on the way. There are two GeForce2 Ti's and a GeForce3 Ti 200.  I believe these will be available in Asia and Europe, keep an eye out.

    Unika 7900 GeForce2 Ti

    Unika 9800 GeForce2 Ti

    Unika 8000 GeForce3 Ti 200

    The 9800 Ti adds hardware monitoring and card BIOS setting access.

    New Favorite Pic - 10/13/01 @ 11:05 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Let's put aside the bickering that's been going on in the forums and get back to why we purchase a graphics card in the first place. Hell, I don't play 3DMark2001, do you?

    For example, with Halloween approaching I can't think of a better game to get in the spirit than American McGee's Alice. The game runs great on the GeForce3 Ti 200 under Windows XP - even with 2X antialiasing enabled.

    Click to Enlarge

    Alice is based on the Quake 3 engine and contains an abundance of high quality and colorful textures. The mood is dark and eerie and I'm sure you'll enjoy the demo. You can grab the demo at your favorite download site such as FileLeech.com.

    8500 v GF3 Take 2 - 10/13/01 @ 10:52 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    In keeping with the spirit of competition, a user @ Rage3D posted some overclocked 3DMark2001 numbers, which I thought would make an interesting comparison. By the looks of it, our systems are very closely matched. His T-Bird is @ 1428 (150 FSB), while mine is @ 1368 MHz (144 FSB). We're both using Windows2000, and identical 3DMark2001 configurations.

    Here's the breakdown...My GeForce3 (not Titanium) is clocked in @ 250/560, while his 8500 is @ 290/580. How do they stack up? Take a look.

    Again, the GF3 is orange, while the 8500 is in red.

    8500 Vs. GeForce3

    After making a few Windows 2000 tweaks (pretty new partition) from here, as well as there, I was able to gain another 100 points.

    Anyhow, not a heck of a lot has changed since the last comparison. Again, slightly different systems, but by-and-large, they're fairly equal. The thing to note are the nature scores (GF3's favor), while the Triangle throughput of the 8500 is quite superior to that of the GF3.

    XP Press Release - 10/13/01 @ 10:08 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Blue's News
    I think we missed this one...

    NVIDIA nForce and GeForce Products Deliver Highest Performance for AMD Athlon XP Processor 1800+

    NVIDIA Graphics and Multimedia Products Combined With New AMD Processor Delivers the Ultimate Performance on Microsoft Windows XP Operating System

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA - news) announced today that its family of graphics and multimedia processors, including the revolutionary nForce(TM) platform processing architecture, has been optimized for the AMD(r) Athlon(TM) XP processor 1800+. By combining NVIDIA's award-winning graphics and multimedia products with AMD's new AMD Athlon(TM) XP processor featuring QuantiSpeed(TM) architecture, PC OEMs and system builders worldwide are able to provide a high-performance, feature rich platform architecture for end users using the Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP operating system. In addition to nForce, NVIDIA's complete family of graphics processor units (GPUs) are optimized for all AMD processors, including the AMD Duron(TM) processor, and for Windows XP through Detonator XP, NVIDIA's new Windows XP-ready Unified Driver Architecture (UDA).

    Title Link for more...

    KT7A & AthlonXP - 10/13/01 @ 9:54 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: 3D Spotlight
    If you have an Abit KT7A, dont't run out and buy an AthlonXP before checking which version you have.

    Version 1.3 boards can run the new Athlon with a BIOS update, link above. However, 1.2 and older will not run the AthlonXP AT ALL.

    HalcYoN: I was planning on upgrading to DDR anyway, doh.

    GeForce3 Reviews - 10/13/01 @ 7:41 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a couple of GeForce3 previews/reviews to announce. First up is a preview of the GeForce3 Ti 500 over at Gamers Depot. The second article is a review of the Asus V8200 GeForce3 from The Overclocker Cafe'.

    Personal Cinema - 10/12/01 @ 9:57 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Jamie let me know that Fry's currently has an MX 200 Personal Cinema bundle by Compro at Fry's Electronics.

    The MX 200 gives up a bit of horsepower to the MX 400. However, it is only $150 for the bundle which is a heck of a deal, especially for a second PC or office workstation. The Compro card does not have dual VGA-out and comes with 32MB.

    You can read more about the Personal Cinema by checking out the VisionTek Everything review.

    Gainward Goldens - 10/12/01 @ 9:51 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    x-bit labs reviews the Gainward Golden Sample line-up. Chipsets include the GeForce2 MX 400, the GeForce2 Pro and the GeForce3. All cards featured ExperTool.

    EXPERTool includes all the desktop, display and graphics card settings. It is a very convenient thing, even though it offers no extra settings and offers just the same things as Detonator and Windows do. We didn't want to encumber the page with screenshots, so we decided to show you only the "Performance" page here: The only bookmark which we believe worth posting is "Performance".

    BTW, you Gainward users can download the latest version of ExperTool over at Electic Tech.

    GF2 MX 400 Review - 10/12/01 @ 9:48 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    PC Stats has reviewed the PowerColor PowerGene MX. This MX 400 card features relativley low price tag, making it a great choice for guys not too concerned about overclocking results or game bundles.

    Or maybe not...

    Buying a cheap video card (don't try and play it up with "inexpensive") usually means getting cheap and nasty parts. Remarkably that's not the case with PowerGene. nVidia's reference design calls for 6 ns RAM modules to be used with the MX400 GPU and PowerColor took this memory requirement one step further by implementing extra quick 5ns Mosel Vitalic SDRAM. They skimped on the GPU fansink, but we'll let that one go since the MX core isn't much of a fireplace. And yes, they even took the effort to cover the GPU with thermal paste - it's the little touches right!?

    Creative Drivers - 10/12/01 @ 8:13 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    Wow... Creative has some new drivers based on the new 21.85 drivers that are a revision above the ones currently available on NVIDIA's site (21.83). Heh, I think that's a first.

    Driver Comparison - 10/12/01 @ 8:10 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Tweakers Asylum has updated their NVIDIA Detonator Database for Win9X as well as a brand new XP Database. They include scores form the new 21.83 WHQL drivers.

    Radeon 8500 Bits - 10/12/01 @ 6:36 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    OK, let's get the daily update on the 8500. If you've been keeping tabs on this, there have been a *few* people to actually buy one; however, something is obviously not right, because this card has yet to be officially reviewed.

    Anand Lal Shimpi made yet another post today...here it is.

    The question everyone has been asking me about is when will we see a final Radeon 8500 review? I don't like making firm commitments unless I can control all variables in a situation and in this case I unfortunately do not control all of those variables. I'll give you all a more solid update when I can, but currently I'm expecting to be able to publish early next week.

    Now, this is where the speculation begins. Of the few people that have publicly posted information on the 8500, one thing stands out...FSAA, or lack thereof. SmoothVision has been reported to be an option in the D3D panel, but not OpenGL. Furthermore, I haven't seen a single person who claimed that FSAA made any tangible difference in visual quality. If you recall, this feature was broken in the pre-production (believe it was A12 silicon) units previewed a few months ago.

    Then, there was the apparant inability of those lucky 8500 owners to publish their 3DMark2001 scores. Again, it has been speculated that (perhaps) ATI asked MadOnion to block 8500 scores.

    When you factor in the lack of credible reviews, the apparant lack of functional FSAA, and what Anand had to say, I think you can pretty much guess that there are some issues that have yet to be ironed out...It sounds like a driver issue(s).

    HalcYoN: The 8500 "release" continues to raise questions with out any answers.  Typedef is trying to analyze info here, but some ATI supporters want to shoot the messenger.

    From assorted posts around the web and in our forum, it is evident there is a problem.  From past ATI releases, one has to conclude that the driver release in the box with the first batch of retail cards has issues.  There are reports of FSAA support being hit or miss, even resoltution dependent.

    If you remember, the first few GeForce driver revs to include FSAA were buggy at best.  People questioned why the drivers were released at all...

    Microsoft & Sega - 10/12/01 @ 9:32 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Microsoft is broadening it's ties with Sega in order to offer a wider range of leading edge games for the Xbox. Under the agreement, Sega will provide a new game in the Shenmue series exclusively for the Xbox in the North American market and will make a new game in its popular Phantasy Star Online series.

    Ben: Picked up an interesting sidenote at Gamespot. Microsoft and Sega are teaming up to develop an arcade machine based on the X-Box. Assuming they use the XGPU (I have an inquiry into Nvidia on the matter), we may see Outrun2 (YES! Outrun 1 was one of my favorite arcade games of all time) and other games on both arcade locations and the X-Box...

    OS Install Guide - 10/12/01 @ 8:45 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    3D Spotlight has posted another great guide, the Windows Installation guide.

    Installing a Microsoft Operating System is a relatively easy procedure for many, although for most others it seems like a fairly daunting task. This guide will take you through the Pre-Installation, Installation & Post Installation steps for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems & through such other procedures as installing Drivers for Hardware, or other system updates.

    Se sure to check out their Dual Boot Guide, as well.

    HalcYoN: Mike could have used that Dual-Boot guide for his XP install. Instead, he had to bug you guys, heh.

    MikeC: The dual-boot setup was straighforward since I already had my boot drive partitioned into two logical drives. The Windows XP install also allows a new partition to be created during setup. You will definitely want to install Windows XP on a separate partition in a dual-boot setup.

    Hercules Pricing - 10/12/01 @ 8:37 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Acid Hardware has received an official Titanium pricing update from Hercules. The Prophet III Ti 500 is now down to the market trend of $349, down $30.

    HalcYoN: There is no doubt that the 8500 will place market price-point pressure on the NVIDIA high-end cards. ATI seems to be having trouble gettting the 8500 out at quantity so the market is still in flux.

    Hercules Drivers - 10/12/01 @ 7:43 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Riva Station
    Hercules is the first manufacturer to have modified the new 21.81 Detonator XP's to their flavour. If manufacturer drivers are your thing, and you've got yourself a Hercules card, these are the ones to get.

    NVmax Updated - 10/12/01 @ 7:39 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    AC has updated his tweaking utility to version 3.00.72. He says he'll be looking into fixing some TwinView glitches as he has received a review card to finally test the features on. So those of you experiencing some problems might get some fixes in the near future. Here's what's new in this version.
    • Fixed Setup not creating directories or copying files on some systems.

    • Added option to force detection of non-nvidia bios, example some ELSA cards.

    • Fixed small problem with Buffer where select W-scale and dropdown box is still unselectable.

    GeForce Reviews - 10/12/01 @ 7:32 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a couple reviews of the PixelView series of graphics cards from Prolink. First up is the GeForce3 Ti 200 at Puces 3D followed by 3D Spotlight's review of the GeForce2 MX 400.

    OS Comparison - 10/12/01 @ 7:29 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Borsti over at RIVA Station has posted a new article comparing performance with a GeForce2 MX 400, GeForce2 Ultra, and GeForce3 under Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 (SP2), and Windows XP. Does WinXP plus DetXP equal extreme performance?

    Bigger, better, faster, more.....XP! XP is the new buzzword in the marketing world. NVIDIA is going with the flow and has named their newest driver Detonator XP. RIVA Station takes a look at these new drivers with a GeForce 2 MX400, a GeForce 2 ULTRA, and a GeForce 3 on Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 (SP2), and Windows XP Professional - with some interesting results.

    Radeon 8500 AA - 10/12/01 @ 7:21 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    There's a message thread at the Beyond 3D forums with comments on antialiasing on the Radeon 8500. The poster had "hands-on" experience and compares image quality with Quincunx on the GeForce3.

    GeForce3 Review - 10/11/01 @ 11:31 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Hot Hardware has reviewed the ELSA Gladiac 920 GeForce3.  They were able to acheive some fairly strong overclocking results.

    Using the coolbits registry tweak, we were able to raise the core speed from the default 200MHz. to an impressive 245MHz. The DDR-RAM shipped at a default 460MHz. which we were able to push to an equally impressive 555MHz. Overall, we were looking at a performance increase of over 20%. This may not be the highest we've overclocked a GeForce 3 but these gains are very respectable surpassing the default clock speeds of the new Ti 500's.

    8500 Review Info - 10/11/01 @ 5:20 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Rage3D
    This seems pretty odd...The boards have, according to ATI, been shipped (or started shipping), and still no official reviews. Anand from Anandtech made a post, indicating that it probably won't go out until early next week.

    If all goes well you should see a review early next week. I'd try for this weekend but I've got to make a trip up to Pittsburgh for yet another server upgrade; what can I say, we like keeping things fast.

    Xtasy Ti-500 Review - 10/11/01 @ 2:07 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I just noticed that Matt (3DGPU fame) has reviewed the an actual *shipping* Titanium. How does it fare? Well, I think you will like one thing...

    I was able to get the core up to 265mhz, and the memory all the way up to 577mhz. Those were the maximum clock speeds I was able to get to without lockups or visual glitches. So then I downclocked the core to 260/570 to round them down for stability purposes.

    Slow As A Mule - 10/11/01 @ 1:10 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I have no idea what's going on, but I've already seen a few posts in the forum, and I've been wondering the same thing myself.

    I'll fire off an email to Mike to find out what's going on...

    HalcYoN: Well, the Xtasy Everything review is pretty heavy with pics.  Also, the UGO server in Manhattan that we are hosted on may be getting choked by the Trade Center clean-up effort.  No doubt, the pipes to the co-location will be up and down over the next couple of weeks.

    New NVIDIA Fansite - 10/11/01 @ 12:56 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source: M3DZone
    Just checking the rounds before hopping in the shower. This looks pretty promising, especially for those of you that speak Dutch :)

    I cannot read a single bit of this website, but it might be of interest to some of you folks out there.

    Detonator Updates - 10/11/01 @ 12:29 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Blue's News
    NVIDIA now has 21.83 Detonators for Win9X/ME, and WinXP/2K. They have also posted 64-bit XP drivers, version 20.20.

    Click the title link and pick your flavor to the left...

    Typedef: hehe...Good thing I checked the existing newsposts first...I was just about to post it :)

    Ben A little bit of info on the new drivers was kindly provided by Brian Burke.

    v21.83 for Windows XP/2000 and Windows 95/98/Me offer the following enhancements:

    • WHQL Certification on Windows XP, 2000, 95, 98, Me
    • International Language support for 27 different languages
    • Support for the latest GeForce2 Ti, GeForce3 Ti 200, and GeForce3 Ti500 products

    Gloria DCC Review - 10/11/01 @ 7:45 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    NVchips-fr has posted up a review of Elsa's Gloria DCC card based on NVIDIA's high-end graphics implementation of the GF3 core. Head on over there and see how it compares to the rest of the cards under various graphic design programs. BTW the review's in French.

    Crystal Orb - 10/11/01 @ 7:43 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    GideonTech.com just finished taking a look at the new chipset cooler from ThermalTake, the Crystal Orb. Made of copper, this unit is poised to take over for the old champion, the Blue Orb.

    Poseidon Info - 10/11/01 @ 7:41 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Got Apex? just had a nice chat with 3DPOWER and have some new info as well as the first pictures on the net of their new Water-cooler for their MORPHEUS Titanium ..the POSEIDON.

    According to 3DPOWER, the Poseidon is revolutionary in design in that the water block is a one piece block that will cover both the memory and the GPU. In addition, the GPU and memory will be flush with copper inlays to assure optimal heat transfer. Every unit will ship with the very popular Arctic Silver II thermal grease. 3DPOWER also states that the Poseidon was designed from the ground up to fit most GeForce3 and GeForce3 Ti500 cards. "We have yet to find a card outside of the Asus card that has presented a problem, but we are working on that as well".

    Bue ORB Review - 10/11/01 @ 7:14 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I don't know if this is considered a 'shameless plug'. Nah. Anyhow, I have finsihed up my review of the BLORB, used in conjunction with a VisionTek GeForce3.

    There are plenty of benchmarks to go along with this review, particularly those that focus on Image Quality. If you've been thinking about getting one...or, you're patiently awaiting that Radeon 8500 to arrive and thinking about cranking that thing to 300+ MHz, would a Thermaltake product cut the mustard?

    Click on the link to find out...

    8500 vs. GeForce3 - 10/11/01 @ 4:05 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I took the liberty of comparing my system, to that of the one using the Radeon 8500 (see post below). Obviously, we've got different setups: he's got a lower FSB (133 vs. 100), my CPU has been underclocked to 933 Mhz vs. his 900 MHz., different OS, etc. But I think you can draw a few conclusions from the comparison...

    BTW, the GF3 is the orange color, while the 8500 is in red.

    Typedef: This comparison was using my GF3 clocked @ 250/560

    8500 Vs. GeForce3

    • First, and foremost, is the fact that the Radeon8500 excels in the Geometry processing department. The High-Polygon test (8 lights) is almost 3 times faster, while the other (1 light) is a good 40% faster.

    • Shaders. Seems to be a draw. While the Radeon gets higher (significantly) scores in the Vertex shader benchmark, the GF3 beats it in t FSAA and IQ.

    NVIDIA Performance - 10/10/01 @ 11:09 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NVIDIA has added MadOnion's performance analyser to their main page. It looks at your system configuration and then compares it's specs with the average of the database test results (located on MO's servers) from systems with those components in common.

    MadOnion.com's Performance Analyzer for NVIDIA is a unique service, that quantifies the performance of your current PC and projects what the performance of your system would be if you equipped it with an NVIDIA graphics processor. The unbiased performance information is provided by MadOnion.com's proprietary technology, powered by millions of real-life benchmarking results from around the world.

    NVIDIA Performance Analyzer

    VisionTek Everything - 10/10/01 @ 9:52 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: VisionTek
    VisionTek decided to grace HalcYoN Laboratories with four of their latest video cards.  The first review to come out of the Fall line-up is the VisonTek 5564 Everything which features the NVIDIA Personal Cinema.

    The VisionTek Everything should be the first bundling on retail shelves of the Personal Cinema, NVIDIA's only new offering this Fall.

    Click to read the review

    Hope you guys enjoy this quick review introducing the VisionTek Everything and the Personal Cinema...

    8500 3DMark - 10/10/01 @ 8:49 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Some of you guys might be familiar with "NitroGL" from the ATI side-of-the-house. He has been one of the few with a final version of the 8500. He has posted @ Rage3D, leaving the URL to his 3DMark2001 score. Click on the link to hit it...

    He has an Athlon 900 MHz. system, and achieved a score of 5794 3DMarks....

    EN: EasyDisk 32MB - 10/10/01 @ 6:56 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    Pssst, hey you, yeah you, do you have the micro film? The what? Do you have the micro film? If you even get that joke, then you are living in the past. If you don't get it, well it has to do with spy stuff, and at one time, a commercial for women's hygiene products, but let get back to the techie stuff shall we. I have in my possession something so much better than outdated micro film, better than a multitude of floppies. A wonderful little gadget that can store up to 32MB of data, music, pictures, you name it - if it's a computer file of some sort, it will hold it.

    EasyDisk 32MB

    NVDA Press Release - 10/10/01 @ 9:50 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    NVIDIA has a press release announcing that their Qaudro2 Pro is being featured in IBM's line of workstations.

    NVIDIA today announced that IBM has selected the NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro workstation graphics solution to be standard equipment in the new IBM IntelliStation E Pro Professional Workstation. The selection of the Quadro2 Pro for the IntelliStation E Pro Workstation means Quadro2 Pro is available in all advanced 3D IBM IntelliStation workstations, and maintains NVIDIA's top-to-bottom position in the IBM workstation product line.

    GeForce3 Reviews - 10/10/01 @ 7:01 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a couple of GeForce3 reviews to announce. First up is GamePC's review of Visiontek's GeForce Titanium series of Xtasyt graphics cards (GeForce2 Ti, GeForce3 Ti 200, and GeForce3 Ti 500). This is followed by a German review of the Asus V8200 Deluxe GeForce3 over at ToMMTi Systems.

    Athlon XP Review - 10/10/01 @ 6:54 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Looks like AMD has a winner with their Athlon XP line of processors. For a few more opinions, head over over to CPU Review or SimHQ.

    I noticed that GamePC is already offering an Athlon XP barebones kit (#3) for $832. I've purchase from them in the past and while their price may be a bit high, their systems are top notch. I'm really tempted to get one :)

    • AMD Athlon XP 1.53 GHz (1800+) OEM - Updated "Palomino" Athlon Architecture, 128k L1, 256k L2 Cache, Socket-A
    • Coolermaster HCC-001 Cooler for Socket-A / 370 Copper / Aluminum Design, Supports Athlons up to 1.5 GHz+
    • ASUS A7V266 VIA KT266 266 MHz FSB Athlon Support, PC-1600/2100 DDR SDRAM, AGP 4x, 5 PCI, AthlonMP Ready
    • Crucial PC-2100 DDR 256MB CAS2.5 - 1 DIMM CAS Latency 2.5, Non-ECC, Unbuffered, Ali and AMD DDR Chipset Tested
    • Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy Drive - Standard 1.44MB Floppy Drive
    • Addtronics 6896A Full-Tower - 3 5.25 Inch Bays and 3 3.5 Inch Bays with 3 Case Fans
    • Enermax 430W ATX 2.03 Power Supply - Dual Ball Bearing Fans, Thermal Monitoring, Fits All ATX Cases
    • Standard 1 Year Parts and 3 Years Labor Warranty Included Free
    • Barebones Assembly with 24 hour testing - Assembly by Certified Technicians

    Detonator Database - 10/09/01 @ 11:45 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Tweaker's Asylum has updated their Detonator Driver Database.  Latest revs include 21.80, and 21.85 for Win9x/ME.

    We have changed our benchmarks and test system. Starting with the 14.xx series we will be using Mad Onion 3DMark2001, DroneZmarK, VULPINE GLmark, and Quake3 Arena. The new test system will include the AOpen AK77 Pro (VIA KT266), 256 MB DDR SDRAM, and the Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 video card. We feel this will more accurately reflect performance changes in future NVIDIA Detonator Driver releases.

    Price Guide Updates - 10/09/01 @ 11:42 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    This one time, in band camp...

    EN: OCZ MT-500 case - 10/09/01 @ 11:25 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    In his first review, AshG, nV News forum moderator, publishes his review and experiences with an OCZ Implosion MT-500 mid-tower pre-modded case. Sporting 250 CFM of cooling performance, this case is a great start for overclocking and nVIDIOT zealots alike. The baby-brother of Jonathan's FT-1000 monster case, Ashley Glenn proves that small cases perform just as well. Head on over to your friendly neighborhood gadget site for some case lovin'.

    OCZ Implosion MT-500

    Kyro II Review - 10/09/01 @ 10:58 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Planet Savage has just posted their review of the Inno3D Tornado 4500 Kyro II. It's one funky looking Kyro II because it sports a black PCB, a pretty cool looking heatsink and has 5ns Infineon memory slapped on the card. Well, more of the good stuff in the review.

    GeForce3 Review - 10/09/01 @ 10:57 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Overclockers Online has written up their own little intro, so here goes:

    Today Overclockers Online has slammed the GeForce 3 from VisionTek on the testbench. With the new Ti cards on their way to the shelves, the "old" GeForce 3 might be a very good buy for little money. How did the card stack up in our torturing? Lets find out ...

    Asus Drivers - 10/09/01 @ 10:26 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    Asus has updated their flavour of drivers for their NVIDIA lineup of cards. These are based on the 14.10 Detonators.

    If you're feeling frisky and happen to own an Asus card, try some modifed drivers over at Technogarb which have put together a set of 21.85 drivers for Windows 2000 and XP. Give them a shot and let us know what you think by posting about your experiences in our forums.

    NVIDIA And AMD - 10/09/01 @ 10:14 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Max Reboot
    Fuad over at The Inquirer has an interesting tidbit about a NVIDIA link with AMD well before the nForce.

    After a brief but sweet investigation I discovered one interesting fact. Some of you know that the brain of brains of Nvidia is its CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

    More Press Releases - 10/09/01 @ 9:59 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    A variety of press releases from NVIDIA and ATI including the announcement of the Radeon 8500 for $299. More will be added as the day goes on.

    Typedef: Is it just me, or is the fact that *some* people may end up getting their 8500's well before the 1st official reviews are in just a little odd? I'm not sure I recall a launch in which very *little* is actually known about some of the critical features (IE FSAA) prior to it shipping.

    Athlon XP Announced - 10/09/01 @ 9:47 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    AMD has officially announced their XP line of Athlon processors and also announced plans for the True Performance Initiative.

    October 2001 (Newstream) -- AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced October 9 the new AMD AthlonTM XP processor, the world's highest-performance processor for desktop PCs. AMD also announced plans to drive an initiative to develop a reliable processor performance metric that PC users can trust. The True Performance Initiative reflects AMD's continued commitment to business and home PC users.

    Reviews of the new Athlon XP have alreay popped up - amdmb.com, AMD Zone, AnandTech, ExtremeTech, OcPrices, The Tech Report, Vans Hardware, and Radeonic.

    Morning News Bits - 10/09/01 @ 5:58 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a few items to catch up on...
    • Hard Techs 4U has posted a review of Abit's Siluro T400 which is based on NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX400.
    • Hardware Avenue has posted a series of press releases on the Hercules Titanium 3D Prophet II Titanium, 3D Prophet III Titanium 200, and 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.
    • NTCompatible has updated their 3dfx FAQ and download page for Windows 2000/XP.
    • Hardwareluxx checks out the Pentium 3 Tualatin overclocked to 1.52GHz and compares performance to the 1.4GHz and 1.533GHz Athlon as well as the 2GHz Pentium 4.
    • Overclockers Australia has reviewed a 128MB stick of TinyBGA PC2100 SDRAM from Kingmax.
    • PC Hardware has posted a MEGA cooler roundup with products from Swiftech, Alpha, Kanie, Fanner, Fortis, Thermaltake, Thermal Integration, AVC, OCZ, Zalman, Tiger, and Power Cooler.
    • Noticias 3D reviews the SiS735 chipset based ECS K7S5A which includes a comparison against the AMD760 and KT266 chipsets.
    • VoidYourWarranty has posted a review of Creative's latest soundcard - the Soundblaster Audigy.

    • AnandTech has additional details on Intel's new BBUL CPU packaging technology.

    Unlocking Athlon XP - 10/09/01 @ 2:38 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: HardOCP
    I have seen this one posted throughout forums, particularly those catering to AMD. THe Athlon XP has a slightly different layout of the L1 bridges, and the ole' pencil trick isn't going to get it done. A conductive pen is probably going to be the best route.

    Anyhow, this website has all the info needed to unlock that new Athlon XP.

    BTW, has anybody noticed the overclockability of this CPU? Things are looking pretty spiffy over there @ AMD once again.

    AMD Tuesday - 10/09/01 @ 2:35 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Tomorrow is AMD day, as the Athlon XP is going to be available (well, certain outfits already began)...

    I would have to think that we'll see a slew of reviews tomorrow.

    CPU Experiments - 10/09/01 @ 2:32 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    I was browsing Tom's Hardware, and noticed a new addition, complete with a DIVX download. What does he do? Well, he wanted to find out what would happen if you remove the HSF from an Intel P3, P4, and AMD Athlon system.

    You should definitely download this thing, as the video quality is excellent. Without giving away the winner/loser, 2 out of 4 systems failed...and failed hard. IE Up in smoke :) The 'other' 2 systems simply locked up, but spared the CPU/Chipset.

    GF2 MX400 Review - 10/09/01 @ 1:45 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    The Crazy Canucks over at Rolotech have posted a review of Gainward's CardExpert GeForce2MX400 "Golden Sample" /w TwinView. They browse over the special ability of these the card and test it under various conditions, but the 250/250 overclock is just astounding!!!

    Titanium Editorial - 10/08/01 @ 9:33 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Josh Walrath over at Penstar Systems has written an editorial on NVIDIA's GeForce3 Titanium titled "The Truth about Ti - Marketing, Engineering, or Economics?" Here's a lengthy quote which sets up the remainder of the editorial quite nicely.

    On the surface this release looks to be a big sham from NVIDIA, and if you would have asked me last week what I had thought, I would have simply said that the Ti500 was faster, but nothing revolutionary. Later on in the week I had a quick chat with Brian Burke from NVIDIA, and some of his comments really made me sit back and think for a while. One of the first things Brian said was, "You didn't seem to be too impressed with this card." I told him that I thought it was faster, and it was a solid product, just nothing truly exciting. He agreed in part, but he mentioned one last thing before we ended our conversation. He simply said that reviewers are acting like everyone out there has a GeForce 3, and that is simply not true.

    This last comment really hit me hard, as it opened in my mind many questions and the possible answers to these questions. The biggest question that came to mind was, "Should we really be impressed with the Ti products?" This question needs to be looked at carefully, and I think that I have the answer.

    More Refresh Rates - 10/08/01 @ 8:51 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    I've run across a couple new utilities that allow you to manage refresh rates under Windows XP and other Windows operating systems. The first is Entech's (Powerstrip) free program called MultiRes. Notice the all important "Lock refresh rates" checkbox in the About Multires window. By enabling this setting, all applications/games will run at the refresh rate that is set in the resolution/color depth pop-up menu to the right.

    Click to Enlage - 145KB

    From Entech's web site - MultiRes (90KB) is a small, free, 32-bit alternative to QuickRes, with refresh rate and multi-monitor support for up to nine display devices under Windows 9x/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP. New in the latest version, amongst other things, is a proper setup program and an attempt at a universal, non-registry-based lock on refresh rates, that may appeal to gamers who are otherwise stuck at 60Hz.

    A second program is UniTuner which I found out about today in our video cards forum.

    Visiontek Personal C. - 10/08/01 @ 5:25 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Visiotek's John Malley fired off an emaiil to correct what one of his co-workers relayed to a fellow NVIDIOT.

    Just wanted to clarify that VisionTek's Xtasy Everything 5564 ships with a 64MB graphics accelerator based on the GeForce2 MX 400 chipset. The card has dual vga and a daughter card for the nine-pin adapter cable to connect it to the personal cinema breakout box.

    At this time, VisionTek is offering the complete package with Xtasy Everything 5564 -- a tv tuner breakout box plus dual vga MX 400 based video board, not as a stand alone personal cinema.

    HalcYoN: And a complete package it is.  I should have my review of the Xtasy Everything posted VERY SOON!

    3D Power Memory - 10/08/01 @ 5:18 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    A quick update on about 3DPower's GeForce3 Ti 500 based card. Their PR stated that the card would be arriving with 3.6 ns RAM to improve overclocking speeds. Well, it seems times have changed as Juan, a 3DPower employee has released the reason why they won't be going for this more exotic memory timing anymore.

    First I have to mention that the memory is 3.8 not 3.6 and that was a mistake of the press release. The reason is that at this moment any memory faster than 3.8 would be unstable.

    We talked to Nvidia about the fact that Asus announce a 3.5 version and they said that it is unsupported and very unstable and that it is not recommended for the TI 500 to use anything faster than 3.8 and when the manufacturer of the chip says that better to use what they recommend...

    Update: Here's another case of the he said/she said variety, this time from Brian at Absolute just correting the above statement, yet agreeing with it:

    3Dpower did not speak to Nvidia on the matter, the statement on 3.5ns came from Memory suppliers, but as stated we only use nvidia specified memory clock speeds on our boards, as we want to ensure our customers the most stable of platforms.

    BBUL Packaging - 10/08/01 @ 11:08 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Intel has developed a new semiconductor packaging referred to as BBUL or bumpless build-up layer. This new technoogy paves the way for faster processors from Intel.

    Intel Corp., the world's largest chipmaker, said on Monday it's developed new semiconductor packaging technology that will allow for microprocessors boasting 1 billion transistors and running at 20 gigahertz in the next six years.

    Windows XP Review - 10/08/01 @ 10:58 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    GamePC takes a detailed look at Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system, Windows XP. The article covers the new GUI, product activation, and driver support, as well as the fun stuff like XP's new music, networking, and gaming features. They also run a suite of benchmarks of the final version of XP against Windows 2000, 98, and ME.

    September 3D Digest - 10/08/01 @ 10:51 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Digit-Life has posted its September 2001 3Digest which consists of a monthly driver report and a comparison of 3D grpahics cards. This issue contains...
    • 5 different platforms used for testing
    • 6 games and apps used to test performance
    • 19 games and apps used to test image quality
    • 40 different cards tested and 18 more in the archive
    • drivers for different cards released from August 20 to September 20 examined
    • S3TC/FXT1 influence on speed and quality (under Windows 98SE) examined
    • Anisotropic filtering on the example of Serious Sam (under Windows 98SE) examined
    • Research of peak and minimal FPS with Giants (under Windows 98SE)
    • 3D accelerators rating (best buy) for the end of September 2001
    • 2 huge screenshots galleries

    GF3 Ti 500 Preview - 10/08/01 @ 9:23 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    Yet another GeForce3 Ti 500 preview, this time from the guys over at Tech Nation.

    It's clear that Titanium is a worthy candidate to occupy your AGP as it will be priced similarly to current GeForce 3 offerings. If you're currently a Geforce2 owner and have the cash to splash there hasn't been a better time. If however you're looking for a pile of new features and significant performance increases over your current Geforce 3 card at 1024x768 you could do better by waiting until after Christmas.

    Motherboard Drivers - 10/08/01 @ 9:19 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Electic sends word of updated drivers for VIA and SiS:

    GeForce3 Review - 10/07/01 @ 9:36 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    HardOCP takes a look at the Abit Siluro GeForce3.

    Well, they have taken this same approach with their Siluro line of video cards. Yes, ABIT makes video cards as well, and has for a while now. In fact, their previous GF2 and GF2 MX series have been some very user friendly and high quality video cards. Now ABIT has finally released their Siluro GeForce3 64MB DDR video card. It's a little late, yes, especially with the announcement of the new GeForce3 Titaniums.

    Croteam On Truform - 10/07/01 @ 6:35 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Forum
    We have a post in the forum quoting the Croteam guys on the implementation, rather easy BTW, of Truform in Serious Sam. While the character models look good, there are some issues with the weapons baloonning and textures warping.

    While they mention immature ATI Trufrom extensions, the image quality issues are due to Croteam's methods of building the weapon models.

    One thing we know for sure is that Trufrom support will improve...

    Attack Started - 10/07/01 @ 3:01 pm - By: KyleM - Source:
    Well, the "stuff" has hit the fan. I think its going to get worse from here on in: civil war's, more countries getting pulled in, etc. I just hope that the US, and all those involved, have the resolve to see this through to a meaningfull end.

    EN: OCZ Implosion - 10/07/01 @ 1:41 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    The recent case-mod craze has seen the likes of all types of creative expressions steaming from the creative conscience of the hardcore gamer. Expressed by ranting about owning the coolest/shiniest/brightest case at the next LAN party, or just merely standing quietly next to the roaring behemoth gleaming like a mad scientist. Many are simple blowhole or window type mods to improve the cooling or aesthetics of the case.

    But once in a while, a truly extreme mod must be tamed by hardware review sites. Read up on Jonathan Martini's OCZ Implosion FT-1000 Case review on Envy News.

    OCZ Implosion FT-1000

    Driver Comparison - 10/07/01 @ 11:27 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    Warp2Search has a very quick comparison between the 20.80's, 21.81's and 21.85's under 3DMark2001 and NBench.

    HalcYoN: Jonathan is on top of his game today.  News hog...

    3D Chipset - 10/07/01 @ 11:21 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Afetr a couple email exchanges with EFA11 previously from Gamers-Ammo, he revealed to me that 3D Chipset and his site would merge to provide gamers with a place to download any video card related files as well as 3D Chipset's flavour of news.

    As a gift to their readers, they've provided the 20.80 drivers that were used for the GF3 reviews against the previews of ATI's Radeon 8500.

    DXTC-Plugin Update - 10/07/01 @ 11:10 am - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    NVIDIA has once agan updated the DXTC texture compression update that allows artists to open and save .dds files in Photoshop. This update adds support for cube maps and image mode textures.

    P4X266 Shootout - 10/07/01 @ 9:51 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Acid Hardware has posted a comparison of two motherboards featuring the VIA chipset for the Pentium4, the P4X266.  The contestants are not exactly household names, ACorp and Shuttle, but they are trying to get into the tweaker's market.

    The ACorp 4VPX266A features both multiplier and FSB adjustments but no voltage manipulation options. You can select up to 132MHz FSB in 1MHz increments and the multiplier goes up to 23x. The Shuttle AV40R however, features a max FSB of 160MHz in 1MHz increments, multiplier settings up to 23x, CPU voltage, DDR voltage and chipset voltage adjustments. This plethora of overclocking options included by Shuttle competes with even the likes of Asus and Abit. Since the Pentium 4's multiplier is locked, the highest we could stably overclock our 2GHz CPU to was 2.2GHz (20x110MHz). Both boards were completely stable at this speed and I was able to run Prime95 on each of them for 24 hours without crashing. I am fairly happy with this 10% overclock however, clearly we can see that both boards have the potential to go much higher.

    The test system included an Absolute Morpheus GeForce3, reviewed here.

    Gainward Ti 500 Pics - 10/07/01 @ 9:37 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Hardsalon.com has some pictures of the Gainward Ti 500 card.  It seems Gainward is fond of the red color scheme.

    Serious Sam Truform - 10/07/01 @ 3:06 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    First of all...This baby is a little big, as it weighs in @ 500K. So, if you're bandwidth impaired, you've been warned :)

    Anyhow, I spotted a user who snapped up 2 images, so I thought it would be kinda interesting to make an animated GIF out of it. The colors have been reduced to lower the overall size of the file...

    As I mentioned in the forum, if they could just prevent the guns from ballooning, it would look much better. It almost looks like somebody attached a pump/hose to the guns, and slapped about 500 p.s.i into them. The effect on the characters is excellent...But the balloon effect really does make you chuckle...hehe

    MikeC: A couple more threads on the subject of TRUFORM - Slacker Central and 3DGPU.

    Good Job nV - 10/07/01 @ 1:06 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:

    Please excuse the gamma, but the important thing is the lack of fog banding.

    A lot of people were all over nVidia when the XP drivers were released, particularly with the severe banding that took place in 3DMark2001. Some claimed that they simply sacrificed Image Quality for speed, which explained the large increase in performance.

    If only some of these people actually did software for a living. Even nVidia is prone to bugs, and it looks like this was one. It really did amaze me, given the fact that nobody else seemed to be able to reproduce severe degraded image quality.

    Anyhow, if nVidia is susceptible to criticism in this regard, they certainly can also receive a pat on the back when they fix those bugs. Good Job.

    Update: I brightened it up a little bit. I hope it doesn't quite have that black-rectangle look now :)

    Ti 200 Overclocking - 10/06/01 @ 11:34 pm - By: MikeC - Source: nV News Forum
    Not from me this time, but from justjohn who took the plunge and purchased a GeForce3 Ti 200. The default speeds of the Ti 200 are 175MHz for the GPU and 400MHz for the memory. How high did justjohn's make it? While it may not be earth shattering, it does confirm the speeds I've been able to reach from a reference card. Click on the headline for details.

    MikeC: It's refreshing to see a forum post like this one. I've pretty much had enough of the my card is better than your card posts.

    3D Chipset Back - 10/06/01 @ 10:13 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    3D Chipset is back online sporting an updated design as well as announcing a merger with Gamers Ammo.

    Gamers Ammo and 3DChipset merged to form the biggest 3D video card web site on the internet. With the recent closures of Tweakfiles and 3DFiles because of bandwidth costs, 3DC and GA partnered up to provide you with everything you need out of your video card. Instead of running the same layout with different names under one network. Gamers Ammo has decided to go with the 3DChipset name.

    21.85 Detonators - 10/06/01 @ 9:41 pm - By: MikeC - Source: 3D GPU
    Beta version 21.85 of the Detonator XP drivers have been leaked. This is a good thing since you wouldn't have been able to install a GeForce3 Titanium due to an unknown device id. Grab the Windows 9x driver here and the Windows 2000/XP driver here. These drivers also bring back smoke trails (game 1) and better quality fog (game 2) in 3DMark2001.

    Update: A couple mirrors:

    WinXP Benchmarks - 10/06/01 @ 9:04 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    Here are a few benchmarks I put together comparing performance of the GeForce3 Ti 200 on Windows 98 and Windows XP. The results are from the standard Quake 3 high quality settings and the default 3DMark2001 settings on a 1.05GHz Pentium 3.

    GeForce3 Ti 200 - Windows 98 vs XP Performance

    TestWindows 98Windows XP
    Quake 3 - 1024x768145.6144.1
    Quake 3 - 1280x1024120.1119.8
    Quake 3 - 1600x120090.490.5
    3DMark2001 - 1024x76854065324

    Pretty close, eh?

    HalcYoN: The one thing I will add about XP performance is that even on my relatively slow Celeron2 at 850 workstation, it loads quicly and RIPS around the web with very fast download speeds. It has given this older system new life.

    Texas Fight - 10/06/01 @ 3:04 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    The Red River Shoot-Out is a little over an hour from kick-off. This year's Texas-OU game has special significance with both teams in the top five both working towards the National Championship. I have a couple of cold beers ready to go, courtesy of Sierra Nevada, and a batch of chili on the stove for Frito pies, courtesy the wife-product.

    It should be an outstanding game, but I would not mind it a bit if the Horns track-meet the Sooners, heh.

    Update: Ugh, I have never been more frustrated waching a football game.  Missed oppurtunities and two BIG mistakes took the Longhorns out of the game.

    Titanium & Linux - 10/06/01 @ 2:37 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The folks over at Evil3D have posted a few Quake 3 benchmarks from the VisionTek line of Titanium GeForce3 graphics cards running on Linux.

    As the time required to benchmark and review 3 video cards and 1 multi-media solution will take a while, we decided to give you a sneak-peak at the test results of these retail boards [yep, they are on store shelves]. Below are some benchmarks from the Titanium family of cards taken on a P4 1.5GHz, 256MB RDRAM, Red Hat 7.1, and the NVIDIA 1.0-1541 drivers using Q3:A.

    WinXP Up & Running - 10/06/01 @ 2:10 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    Thanks to those of you who sent in comments on installing Windows XP as part of a dual-boot configuration. Since my C drive was already partitioned into two logical drives, I installed XP on the second logical drive.

    A couple of quick observations. Windows XP boots up in about 30 seconds on my system while Windows 98 takes about 80 seconds. The GUI looks interesting and it will be a matter of time before I become comfortable with it.

    Unfortunately, I've been limited to a 60Hz refresh rate in the few games I tested. This really pissed me off. While Quake 3 has a command to set the refresh rate (r_display_refresh), most games don't have such a feature.

    So I manually edited the driver initialization file (nv4_disp.inf) by doing a mass change of the text string "60 70 72 75" to "75 ", and reinstalled the drivers.

    Thanks to this thread and especially FastM for helping out. BTW, the handy NVReffix program didn't work with the 21.85 drivers which is why I had to go through this exercise to begin with :)

    HalcYoN: I am installing Windows XP on my workstation today. If you recall, the workstation was dessimated by a virus about two months ago, but I have not had time to take on restoring it. It's painful to type format c: /s. Update in a bit...

    MikeC: I give up. Powerstrip does what I need and much more.

    Leadtek Titaniums - 10/06/01 @ 2:09 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    Clubic has a bunch of news about Leadtek's upcomming Titanium lineup of cards.
    • Leadtek's WinFast GeForce2 Titanium TH will up the ante by offering 4 ns RAM (250MHz) as well as Hardware-Monitoring and TV-out.

    • Leadtek's WinFast GeForce3 Titanium 200 TDH will be arriving with the huge hetasink as seen on their previous GF3 TDH model as well as incorporating DVI-out, TV-out and Hardware Monitoring. Leadtek also bundles the GF3 Ti 200 core with 4 ns memory (250MHz guaranteed), so with a tad of overclocking, could very well out perform the original GeForce3.

      Leadtek adds that the above mentioned cards are not built upon NVIDIA's referenece design, but by their own that is tweaked for overclocking. Great!

    • Leadtek's WinFast Titanium 500 TD is built upon the reference design and will also feature the huge silver heatsink. A TDH version was announced in their PR, but not additional information has surfaced about it (i.e. price or availability).

    14.10 Abit Drivers - 10/06/01 @ 1:28 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: NVchips-fr
    Abit has released some new drivers for their Siluro GeForce series of cards based on the 14.10 Detonators.

    YPM: La' Rounders - 10/06/01 @ 12:23 pm - By: MitchF - Source: gossip
    What's next for the Third Installment of Lian Li and the Project of Doom? Why our hero dives deep inside for fun and games in the one called La' Rounders.

    Muy Loco

    Mmmmmmmmm, Auto Parts.

    Thank you Barry :) - 10/06/01 @ 1:44 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
    Barry Bonds has done it baby...Let's give the man some props, eh? Yeah, that includes Pittsburgh fans too :)

    I have been a huge baseball card collector since I was a kid, and I have sitting right here 12 Barry Bonds Rookie cards...In mint condition...Thanks Barry.

    He now has 72, and they're still in the 5th inning.

    Madden 2002 Pic - 10/05/01 @ 10:12 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    In a preview of this Sunday's NFL game, I see Corey Dillon of the Cincinnati Bengals running rampant against the Pittsburgh Steeler defense. Here's a snapshot of Corey in action.

    Click to Enlarge

    Heh, I've been playing Madden NFL 2002 on the PC this evening. And I'm a huge Bengals fan.

    EN: Hitachi CM828 - 10/05/01 @ 8:39 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    During my E-mails back and forth with the contact from Hitachi "Jules", I had made a comment somewhere along the lines of..."The CM828 is a 21" monitor? I think I am either going to have to buy a new desk or a saw". So when the 'better half' phoned me at work to say that I can stop sulking around like a kid, the monitor I had been waiting forever had arrived", I called my buddy to see if I could borrow his circular saw. Did I need it? Read on.

    Hitachi CM828 21inch Display

    ATI 8500 Review - 10/05/01 @ 7:02 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Forum
    Chip Online has posted a quick take review of the ATI Radeon 8500. The one-pager includes comparison numbers to the Ti 500, which is a good thing for me because the review is written in German.

    Use a translator...

    HalcYoN: 3D Mark 2001 goes to the 8500, Quake3 goes to the Ti 500.

    MikeC: Couple of questions? If other web sites report similar results, will NVIDIA drop the price of the GeForce3 Ti 500? How will the Radeon 8500 perform under other operating systems? For those who are curious, the breakdown of operating systems used by our visitors this month consist of - 26% used Windows 2000, 26% used Windows 98, 16% used Windows XP, 16% used Windows ME, and 7% used Windows NT. Windows 95, Linux, and Mac OS combined made up 2%.

    EN: Flash Memory - 10/05/01 @ 5:54 pm - By: NeilY - Source: Envy News
    To round out the flow of information from Envy News, we've decided to create a new section to the site, The Guides. Here, we'll be posting how-to's and tweak guides for many different types of hardware.

    Today, an eon has passed in computer terms, and the battlefield has changed the face of RAM, especially in the consumer handheld and digital camera market. What was integrated DRAM in cameras is now hot-swappable, low-power, and high-speed Flash memory modules. However, the war still wages and no real winner has been declared.

    Serious Sam Patch - 10/05/01 @ 2:50 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Voodoo Extreme
    Croteam has released the third patch for Serious Sam bringing it up to version 1.04. Radeon 8500 owners will surely dig that models will support ATI's new TruForm technology :)

    8500 Versus Ti 500 - 10/05/01 @ 8:39 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Hardsalon.com has what I think are the first "official" benchmark runs of the Radeon 8500 versus the Ti 500 using 3D Mark 2001. The Ti 200, GeForce2 Ti, and GeForce2 Pro are thrown in for good measure. The numbers were supplied by an undisclosed Taiwanese video card manufacturer.

    The 8500 paces well at lower resolution but the Ti 500 catches up and surpasses at higher res. That is the opposite of what I expected as many have been theorizing the ATI would have superior memory bandwidth lending to better high res results. Win2K was NVIDIA all the way. Perhaps it is ATI's traditional pitfall of driver support versus Detonator4's maturity.

    The Radeon 8500 is FOR REAL. Ding Ding.

    MikeC: Damn, where are the Quake 3 benchmarks!

    GeForce3 Ti 200 - 10/05/01 @ 6:04 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    The Firing Squad takes a look at the GeForce3 Ti 200 and GeForce2 Ti. As expected, you'll find tons of benchmarks, and they also have Windows 98 vs XP and CPU scaling comparisons. I suppose they're saving the overclocking results for another atricle.

    Along the same lines, the GeForce3 Ti 200 tends to trail the GeForce3 by similar margins at stock clock speeds. We're really eager to see what an overclocked GeForce3 Ti 200 can do, if it can narrow the margin between itself and the GeForce3 it could become an incredible bargain!

    We know, we know :)

    Personal Cinema - 10/05/01 @ 12:09 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Arnie, a fellow NVIDIOT quite interested in NVIDIA's upcoming Personal Cinema posed some questions about it that I couldn't answer. So he went digging on his own and a NVIDIA rep stated that only Visiontek and CompPro (???) would be selling them. Here's what a Visiontek PR person stated:

    I then called Visiontek, who told me the personal cinema devices would ship the 3rd week of October. I pressed her about what kinds of packaging it would be, and she finally told me that it would be a stand-alone add-on unit, that is compatible with not only older GeForce cards, but also the new Ti cards as well (but I am not sure if it's VisionTek only cards). So as I understand it from this woman, it will be shipping the 3rd week, alone.

    HalcYoN: Stay tuned, I'll have a whole lot more info on the Personal Cinema very soon.  ;)

    GeForce3 Reviews - 10/05/01 @ 12:00 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Riva Station
    Buttloads of nVidia reviews (I still like that method of spelling it...)

    15.50 Detonators - 10/04/01 @ 11:53 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    I believe Icrontic has modified the recently released Elsa 15.50 drivers to support all NVIDIA video cards. I haven't tested these and probably won't be...

    Elsa 15.50 Drivers - 10/04/01 @ 11:51 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    There are some new drivers out for Elsa owners who have videocards based on nVidia chipsets. These drivers are based on the Detonator drivers 15.50.

    Shadow Map in GF3 - 10/04/01 @ 11:49 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    Matt received an interesting email about one of the "new" features in the Ti series of cards, Shadow Mapping. As a couple Ti 500 reviews have reported, these were available to GF3 owners in the DetXP drivers, yet there's proof that it's been available before the launch of the DetXp's.

    It appears that the people who responded to Tom regarding Shadow Mapping were either ignorant of all the facts, or chose to conceal them. While shadow buffering support in Direct3D may have only just been added in Detonator XP, the OpenGL drivers have supported it since the GeForce3's original introduction (or at the very least, they have supported it for many months now). There has been sample code utilizing the Geforce3's shadow buffer support in the OpenGL section of their developer site for quite some time.

    Updated NVmax - 10/04/01 @ 11:45 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    AS's got a new version of NVmax. 3.00.70 features Overlay color control and zoom as well as an Auto driver updater. AC adds that the software is almost to the stage where it can be considered non-beta.

    Update: I just downloaded this, and for some reason it's numbered 3.00.71b, even though AC's heading states it's .70.

    Radeon 8500 Info - 10/04/01 @ 10:46 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Rage3D
    Was browsing around, and found a new thread @ Rage3D. There are 2 links, one of which I used for the headline.

    As most know, Anand from Anantech clearly stated, in his Titanium review, that the 8500 should be reviewed real soon. Here's what he has to say.

    There's been a bit of a delay. I just got word from ATI; The boards will be in stores next week and all online shipments should go out on Tuesday. I couldn't get a straight answer as to what the delay was. While I've been hearing some stories already I won't contribute to the rumor mill though. So to recap, the new release date is next week.

    I'll let you all know anything else that comes my way.

    Take care,

    P.S. The exact words to me were "you'll be pleasantly surprised" [in regards to the performance].

    In a different thread @ Anandtech, he also said...

    Go to bed. There's no NDA on the material so when I get it I'll drop everything and benchmark non stop until it's done (let's just hope I get my Java project done before it arrives ).
    Btw and a problem with testing anisotropic filtering on the Radeon is that you can't always force it in the drivers (or through a registry hack). I haven't played with it under their most recent driver builds though, I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for the heads up.

    Leadtek Overclocking - 10/04/01 @ 9:48 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: NV Max
    VR Zone got a hold of one of the new Leadtek Winfast GeForce3 TDH. I think the results speak for themselves.

    I find that overclocking has improved over the previous version more probably due to the new heatsink design. I am able to push the clock speed and memory speed from 200/460Mhz to 255/560Mhz this time round and run the 3DMark2001 default benchmarks. Overclocking test is done using normal air cooling method at room temp (29 degrees) running on a Pentium 4 2@2.25Ghz , 256MB RDRAM and ABIT TH7II-RAID. The 3DMark 2001 results of 9021 are pretty impressive indeed for full air cooling setup.

    Click the title link to check out the new cooling system and for evidence of the 3D Mark 2K1 benchmark.

    A Couple Articles - 10/04/01 @ 9:11 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Was getting ready to wrap things up, but I received a few items in the Inbox which you may be interested in reading. First we have a commentary on the online hardware/gaming community over at Tuplay. The article covers sites shutting down, losing staff, and provides some predictions/suggestions for the future. This really hits home as UGO announced a substantial layoff yesterday. nV News might be impacted since most of the layoffs were from their technical web hosting services. We'll keep you posted as we should know more within the coming weeks.

    The other article is a review of Microsoft's upcoming Plus! Pack for Windows XP over at Icrontic. I have a copy of Windows XP Professional, but I've been holding off installing it since I'm trying to gather information on how to go about setting up a dual-boot system. Any info you have would be appreciated. Email me here. Thanks.

    Ti 200 Overclocking - 10/04/01 @ 8:32 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    This GeForce3 Ti 200 keeps getting better all the time. In a word, it has the potential to surpass the performance of a GeForce3 running at stock speeds. Here are my overclocking results as I was able to easily hit a speed of 220MHz/460MHz (175MHz/400MHz are the default core and memory speeds of the GeForce3 Ti 200). Again, these results are from the standard Quake 3 high quality settings on a 1.05GHz Pentium 3. The same configuration was used as documented in the preview.

    Demo FOUR - Setting 1

    I might have even been able to take both the core and memory higher as I experienced no problems whatsoever at these overclocked speeds. Schweet!

    Update: I had the case opened since I've been swapping cards quite often lately and have been too lazy to put the cover back on. I also have a two fan card cooler which is positioned adjacent the graphics card. One of the fans circulates air directly over the memory modules. Final tests will be conducted with the case closed however.

    nV News Sponsor - 10/04/01 @ 7:14 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    I wanted to take the time and introduce you folks to our newest sponsor - Amazon International. Brian Robinson and his crew do a bang up job and they have close ties with Elsa (Gladiac line of graphics cards) along with other prominent hardware manufacturers.

    Amazon International - Your one stop point for the complete power PC user

    Our European visitors might want to give them a visit every now and then. Brian also sends word that the Elsa GeForce3 Titaniums are going like hotcakes as they are close to selling their entire first shipment of cards from Elsa.

    Aquanox Is Gold - 10/04/01 @ 5:02 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Voodoo Extreme
    It's a done deal. Aquanox, one of the more promising DX8 titles, has gone gold today.

    Finally (on 10/02/2001 at 20:01 o' clock) AquaNox has reached the GOLD MASTER STATUS! A big THANK YOU to all the fans for their patience! We hope you will enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed developing!

    nForce Preview - 10/04/01 @ 8:38 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Noticias3D has posted a preview of the soon-to-be-available nForce motherboard chipset.  You will need a translator like this one if you are Spanish impaired.

    Random News Brief - 10/04/01 @ 7:11 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Here are a few items of interest...
    • Rumors are circulating on x-bit labs that STM might be announcing the Kyro II Ultra today.
    • BladeRunner has improved his Asus GeForce3 watercooling device. A pic can be found here and build details here.
    • The Inquirer has a bit on Elsa's Titanium offerings - nothing new to folks that have been hanging around here the past few days.
    • t-break has a comparison of three low budget cards graphics cards - the Kyro 1, GeForce MX 200, and the SiS 315.
    • Couple of reviews of the Kyro II - one at the Spanish web site Noticias3D and a second at SavageGamers.
    • GamePC checks out the latest VIA KT-266 based motherboard from Asus, the A7V266.
    • PixelKill has put together a hands-on preview of Aquanox which includes some new screenshots.

    Tweak That GF3 - 10/04/01 @ 12:03 am - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    The Inquirer has small article up that describes how NVIDIA was able to squeeze extra performance from the GF3 core for Ti cards. As with the TNT2 Ultra and GF2 Ultra, this is just a card with higher core and memory speeds.

    GeForce3 Ti 500 uses the same architecture that Nvidia productized with GeForce3. However, Nvidia has spent a lot of time and engineering effort to make GeForce3 Ti 500 faster, including the following.

    2) Nvidia re-designed the board. New board has an 8-layer design for the PCB [Printed circuit board] and a new power supply design

    Head on over there for the rest of the article.

    Water-Cooled GF3 Ti - 10/03/01 @ 11:58 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: 3DGPU
    Ross over at Riva3D has some more info about 3DPower's water-cooled GeForce3 Ti 500 card:

    I just spoke with Kurt at Absolute Multimedia about their water-cooled Ti 500 board and what we can expect from this beast.

    Initial testing shows that the GPU is only getting about a 5% boost from water cooling, which suggests that NVIDIA has the GPU pushed about as far as it can go. However, when Absolute MM added water cooling to the RAM, they got a tremendous boost.

    Prolink Titaniums - 10/03/01 @ 9:17 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Grace Tseng from Prolink Microsystems in Taiwan sent in these box shots of their PixelView Titanium cards.

    PixelView GeForce2 Ti

    PixelView GeForce3 Ti 200

    Click on the headline to check out their web site, or on the images for a full size view.

    JonathanM Update: The links have been updated so the bigger pictures aren't erroneous anymore. Mike must have pretty tired... Heh

    GeForce3 Review - 10/03/01 @ 7:59 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Tweaktown has reviewed the Prolink XX-Player GeForce3. I guess the XXX is top of the line. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

    This particular model of video card is designed for a wide variety of outputs. Those who want the ability to display their output onto a TV screen can do so by means of a standard S-Video port. I am personally not a fan of using the .60 or so dot pitch of a television for my output, but there are a lot of people who want the added screen size for gaming. If you fall into this category, then you'll be well served by this card.

    HalcYoN: Doh.  Double post, but I am leaving mine up because I think my joke is funny, heh.

    VisionTek On Shelves - 10/03/01 @ 7:56 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Just received word from VisionTek's PR reps that the Xtasy line of Ti based video cards should start showing up on shelves very soon if not already.

    As of October 1st, U.S.-based VisionTek is first-to-market and the ONLY manufacturer whose Xtasy(tm) 3D graphics accelerators powered by the new Titanium(tm) GPU's from NVIDIA(r) are actually on store shelves today!

    Here is a rundown of the MSRPs...
    • VisionTek Xtasy 6964 GeForce3 Ti500 - $349
    • VisionTek Xtasy 6564 GeForce3 Ti200 - $199
    • VisionTek Xtasy 5864 GeForce2 Ti - $149
    MikeC: Dan gave me an update on the VisionTek GeForce Titanium deals at Sparco (see previous news post). He said that Sparco got the Ti 200s at their Dallas, Texas warehouse just over an hour ago and there were 170 in stock when he first looked. Within 20 minutes, they were down to 130 units.

    Hardware Auction - 10/03/01 @ 7:46 pm - By: KyleM - Source:
    The kind folks at Hypothermia are holding a silent action to benefit the New York disaster relief effort. There are even some autographed Asia Carrera DVD's and poster's! SIGN ME UP! Go over and make a difference!

    Budget Comparison - 10/03/01 @ 6:31 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    t-break has posted a "budget" video card roundup. The contestants are GF2 MX200, Kyro and the new SiS 315.

    The Kyro proved to be the fastest and the most expensive of the three cards retailing at 325 Dirhams (U$ 90). The MX has a street price of 295 Dirhams (US$ 80) while the SiS 315 will be cheapest, retailing around Dirhams 250 (US$ 67). Based on these prices, it's a safe bet to go with either the Kyro (the extra price is worth the performance) or the SiS 315 if you're looking for the cheapest card that performs reasonable well. We wouldn't recommend the MX 200 at this time as it performed the worst amongst these cards.

    MSI GF3 Review - 10/03/01 @ 6:28 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Viper's Lair has posted a review of MSI's StarForce 822 GeForce 3 which features MSI's new an improved memory heatsinks (compared to none on the original, that quite a big step!)

    GeForce3 Review - 10/03/01 @ 5:40 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    TweakTown has just posted a review of the Prolink XX-Player GeForce3. Here's a snip:

    GeForce3... The name kind of says it all. But what if you're looking for a means to do some video editing also? Come join TweakTown as we take you on a tour of the Prolink XX-Player GeForce3 Video Card. Solid numbers combined with a good software package equates to some fun times ahead."

    GeForce2 Ti Review - 10/03/01 @ 1:19 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    The French 3D site Puces 3D has completed a review of the GeForce2 Ti. They compare performance to a GeForce2 Pro, a GeForce3, and the GeForce2Ti overclocked to 280MHz/470MHz.

    Titanium Pricing - 10/03/01 @ 1:00 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Thanks to Daniel for sending word that Sparco already has the VisionTek Titanium cards listed on their web site.Expected arrival for both cards is October 15th give or take a few days.

    SOF2 Preview - 10/03/01 @ 12:11 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Voodoo Extreme
    SimHQ has posted a preview of the Quake 3 engine based game Soldier of Fortune 2. The preview also contains relevant quote from Raven's Kenn Hoekstra such as this one from the next iteration of the GHOUL system.

    GHOUL 2 is far more advanced than the original GHOUL system was. Some of the things it can do:

  • Functionality as a true skeletal animation system
  • The ability to override any skeletal bone and have programmer-controlled body joints
  • The ability to run animations on specific parts of the body of each model
  • The ability to share animation skeletons across multiple character models
  • Bolt-on objects (backpacks, glasses, equipment, weapons, etc.) which can also be generated on the fly
  • Per-pixel collision detection
  • 36 damage zones on each enemy and character model
  • Multiple skin support for enemy variety
  • Much more

  • I think the per-pixel hit detection on the models is really impressive from a gameplay standpoint, but from a development standpoint, GHOUL 2's flexibility as a modeling system and functionality as a skeletal system is what stands out in my mind.

    Radeon 8500 Ships - 10/03/01 @ 11:34 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Rage3D
    ATI has released their earnings statement today. The headline link will get you the PDF file. But to cut to the chase, here's the important part.

    The Company is also now shipping its recently announced RADEON 8500 and RADEON 7500 to its retail partners in North America.

    The final reviews should be out any day now.

    Intel CPU Roadmap - 10/03/01 @ 10:12 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    The Register has posted information on Intel's desktop roadmap up to the 3rd quarter of 2002. There's also a listing of the next round of price cuts which are scheduled for the end of this October.

    Looking ahead, we've received some more information on the upcoming Brookdale and Tulloch chipsets, both of which we now learn will support the upcoming 533MHz Pentium 4 frontside bus. That suggests to us that next year's 0.13 micron P4s - those that will ship at over 2.4GHz, anyway - will be use this new FSB speed, since their launch coincides with these chipsets.

    Titanium 200 Price - 10/03/01 @ 7:22 am - By: MikeC - Source: Pricewatch
    I checked Pricewatch this morning by searching on the GeForce3 Titanium 200 and noticed the lowest price had dropped from $239 to $229. Still a ways to go before vendors hit the $199 price as suggested by NVIDIA, but it looks like the ball is beginning to roll.

    Visiontek Boxes - 10/03/01 @ 12:25 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NVmax has posted three pics of Visiontek's boxes for their Titanium line-up, which according to NVmax are already available in certain Best Buys. (GF2 Ti's and GF3 Ti200's with Ti500's in the next couple days. link.

    Ali AGP Driver - 10/03/01 @ 12:09 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Electic sends word of an updated AGP driver for motherboards using their chipsets.

    While on the topic of mobo chips, Icrontic is hosting the latest version of High-Point Techs HPT370 ATA/100 chipset which now includes support for WinXP.

    Titanium Previews - 10/03/01 @ 12:07 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Yet another late comer to the GeForce3 Titanium fest that the past two days have been. Click the subject for Gamespot's input.

    Digit-Life has also posted their preview. Here's a bit on Windows XP.

    It supports both a complete set of 2D features necessary for normal acceleration of the Windows XP, and a new 2D API Microsoft GDI+ on a lower level. It provides fast image building and a more effective usage of hardware acceleration. The GDI+ is an attempt to overcome the architectural drawbacks of the API. Besides, it contains several new possibilities such as gradient shading.

    Price Guide Updates - 10/02/01 @ 9:47 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    You ever get a feeling of Deja Vu?  You ever get a feeling of Deja Vu?

    Ti 200 Performance - 10/02/01 @ 6:20 pm - By: MikeC - Source:
    I received a GeForce3 Ti 200 from NVIDIA this afternoon and will be updating our preview with performance results from it as well as the GeForce2 Ti. I wanted to show you how it stacks up against the rest of the cards used in the preview. These results are from the standard Quake 3 high quality settings on a 1.05GHz Pentium 3. The same configuration was used as documented in the preview.

    Demo FOUR - Setting 1

    As I mentioned in the conclusion of the preview, I stated the GeForce3 Ti 200 could become the dark horse product for NVIDIA this fall. With a new price point of $199, the GeForce3 Ti 200 performance is incredible and pretty much blows the GeForce2 Ultra out of the water at 1280x1024 (92.9fps vs 120.1fps) and 1600x1200 (65.1fps vs 94.0fps). It comes close to matching the performance of the GeForce3 (within 4% at 1024x768, 9% at 1280x1024, and 14% at 1600x1200).

    Update: A note on pricing. I was notified late Sunday evening that the new price point of the GeForce3 Ti 200 was adjusted to $199. It may take a few days for vendors to adjust their prices accordingly (assuming they do so).

    KyleM: I think that the Ti 200 is going to fall into the perfect price/preformance category to make it a real winner. This might change after we see some finnal numbers on ATI's hardware. Regardless I think the Ti 200 will be a real winner.

    MSI Titaniums - 10/02/01 @ 3:57 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Clubic has a slew of info about MSI's upcomming wave of Titanium based cards. They have a quick description of 7 different cards that MSI will be producing in the near future.

    It's in French, but there's nothing to decipher except lunettes 3D, which are 3D glasses.

    Leadtek Titanium - 10/02/01 @ 3:55 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    VR-Zone has some news about Leadtek's Ti cards. I had the pleasure to test the GF3 TDH, but unfortunately, their high-end Ti 500 card doesn't support the hardware monitoring function (which is quite neat), but it does have a TV and DVI-out. The Ti 200 (which is the card getting most of the praise on various boards and sites) will be featuring the hardware monitoring feature as well as Tv-out and DVI-out. Even though it's quite early, this seems to be one Ti 200 based card that must be considered by anyone looking to purchase a new video card.

    Update: Seems I jumped the gun a bit too early. Leadtek will making a TDH variant of their Ti 500 based card. Check out their PR for all the details on six cards that they'll be manufacturing.

    Titanium Preview - 10/02/01 @ 9:17 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Loyd Case over at ExtremeTech has put together an article on the GeForce3 Titanium. The article takes a look at the technology behind the GeForce3 and contains a variety of performance testing on high-end CPUs from AMD and Intel.

    New NVmax Soon - 10/02/01 @ 7:48 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Has AC been hard at work since beginning University? Apparently not as he's been updating NVmax and his website like crazy. His site's update is almost complete, but most of the work has happened below the hood, which explains the similar look. He has a couple details about the latest NVmax happenings:

    Talking of nvmax some real interesting things have been going on. I can't give details cause of those lovely things called Non-Disclosure Agreement. All I can say is that the major nvmax version, with no bugs and tons more features, all wrapped in a nicer interface - will be here sooner than I had expected. I'm off to program parts now. I'll post an update, probably .70 with auto driver updater and extra's sometime soon.

    OCZ Titan3 Review - 10/02/01 @ 7:45 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    AC over at NVmax tests the "review writing" waters by posting his review of the OCZ Titan 3 GeForce3 that he's had in his system for the past couple of months.

    Tristan has also reviewed OCZ's Dominator heatsink.

    eVGA Ti Article - 10/02/01 @ 7:40 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    eVGA has put together a page about the Titanium series of graphics cards. Be sure to participate in their poll, as they seem to be gearing up to provide a similar pre-order program as the Step-Up program which I described in my e-GeForce3 review. If you're looking to pick up any one of these cards, be sure to stay tuned for that excellent offer.

    Prolink Titaniums - 10/02/01 @ 7:36 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NVchips-fr has some box shots of the upcoming Titanium based graphics cards from Prolink.

    October Calendar - 10/02/01 @ 7:35 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Borsti over at Riva Station has once again updated the Riva Station calendar. This month's pin-up is the Asus V8200 Deluxe. Great picture...

    Poll Results - 10/01/01 @ 9:12 pm - By: DaveW - Source: N/A
    The last poll asked "How is your graphics card cooled?". 3124 people voted:

    59.0% - With whatever heatsink / fan it came with.
    12.6% - A third-party heatsink / fan (e.g. Blue Orb).
    9.5% - My own air cooling configuration.
    1.4% - Water or other liquid cooling.
    17.5% - I live on the international space stations and my whole PC is cooled by the vacuum of space.

    The new poll is about the new ATI card, you can vote now.

    Morpheus Ti 500 - 10/01/01 @ 9:02 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    Absolute is also launching a GeForce3 Ti 500 based version of the Morpheus.

    Absolute Morpheus Ti 500

    You can read the full press release by downloading the .pdf here. The press release includes a little more information on the Poseidon water-cooling system.

    VisionTek Xtasy - 10/01/01 @ 8:44 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: VisionTek
    Here is the latest press release from VisionTek. The PR guys (and gals) have decided to inform the public on the new line of graphics accelerators from VisionTek featuring the Titanium series GPUs from NVIDIA.

    GURNEE, Ill. - October 1, 2001 - VisionTek, a leading provider of advanced graphics and memory solutions for PCs, today announced the availability of three additions to their best-selling line of Xtasy(tm) graphics accelerators. Featuring the new Titanium(tm) graphics processing units by NVIDIA(r) Corporation, GeForce3 Ti 500, GeForce3 Ti 200 and GeForce2 Ti are the new processors driving VisionTek's Xtasy 6964, Xtasy 6564, and Xtasy 5864, respectively. All three products are expected to ship to Best Buy, CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, Fry's and Gamestop during the first few weeks of October 2001.

    Click the title link to read the rest...

    First Impressions - 10/01/01 @ 7:28 pm - By: Ben - Source:
    While my Ti 500 preview is being looked at by my TechExtreme editor I'd thought I'd give a little preview of my preview.

    The first time I ran Madden 2002 on my P3-866 with 256MB of memory and the Ti500, I cranked the resolution up to 1280x1024 32bit WITH 2X FSAA turned on. The graphics were simply stunning (Madden 2k2 is the best looking football game IMHO). No noticeable slowdowns were present.

    More Ti Reviews - 10/01/01 @ 6:32 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Got a few more GeForce3 Titanium reviews to let you folks know about as NVIDIA let quite a few folks in on the action - GamePC, EuroGamer, Penstar Systems, Riva Station, and X-bit labs.

    MSI Titanium Info - 10/01/01 @ 3:40 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Riva Station has some info about MSI's Titanium series cards:

    • G3Ti500 Pro -VTG mit VIdeo in/out, 64MB (4x16) 3,8 ns, Twin-BIOS, Hardware-Monitoring, Stereo-Glasses

    • G3Ti500 Pro - VD mit Video in/out, DVI, 64MB (4x16) 3,8 ns

    • G3Ti200 Pro - VD mit Video in/out, DVI, 64MB (4x16) 3,8 ns

    Hercules Titanium - 10/01/01 @ 1:56 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Hercules has issued a press release announcing the new 3D Prophet Titanium Family of graphics accelerators. More information, including pricing and availability, on the 3D Prophet III Titanium 500, 3D Prophet III Titanium 200, and 3D Prophet II Titanium is available at their European web site.

    Hercules is delighted to release a new family of 3D Prophet boards, based on the highly featured GeForce2 and GeForce3 Titanium 3D processors from NVIDIA. The 3 new graphics accelerators herald what will be the graphics boards of tomorrow: highly optimized 3D generators for increasingly realistic 3D games and fluid applications.

    JonathanM: Check out the pics here. They make a nice wallpaper. ;)

    Elsa Titanium Info - 10/01/01 @ 1:47 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Amazon International has information on the availability of Elsa's Titanium series based products as well as pricing for our British pals.

    The German web site Media Xplosion has a preview of the GeForce3 Ti 200 based Elsa Gladiac 721.

    JonathanM: Isn't it funny? I could have sworn that the previous paragraph about Media Xplosion's preview wasn't there when I wrote this post, especially since I would seem to be double posting myself. ;)

    Brian from Amazon International has sent a huge box shot of Elsa's Gladiac 921DVI.

    Here's another for those interested in the Gladiac 721 TV-Out. Thanks Brian!

    Asus Ti Card Pics - 10/01/01 @ 12:18 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Clubic
    Yesterday, we had the boxes, now PCPOP has posted some pics of each of the Asus Titanium series cards. The shots demonstrate that Asus will continue with their Black/Gold color combo as well as offering a plethora of various types of outputs which I can only begin to speculte (besides the VGA and TV-out).

    Detonator XP Info - 10/01/01 @ 12:01 pm - By: JonathanM - Source:
    Matt over at 3DGPU has posted a couple of comments about the latest 21.85 Detonator XP drivers.

    Compared to the 21.81 official release, there's no discernable performance difference. It's safe to assume that this latest release is mostly bug fixes, and one of them is the quite obvious alpha texture bug that degraded images that used these. Most noticable was the Game 1 rocket trail and Game 2 fog in 3DMark 2001. These issues has been fixed, as well as few other minor bugs

    Game Spotlight - 10/01/01 @ 11:57 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NVIDIA has also updated their Game Spotlight section. This time they examine EA Sports' Madden 2002.

    What are some of the major improvements in Madden NFL 2002 versus Madden NFL 2001?

    Chiang: The biggest improvement for Madden NFL 2002 PC is by far the all-new game engine. This year's offering is the most sophisticated sports title available on the PC. The new engine brings all new game play, new physics, momentum based tackling, all new animation, and it delivers a great looking and playing game.

    Ti Press Releases - 10/01/01 @ 11:54 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    A couple press releases today from NVIDIA.

    NVIDIA GeForce Titanium Series of GPUs Selected by Top PC and Add-in-Card OEMs

    SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 1, 2001 - NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) announced today that its GeForce(TM) Titanium series of graphics processing units (GPUs) has secured design wins with the industry's top suppliers. Starting October 12th, products based on these new NVIDIA GPUs will be introduced by the following add-in card companies in the next 45 days, including: ASUStek Computer, Inc., Creative Technology Ltd., ELSA, Leadtek Research, Inc., Gainward Co. Ltd., Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., MSI, PNY Technologies, and Visiontek, Inc.

    NVIDIA Extends Technology Lead with the Introduction of the GeForce Titanium Series

    SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 1, 2001 - NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) today announced its new GeForce Titanium series of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The GeForce3 Ti and GeForce2 Ti series of GPUs deliver breakthrough graphics technologies, each providing unprecedented levels of performance and visual quality. These new products also utilize NVIDIA's high-performance Detonator XP driver, incorporating special software optimizations that immediately take full advantage of the newest features of the Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP operating system.

    Tom Does Titanium - 10/01/01 @ 10:59 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    Do you get get the feeling that some of the folks that review graphics cards just benchmark them without ever actually using them in real-life gameplay using various settings? I got a chuckle when Tom's Hardware stated that the "GeForce3 Ti500 is still offering more performance than anybody needs right now."

    Click on the headline for their preview.

    GF3 Ti 500 Previews - 10/01/01 @ 9:50 am - By: JonathanM - Source:
    NDA's expired here are the first previews that have popped up, besides our own.

    Inno3D & Titanium - 10/01/01 @ 9:43 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Boris from Rage3D sens word that Inoo3D has posted a press release about the GeForce3 Titanium family of graphics adapters.

    The tentative schedule for sampling will be early October and delivery will be available at the end of October 2001.

    The newly upgrade of Geforce2 family to Geforce2 Titanium will provide a core frequency of 250MHz and memory frequency of 400MHz(DDR). Inno3D graphics adapters based on Geforce2 Ti will be available from second week of October.

    RivaTuner V2.0 RC7 - 10/01/01 @ 9:39 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    The Guru of 3D just finished updating the latest version of RivaTuner.What's new ..
    • Added the code, which prevents RivaTuner from detecting two GeForce2 MX devices on TwinView boards.

    • main tab layout. A lot of users were confused with the new main tab layout, introduced in the previous version, an could not locate the driver customization popup. New interface enhancement helps the newbies to find it. Now the button flashes until you press it the first time.

    • Added driver independent low-level overclocking monitor. Now RivaTuner can read and display the clock frequencies directly via PLL. It helps you to monitor the real clock frequencies and verify the driver's settings. This feature works with the primary display adapter only.

    • Unified I/O driver (uniio.sys) has been replaced with new I/O driver (rivatuner.sys). This driver is based upon the unified IO driver, but is consumes less memory and it correctly restores I/O access map after unloading. This helps to partially address the keyboard lock issue in fullscreen DOS applications under Windows XP. Read the list of known issues for details.

    • Added databases for Detonator 21.85.

    GF3 Ti 500 Preview - 10/01/01 @ 9:38 am - By: MikeC - Source:
    It's glad to be back among the living again as I've completed our preview of the GeForce3 Ti 500. I had a variety of personal obstacles to overcome during the course of working on the preview, and am glad it's almost done (I'm expecting to receive a GeForce3 Ti 200 this week). Unfortunately, the GeForce3 Ti 500 is basically an overclocked GeForce3, but the good news for consumers is that I think NVIDIA will be engaged in a price war with ATI this holiday season. As of late last night, I received word from NVIDIA that the following are the new suggested price points for their 2001 fall lineup of new products:

    • GeForce3 Ti 500 - approximately $349

    • GeForce3 Ti 200 - approximately $199

    • GeForce2 Ti - approximately $149

    A big thanks goes out to the rest of the crew at nV News got keeping things going during my absence. Click here to check out our GeForce3 Titanium 500 preview.

    Typedef: Good job Mike. One thing that was good to hear was updated XP drivers fixing the fog/smoke in 3DMark2001.

    MX 400 Review - 10/01/01 @ 8:57 am - By: HalcYoN - Source:
    Via Hardware takes a rip at the MSI MX400 Pro-VT32S MS-8833. Red is good.

    Here is where we see just a bit of the added value of the MSI card: the coolness factor. Yup, the red PCB. Match this guy up with an MSI K7T Turbo Limited, and you've got a really cool looking system for that new window you put in your case.

    Isn't that what it is really all about?

    Water-Cooled GF3 - 10/01/01 @ 8:54 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
    The Absolute Poseidon is coming. It will feature radically lowered temperatures even though there is not a radiator in the loop. More details as we get them, but the cooling kit could be sold on as an add-on.

    JonathanM: Here's some more info about it:

    It is called the Poseidon and will fit the entire GeForce family of products and will be offered together with the new flagship product to be announced tomorrow, as an option denoted by the " [HARDCORE] " stamped on the box. It will also be sold as a stand alone seperately. The full press release will be along shortly. Made by Gamers for Gamers.

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