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Epox KT600 Review - 6/26/03 @ 1:37 pm - By: MUYA - Source: AMDZone have an exclusive first review, (if not preview) of the Epox 8KRA2, a motherboard based on VIA's new KT600 chipset. As you all know the KT600 is the newest of VIA's chipset for the AMD platform but, it still only supports single channel memory setup as opposed to dual channel setup that's available in the nForce2. The Epox 8KRA2 is pitted against nVidia's nForce2 motherboards and at first look it doesn't look too good but, (there is always a but) the motherboard is an early revision and Epox has also said a lot of work needs to be done with the BIOS before retail samples start arriving at yer favourite retailer. So read the review to find out just what VIA have brought to the table this time.

nForce2 Review - 3/09/03 @ 11:38 am - By: JonathanM - Source: Email
VR-Zone has posted up a review of Epox's 8RGA+, which is the integrated graphics version of the 8RDA+.

his board is based on the nForce2 IGP chipset with decent set of board features such as LAN, 6 Channel Audio, Firewire and possess the same powerful set of overclocking options in the BIOS like the 8RDA+. EPoX has added an additional BIOS option to allow VDD tweaking up to 2.0V which is definitely most welcomed by many overclockers. With all these BIOS settings, i am able to increase the FSB to 220Mhz Dual Channel Mode at 2-2-2-5 memory timings and further more to 225Mhz at Single Channel Mode.