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Graphics Roundup - 1/04/01 @ 7:00 am - By: MikeC - Source: 3D Chipset
PC World takes a look at 14 graphics cards in their 3D Graphics Grand Prix. All of the GeForce2 line of cards are represented (MX, GTS, and Ultra) as well as ATI's Radeon and 3dfx's Voodoo4 4500.

Still, an impressively quick graphics board needn't cost an arm and a leg. The proof? We put 14 of the latest boards through our grueling battery of tests, and six cards priced at under $150 performed well enough to make our Top 10 chart. Inexpensive boards based on ATI's Radeon chip and NVidia's GeForce2 MX chip offer reasonable 3D speed at much more palatable prices than their costly siblings.

Here's the low-down on Creative's Annihilator2 Ultra:

In almost every test, the Annihilator 2 Ultra set the standard in speed and image quality. In MDK2 and Unreal Tournament, this card broke 60 fps at our highest setting, scoring 73 and 63 fps, respectively. In fact, this was one of only five boards that managed to complete the Unreal Tournament test at 1600 by 1200 resolution using 32-bit color. And image quality in Unreal Tournament was by far better than any of the other cards. Gaming fanatics will be pleased with this board's stellar performance.

GeForce2 Pro Review - 12/09/00 @ 4:58 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Borsti over at Riva Station has all the goods on Leadtek's GeForce2 Pro and much, much more!

The Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 PRO. How does this GeForce 2 PRO card perform against MX, GTS, Ultra, V5 5500 and Radeon? I made 14 pages to show you the advantages and disadvantages of this card with benchmarks in Evolva, Mercedes Benz Truck Racing, MDK2, Quake3, Heavy Metal FAKK2 as well as the benchmark 3D Mark 2000. I included overclocking tests, FSAA results and a driver comparsion between Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

More Pentium 4 - 11/20/00 @ 1:17 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
Here are a few more links concerning the Pentium4.
  • Australian IT's link to their Pentium 4 Preview is back up.

  • Dan's Data has their preview up which focuses on mulit-porcessing, the Northwood mPGA478 transition and Rambus.

  • GamePC has 13 pages of Pentium4 specs, pics and benches.

  • Planet Hardware is the first previews I have seen to use Expendable and MDK2.

  • Tech Report discusses the Pentium4 debut and the effect the release will have on AMD and their roadmap.

  • Gamer's Depot compares performance of the P4 1.5 GHz to T-Bird 1.2GHz and P3 1.1GHz.

Cheap Games - 10/23/00 @ 7:34 pm - By: HalcYoN - Source: Got Apex
Got Apex? threw a link up to Compuexpert about their 48 hour madness sale.  Cheap games...

Been on the fence about MDK2?  How's $10?  Click the title link.

Benchmark Guide - 10/22/00 @ 10:40 am - By: MikeC - Source:
I've updated our Benchmarking Guide with instructions on how to benchmark the following games: MDK2, X-Isle, and Unreal Tournament. Click on the headline and use the skip to menu option on the first page to check out the new material (pages 4 and 5).

Voodoo5 Review - 10/21/00 @ 8:31 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
The German web site 3DCenter has posted their in-depth review of 3dfx's Voodoo5 5500 AGP. They compare performance against a GeForce2 in 3DMark2000, Drakan, Quake III Arena, MDK2, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex and Ultima IX. They also have a FSAA quality comparison beginning on page 8.

MikeC: I'm glad to see that Brian made it through the night with the Creative Labs Annihilator Ultra. I was getting worried.

HalcYoN: Well, my brain hurts a little bit but I'll be OK.

Dell & GF2 Ultra - 10/19/00 @ 6:43 am - By: MikeC - Source: PC Rave
Benjamin Sun over at PC Rave sent me an e-mail stating that Dell is offering the GeForce2 Ultra as an option on their Dimension XPS B systems. For an extra $50, you an upgrade from a GeForce2 GTS to an Ultra and they even thrown in a copy of MDK2.

TNT2 Guide - 10/10/00 @ 3:38 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Lars "Borsti" Weinand over at Riva Station has all you TNT2 owners covered in his latest drivers guide. He took a sideband enabled TNT2 Ultra and compared driver versions 2.25, 3.77, 5.32 and 6.31 in Windows 98SE on a PIII 866MHz (ASUS CUSL2) and Duron 800MHz (ASUS A7V). The games tested include Evolva, MDK2, Quake3, Unreal Tournament and Drakan.

GF2 MX Review - 9/12/00 @ 7:48 am - By: MikeC - Source: Hardware One
3DGameGear has a review of Leadtek's WinFast GeForce2 MX. How about some performance results from a low-end processor:

Now to the bread and butter of any video card review: the benchmarks. We decided to test the Winfast GF2 MX on a PII 400, with 64MB's of RAM and Windows98. We tested with the following programs: Half-Life, MDK2, Unreal Tournament, and Motocross Madness 2.

Windows 98 vs ME - 9/10/00 @ 2:31 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Riva Station has posted a comparison of graphics performance between Windows 98 and Windows ME. Here's a synopsis of their findings:

Coffee or tea? Milk or sugar? Plastic or paper? Win98SE or WinME? All fascinating and important questions. Well, we can help you with the last one: Either one. From a gamer's perspective, the differences are negligible. The GeForce2 yields slightly better results under ME, but the difference just isn't great enough to justify an upgrade. The Voodoo5 shows no gain whatsoever.

JonathanM: Man you gotta love that page pitting the V5 vs. the GF2 on MDK2. 130 fps or 46 fps? iI'm still thinking about that one. :)

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