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Thursday's News - 1/18/07 @ 8:08 am - By: MikeC - Source:
News and Articles
CES Coverage 2007

Thursday Roundup - 1/25/06 @ 9:43 pm - By: MaxPower - Source: Various
- BenQ DW1655 Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer - Black w/ LightScribe

Articles, News
- Intel Centrino Duo 'Napa' Mobile Technology Explained at HardwareZone
- Exuberant Optimism? Intel and AMD after Conroe at Penstar Systems
- Do It Yourself PC System Guides at Legit Reviews
- ATI R580 Architecture Interview at Beyond3D
- AMD Hits Market Share of Over 20% at Processor Blog
- AMD's Secret Weapon: Innovative Silicon Inc? at Processor Blog
- CES 2006 Coverage at HTPC News

Graphics, Drivers, Displays
- Club-3D 7800GT 256MB video card at Viperlair
- The Fast and Furious: ATI Radeon X1900 XTX at X-bit Labs

System, Components
- 3200+ Venice, Ramsinks and a long ramble! at EclipseOC

Cases, Power Supplies, Cooling
- OrigenAE S210 case: 12 hard drive bays and 12 inch LCD Screen front. at HTPC News

Audio, Multimedia
- Altec Lansing XT1 Laptop Speaker at Laptop Gamers
- Samsung ML-3561N Laser Printer at XYZ Computing
- Altec Lansing iM616 Headphones at ThinkComputers

Miscellaneous Hardware
- Targus Urban Series Messenger Laptop Bag at Laptop Lifestyle
- Palm LifeDrive at Designtechnica

Games, Software
- Nero 7 Ultra Edition at Tech Gage

Wednesday Roundup - 12/07/05 @ 6:02 am - By: MaxPower - Source: Various
- NEC ND-3550A Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer

Graphics, Drivers, Displays
- GeForce 6800 GS at Beyond 3D
- ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 GPU Preview at Legit Reviews
- XGI Volari 8300 Graphics Card Pictorial at Adrian's Rojak Pot
- ASUS EAX1800XL 256MB & HIS Excalibur X1800 XL 256MB PCIe Graphics Cards at HEXUS
- ATI Catalyst 5.12 Beta 8.20 at techPowerUp!

Systems, Components
- Corsair Twinx2048 4000 DDR500 Memory at Ninja Lane
- OCZ Technology EL PC3500 GX Gold Edition Dual Channel Memory Kit at Tweaknews
- ASRock 939S56-M AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 PCIe Motherboard at OCInside
- Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI Mainboard at X-bit labs
- OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold GX XTC 2GB Kit at MVKTech
- Abit AN8 SLI Motherboard at PC Modding Malaysia
- AMD Dual-Core Challenge - Intel No Show! at HardwareZone

Cases, Power Supplies, Cooling
- I-Star Nitro AX Full Tower Case at XYZ Computing
- Thermaltake PurePower PST520W at Guru 3D
- Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R80 Water Cooler at Big Bruin

Audio, Multimedia
- iRiver H10 at Hardware Accelerated

Miscellaneous Hardware
- Targus Urban Series Messenger Notebook Bag at Futurelooks

Games, Software
- Spybot Search & Destroy at PC Mechanic
- CDV’s Hammer & Sickle PC Game at ThinkComputers

Tuesday Roundup - 8/30/05 @ 1:13 am - By: MaxPower - Source:
I've updated the daily new "roundup" to a new collapsable style. Any feedback regarding this is welcomed here in our forums. Thanks!

Wednesday Roundup - 9/15/04 @ 6:29 am - By: MUYA - Source: Various
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Video Card & Display Reviews
CPU, Motherboard, Memory and System Reviews
Case, Power Supply, Cooling, and Mod Reviews
Storage Reviews
Audio, Multimedia and Digital Player Reviews
Input Device and Accessory Reviews

Wednesday Roundup - 9/24/03 @ 5:35 am - By: MUYA - Source: Browsing

News & Articles
Video Card & Display Review
CPU, Motherboards, SSF PCs, Laptops & Memory Reviews
Casing, Cooling, PSU and Modding Reviews
Input Device & Accessories Reviews
PC Game & Software Reviews

Radeon 8500 Bits - 10/12/01 @ 6:36 pm - By: Typedef Enum - Source:
OK, let's get the daily update on the 8500. If you've been keeping tabs on this, there have been a *few* people to actually buy one; however, something is obviously not right, because this card has yet to be officially reviewed.

Anand Lal Shimpi made yet another post it is.

The question everyone has been asking me about is when will we see a final Radeon 8500 review? I don't like making firm commitments unless I can control all variables in a situation and in this case I unfortunately do not control all of those variables. I'll give you all a more solid update when I can, but currently I'm expecting to be able to publish early next week.

Now, this is where the speculation begins. Of the few people that have publicly posted information on the 8500, one thing stands out...FSAA, or lack thereof. SmoothVision has been reported to be an option in the D3D panel, but not OpenGL. Furthermore, I haven't seen a single person who claimed that FSAA made any tangible difference in visual quality. If you recall, this feature was broken in the pre-production (believe it was A12 silicon) units previewed a few months ago.

Then, there was the apparant inability of those lucky 8500 owners to publish their 3DMark2001 scores. Again, it has been speculated that (perhaps) ATI asked MadOnion to block 8500 scores.

When you factor in the lack of credible reviews, the apparant lack of functional FSAA, and what Anand had to say, I think you can pretty much guess that there are some issues that have yet to be ironed out...It sounds like a driver issue(s).

HalcYoN: The 8500 "release" continues to raise questions with out any answers.  Typedef is trying to analyze info here, but some ATI supporters want to shoot the messenger.

From assorted posts around the web and in our forum, it is evident there is a problem.  From past ATI releases, one has to conclude that the driver release in the box with the first batch of retail cards has issues.  There are reports of FSAA support being hit or miss, even resoltution dependent.

If you remember, the first few GeForce driver revs to include FSAA were buggy at best.  People questioned why the drivers were released at all...

Ti 500 Delays??? - 9/27/01 @ 9:56 am - By: Typedef Enum - Source: Beyond3D
It's pretty funny that I ran across this link to our forums @ Beyond3D. :)

Anyhow, an anonymous fella has made a post, claiming that the Titanium 500 is/will be delayed.

It's not too long, so I'll let er' rip.

GF3Ti500 delayed for unknown time. (IMHO, because of ATi's announce about R8500 clocked higher AND being delayed for couple of weeks. nVidia wants to crush ATI again. Just before new Radeons are about to show in stores.)

I heard this from _VERY_ reliable source.

and if you are asking who am I, sorry but I want to stay anonymous some time. Last time when I was here in the news (couple months ago...) , I was hitted in the face eventhough I was only the messenger.

HalcYoN: Ummm. Right. Eeyaahh. Certainly a very interesting claim, but I won't put any faith in it. ;)

Ben:Hrm I'd bet the poster the card I have in my box , that he's wrong , but then I'd be very upset if I lost..

WinXP First Look - 7/18/01 @ 8:30 am - By: HalcYoN - Source: Email
3D Spotlight has posted their Windows XP preview. Their preview includes installation and use on two systems. One system is a little "old" using a Celery 366@550 with Trident 2MB and Voodoo2. The other is a Celery 566@850 with a 64MB 3D Prophet GeForce2.

So, I could finally see the desktop! First thing I noticed is a very uncluttered desktop, and the only icon that resides is the recycle bin! Also, down on the bottom I can see that MSN messenger loaded right up with it. Windows XP has a cartoon-like look to it, but I must say, it is a bit refreshing. For those of you who miss the old fashioned look of older versions, XP does offer a desktop setting to go back in time, which will give you the look of Windows 98.

New Browser - 8/31/00 @ 6:55 am - By: SteveC - Source: CNEWZ
According to the guys over at CNEWZ Microsoft unveils new browser (MSN Explorer).  For complete details head on over and read more about it.

Microsoft Corp. will introduce a new variant of its Internet Explorer browser on Friday, designed to make it easier on new Internet users to access Web sites and the company's net-based services.  The new browser, called MSN Explorer, integrates the Microsoft Network's Hotmail e-mail service, Messenger instant messaging software and Windows Media streaming media client, bundling them all onto a single screen.