April 2003


Gainward CoolFX - 4/30/03 @ 6:32 pm - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
Tom's Hardware takes a look at Gainward's watercooled CoolFX product for GeForce FX based graphics cards.

CoolFX reduced the temperature by a good 20°C during operation. The temperature was read after one hour of operation with a 3D application. The CoolFX performed surprisingly well when set to the slowest fan speed, which produces little noise.

Doom3 Interview - 4/30/03 @ 6:03 pm - By: The Baron - Source: Warp2Search
There's a new interview with the lead designer of D3, Tim Willits, over at GameSpot...

We've felt comfortable for a while now saying that we'd be done with the game in 2003, and we still hope to have it out this year. That said, we won't release the game until we are happy with it. Our game design has been done for over a year now, John Carmack is basically done with the rendering system, and almost all the other systems are in and working. We've definitely transitioned from the technology-building phase to the game-building and content-creation phase, and it's exciting to see the game being more visually realized every day.

And this? Oh, I think this speaks for itself.  

NVIDIA Top Dog - 4/30/03 @ 5:51 pm - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
Mercury Research is reporting that NVIDIA has the largest share of the overall graphics accelerator market in the first quarter, beating Intel and ATI. NVIDIA's market share increased one percentage point to 31%. Intel maintained its second spot with 29% and ATI is a distant third at 19%.

NVIDIA continues to dominate the desktop market with a 64% market share and is gaining on ATI in the portable market.

In the desktop standalone segment, where Nvidia dominates, the company lost one percentage point to 64 per cent while ATI gained two points to 28 per cent.

Joe Osha, an analyst at Merrill Lynch & Co., said in a report yesterday that since ATI has had an advantage with its newer graphics chips, "we were surprised to see that the company has not gained more share from Nvidia."

In the portable standalone segment, where ATI leads, its share grew four points to 60 per cent while Nvidia gained six points to 31 per cent.

Conference Call - 4/30/03 @ 5:40 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
NVIDIA will host a conference call to discuss its financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2004 on May 8, 2003 at 2:00 PM, Pacific Time.

The conference call will include a question and answer period, which will be limited to questions from analysts and institutional investors.

FX 5600 256MB - 4/30/03 @ 3:00 pm - By: volt - Source: Darkcrow
That's right folks. Based on 5600 GPU, Inside managed to throw in some extra RAM.

43.51Dets WHQL - 4/30/03 @ 11:56 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
Guru3d sent word that they have just posted the 43.51 WHQL Detonator drivers. If you are looking for a download location have a peek there.:)

We have both Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000/XP available. Furthermore all nVidia graphics cards to date are compatible with these drivers and thus includes the newer GeForceFX 5200, 5600 and 5800 series.

3DMark03 Updated - 4/29/03 @ 5:11 pm - By: The Baron - Source: Winbeta
Just a minor patch--I believe it has some fixes for some of the more-widely used cheats.

The changelog is here.

TSMC Q2 Forecast - 4/29/03 @ 11:18 am - By: volt - Source: Yahoo!
As you can see, TSMC's second quarter looks very promising. I wonder why? :)

Analysts had already expected TSMC to show an improvement in the second quarter because customers like Nvidia Corp (NasdaqNM:NVDA - News) were accumulating stockpiles of new products. However, they were unsure of consumer demand for these products later in the year.

*cough* NV35 *cough*

nForce2 Review - 4/29/03 @ 9:19 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
ViperLair take a look at Abit's latest nForce 2 solution, the NF7-M. It's based on the revision v1.2 PCB, and includes the nVidia nForce 2 IGP.

For overclockers, you have a wealth of options available in the BIOS, and although the v2.0 PCB adds 200FSB Barton support, as we've seen here, the v1.2 PCB appears to be up to the task. Just remember to disable the onboard IGP if you plan on memory overclocking, and to make sure your BIOS is at least v1.6 to gain access to additional FSB options.

Video Card Roundup - 4/29/03 @ 9:13 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Various
A number of video card reviews have popped up recently, here's the quick run down:A few more have trickled in:

Soltek nForce2 400 - 4/29/03 @ 9:06 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Warp2Search
x-bit labs has posted information on Soltek's upcoming motherboards which will be equipped with the new stepping of NVIDIA's nForce2 chip, aka nForce2 400. There are two varieties, the 400 Ultra and non-Ultra. From the specs posted, it seems the non-Ultra variant won't have dual-channel memory support.

ATI and ArtX - 4/29/03 @ 8:55 am - By: JonathanM - Source: NVmax
EETimes has a very inetersting story about a small 70-person startup that ATI bought in 2000; ArtX. This inquisition has reinvigorated the ATI of yesteryear to the ATI we know today.

Since that time, the 70-person startup has been reinvigorating ATI with efforts that are now starting to bear fruit on several fronts. "The center of gravity for ATI has definitely shifted from Canada to California," said one observer who asked not to be named.

Paint Shop Pro 8 - 4/28/03 @ 9:10 pm - By: MaxPower - Source:
I've gotta pimp this latest version of Paint Shop Pro. Version 8.0 is impressive with many new features and innovative updates. I've used PSP since the 3.x days and have always loved it. I'm sure the Photoshop experts out there will beg to differ, but for my money PSP can do 99% of what PS can do at a fraction of the price.

How Much??? - 4/28/03 @ 3:20 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: X-bit Labs
Just saw this referenced on Warp2Search.net. It is an interesting article on some of the actual costs for GPUs.

Apparently, average selling price of a current-generation high-end graphics processor over its lifetime is $18, so, either graphics card maker gets RADEON 9800 PRO or the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra, it pays roughly $18 per chip depending on the timeframe. I believe that high-end graphics processors from NVIDIA and ATI are priced more or less equally and do not account for a substantial part of graphics cards’ costs.

nForce2 Review - 4/28/03 @ 1:12 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
Bjorn3d have another review up, this time they test out the Biostar M7NCG motherboard.

The Biostar M7NCG is a well-built Micro-ATX motherboard, based on the NVIDIA nForce2 chipset. It's a complete solution with the all the peripherals needed for a basic computer system integrated into the motherboard. The video is powered by the built-in GeForce 4 MX graphics, and the board has a fast DualDDR 400 memory controller, which delivers up to 6.4 GB/s of bandwidth. The M7NCG provides Dolby® digital 5.1-channel sound for real-time cinematic 3D (positional) audio. All of this is topped off with an AGP 8x slot, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394a (FireWire), and LAN ports

5800Ultra vs 9700Pro - 4/28/03 @ 1:08 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
Hardtecs4u have a face off between the Leadtek & MSI GeForceFX 5800 Ultra cards and the Radeon 9700 pro. Now remember this is a translated article.:)

With the Radeon 9700 pro began to develop ATi in August last yearly a dominance in the DirectX 9 diagram map market. Because nVIDIA still no DirectX could offer 9 accelerators at this time. But many more badly it probably was to lose the speed crown to the Canadian who stated from August to until recently alone the field.

Only with the conception of the first GeForceFX 5800 Ultra maps in January this yearly could unlock nVIDIA to ATi from the achievement, however not in the measure, as it was actually planned. Additionally it is added for nVIDIA making more difficult that the GeForceFX 5800er maps is sometimes hardly and/or not at all available and will probably only emerge in April on the market. The actual Top becomes model, which GeForceFX 5800 Ultra, probably only in very small number of items the final customer market to reach.

Hardware Reviews - 4/28/03 @ 1:04 pm - By: vampireuk - Source:
Good afternoon guys and girls? Do we have any women that read this? And not you AOL type "women" either, oooh bad memories. Umm lets do the usual hardware review round up!I'm also looking to buy a Barnett Quad 300, any bow hunters who read here will know what that is. So look for the title "crazed lunatic shoots at chocolate truck with crossbow" in your papers. :)

RivaTuner Update - 4/28/03 @ 9:16 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
RivaTuner RC 12.4 was just released. RivaTuner is the most powerful tweaking utility for nVidiaand ATI Radeon display adapters running under Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The purpose of this utility is to give you access to all the undocumented features of the Catalyst/Detonator drivers.

It supports all versions of Detonators drivers starting from Detonator 2.08 under Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME (Detonator 5.08 or higher under Windows 2000 / Windows XP).

What's new:

  • Added Detonator 43.45 and 43.51 support.
  • Added databases for the Detonator 43.45 and 43.51 for both Windows 9x/ME and Windows 2000/XP.
  • Updated AnisoBoosterOGL, AnisoBoosterD3D, NV25AALines, NVStrap antiprotection and LODBiasFix patch scripts for the Detonator 43.45 and 43.51 for both Windows 9x/ME and Windows 2000/XP.
  • Added 8xS and 16x OpenGL FSAA for the Detonator 41.80 and higher. Revised naming D3D FSAA naming scheme for the Detonator 41.80.
  • Updated 1032-compatible SoftFireGL script for ATI FireGL drivers. Antiprotection scripts for the control panel and some other components of 1032+ FireGL drivers are now also included in RivaTuner.
  • Updated SoftR9x00 scripts for Dell Catalyst v6334 for Windows 2000/XP.
  • Added nVidia nForce2 to the list of supported northbridges.
There's a lot more updated, new and fixed. too much to report them all.

News Overload - 4/27/03 @ 5:09 pm - By: The Baron - Source: Warp2Search
Warp2Search posted two stories from the Inquirer today. The first states that Detonator 50 is due out very soon.

The new driver is to be called Detonator FX and it will result in five to 50 percent of "ballistic" performance increases depending on the application while the realistic rather than the ballistic indicates the number will be between 20 to 30 per cent.

The second tells us the clockspeeds for NV35: 425/425 for the non-Ultra and 450/450 for the Ultra. And Uttar, as usual, was correct--it is DDR, not DDR2.

Boy oh boy oh boy, I can't wait for E3..

Burn baby burn! - 4/27/03 @ 3:11 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
One of our forum members UDawg71, has had a little incident with his A7N8X deluxe motherboard.

If my memory serves me right you have a A7N8X deluxe also. Well I just got mine yester day and was chugging along fine, you know benching a little gaming a little. Then I started to add all the other goodies like USB & Game port add in card. Well, the USB when in fine but the Game port didn't. Seems I got it in alright but on row of pins off. As you can guess a stream of smoke poured into my case and my cold cathode came one....WTF!!! I don't have a cold cathode!!! That was the wire bright as a bolt of lighting in my case.

After I yanked the power cord out of the PS and after I stopped shaking like a whipped puppy I said a prayer, hooked up the power and turned it on. You know the funny thing is when the system whent to POST and I heard the beep command I first thought of you. I said vamp would love to post this or make a front page "What Not to Do" story on Nvnews. LMAO so have at it. If it would make a good story for ya then by all means use it or you can just chuckle at my stupidity.

My favourite bit is when he realised he did not have a cold cathode.:) He was also brave enough to send a picture of the aftermath!

Its quite scary how putting something on the wrong pin can cause that kind of carnage. Also, UDawg if you need a replacement I have one sitting around doing nothing. :)

NVIDIA News - 4/26/03 @ 10:31 pm - By: volt - Source: Yahoo!
The day is almost over, though here are few company news bits.

Morning Reviews - 4/26/03 @ 4:49 am - By: vampireuk - Source: n/\
Good morning all! I'm rather glad I had that hangover last night and not this morning. Later on today I will be heading into town to pick up a new desk for the computer. This thing is just too small that I'm using now. Here is a roundup of the latest reviews for your reading pleasure.

FX 5200 Review - 4/26/03 @ 4:27 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
To kick off the day we have a review from techseekers. A review of the FX 5200 should wake you from your slumber, if not then wake up and read it anyway.

In short, although the Geforce FX 5200 is the baby of the family it offers adequate performance for the casual gamer with good overclocking potential yielding a 10%-15% performance increase in most games on a typical P4 2.53Ghz. With an expected retail of around the €120-€140 euro mark, it represents very good value for money

nF2 SATA RAID Fixed - 4/25/03 @ 6:16 pm - By: The Baron - Source: Warp2Search
As many of you have probably heard (or maybe even experienced), using SATA RAID on some nForce2 mobos, especially the Abit NF7-S and the Asus A7N8X, often results in data corruption. Or, at least, it did. Abit today stated that the problems were caused by incorrect registers on the Silicon Image SATA RAID controller, and a new driver with the correct registers fixees the problem.

Still no word from Asus, but this does bode well--the two have the same onboard SATA RAID controller. First we get a 400Mhz FSB from a BIOS update by Abit, and now they fix SATA RAID... gotta say that I'm impressed.

NV35 Launch Mid-May - 4/25/03 @ 8:19 am - By: MaxPower - Source: DigiTimes
I saw this announcement at DigiTimes.com via Warp2Search.com. This is the start of a lot of new news as the Electronic Entertainment Expo approaches.

Nvidia is set to formally introduce its new NV35 graphics chip at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), to be held in Los Angeles from May 14-16.


The chip adopts the same core as Nvidia’s NV30 (GeForce FX 5800 series) but delivers much improved performance, sources said. According to graphics card makers, the NV35 will support the more popular DDR memory standard, rather than the DDRII architecture supported by the NV30.

Opteron In Stock - 4/25/03 @ 12:11 am - By: volt - Source: Newegg
I've been browsing Newegg and came across Opteron 240 version which is in stock: $305 OEM, $315 Retail :)

Core: Hammer
Clock: 1.4GHz
Cache Size: 1MB

Personal Cinema - 4/24/03 @ 8:59 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
eVGA.com sends word of a promotion they are running for NVIDIA's Personal Cinema. If you purchase an NVIDIA Personal Cinema from the eVGA.com website between April 15th and May 15th, 2003, you'll be eligible for a drawing to be one of ten lucky winners to receive a chance to get full credit back on their NVIDIA Personal Cinema purchase including shipping costs.

Additional details about their promotion can be found by clicking the headline.

The NVIDIA Personal Cinema digital entertainment solution delivers all of your entertainment choices--including TV and DVD viewing, video editing, digital music, 3D games, and more-in a single solution that transforms your PC into a high-tech entertainment center. Enjoy, save, control and play the latest digital media content. NVIDIA Personal Cinema is the key to unlocking the media center experience in your PC.

Baseball Update - 4/24/03 @ 8:27 pm - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
I haven't been around as much lately due to work related issues and I've been spending more time on outdoor activities as temperatures are quite comfortable this time of year.

During the past few years I've posted tidbits from my older son Steve's baseball games. It seemed like only yesterday that I gave him his first glove and now his high school career with the Kecoughtan Warriors is coming to a close.

I've always known that Steve would turn out to be a fine pitcher. While he's 17 years old and still growing, Steve is putting together a senior season that would make any father proud.

Statistics for the district leaders were published in the local paper today, and Steve ranks 1st in strikeouts with 51, 2nd in innings pitched (40) and 3rd in earned run average (1.75).

In the first game of the season, Steve lost a 2-1 decision against Menchville. Mechville has turned out to be the surprise team in the Peninsula district and the following stats show why.

These guys can flat out hit as they have 4 of the top 8 batters. Tommorrow, Mechville visits Kecoughtan in a re-match, which should turn out to be an exciting game as Steve is getting the start.

Note that Kecoughtan has two ties this season. They were a result of not being able to finish a game because of darkness as none of the high schools in our city have lights :)

On a related note, my condolences go out to Menchville player Adam Creekmore and his family. His father, who was an assistant coach, recently passed away after suffering a major heart attack while he was pitching batting practice.

Soltek nForce 2 - 4/24/03 @ 8:14 pm - By: volt - Source: Ben
Ben over at motherboards.org sends a word of his latest review: Soltek SL75FRN-L. Here is a little rip:

All in all, I'm impressed with the Soltek SL75FRN-L motherboard. While not having all of the features of the Asus A7N8x Deluxe, it's performance is right up there with Asus's board. Further, at a pricepoint of $91 on Pricewatch, this board is reasonable priced enough to warrant my recommendation. In comparison to Asus's nFORCE2 board, the price difference of $35, makes this board an excellent value.

New Linux Drivers - 4/24/03 @ 7:23 pm - By: volt - Source: Forums
With a short period of time, NVIDIA has updated their linux drivers to version 1.0-4363. Here is a scoop:

Version: 1.0-4363
Operating System: Linux IA32
Release Date: April 24, 2003

Release Highlights:

  • Bug fixes since 1.0-4349
  • NVIDIA Linux Update
  • GeForce FX and Quadro FX support
  • Support for Red Hat Linux 9, Mandrake Linux 9.1, and SuSE Linux 8.2

  • Be sure to check out official Linux Support Forums on our message board.

    Tribes: Vengeance - 4/24/03 @ 4:25 pm - By: The Baron - Source: PlanetUnreal
    Well... yes, sadly, Tribes 3 has been announced (after that potentially fantastic game that was the sequel to Tribes was ruined by rushing it, I cry for the Tribes series). But... there is hope.

    1. It's using the Unreal engine.

    2. It's being developed by Irrational Games, the people who developed System Shock 2 and Freedom Force.

    Perhaps there is hope...

    vampireuk: Can you hear the faint sound of the horse being flogged in the background? I'm going go squeeze a stone, I have a good feeling about it this time.

    Soltek nForce2 Review - 4/24/03 @ 11:53 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Boogletech
    Our old friend the yellow Soltek mainboard has turned up at 3dextreme for review.

    Today 3dXtreme has the great pleasure of reviewing the Soltek (Nforce2) SN-75FRN-L. This motherboard is geared towards the budget crowd looking for the perks of an Nforce2 board while shopping on a budget. Soltek has produced a few different versions of the Nforce2 based motherboards which allows them to blanket the market for users at different levels. The SN-75FRN-L comes in the "Golden Flame" packaging, including a few eye catching options that are advertised right on the front of the box. Dual Channel DDR 400 support, AGP 8x and support for the 166 mhz CPUs are a few of the latest features seen on the AMD motherboards.

    MSI Ti4800SE Review - 4/24/03 @ 11:49 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
    Bjorn3d review the MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X.

    Remember the good ol' days when 3D accelerators were new and card makers were trying to convince you to make the leap to 3D? Back then we paid serious money for new and unproven technology, so to further entice us all kinds of goodies made their way into the box. If you didn't get at least one new game you were ripped off, and you felt pretty gypped if you didn't get at least two. Not to mention custom drivers and utilities, of course. Today you'll get a whole lot more hardware for a lot less money, but you're usually lucky to get a few pieces of crippleware or shovelware along with your scant documentation and outdated reference drivers.

    Terminator 3 Trailer - 4/24/03 @ 9:12 am - By: MaxPower - Source:
    There is a newly released trailer for "Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines". Click the headline to see it...

    New Matrox Cards - 4/24/03 @ 9:00 am - By: MaxPower - Source: TechSpot
    For my money, Matrox still has the superior 2D image quality out there (though the margin is much slimmer now than it was a year ago). Anyway, Matrox has announced their new Millenium P-Series in the P650 and P750. These are basically successors to the G400 and G450.

    Equipped with 64MB of DDR memory and an AGP 8x interface, the Millennium P-Series features professional-level multi-display technologies such as improved DualHead and standard dual-DVI outputs with dual-display gamma correction, dual independent, gamma correctable video overlay support and adjustable proc-amp settings for both the video window and TV*. While both boards offer crystal clear, fully-symmetric RGB outputs at resolutions up to 1920x1440, and offer superior dual-DVI outputs at resolutions up to 1600x1200 per display, the Millennium P750 additionally features unique-to-Matrox Dual-display plus TV output support and TripleHead output. The Millennium P-Series has been designed to provide real-world benefits for corporate users, non-linear editing (NLE) professionals, AEC & entry-level MCAD professionals and home entertainment enthusiasts.

    Bloodmoon Interview - 4/24/03 @ 8:50 am - By: MaxPower - Source: GameSpy
    Well this next expansion pack to Morrowind sounds like what more of us wanted in that it will be much more open. Here's a telling quote from Ashley Cheng, project lead for Bloodmoon:

    Our main goal was to create an untamed wilderness with lots to see and do. There are no roads on Solstheim. If you are going to go out into the wild, you have to prepare for it. Stock up on health and cure disease potions. We have over 30 dungeons for you to explore, and we probably have about double the amount of content compared to our last expansion, Tribunal. We overdid it a bit, I think -- there's almost too many quests.

    FCC & Power Lines - 4/23/03 @ 8:13 pm - By: MikeC - Source: EE Times
    The Federal Communications Commission is opening an inquiry into the feasibility of supplying broadband network access over power lines. The "broadband over power line" review will look at ways to provide consumers with access to broadband services from any room in a house without adding or paying for additional connections. Instead, devices could be plugged into an existing electrical outlet.

    Two types of broadband delivery would be covered in the FCC review: “access,” which uses medium voltage (1,000 to 40,000 volts) power lines to deliver Internet and broadband services to homes and offices; and “in-house,” which would use existing utility wiring to link computers and printers in local-area networks.

    volt: We've had working prototypes of this system in Poland for quite some time now :)

    Opteron Endorsement - 4/23/03 @ 6:52 pm - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
    AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor received a vote of confidence today as IBM announced that it will launch a server using the CPU. AMD is counting on the Opteron to increase their market share in the enterprise server market.

    "AMD needed to bring down a big domino and it did," said Mike Feibus, an analyst at TechKnowledge Strategies in Scottsdale, Ariz. "They had a compelling solution from a technical perspective. But this was also a political issue in terms of who would support AMD."

    GF FX 5800 Review - 4/23/03 @ 1:53 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: AusFX
    Overclockers New Zealand review Compro's Poladyne GeForce FX 5800. Snippet follows...

    Currently, all of the GF:FX 5800 and 5800 Ultra cards on the market are produced by Nvidia. So you do not need to worry about the card's quality. Each manufacturer may have a different package/bundle and HSF. In Compro's case, it is basically a reference card with a reference HSF on top.

    All of GF:FX 5800 cards need an external power source (the molex plug) to ensure a constant and clean flow of juice. If the molex plug is not connected before power up, the driver will give you a warning message once we entered Windows.

    Barton 2500+ Review - 4/23/03 @ 12:23 pm - By: volt - Source: OCAddiction
    The guys over OCAddiction posted their AMD 2500+ Barton review. Right now, this particular CPU seems like a great bargain. Snip:

    The Barton initially didn't impress me when compared to the Thoroughbred clocked at the same speed. But after playing with the CPU, and seeing what it was capable of, it surely impressed me. With a quick check on pricewatch, the price has dropped down to the $130 range which in my book, for the performance, makes it a very worthwhile upgrade if you are running a slower CPU.

    The Barton I have initially didn't clock as high, but with a steady burn in, and use for the past month it is now hitting some respectable numbers. The Barton was placed in the peltier system for this review, but it had ran +2400 MHz water cooled, which again, isn't too shabby. AMD is squeezing every last bit of performance out of the XP line, and that is a good thing. AMD users haven't had to upgrade a motherboard to gain extra chip performance due to changes in the socket design.

    I just hope the Barton will tide us over until the Athlon64 comes out, and AMD has some other tricks *cough*400 FSB*cough* up their sleeves to keep in step with Intel.

    NVIDIA Conference - 4/23/03 @ 12:13 pm - By: volt - Source: Yahoo!
    NVIDIA will present at the Merrill Lynch Hardware Heaven Technology Conference on April 30th. A live webcast will be available here and shortly after the company will post the slide presentation on their website.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA - News) today announced that Michael Hara, Vice President of Investor Relations and Communications, will present at the Hardware Heaven Technology Conference hosted by Merrill Lynch at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California on April 30, 2003 at 9:50 a.m. PDT.

    Athlon 64 Editorial - 4/23/03 @ 12:00 pm - By: volt - Source: Tech-report
    Tech-Report has a little editorial regarding the Athlon 64 and it's architecture. Scott goes into what he calls a possible recipe for success. Check it out, it's pretty interesting.

    Of course, if these things don't work out, AMD could always fall back on the Apple option: sell cheap SMP systems with slower individual processors and older memory technology. The AMD64 platform today is much, much better suited in both software and hardware for multiprocessor systems than the Mac was when Apple went to duallies. (Just think: AMD could double theoretical memory bandwidth by dropping in a second CPU.) Still, that is not a pretty fall-back option, and I'd rather not contemplate it any further. Let's hope AMD can get the Athlon 64 recipe right, and such things won't be necessary.

    Tech News Headlines - 4/23/03 @ 11:45 am - By: volt - Source: Digitimes
    Here are some major headlines from the tech sector today.

    Spaceplane! - 4/22/03 @ 3:51 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: NewScientist.com
    It looks like "space travel" might get a bit more attainable for a larger audience in the near future...

    The mother ship is twin turbojet aircraft with a 25-metre wing span, called White Knight. The eight-metre spacecraft, called SpaceShipOne (SS1), has a crew of three and is slung under the belly of White Knight, which carries it up to 15,000 metres.

    At that point, the SS1 separates and its rocket engine ignites, powering it into a steep climb at speeds of up to 3.5 times the speed of sound. SS1 will peak at an altitude of 100 kilometres. A long free fall back to Earth follows during which SS1's three astronauts will experience about 3.5 minutes of micro-gravity in a "shirt sleeves environment".

    Here is another story on it over at MSNBC.COM

    GF4 Ti 4200 Review - 4/22/03 @ 2:15 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
    Beyond 3D has posted a review of the XFX GeForce4 Ti 4200 Turbo. Here's a snippet.

    While NVIDIA are going ahead and unveiling their new products, the AIB's are busily getting on with the job of selling their current line as some of these products are still a little way away for them. Fortunately for the AIB's the GeForce4 family is very successful and is still going very strong. Here XFX have sent us their latest GeForce 4 Ti4200-8X board to review

    Video Card Shootout - 4/22/03 @ 12:26 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
    A 15 card shootout over at AthlonXP includes products from ATI, Albatron, Leadtek, and VisionTek.

    Now is an exciting time to be a gamer looking to upgrade your system. ATI and NVIDIA have revamped their video card product lines. With the new products coming down the pipe from both companies, it may be time to start looking in the bargain bins for that video card upgrade you could not justify a few months ago. Despite so many bargains that are sure to be available in the upcoming months, the question still arises as to how much gain there is over your current video card

    I think we missed this article when it first came out or I didn't look hard enough for it ;)

    nForce3 Pro Preview - 4/22/03 @ 12:03 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Bjorn3D has posted some of the info from NVIDIA's PDFs. Nice concise article about all the important things you need to know about the nForce3 Pro.

    NVIDIA nForce3 Pro - 4/22/03 @ 12:01 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: N/A
    NVIDIA has announced the nForce3 Pro motherboard chipset which will be paired up AMD's upcoming Opteron launch.

    NVIDIA Co., the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that leading workstation system integrators are adopting the new NVIDIA nForce3 Professional platform technology for their upcoming professional workstation computing systems. Optimized for NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions, as well as the new 64-bit AMD Opteron processor, NVIDIA nForce3 Professional incorporates advanced platform technology solutions—including enterprise-class networking functionality, fault tolerant storage designs and a single unified driver architecture—that are paramount to providing a compatible, stable, and reliable platform for deployment in professional computing environments.

    Key points about nForce3 Professional:
    • Designed specifically for the new AMD Opteron 64-bit processor and professional workstation computing environments
    • High-performance, single-chip solution
    • Industry's only 1P workstation solution for Opteron
    • Two products: nForce3 Pro 150 (available now) and nForce3 Pro 250 (available this fall)
    • Enterprise-class 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet networking features including IP v. 6 and ASF
    • Hardware accelerated RAID 0, 1, and 0+1 solutions
    • NVIDIA committment to a minimum 6-quarter product availability
    • Optimized for NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions

    Canterwood/Intel i875 - 4/22/03 @ 8:33 am - By: MaxPower - Source: LostCircuits
    The always comprehensive LostCircuits has a nice article on one of Intel's more interesting chipset releases in some time.

    Intel releases the i875 or Canterwood chipset which is as revolutionary as anything Intel has ever done before. Official support for DDR400, fully integrated SATA along with Communication Streaming Architecture to provide different buses for the full duplex Gigabit and the I/O - mass storage channels are a huge step away from the conventional concept of PCI buses and legacy ATA.

    Game Sequels - 4/22/03 @ 8:21 am - By: MaxPower - Source:
    Click on the headline to head over to FiringSquad and then check out their "Latest Headlines" section in the upper-right portion of the page. They have some info on Half-Life 2, Ghost Recon 2 and Splinter Cell 2.

    Crucial Memory - 4/22/03 @ 8:15 am - By: MaxPower - Source: e-mail
    Adrian sends word this morning of some new coupon codes for Crucial memory! There's nothing listed faster than PC2100 but if you're in the market for that there are some nice savings to be had. A 64MB CompactFlash Card and a few card readers are also listed.

    New Omega Drivers - 4/21/03 @ 9:05 pm - By: The Baron - Source: Driverheaven
    That goofy guy Omegadrive has released his newest set of tweaked drivers, this time based on the 43.45 official drivers. New stuff is pretty slim:

    • Based on the Official 43.45 drivers. (9x/Me/2k/XP)
    • Support for new cards: GeForce FX 5x00 and Quadro FX x000 (9x/Me/2k/XP)
    • Added the new Nvidia taskbar utilitie. (9x/Me/2k/XP)
    • Updated the included Omega utilities to their most recent versions. (2k/XP)
    • Removed a tweak not used in Dx9. (9x/Me/2k/XP)

    Somebody try them, let us know how they are in the Detonator Driver Forum. I'd try em, but seeing as how I'm without a motherboard at the moment...

    Developer Updates - 4/21/03 @ 2:35 pm - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
    NVIDIA's Developer web site has been updated with new content. Click the headline to check it out.
    • Maya 4.5 Cg Plug-in Update

      The AliasWavefront Maya 4.5 Cg Plug-in has been updated with a new feature that allows file references to be kept as relative paths from the project path. This allows greater ease of use when moving Maya content from one machine to another. Full source code is also bundled with the package.

    • CgFX Viewer and 3ds max Cg Plug-in Update

      The discreet 3ds max Cg Plug-in and the standalone CgFX Viewer have both been updated with new features, such as scripting support, and also a heavy focus on bug fixes and stability. More importantly, full source code is available to these key tools giving developers a clear, comprehensive example of how to integrate support for .fx files in their pipeline.

    • OpenEXR 1.0.5 Released

      The new release includes a hardware accelerated version of the "exrdisplay" application that uses a Cg shader to implement the full display pipeline. This allows users with GeForce FX or Quadro FX hardware to interactively change controls for exposure, defogging and gamma correction and see the results in real time.

    Tech News Headlines - 4/21/03 @ 1:06 pm - By: volt - Source: Digitimes
    For your reading pleasure, here are some major headlines from the front lines :)

    Hardware Reviews - 4/21/03 @ 11:43 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Various
    Good afternoon all. I've been making the most of this bank holliday before I go back to work tommorow. :( Here are the latest reviews for today.Now I'm going to kick these speakers, the rear two won't work. It's slightly irritating.

    IBM May Drop Low-K - 4/21/03 @ 9:26 am - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
    Last month when NVIDIA announced they will begin using IBM's 0.13-micron semiconductor fabrication process, EETimes reported that the bulk CMOS process, as opposed to the more challenging low-k SiLK dielectric, would be incorporated.

    Last week, EETimes published a related article that claims IBM is considering abandoning the SiLK low-k spin-on dielectric material for advanced semiconductors.

    It's been reported that NVIDIA had planned planned on TSMC to incorporate low-k technology on the NV30, which would have resulted in a cooler running part had it been successful.

    Participants at the Dallas meeting said that in an effort to lead in technology, IBM decided in the late 1990s to use SiLK—a spin-on dielectric from Dow Chemical Co.—because it was the only material with a k-value below 3.0 available at the time. IBM announced in June 2000 that it would use SiLK in its 0.13-micron process technology.

    The choice of a spin-on dielectric was well ahead of the rest of the industry. In 2001, several companies, such as Fujitsu Ltd. and United Microelectronics Corp., announced that they too would use SiLK. But in February 2002, UMC said it was giving up on SiLK and would use the Corel CVD dielectric from Novellus Systems Inc. at the 90-nanometer node. UMC also canceled its process technology licensing agreement with IBM.

    GF4 Ti8000SE Review - 4/21/03 @ 9:03 am - By: MaxPower - Source: Email
    I've not been around in a while due the birth of my second child recently. So, with many interrupted hours of sleep on the way, I'll do my best to post as much as possile. ;)

    Shane, over at Bjorn3D.com, has posted a review of the Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack! Ultra/750-8X XP Golden Sample.

    I had no problems at all overclocking to Ti4600 clock speeds (300MHz core/650MHz memory), and I'm willing to bet it could go a little higher easily thanks to the 3.3ns Samsung RAM Gainward chose to use. Plus, with Gainward's ExperTool, overclocking couldn't be any easier. It's nice to see a video card company include such a handy utility that is newbie and diehard guru friendly. Since this Golden Sample card is guaranteed to work at the "enhanced mode settings," you have no reason not to clock it at least that high.

    MikeC: Congratulations on the new addition Clay!

    MaxPower: Thanks! It's our second son so we really have my wife outnumbered. ;)

    Silicon Valley 150 - 4/21/03 @ 8:53 am - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
    Mercury News recently compiled a listing of the top 150 public companies headquartered in the Silicon Valley area. The list is ranked based on worldwide sales for the most recent four quarters.

    NVIDIA moved from 36th in 2001 to 20th in 2002. The top five in 2002 were Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco, Sun, and Solectron. Maxtor is ranked 13th, AMD is 16th, and Electronic Arts is slightly ahead of NVIDIA at 18.

    Good Morning - 4/20/03 @ 8:28 am - By: volt - Source: N/A
    Ahh, what a beautiful day. I only wish it was a bit warmer (currently 46, which is rather low for April). Anyway, Happy Easter to everyone. I'm going to Connecticut for a while and should be back at the end of the day.

    Gainward Ultra Review - 4/20/03 @ 7:38 am - By: MikeC - Source: Beyond3D Forum
    Nordic Hardware recently checked out Gainward's GeForce FX 5800 Ultra. Considering the brief amount of time Anton had with the card, he certainly put together an impressive review.

    It’s late, gets too hot, makes too much noise, and is pricey. On top of that it has worse image quality than it's predecessor (and the competitors) and performance doesn't reach ATi's level when running with maximum quality.

    Abit nForce2 Review - 4/20/03 @ 4:33 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Overclocker Cafe
    Another nForce2 review for your reading pleasure this time from Overclockers.com.au. They take a peek at ABIT's NF7-S revision 1.2.

    NVidia’s dual channel DDR nForce 2 chipset is currently the undisputed performance leader for Athlon desktop systems. Unlike its predecessor the nForce 2 chipset is well performing and easy to overclock. Thanks to very competitive pricing nForce 2 based mainboards became immediately the enthusiasts’ choice after the launch in Autumn 2002. The Taiwanese manufacturer ABIT is targeting exactly this group of budget oriented enthusiasts with its nForce 2 based NF7 series of mainboards.

    Hardware Reviews - 4/20/03 @ 4:25 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Various
    And here is my usual round up of reviews :) I'm probably going to miss a whole bunch since I've been away for a bit.That's all for now!

    MSI nForce2 Review - 4/20/03 @ 3:56 am - By: vampireuk - Source: AusFX
    Good morning all! As you can see I'm back up and running at last. Sorry for my absence, but I'll be back to regular posting now. :)

    We start off today with Viperlair's review of the MSI K7N2G-ILSR Motherboard. Here is a snippet.

    Knowing that, the shopper faces a mini dilemma where they'll have to sort through which nForce 2 will best suit their needs. Questions such as stability, and speed come to mind, but for the most part, all of the boards perform within a few percentage points of one another. No, that won't do. There needs to be a bit more to sway a shopper to consider one brand over another. Good overclocking ability is a natural requirement, as is any extra features would also be nice. Finally, all this has to be packaged in a price they can afford.

    Ahhh, there is nothing better than NVIDIA in the morning.

    MikeC: Welcome back vamp. But we all know there's one thing that's better than NVIDIA in the morning 
    vampireuk: Can we say that this early during the day?

    400MHz FSB M/B's - 4/19/03 @ 7:21 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    In the previous post, volt links to a story over at Adrian's Rojak Pot, which reveals that some Abit nForce2 motherboard have support for AMD's upcoming Barton processor which operates at a 400MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) speed.

    A question being raised over at nForcesHQ, and nV News, is can Asus do the same for customers of their nForce2 based motherboards such as the A7N8X? Or is revision 2.0 of their motherboard the only upgrade path Asus can offer?

    Thanks for the tip Mr. McFragger :)

    ABIT And Bartons - 4/19/03 @ 10:09 am - By: volt - Source: Email
    Adrian over at RojakPot has posted an article on AMD Barton Compatibility in ABIT motherboards.

    Worried about Barton support in ABIT motherboards? Well, there's no need to listen to all the rumours! We will dispel all those rumours in our editorial on Barton Compatibility In ABIT Motherboards!

    So far, it looks like NF7 and A7N8X rev. 2.0 are the two boards that support new Bartons with 400MHz FSB's.

    AMD64 Bit Preview - 4/19/03 @ 9:57 am - By: volt - Source: E-mail
    Good morning :)

    Xbit-labs sends a word that they got a hold of an engineering sample of the AMD Athlon 64 2800+ processor.

    We couldn’t help testing it, of course! In this article we are going to discuss the major features and benchmarks results for this processor.

    Looks like the site is quite dead :(

    FXFlow Problems - 4/18/03 @ 8:49 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    As if the FXFlow hasn't receieved enough criticism... PC Ekspert has found a flaw in NVIDIA's adaptive cooling methods. Once a 3D Screensaver starts up, the fan's speeds increases (as usual when a 3D apps is running), however a short while later, it stops, leading to a build up of heat on the GeForce FX. This is an extremely serious problem that could severely damage the card. NVIDIA have been able to reproduce the problem in their labs (somewhat), so hopefully this flaw should be fixed soon.

    Set up the screensaver to turn on itself after 1 minute, so you don’t have to wait too long. After the screensaver starts, you’ll hear the fan on the GF FX 5800 Ultra start spinning. Just wait around 5-10 secs and you’ll hear the fan stop! The 3D screensaver will continue playing on the screen, and after some time (depending on the screensaver) you’ll start seeing artifacts, or in the case of DiveVisions, the screen will look like the monitor was having some interference from a strong magnetic source. You can leave the screensaver running as long as you feel its safe, but don’t overdo it. We tried this around 10 times and were cautious enough not to let it run to long, as the temperature on the card, according to the drivers, reached 95-100C.

    Morning News Brief - 4/18/03 @ 6:31 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    A few articles to get things started...
    • GamePC reviews the reference GeForce FX 5600.
    • x-bit labs reviews the reference GeForce FX 5600 Ultra and 5200 Ultra and the GeForce FX 5200 from Albatron.
    • Overclocker Café reviews the Albatron GeForce4 MX485.
    • 3DCenter examines the new 8X, 12X, and 16X antialiasing modes on the GeForce FX.

    Gainward Ti4200-8X - 4/17/03 @ 3:15 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
    Volt has just sent word that it is time to unveil his review of the Gainward GeForce PowerPack! Ultra/650-8X XP “Golden Sample”. A thorough by Volt so be sure to get comfortable.:)

    For those that don’t know, Gainward has become one of the leading manufacturers of NVIDIA based 3D Accelerators. Ever since the launch of PowerPack! series their cards have gained a lot of respect. The Gainward GeForce PowerPack! Ultra/650-8X XP “Golden Sample” is no different. The board is based on NV28 chip (NV25 with AGP8x). There are no other major differences from a regular Ti4200. You will read more about the features later on.

    Hello? - 4/17/03 @ 3:02 pm - By: vampireuk - Source:
    Anybody out there!! Yes I have been gone, I've been busy with the new system and moving everything over. My email won't be back up for a few more days while I wait on microsoft office. Rest assured I will reply to people who have emailed me eventually :)

    NF7-S Rev 2.0 - 4/17/03 @ 1:19 pm - By: volt - Source: E-mail
    Eric over at Techseekers sends a word that they have reviewed the ABIT NF7-S Verson 2.0. You will also see the comparison between NF7-S V1.0 and V1.2 with detailed shots of the obvious and not so obvious differences between the two.

    Version 2.0, in my case brought much needed stability when overclocking Barton based processors as both V1.0 and V1.2 were unable to get my 2500+ stable at 200MHz FSB. Version 2.0 not only allowed me to run it stable at 200MHz FSB but also allowed me to reach 225MHz FSB while Overclocking the 2500+ itself to 2250MHz. I was impressed to say the least.

    Carmack On Doom III - 4/16/03 @ 7:07 pm - By: volt - Source: Slashdot
    There is a quite of an editorial posted on Wired about the upcoming title from ID Software, Doom III.

    For now, Carmack plans to remain close to earth - and id. Doom III will spawn spinoffs: a mission pack with more single-player features, a multiplayer expansion add-on, possibly a program to dynamically render unique new levels on the fly. Eventually, he'll begin work on his next graphics engine. Doom III won't be his last, he says, but the days of hammering out a new engine every few years are coming to an end. Soon, he says, "hardcore programmers won't have a good reason to write engines all the time. They'll do it because it's kind of fun."

    Gainward CoolFX - 4/16/03 @ 9:57 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Envy News
    UK Gamer has posted some pictures of Gainward's 2nd revision to their CoolFX watercooled setup. Some nice stuff... though nowhere near as cool as BladeRunner's setup which I though it was being based upon by this article over at bit-tech.

    GeForce4 Reviews - 4/16/03 @ 9:47 am - By: JonathanM - Source: HardOCP
    A couple GeForce4 reviews out. Prices have been dropping so you might find some of these for quite a bargain:

    NV35 Specs! - 4/15/03 @ 7:36 am - By: volt - Source: Uttar
    Uttar has gotten a hold of (most likely) official specs for NV35:

    "It's mostly PR talk, since it's pretty much the PR you'll get at launch, but it's still quite interesting"

  • CineFX ( TM ) Shading Architecture
  • Support for the Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 Pixel Shader 2.0
  • Support for the DirectX 9.0 Vertex Shader 2.0
  • Long pixel programs up to 1,024 instructions
  • Long vertex programs up to 256 static instructions with up to 65,536 instructions executed
  • Dynamic, conditional execution and flow control
  • 256-bit advanced memory interface combines a wider memory data path with next generation controller technology for superior performance and throughput.
  • Full 128-bit, studio-quality floating point precision through the entire rendering pipeline with native hardware support for 32 bpp, 64 bpp and 128 bpp rendering modes
  • Accelerated pixel shaders allow for up to 12 pixel shader operations/clock
  • Up to 16 textures per rendering pass
  • Support for sRGB texture format for gamma textures
  • IntellisampleTM performance technology, a Hi-Res compression technology (HCT), increases performance at higher resolutions through advances in compression and anti-aliasing technology.
  • Shadow Volume Accelerator – accelerates shadow volumes by maintaining them more accurately and discarding useless information.
  • Full nViewTM multi-display technology capability
  • Integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder supporting resolutions up to 1024x768 without the need for panning with built-in Macrovision copy protection
  • Microsoft® Video Mixing Renderer (VMR) creates support for multiple video windows with full video quality and features in each window
  • DVD and HDTV-ready MPEG-2 decoding up to 1920 × 1080i resolutions
  • Dual, integrated 400 MHz RAMDACs for display resolutions up to and including 2048 × 1536 @ 85 Hz
  • Dual DVO ports for interfacing to external TMDS transmitters and external TV encoders
  • Dual internal TMDS encoders (one single and one
  • Dual link) able to drive next-generation flat panel displays with resolutions greater than 1600 × 1200
  • Digital Vibrance Control 3.0
  • 0.13 micron process technology for higher levels of integration and higher operating clock speeds
    40 mm × 40 mm, BGA 1309 flip-chip package
  • Comprehensive Microsoft DirectX® 9.0 (and lower) and OpenGL 1.4 (and earlier) support
  • DirectX and S3TC texture compression

  • More info in our Forums. If you would like to discuss the above, please pop into our IRC channel.

    volt: Notice that DDR II is not listed. The rumors could be true :)

    K7N2G-ILSR Review - 4/15/03 @ 7:13 am - By: volt - Source: E-mail
    Bryan over at Bjorn3D sends a word that they have completed their MSI K7N2G-ILSR nForce2 motherboard review (the one with onboard video).

    I am very impressed by the features, stability and performance. Although I could not be satisfied with the onboard graphics, it should satisfy a large percentage of computer users, including those looking for an office PC. The onboard sound exceeded my expectations. I have no use for many of the advanced integrated features yet, but they will be there when I need them.

    The Tech Sector - 4/15/03 @ 7:04 am - By: volt - Source: DigiTimes
    A little dose of news from the frontline.

    Chaintech 7NIF2 Again - 4/15/03 @ 6:56 am - By: volt - Source: Viperlair
    Yet another Chaintech 7NIF2 nForce 2 review, this time from Viperlair...

    If you don't plan on overclocking this system and need an all-in-one motherboard, this motherboard has what you need in the way of performance. But the lack of overclocking options removes it from the overclockers options. It is ideal if you want to build an small multimedia PC.

    I have to disagree here, as I've seen some great FSB numbers for it.

    Zenith 7NJS nForce2 - 4/15/03 @ 6:52 am - By: volt - Source: Amdmb
    Sorry for the lack of news lately. I feel like in Lala land right now.

    3Dvelocity has reviewed the Chaintech Zenith 7NJS nForce2 motherboard. I believe this is the priciest one of them all. None the less, it's a great board packed with features and an awsome bundle. Take a look:

    For the enthusiast, this is a very respectable motherboard. You get enough in the box to justify spending a few extra bucks. If you have a window mod in your case, the matching round cables and gilded HSF look sweet. The performance is more than can be expected from the nForce2 with a powerful BIOS and performance gains over the KT400 substantial enough to render them embarrassing. The base performance isn't good enough for you, then the headroom of an extra 18MHz (36DDR) from the FSB should push it over the edge.

    Canterwood Reviews - 4/14/03 @ 6:46 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Intel has launched their new P4 chipset AKA i875P. The new chip is deisgned to replacing the old (and rather infamous) i850 chipset. It will have full support for the 800Mhz FSB Pentium4's, Dual Channel DDR400, Serial ATA + RAID, HyperThreading Technology, Gigabit LAN, 8x USB2.0 Ports and Firewire.

    nForce2 SFF Review - 4/14/03 @ 5:38 pm - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    Techseekers.net have reviewed the neat Shuttle SN41G2 Small Form Factor PC.

    The mix between the nForce2 + MCP-T and the small form factor make for an impressive piece of kit. The Shuttle SN41G2 builds upon all the qualities of the previous generations of SFF, to make an almost perfect PC. Dual Monitor support, Firewire, USB2.0, Dolby Digital support and encoding, TV-Out, and onboard 10/100 LAN is an extraordinary list of features and the performance of the SN41G2 is also inline with any similar specified full blown PC.

    Reviews - 4/13/03 @ 7:45 am - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
    And here is the usual random review round-up for you all.:)

    Ti-4800V Review - 4/13/03 @ 7:24 am - By: vampireuk - Source: ausfx
    Another Ti-4800 Review for you to browse over this time the Albatron GeForce4 Ti-4800V 128MB at overclockers.co.nz.

    Albatron recently released the GeForce4 Ti-4800V 128MB graphics card based on Nvidia's GF4 Ti-4800 GPU. Nvidia GF4 Ti-4800 GPU is an improved version of the good old GF4 Ti-4600, with the addition of AGP 8X capability. Do not get over excited with 8X AGP though, as it the improvement over 4X AGP is less than 2%. We shall see in the following benchmarks how Albatron Ti-4800V performs.

    Ti4800SE Review - 4/13/03 @ 7:21 am - By: vampireuk - Source: ausfx
    See here is some news! :) vr-zone review the MSI GeForce 4 Ti4800SE-VTD card.

    Micro-Star International, or MSI has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last few years. It has transitioned itself from a reputable and reliable brand into one of the world's top three motherboard manufacturers, continuing to grow as other companies continue to see shrinking revenues. Even with the MSI and ATI controversy we saw a few months ago, MSI continues to be one of Nvidia's best partners and is launching their GeForce FX line of NV30 based graphics cards very shortly. This new launch has pushed the older NV28 based graphics card into the performance mainstream markets, making them very attractive buys at under $200.00

    Not news - 4/13/03 @ 7:12 am - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
    Yup not news, feel free to skip this part.:) I have been having a few ponderings latly and a few things that need to be vented.

    Idiot British Youth

    Well first of all I had a classic argument with the uneducated slobby youth that my country is currently producting in vast numbers. Apparently I am a racist and betraying my country because I defended someone who was recruiting to join a clan. Then a barrage of swears was launched against myself, while they still claimed they were winning the argument. It's a shame I don't have logs of this, as I'm sure some of you would appreciate the read. Lets just say I tore their entire argument to shreds and had them contradicting each other. I am saddened by the nationalist froth that is spewed forth by these kids who have no idea about anything. They make a prime candidate for my "Don't hold strong opinions about things you don't understand" award.

    Expansion Packs

    I was recently wandering around one of our odd high street shops, when I spied The Road to Rome expansion pack for the price of £29.99. What the heck is that?! That is way over the RRP, and the RRP is way too much anyway. I refuse to pay good money for a expansion pack that makes the game what it should have been in the first place. Here is a hint, follow what Activision did with Soldier of Fortune 2. Three patches adding new levels, weapons and bug fixes, the cost? Nothing!

    I would continue the rant by targetting RIAA, but they would then kick down my door and claim a pack of unopened AA batteries are hiding [insert random talentless pop stars name] latest gathering of unseasonable trash. For those of you wanting news, I'm now off on my trawl of sites to find you some. Stay tuned :)

    Detonators 43.51 - 4/12/03 @ 9:37 am - By: volt - Source: E-mail
    Hilbert from Guru3D sends a word that they have gotten a new sets of detonators.

    It's version 43.51 for Windows 2000/XP. The archive's files are dated 2 April 2003 which makes this the newest set available.

    The archive includes a setup.exe for easy installing. Language files are removed for a smaller archive which makes these drivers visible in English only.

    Size 8.8 MB

    Xoxide LL Warrior - 4/11/03 @ 8:41 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: e-mail
    The LL Warrior is a modified Lian Li PC61 that is modded by the guys at Xoxide.

    After installing all these components, which was a breeze because of the removable motherboard tray and heavy use of thumb screws, I was ready to see how my temps changed. I fired the system up, with all the fans on their default full (No fan controller being used) and man, it sounded like a loud lawn mower had just been started, a few feet away from my workspace. No matter, I continued with my testing. I ran my system idle for 12 hours and I got an average of 32°C!

    PacDog Web Game - 4/11/03 @ 1:39 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Ryan Dumas of XFX sends word of a Macromedia Flash enabled game called PacDog that's been posted at their web site. Similar to PacMan, the star of the game is the dog Razor who you nagivate around a map while trying to devour the enemy. Of couse, Razor is partial to the GeForce FX.

    GeForce FX 5200 - 4/11/03 @ 1:32 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    GamePC has reviewed Gainward's Ultra 760 and 660 graphics cards, which are based on the GeForce FX 5200 Ultra and 5200 chipsets, respectively. Both products include 128MB of memory, full DirectX 9.0 support, and near silent cooling.

    Detonator RIP - 4/11/03 @ 1:12 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Bubba sends word of a new utility that he ran across at nForceHQ's Forum called Detonator RIP. The utility works with all major Windows platforms and eradicates stray information even after you've uninstalled the Detonator drivers. Detonator RIP requires that Microsoft's .NET framework be installed, which is covered at the web site.

    Soltek nForce2 - 4/11/03 @ 10:28 am - By: vampireuk - Source: occafe
    And of course it would not be a day for me without being jumped by a review of a nForce 2. Lostcircuits review the Soltek SL-75MRN, here is a snippet.

    Amongst the underdogs or rather under-canaries in the current mainboard scene are the boards manufactured by Soltek, regardless of whether it is the P4 or else the Athlon platform. Changes in the ownership of the different Doing Business As SoltekUSA" have led to a rollercoaster ride on the American market over the last few years, sometimes going periods of time without any distributor. This is all about to change now with a strong committment from the current supplier

    Hardware Reviews - 4/11/03 @ 10:21 am - By: vampireuk - Source: N/A
    Good afternoon all, I've been slobbing around all day on my day off. I've also hired a team of Oxford linguist's working on translating my RMA response.The buyer has completed Checkout and should be sending payment shortlyOops wrong email.

    GeForce FX Review - 4/11/03 @ 10:15 am - By: vampireuk - Source: Email
    Bjorn3D have their review of the Leadtek Winfast A300 Ultra TD MyVIVO. Allow me to say "woah" thats one heck of a cooling system!

    Leadtek has taken a different approach in cooling the A300. The WinFast A300 features a new generation active cooling system called the "WinFast Twin Turbo II". The entire card is housed in a metal case. There are 2 fans, the one near the video connector end of the card brings air in while the one closer to the front of the card blows out air. You can hear the fans kick to high when going into 3D but it you get used to it quickly since it is not very loud at all. This is a big improvement over the FX FLOW that many card makers use. Based upon Leadtek’s specifications, their Twin Turbo II cooling system uses patented “wind tunnel technology” that you might have heard about on TV. Besides the names, it does pass air over both the GPU and memory chips (atleast on the near side of the card).

    Matrix Goodness - 4/10/03 @ 7:57 pm - By: The Baron - Source: Slashdot
    Whoa. You can take the red pill, the not-quite-as-red pill, the white pill with a reddish tint, or finally, the white-except-for-a-few-red-dots pill.

    That's all I need to say about that...

    Press Release - 4/10/03 @ 12:22 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: nVidia
    For those of you that have not heard, here is the headline for you.

    NVIDIA and Electronic Arts Form Exclusive Strategic Alliance

    SANTA CLARA, CA—APRIL 10, 2003—NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS), the leading worldwide publisher of PC and console games. The two companies will work together to produce and market next-generation 3D content under the EA GAMES and EA SPORTS brands, which include such top-selling games and franchises as Madden Football, Command & Conquer, James Bond 007, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf and Battlefield 1942. By supporting NVIDIA® graphics processing units (GPUs) for desktop and notebook PCs, including the new NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX family of GPUs, EA is able to deliver innovative and rock-solid gaming experiences to PC consumers worldwide.

    I for one welcome this news, post your views in this thread

    Reviews - 4/10/03 @ 12:15 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
    Evening all! I return from my brief time away. :) Thanks to everyone for the support for the exams, I got a very bad set of questions though so its resit time ah well its not the end of the world. :) Now on with the news!Thats your lot for now :p

    FX Review - 4/10/03 @ 12:06 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: AusFX
    PChardware have a review of Gainward's FX5800. Thats a big cooler!

    My first impression of the Gainward 5800 Ultra was one of awe - and that was just because of the packaging!
    The box is the same size as one that would usually contain a quality-brand motherboard, and weighed in just under 2kg. Opening it was a further surprise. In addition to the graphics board, I was confronted by a 5.1Ch audio card with optical-out, and a 4-port FireWire card! Another compartment held an extensive array of accessories, cables, driver and game CD's and manuals

    Bye-Bye BIOS - 4/09/03 @ 8:19 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: Information Week
    There's a good read over at Information Week for those of you interested in Intel's EFI which is poised to replace the BIOS dinosaur we all know so well. The article also touches on PCI Express and SATA.

    But that's exactly what Intel's Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) project aims to do--- to replace the BIOS with a totally different approach that will change the way PCs set up, boot and run; change how you handle low-level system maintenance; and change how you back up and restore your system.

    And that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg: The BIOS, system slots and buses, ports, hard drives--- it's *all* about to change. In fact, it's already happening, with the first of a new generation of components--- "serial ATA" hard drives--- coming to market right now.

    The Baron: While I'd like to see computers without serial ports, floppy drives, and all that as much as the next guy, EFI kinda scares me. It seems like it could easily be used as a way to force digital rights management down our collective throat, and that scares me. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    MaxPower:  I'll second that. There's something to be said of a "dumb" interface at that level.

    MS Supports x86-64 - 4/09/03 @ 7:48 pm - By: The Baron - Source: IEXBeta
    I'm Not Dead Yet! Well, unless this post happens to break the news too.

    Anyway, Microsoft has confirmed that x86-64 specific versions of Windows, both desktop and server versions, are in the works for the Athlon64 and the Opteron...

    Microsoft said Wednesday that it will offer a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003 for AMD's Opteron server chip. The software giant also intends to release a 64-bit variant of Windows XP for the chipmaker's Athlon 64 processor for desktops and notebooks.

    OK, so now we have Athlon64 and 64-bit Windows--now once we get CrushK8 from nVidia... good times.

    GeForce FX Review - 4/09/03 @ 5:31 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    nV Italia has posted a review of Terratec's Mystify 5800 Ultra GeForce FX and compares performance and image quality against the Radeon 9700 Pro. They also have a sound capture of the FXFlow cooling system. A nice review (although it's in Italian).

    5.1 Speaker Review - 4/09/03 @ 11:39 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    BigBruin.Com has posted a review of Logitech's Z-640 5.1 stereo speaker system. Highly recommended.

    The Logitech Z-640's create sound that is much better than I would have expected from a $70 set of speakers. On top of the admirable performance, the Z-640s are also very attractive. Logitech has designed stylish enclosures for the Z-640s that will look great in any environment.

    Radeon 9000 Pro - 4/09/03 @ 11:36 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Beyond3D has posted a review of Fairway's Radeon 9000 Pro. Fore!

    Fairway is currently embarking on a retail drive -- after being so long in the "background", they now feel that the time has come for them to enter the more lucrative retail market. In addition to what is being reviewed here -- the Radeon 9000 PRO 64MB -- Fairway covers the entire range of ATI's Radeon product-line, including the latest R350-based Radeon 9800 PRO.

    Asus A7N8X Updates - 4/09/03 @ 11:33 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Kasper sends word that Asus has released a few updates for their nForce2 based A7NBX motherboard. Depending on the PCB revision there's a BIOS update that enhances system compatibility with Transcend DDR333 memory modules and another that fixes an error under device manager. An updated USB 2.0 driver for Windows XP is also available.

    Seagate SATA Review - 4/09/03 @ 10:20 am - By: MaxPower - Source: e-mail
    Here's a new review of the Seagate Barracuda ATA V. This is an extensive review so sit back in your comfy chair.

    Today we are going to take a closer look at the first SerialATA hard disk drive, which has already started selling: this is Seagate Barracuda ATA V. Our goal will be to check how well the SerialATA interface works and to compare the performance of SATA and ATA hard disk drives.

    GeForce FX Reviews - 4/09/03 @ 7:56 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Various
    A couple retail GeForce FX reviews were posted last night.

    XP Officially 400MHz - 4/08/03 @ 7:47 pm - By: volt - Source: E-mail
    Ronald Gasch sends a word that they have received official statement from AMD regarding 400MHz FSB Athlon XP processors:

    Athlon XP Barton 3000+ with FSB400 = 2.1 GHz real core clock
    Athlon XP Barton 3200+ with FSB400 = 2.2 GHz real core clock

    OC Database Updated - 4/08/03 @ 6:43 pm - By: volt - Source: Vr-Zone
    Vr-Zone has updated their Athlon XP Thoroughbred Overclocking Database.

    Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73@2.86Ghz by Tasos - 08/04
    Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73@2.82Ghz by BILKO1 - 08/04
    Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73@2.75Ghz by Spaceboy - 08/04
    Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73@2.6Ghz by Krairach - 08/04
    Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73@2.51Ghz by LACERS - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@3.1Ghz by YAO - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.82Ghz by wosmile - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.71Ghz by Onepagebook - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.67Ghz by T@nker-xXx - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.64Ghz by Hoko - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.61Ghz by Steve - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.58Ghz by Holman - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.52Ghz by Daootu - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.34Ghz by xBytes - 08/04
    Athlon XP 1700+ 1.47@2.1Ghz by Benny - 08/04

    Soltek nForce2 - 4/08/03 @ 5:21 pm - By: volt - Source: Vr-Zone
    Vr-Zone takes Soltek SL-75FRN-R nForce2 mobo for a little spin. Here is a snip:

    Probably one of the best things that Soltek has going for it is its price, with the SL-75FRN-R going for around $115.00 with shipping at various online retailers throughout the country. This is around $20 less expensive than the high end ABIT solution and just over $30 less than the high end ASUS nForce 2 motherboard counterpart.

    BFG Products - 4/08/03 @ 5:14 pm - By: volt - Source: 3DChipset
    Josh over at Penstarsystems has received information from John Malley regarding the upcoming pruducts from BFG.

    Asylum GeForce FX 5600 with 256 MB DDR, VIVO, VGA and DVI out.

    Asylum GeForce FX 5200 Ultra with 128 MB DDR, VGA, DVI, and S-Video out.

    Asylum GeForce FX 5200 with 128 MB DDR, VGA, and S-Video out.

    BFG is planning on releasing these cards this month, with the FX 5600 Ultra version following a month after.

    FX H20 Cooling - 4/08/03 @ 8:03 am - By: JonathanM - Source: HardOCP
    BladeRunner is up to his old tricks again, this time tackling the GeForce FX. Some awesome work yet again. Good news for the rest of us drooling at this awesome cooling setup; Gainward will be bundling some of these with upcomming GeForce FX cards!

    Morning News Brief - 4/08/03 @ 4:36 am - By: MikeC - Source: Various
    We have quite a few articles to announce this morning...

    TopCoder Winner - 4/07/03 @ 4:16 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Yahoo Finance
    David Arthur from Duke University has won the 2003 Sun Microsystems and TopCoder Collegiate Challenge, which was held this past weekend. Arthur prevailed over 15 of the world's best Java and C++ programmers for the $50,000 grand prize and the claim of the world's best college programmer. NVIDIA was was onsite at the tournament finals to recruit these top-notch programmers.

    "TopCoder doesn't just identify the best programmers in the world, but it recognizes the best programmers who are passionate and determined to win," said Daniel Rohrer, Manager of DirectX Graphics for NVIDIA. "TopCoder provides NVIDIA with a quality source of dedicated and motivated programmers who will thrive at NVIDIA and will be challenged working with our driven team of world-class engineers and developers."

    Big nForce2 Roundup - 4/07/03 @ 9:33 am - By: MaxPower - Source: Email
    The Crucible takes a look at seven nForce2 based motherboards, which include products from Abit, Asus, Chaintech, Epox, Leadtek, MSI, and Soltek.

    While I think all the boards tested have good and bad points, the board that really seems to stand out is the Soltek SL-75FRN2-L. Priced at only $140, the Soltek board is near 15% cheaper than the next board.

    Gainward FX Review - 4/07/03 @ 9:32 am - By: volt - Source: Tbreak
    Ahh, the long awaited GeForce FX Ultra from Gainward. The 7db myth has got everyone in hopes, but the company's PR machine tricked us all, how sad. For those with doubts the noise is not 7db, but 9db lower than NVIDIA's reference board, making it a bit less noisy. Anyway, Abbas over at Tbreak has published his latest review: Gainward Ultra/1000 Plus.

    If you dont want to spend more than what the cheapest FX card goes for, then by all means get the least expensive card. If you want some added functionality then the Gainward does make a good choice. And once the overclocking options are opened, we're sure the Gainward card will produce good results as Gainward cards generally do. We also like the fact that Gainward bundles the firewire card but we're not too sure about the C-Media sound card as someone willing to spend that much on a graphics card will surely opt for a better sound solution.

    GF FX Ultra Review - 4/07/03 @ 4:52 am - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
    The Tech Report has completed their review of NVIDIA's GeForce FX Ultra. Author Scott Wasson delivers the following advice in his conclusion.

    Go get a Radeon 9800 Pro if you want a high-end graphics card. As time passes, I continue to marvel at how much ATI got right with the R300 chip and its derivatives. It simply has very few weaknesses. The technology is sound, and the choices they made in building the product were very smart.

    400MHz FSB Chipset - 4/07/03 @ 4:33 am - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
    DigiTimes reports that NVIDIA is planning a new chipset for AMD's 400MHz FSB-based Athlon XP processor.

    Nvidia is planning to shortly introduce a new-generation core logic chipset to support upcoming 400MHz FSB (front-side bus) Barton-core Athlon XP processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), said Drew Henry, Nvidia’s senior director of platform product management, in a telephone interview.

    GeForce FX Review - 4/07/03 @ 4:27 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Beyond3D takes a reference NV31 based GeForce FX 5600 Ultra for a spin.

    In comparison to the (GeForce4) Ti4200, NV31's single texturing fill-rate is just a little higher which is as we'd expect, albeit possibly to a greater degree. With twice the texture sampling abilities per pipeline, though, Ti4200's multi-texturing rate is higher than NV31's, whose clock speed advantage isn't able to make up for the deficit in texturing fill-rate.

    Wish Me Luck! - 4/06/03 @ 3:16 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: N/A
    Sorry for not updating over the weekend, I've been attempting to prepare for my A+ exam tommorow at 9. Hopefully I won't fail, well the hardware core exam I'm sure I will pass. The core os exam however concerns me a bit as the questions just shoot all over the place. Well I'll give it my best shot, wish me luck!

    NV35 At E3 - 4/06/03 @ 1:37 pm - By: volt - Source: Uttar
    Uttar has updated his website with an interesting tidbit. According to him, NVIDIA will most likely introduce their new line of enthusiast products at Electronic Entertainment Exposition 2003 (E3).

    The NV35 is to be officially announced at E3, which is May 13-16. Expositions are May 14-16. The E3 page shows nVidia at booth 1636, with a "First Looks" logo, proving they're debuting a product. ATI is not debuting any product at E3.

    Also, Uttar will be upgrading his GPU:RW system. Here is a snip:

    In order to get a better coverage of rumors, I'm considering a new system. Let me explain.

    You would be able to ask for rumor posting privileges. I would only grant them to people who already proved, in one way or another, that they're knowledgable. But what they would post is 100% anonymous - only me would be able to see who they are. And why should I be able to see who they are? To rate the reliability. Some people get stuff right more often than others, obviously, and we don't want another Inquirer.

    As you can guess, it's pretty much a rumor central. And I'd still add things I see on the forum, because some people might not like that system.

    So, what do you think of this system? Please feel free to comment on it in a rumor poster / viewer point of view.


    NVIDIA Interview - 4/05/03 @ 7:15 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: DigitLife
    I spotted this earlier today over at DigitLife. They interviewed John Spitzer, Director of Developer Technology at nVIDIA.

    2. At the moment a number of game developers wonder whether it makes sense to develop games for just another "FX", if only several millions of these are to be available following one another at a terrific rate?

    The answer can be divided into two parts. The first is about presentation: you should agree that backed with a comprehensive bundle of new special effects, game should look much more attractive for users than one utilizing capabilities of Riva TNT only. Second, the current high-end hardware (for example, NV30), up to DX10, will be stepping down to the mainstream segment or even lower in about a year. Games being developed today will be selling in a year exactly, so it will look strange if they do not utilize mainstream hardware capabilities of that time. As a GPU making company we have to put forth certain efforts pushing game developers towards the real support of maximum current and even oncoming GPU features.

    9 Days Of CS - 4/04/03 @ 9:34 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: Ananova
    These stories never cease to amaze me, at least this kid didn't die as some have from similar marathons. I'm especially confounded from the mother's intent to have kids banned from Internet cafes after 10PM. It just goes to show that parenting isn't just a lost art in the U.S. "Not my responsibility, I blame this on ________." Uggh...

    Magda Savin, from Iasi, says she intends to ask the authorities to ban youngsters from internet cafes after 10pm.

    Mrs Savin told National newspaper: "My son spends his nights and days in front of the computer playing this game."

    Athlon XP 3000+ - 4/04/03 @ 7:50 am - By: MaxPower - Source: e-mail
    Hardware Analysis takes a look at the latest AMD offering and puts it up against an Intel P4 3.06GHz.

    So in summary the Athlon XP 3000+ is a step in the right direction for AMD and a good example of their ability to actually ship new processors manufactured with their new 0.13-micron process. A triumphant victory over Intel’s 3.06GHz Pentium 4 with HyperThreading is however a little beyond the capabilities of the Athlon XP 3000+.

    Leadtek 5800 Ultra - 4/04/03 @ 7:46 am - By: MaxPower - Source: e-mail
    Scott, over at Bjorn3D, sends a link to a screenshot of Vietcong running with the following settings on his GeForce FX 5800 Ultra.
    • 1024x768
    • 32 Bit Color
    • 16xAA
    • 8x Anisotropic Filtering
    • Intellisample Set to Application

    Gainward Ultra 1000 - 4/03/03 @ 5:40 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    GamePC has an exclusive first look at Gainward's Ultra 1000 Plus graphics card, which features the GeForceFX Ultra graphics processor. The new board comes with a custom designed cooler from Gainward, 128MB of DDR-II memory, and a bundle which includes its own Firewire and audio cards. That's all fine and dandy, but will you be able to get one anytime soon?

    Unfortunately, the Gainward Ultra 1000 Plus is not available in the US as of yet, and Gainward was hesitant to give me estimates or pricing on when it will be. nVidia has not been giving a good quantity of FX and FX Ultra chips to Gainward it seems, so general availability of this card is mostly dependant on nVidia pumping out those NV30 chips. We would love to see these cards get to market as soon as possible, as nVidia and Gainward both need FX/FX Ultra products on store shelves selling. Those "top-of-the-line" GeForce4 Ti4600 cards can't keep selling forever.

    SoundStorm Update - 4/03/03 @ 3:37 pm - By: volt - Source: Rojakpot
    Vamp is insane! :)

    Adrian Wong over at Rojak Pot has updated his editorial regarding the SoundStorm solution. According to Bryan Del Rizzo of NVIDIA's Integrated PR Manager only three motherboards pass the SoundStorm / Dolby certification:

  • ABIT NF7-S
  • MSI K7N2G-ILSR with S-Bracket
  • Shuttle SN41G2 small form-factor PC

    First of all, let me stress that SoundStorm is a NVIDIA brand for qualified products that meet the requirements of NVIDIA's SoundStorm certification programme. Note the word "certification". A motherboard may not be SoundStorm-certified but it can still offer the same audio features and performance as SoundStorm-certified motherboards. What SoundStorm certification means is that the product has been tested by NVIDIA and Dolby and found to meet the minimum specifications listed above.

  • 250 GB Showdown - 4/03/03 @ 2:58 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: Tomshardware
    A gargantuan battle between two beast like Hard drives at Tomshardware. The Maxtor MaXLine Plus II, and the Western Digital WD2500JB. Godzilla has nothing on these things. Well he is about 200 feet tall, and eats people. Forget that, apples to oranges again.

    Ten years ago, you were still well off with storage capacities of 250 MB. And no one had even dared to dream that hard drives would grow by a factor of 1000 within the span of a decade. In fact, this growth has not even been achieved by microprocessors - if you start out with a 486 with 66 MHz, you'd theoretically end up with 66 GHz today. With this in mind, the two new storage giants do deserve a certain amount of respect, because high growth of this kind is a rarity - even in the IT industry.

    news/reviews - 4/03/03 @ 2:43 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
    Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates recently. We all have a lot of our plates at the moment. Monday for myself. damn exam. After reading this it seems my nForce is not SoundStorm certified. Hmm if anyone from nVidia is reading, could you send me a certified board? ;) *poke poke*Would anyone smack me if I said I miss my girlfriend?

    Epox EP-8RGA+ Review - 4/03/03 @ 2:40 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: occafe
    Ha! This time I was ready. The next time I find so many reviews I should really just do a nForce2 round-up. A Epox EP-8RGA+ video review @ 3dgameman. Female + computer parts + interested smile. No, thats not real. She is a robot.

    "The Epox EP-8RGA+ Motherboard is based on the nForce2 chipset and has onboard LAN, USB2, 6 channel Audio, Video etc... Not only does this mobo have onboard Video but it's capable of dual display which is a first for onboard video. One loaded product which is stable and fantastic at overclocking. Watch the Video to find out more..." ~3dGameMan.com

    Epox Nforce 2 - 4/03/03 @ 2:37 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: occafe
    Just as I close my browser and get back to doing my review round up I always end up finding a nForce2 review. Is there some kind of conspiracy against me? The Epox 8RDA+ at dark-tweaker. Thanks to occafe for adding the translator link so I didn't have to search for one. ;)

    After some weeks break we can present you again a new base A test board. We regarded the last days the Epox 8RDA+ Main board with Nvidia's nForce 2 chip set. Somehow it became in the letzen months very calmly around the new conceptions round around AMD and accessories. Also the boards have somehow Indian-eat lost, until Nvidia announced a new chip set. This should lift the memory performance and the speed in the whole system. There many customers and magazines became natural awake.

    Got nForce? - 4/03/03 @ 2:33 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: occafe
    Yes you are not suffering any vision problems, from what I know anyway. I'm not a eye doctor. Probably never will be either, I mean what a odd body part to decide to study. Am I going off topic here? Another, oh yes another, Abit nForce2 review this time from mbreview.

    When we took our first look at the nForce2 chipset, we were very impressed overall with the performance that it provided, along with some of the more unique features it brought to the surface, such as it’s DualDDR technology. At that time, the only motherboards that were available were based off of the SPP Northbridge, however in recent weeks the new IGP Northbridge has made its way onto the market. Today we’ll be taking a look at Abit’s nForce2 IGP offering, the NF7-M. The NF7-S has received a large amount of praise, especially in its later PCB revisions. Will the NF7-M live up to our expectations? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out. First off let’s take a look at the specifications of the board and the product package.

    I can currently hear some music from the tv that is so odd it could have been used in Jet Set Radio.

    Abit nForce2 - 4/03/03 @ 2:26 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: ausfx
    Two Abit NF7-S v1.2 reviews for you from Deviantpc and ocaddiction. Lets start out with the deviantpc review.

    Abit NF7-S v1.2 (Deviantpc)

    This board is the Abit NF7-S v1.2, featuring the nForce2 SPP (without integrated graphics). One reason for not reviewing this board earlier is the revision process that it has undergone - as soon as we could get a board in the UK, a newer revision was announced that would supercede it. Even at this time, there is a revision 2.0 just around the corner, but fortunately this offers little extra and we shall talk about that later.

    ABIT NF7-S 1.2 (ocaddiction)

    Today we've got ABIT's latest AMD based motherboard on the bench for you. ABIT has for years been known not only as an industry leader, but a technology leader in the PC enthusiast market. The first to bring you a truly jumperless AND configurable motherboard, ABIT has not slowed down since. Already known for their stellar Pentium4 and Via based AMD motherboards, ABIT has again raised the bar with their NF7 lineup.

    AMD Mobo shootout - 4/03/03 @ 2:19 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: ausfx
    Overclockers.co.nz have a rather large roundup of nine AMD Motherboards, yes nine. Here is a snippit.

    We have gone through quite a few generations of AMD DDR chipset in the past 18 months, from Via KT-266A to Nvidia nForce 2. During this time, Via had released three different chipsets, KT-266A, KT-333 and KT-400 while Nvidia has released its nForce 1 and nForce 2 chipsets. Consumers are dazed with the number of motherboards on the market now, with all sort of different chipsets. Thus, OCNZ bring you the following: a round up of Via KT-266A, KT-333 and KT-400 and Nvidia nForce 2 motherboards.

    Reviews - 4/02/03 @ 1:10 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: n/a
    Goooood evening all! I just have to start out with a "good lord!". Take a look at this insane psu, 4 fans!! Ack this study is bringing me down now, I can't wait until the exam on monday. Anywho, on with the news.

    Soltek nForce2 - 4/02/03 @ 1:01 pm - By: vampireuk - Source: boogletech
    More yellow nForce2 goodness, this time from digital-daily. What a nice looking board it is. :)

    So, we received an SL-75FRN-L of the "Golden Flame" series. Originally, "exclusive" boards were meant to be sold under this mark. That was announced in the press-release regarding the launch of SL-85FR-R (Granite Bay) motherboard. But afterwards it was decided to produce all nForce II motherboards under this mark. In fact, "Golden Flame" simply means a combination of yellow/golden tint of the PCB with bright yellow color of the slots and connectors.

    Stalker & 3D Effects - 4/01/03 @ 3:47 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
    Matt Burris over at 3DGPU has received comments from Oles V. Shishkovtsov regarding the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and how it will fare on both NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards.

    Oles mentions that the game will run fine on both cards, but NVIDIA card owners will get a set of unique special effects as a result of working closely with NVIDIA engineers.

    Additional comments can be read by clicking the headline.

    volt: snippet: "Prior to GeForceFX I worked with Radeon 9700 but I am currently developing the Stalker engine on NV35" :)

    TSMC Downgraded - 4/01/03 @ 3:36 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Yahoo Finance
    The Street.com has posted an article titled "The Mood Turns Sour on Chip Foundries", which covers a recent sell rating given to Taiwan Semiconductor and United Microelectronics by Deutsche Bank. Their analysis could indicate a slowdown in the rate new graphics chipsets are being introduced.

    Among the negative trends likely to weigh on the foundries, the Deutsche note points to the increasing complexity of chip designs and production, a slower migration to new technologies and increasing competition, which will weigh on prices. Deutsche Bank has banking relationships with both Taiwan Semiconductor and United Microelectronics.

    And while the foundries have lately seen some short-term strength, Deutsche says it doesn't reflect a resumption of sustainable growth. "The recent strength in wafer loading seen at TSMC and UMC can be attributed to inventory restocking only and not real demand," writes analyst Kishore Suratkal. "Intel's marketing push for Centrino [is] driving new graphics processors and start-of-the-year product launches of new function phones has resulted in an order loading rush.

    NVIDIA & US Military - 4/01/03 @ 1:31 pm - By: volt - Source: E-mail
    Interesting story. NVIDIA has teamed up with Quantum3D and will supply US military with more and better 3D graphics hardware. Consumer market isn't everything I guess :)

    Nvidia Corp., the maker of high-powered 3-D graphics chips that are popular among players of shoot-'em-up PC games, is bringing the same technology to the battlefield.

    Military hardware -- ranging from Apache helicopters and F-22 Raptor fighter jets to Bradley fighting vehicles and M-1 Abrams tanks -- uses display systems powered by the Santa Clara firm's graphics processors.

    Digital displays -- which can tell fighter pilots how high or fast they are flying as well as showing real-time video from infrared cameras -- have begun to replace conventional analog dials.

    "When we think about the opportunity to use 3-D graphics (in the military), we have barely scratched the surface," said Rob Csongor, Nvidia's director of embedded and mobile graphics.

    Massive FX Giveaway! - 4/01/03 @ 7:14 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
    MikeC: Sorry folks, but this was supposed to be a harmless April fools joke. Unfortunately NVIDIA has been getting hammered with e-mail from people who actually believed the story.

    JonathanM: Wow, there's a sucker born every minute... :)
    vampireuk: How many people do you think will be chasing the postman today?

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