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NVIDIA In The News - 3/15/10 @ 8:11 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email/Browsing
Next-Generation ION Remarks

Last year, NVIDIA's ION redefined the netbook category. ION netbooks delivered for an entire segment of the market that Intel wants to define by what it should not do. NVIDIA believes that a netbook can be a fully functional PC.

"Netbook graphics are inherently weak, especially with Intel's much-derided integrated graphics. But the new NVIDIA ION, like its predecessor, lets even a wimpy netbook Hulk out to play DX10 games and 1080p videos." - Gizmodo

At CeBIT 2010, NVIDIA did ION one better and introduced the next-generation ION graphics processor, energizing Intel's Atom processor. NVIDIA has over 30 designs expected by this summer with a range of OEM and Channel partners.

"If you're not happy with Pine Trail, we have to agree with NVIDIA on this one. Flash 10.1 support has been much better on NVIDIA GPUs than on the competition (though the 10.1 Beta 3 adds Crystal HD support), there are a few potentially useful CUDA apps, and light gaming support is an added bonus." - Anandtech

"The NVIDIA ION 2 GPU brings netbooks and nettops to an appropriate performance level for HD video playback, 3D gaming, and media conversion. That's very good because the GMA 3150 graphics unit which is integrated in the CPU provides extremely weak performance." -

ION now has NVIDIA Optimus technology.

"As for Optimus, it's a substantial feather in the company's hat. Battery life is a high priority these days at all price points; the ability to switch flawlessly back and forth between graphics processors could give Team Green a leg up over AMD in the mobile space." - Hot Hardware

"Due to the Optimus technology the ION graphics chip is automatically switched on only if required. Therefore the standard battery life time without graphics load is comparable to netbooks without ION. Compared to ION 1 netbooks ION2 provides clear improvements concerning the battery life time due to Optimus." - Notebook Check

Next-generation ION offers over 10 times the performance of Intel integrated graphics.

"NVIDIA has always dragged Intel out behind the woodshed for a solid drubbing in terms of graphics performance and features, and NG-Ion is only going to exacerbate the difference." - Hot Hardware

With next-generation ION, consumers can experience 1080p HD video on web sites like YouTube HD or from Blu-Ray discs.

"We were lucky enough to get some time with the next-gen ION, to watch a Blu-ray disc being played (from an external drive), as well as YouTube HD and full HD film trailers - all the things a regular netbook won't do." - Pocket Lint

NVIDIA ION plays the most popular PC games, such as World of Warcraft and Spore.

"The possibility of making our own home videos on something as small and portable as the Acer Aspire One 532G is pretty exciting. Not to mention the great gaming experience on titles like Spore or World of Warcraft. We saw a demo of the Boxee application backed up by Ion 2 (smooth and slick – we can't wait to go more in-depth), and with Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration, no video on the Internet will be off-limits to netbooks, even at full screen." - Laptop

To top it off, NVIDIA ION enables the full Windows 7 Home Premium experience.

"Both ION 2 versions will have support for HDMI or DisplayPort technologies, and the vast majority of them will ship with Windows 7 Home Premium, since a better graphics chip can take advantage of Window 7's Aero interface." - PC Mag

"Besides, the ION makes it possible to provide netbooks and nettops with the more feature-rich and handsome version of Windows 7 - Windows 7 Home Premium." - Vesti Russia

Consumers want a compact, fully functional PC, and NVIDIA delivers with next-generation ION despite the roadblocks put in their way.

"NVIDIA's new next-generation ION technology was a necessary move from the team that has been pushed around by Intel for too long. Intel successfully cut NVIDIA out of the chipset business all together starting with the mainstream and enthusiast desktop nForce brand and now with the original ION. The only answer NVIDIA could respond with was a discrete graphics solution that still offers much better performance and loads more features than the Intel integrated offerings and connectivity through the PCI Express bus that Intel basically can't cut off." - PC Perspective

For a new netbook, the choice is simple.

"If you are getting a netbook, you should definitely look at Ion-powered systems, the difference in performance is simply too great to ignore." - Ubergizmo

Cool Optimus Demo

NVIDIA made a blog post about a cool Optimus demo. NVIDIA Optimus optimizes the mobile experience by letting the user get the performance of discrete graphics from a notebook while still delivering great battery life. Optimus accomplishes this by automatically and seamlessly selecting the right graphics processor for the job between an NVIDIA discrete GPU or an Intel integrated GPU.

The cool thing is that when the discrete GPU is not in use, the GPU is electrically off and it does not even use a trickle of the battery. This video proves it by ripping the GPU out of a running system - and it keeps running!

WSJ's Mossberg Solution Tries 3D Vision

3D is everywhere and it is just a matter of time before it becomes ubiquitous on anything with a screen. You can have it now and take it on the road with NVIDIA 3D Vision notebooks. Wall Street Journal's Mossberg Solution section recently took the technology for a spin looking at the NVIDIA 3D Vision notebook from Asus and a model that uses different technology from Acer.

"Now on a laptop, it displays 3D images to people as long as they're wearing special battery-powered glasses and are standing no more than 40 feet away. These NVIDIA glasses deliver the highest resolution possible per eye and enable wide viewing angles. The screen also has a high refresh rate of 120 Hz compared to the Acer's 60 Hz."

NVIDIA 3D Vision is a complete ecosystem of 3D products which supports standards such as Blu-ray 3D and also adds experiences and features which are only available to NVIDIA GeForce GPU owners. 3D Vision allows you to watch Blu-ray 3D movies, play games in 3D, view pictures in 3D (using the Fujifilm Real 3D camera), and even watch YouTube in 3D.

ION For A Great HD Experience

NVIDIA ION GPU with an Atom CPU delivers a premium PC experience. ION is a world-class product that allows users to watch HD video, edit their photos and video, play modern games and accelerate Flash videos. Another way to get HD on an Intel Atom CPU is to add the Broadcom Crystal HD chip. It used to not support Flash, but it "sort of" does now.

"We've been highly skeptical of the benefits of buying a Netbook with a built-in Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator. First, we're fans of NVIDIA's ION GPU, which not only provides similar HD video playback assistance but also basic 3D graphics support. Second, the Broadcom part wasn't supported by Adobe's Flash player, making it useless for streaming Web video, which is what we'd imagine a lot of Netbook owners would want to play."

It is not without problems however.

"There's no doubt in our minds that the HD playback experience on the Mini 210 is miles ahead of that of a Pine Trail netbook without Broadcom inside and that counts for something. However, we have to say that it isn't as seamless as it needs to be for the end user and the solution continues to have more restrictions than NVIDIA ION-based netbooks."

"Despite the modest improvements we saw, there's still a major problem with relying on a beta version of third-party software to achieve the minimal level of functionality consumers would expect from a Netbook with something called an HD video accelerator."

Optimus Popular At CeBIT

At CeBIT 2010 there were nearly 20 different Optimus notebooks and netbooks are on display. Asus had a dozen models with Optimus. MSI entered the Optimus picture with their FX 400 and FX 600, both of which feature an NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU with NVIDIA Optimus technology. Other Optimus models to make the scene at CeBIT include models from Clevo, the Medion Akoya P6622 with GeForce 310M and the recently announced Acer Aspire One 532g with next generation NVIDIA ION on board.

NVIDIA Partner Apps Explained

Here is a handy video that covers seven applications that use NVIDIA CUDA technology to accelerate their applications. It includes a 3D Vision demo from Siemens Medical, and CUDA applications from Kaspersky Lab, Muvee, CyberLink, Agilent, Adobe, and MotionDSP.

Tegra Takes Pad Computers To The Next Level

Tablets PCs or pad computers are an emerging section of the PC market right now. OEMs are scrambling to get their entry to market. NVIDIA is applying the optimized PC concept to pad computers with the Tegra chipset.

"NVIDIA has been promoting a newer paradigm for modern computing and one that makes a lot of sense. The idea is that with newer machines the great demand on the part of the user is for more and more multimedia including movie watching, TV, video clips, flash animations and a slew of other uses that require little CPU power and lots of GPU power."

NVIDIA helped OEMs redefine netbooks with ION. NVIDIA is in process of helping laptop makers redefine battery/power expectations for notebooks with Optimus. In this spirit, it seems that OEMs that turn to NVIDIA for help for pad computers are making smart moves. Notion Ink seems to be the belle of the ball.

"Curiously, the most interesting one appears to be coming out of India using the hottest new NVIDIA Corp. chip to power it. Already previewed at various international trade shows, a look at the specifications tells me that unless the thing simply does not work as advertised this could be the hottest and most usable pad computer on the market."

Take a closer look at the Notion Ink tablet on this BSN article with videos.

NVIDIA News Brief - 11/09/09 @ 10:37 am - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Intel Chip Sets Extend Long History of Mediocrity

NVIDIA nForce chipsets have traditionally been full of innovative features - even better than Intel's own chipsets. NVIDIA ION has redefined the netbook category although it has been widely reported that NVIDIA will not be making any new chipsets for the Intel platform until their dispute with Intel is resolved. A lot of innovations on the PC platform come from the chipsets.

Just a few weeks after the news hit, we learn that Intel is postponing USB 3.0 implementation until 2011. With no competition in chipsets, it seems Intel has decided that innovation is not needed for USB any time soon.

"It's hard to commit to an emerging technology like this when the key silicon enablers are not making it a priority."

With no one to push Intel to innovate, PC enthusiasts are left with Intel chipsets and the features and performance they deliver, or lack there of.

Intel Appears to be Overcompensating

I first noticed it when my Acer Aspire Revo showed up from Newegg. As I eagerly opened the brown shipping box I was greeted by a giant Intel sticker. This thing was huge, measuring a full 3 inches across. Then an office mate got new a HP Mini 311.

Guess what? Same giant sticker. Color me paranoid, but in 15 years I have seen exactly two products with these massive Intel logos stickers placed on as an afterthought to the packaging.

Both of them have been in the last month, and both of them were NVIDIA ION-based products. Coincidence? Perhaps Intel would have you believe that their processor is the key ingredient in these PCs.

"It (NVIDIA ION) will shift the netbook from web surfing and email machine to a movie and gaming portable."

NVIDIA Technology, Get Some On Your List

ION is hot for the holidays. DigitalTrends calls it out by name.

"Netbook computers made a huge splash last year with unbelievably low price tags, but this year, the big news will be all the newfound features and power. NVIDIA sops up a majority of the credit with its new ION graphics processor, which gives the anemic Atom processor a major shot in the arm.

Unlike last-generation notebook systems, which couldn’t play any games from the last decade and choked on high-quality Hulu videos, Ion-equipped netbooks will play relatively demanding computer games and even full 1080p HD video. Screens have also stretched from 10 inches all the way up to 12, and a newfound focus on industrial design has produced some netbooks that are downright pretty."

They name the Lenovo S12, Samsung N510 and HP Mini 311 100R as top picks.

PC World has a list of the 100 Best Products of 2009, which has some NVIDIA goodies:
    17. HP Mini 311-1000NR
    22. Microsoft Zune HD
    32. Alienware M15x
    67. Sony PlayStation 3
    80. Dell Studio One 19
New Entry-level Mobile GPU Raises the Bar

Consumers who enjoy the GeForce 9400M, will want to check out the GeForce G210M.

"...and while the GeForce 9400M G integrated graphics are better than any other current IGP, the G210M appears to be at least 50% faster. When you don't need graphics performance, you can also shut off the G210M and use the GMA 4500MHD. It's a design that simply works."

GeForce GPUs offer graphics performance that is second to none, and "Graphics Plus" features including:
  • NVIDIA Verde downloadable drivers for notebooks
  • CUDA-support to GPU computing applications
  • PhysX support, for in-game physics

Come On Feel the Noize

Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot and Ozzy fame is a fan of CUDA and had a session at GTC talking about CUDA and audio processing. Rudy's posted the latest installment of "Audio Video Tech Blog" on how he created the music video for "Vicious Circle" on a shoestring budget in 2001 and how contrasts it with today's GPU computing technology.

"The whole creative process of editing and choosing the preferred B-Roll footage took me about four hours but in contrast the rendering process to a 720x480 AVI took me over two hours. Just to show how far technology has advanced over the years, I can now render that same video with my NVIDIA Quadro video card in 6 minutes or less by taking advantage of NVIDIA's CUDA GPU driver."

GPU Computing is the use of the massively parallel architecture of the graphics processing unit (GPU) as a computational engine using high level languages and APIs. It has changed video processing for the better. From the user's perspective, the application just runs faster because it is using the high-performance of the GPU to boost performance.

CUDA Shows DirectCompute The Way

The Taranfx blog has a story about DirectX 11 and touches on CUDA as a precursor for DirectCompute.

"NVIDIA's CUDA marked an evolution. Microsoft wasn't about to let the GPGPU market get away and now has its own language for using the GPU. The model they chose, like OpenCL, appears to be quite similar to CUDA, confirming the clarity of NVIDIA's vision.

The advantage over the NVIDIA solution lies in portability—a Compute Shader will work on an NVIDIA or ATI GPU and on the future Larrabee, plus feature better integration with Direct3D, even if CUDA does already have a certain amount of support."

NVIDIA has demonstrated their support for DirectCompute by being the first to release support for DirectCompute in their GPUs. They support open standards, plus standards that allow NVIDIA to offer new innovations to customers well in advance of industry standards, such as CUDA C. Their goal is to lead the industry in new amazing directions and create value for their customers.

Fastest. Notebook. Ever.

Remember all the hub-bub that transpired when NVIDIA sent out some benchmarks they ran in house and proclaimed the GeForce GTX 280M SLI-based Alienware M17x notebook was the fastest notebook on the planet? Some sites called them "dodgy." Well, PC Gamer is the latest media outlet to put it to the test.

"Oh, and it is the fastest laptop in the universe. Well, at least the fastest I've ever tested, and by a wide margin.” - PC Gamer - Holiday Issue 2009 (print)

They gave the system another Editor's Choice award. That makes about 2 dozen, most with quotes that say it is the fastest ever.

GPU Leadership

HPCwire's Micheal Feldman does a good job for connecting the dots one three announcements from NVIDA:

  • Cloud Computing Meets the GPU
  • NSF Puts GPU Super on Track
  • Windows 7 Brings GPU Computing API
His take:

"NVIDIA is continuing its campaign to nudge the CPU from its dominant position at the center of the computing universe. A trio of announcements this week provides a rough outline of how the company intends to expand its GPU computing footprint."

A modern PC should have two processors: a graphics processor (GPU) and a central processer (CPU). NVIDIA see's the future as co-processing.

Jen-Hsun Interviews

Two interviews with NVIDA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang hit this week. First in X-bit Labs:

"In the future, software is the most important thing; anyone can make chips, it is really expensive, but anyone can do it. The hard part is to inspire people to create amazing things. We have software, systems, architecture, tools, compilers, and languages, whatever it takes..,"

Then with CHW:

"Of course there is challenge that the scientific community wouldn't take us seriously but don't forget that many of my customers are Scientists. Yesterday you saw a presentation from the CEO of Technyscan, this company does breast cancer early detection, the way they found out about CUDA was from the engineer and he found out about CUDA was because he was a gamer.

So when we invented CUDA instantaneously he understood how he can help people with CUDA, it took him almost one year to convince the company to use CUDA, he was our best sales men, remember there are millions and millions of gamers out there and they are smart, so you want the gamers from your side."

Quadro Makes a Difference

NVIDIA had a pair of Quadro related announcements last week week. NVIDIA announced that Hess Corp., a leading global independent energy company, is using HP Z800 workstations outfitted with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and NVIDIA SLI Multi-OS technology to investigate reducing IT costs while increasing productivity for geosciences professionals.

NVIDIA and Visualization Sciences Group (VSG), a leader in 3D development solutions for the oil & gas industry, announced today that the newest release of the Open Inventor 3D Graphics Toolkit will employ the NVIDIA CompleX scene-scaling acceleration engine, enabling the visualization and manipulation of huge data sets required for energy exploration.

Open Inventor 8.1 by VSG integrates the CompleX engine, enabling advanced 3D applications to fully scale across the multiple graphics processing units (GPUs) powering NVIDIA Quadro Plex visual computing systems. This technology turns a single workstation into a visual supercomputer, providing engineers and scientists an immersive, ultra-high resolution experience capable of handling extremely large visual scenes, such as those used in seismic interpretation and other oil & gas-related research.

NVIDIA MB Chipsets - 10/08/09 @ 4:16 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Quite a bit of conflicting information has been circulating in regards to NVIDIA's motherboard products for the AMD and Intel platforms. Branded under nForce and ION, Ken Brown, Platform Products Manager at NVIDIA, passed along the following statement.

We've received a number of inquiries recently about NVIDIA's chipset (MCP) business. We'd like to set the record straight on current and future NVIDIA chipset activity.

On Intel platforms, the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M/ION brands have enjoyed significant sales, as well as critical success. Customers including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, ASUS and others are continuing to incorporate GeForce 9400M and ION products in their current designs.

There are many customers that have plans to use ION or GeForce 9400M chipsets for upcoming designs, as well.

On AMD platforms, we continue to sell a higher quantity of chipsets than AMD itself. MCP61-based platforms continue to be extremely well positioned in the entry CPU segments where AMD CPUs are most competitive vs. Intel.

We will continue to innovate integrated solutions for Intel’s FSB architecture. We firmly believe that this market has a long healthy life ahead. But because of Intel's improper claims to customers and the market that we aren't licensed to the new DMI bus and its unfair business tactics, it is effectively impossible for us to market chipsets for future CPUs. So, until we resolve this matter in court next year, we'll postpone further chipset investments for Intel DMI CPUs.

Despite Intel's actions, we have innovative products that we are excited to introduce to the market in the months ahead. We know these products will bring with them some amazing breakthroughs that will surprise the industry, just as GeForce 9400M and ION have shaken up the industry this year.

We expect our MCP business for both Intel and AMD to be strong well into the future.

vReveal Version 1.1 - 9/04/09 @ 4:49 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
MotionDSP has released version 1.1 of vReveal. vReveal offers advanced enhancement technology and "one click" touch-up tools that make it easy to dramatically improve the quality of flawed videos.

Version 1.1 adds direct upload to Facebook, upload to YouTube in HD and DivX output. New capabilities join a host of powerful enhancement features based on the advanced technology of MotionDSP’s Ikena, unrivaled forensic software used worldwide by law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies.

Available for under $50.00, vReveal is a an amazing solution for consumers who want to organize, enhance the appearance of, and share videos captured from handheld camera devices. Additional features in version 1.1 include:
  • NVIDIA "G80" models now supported for GPU acceleration (GeForce 8800 Ultra, 8800 GTX, 8800 GTS 640, 8800 GTS 320; Quadro 4600 and 5600)
  • Even more powerful video stabilization, plus auto-cropping of black bars from around stabilized videos
  • New output formats including DivX and MJPEG AVI (joins the previous output options of WMV and uncompressed AVI)
  • Japanese localization (full set is now English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese)
  • Integrated Facebook video uploader

NVIDIA News Brief - 6/05/09 @ 7:07 pm - By: MikeC - Source: Email
Flash in a Flash

NVIDIA and Adobe Systems Incorporated announced they are collaborating as part of the Open Screen Project to optimize and enable Adobe Flash Player to leverage GPU video and graphics acceleration on a wide range of mobile Internet devices, including netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and other on-the-go media devices. Adobe Flash Player will be accelerated across the range of NVIDIA processors.

Intel is turning to Broadcom to help them with Flash acceleration. It seems that for Intel to accelerate flash they will require OEMs to purchase a separate chip:

"The Atom optimization will not take place directly with Intel, but instead through collaboration between Adobe and the semiconductor company Broadcom. The work will result in a version of Flash that is optimized for Broadcom's Crystal HD video accelerators, and is expected to be completed sometime in the first half of 2010. These chipsets are found in several netbooks, including Acer's latest Aspire One and HP's Mini 110XP, that use Intel's Atom processor."

The NVIDIA ION GPU is a world-class product that allows users to watch HD video, edit their photos and video, and play modern games. It is a superior product that pairs very well with Atom. Due to the inadequacy of their own integrated graphics, Intel wants you to add another chip if you want to watch video.

World's Fastest, and Something Smaller

Alienware, Dell's premier high-performance PC gaming brand, used three NVIDIA GeForce GPUs to create the world's fastest 17-inch notebook, the M17x. Alienware is using the M17x as a launch vehicle for the global expansion of the Alienware brand.

"We had a chance to frag a bit in Crysis: Warhead using one of Alienware's 48-inch 2880 x 900 resolution curved gaming displays without a hitch during our jungle firefight. It's no surprise considering the kind of beef under the hood."

Under the hood, the Alienware M17x is equipped with a pair of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M enthusiast-class GPUs with NVIDIA SLI Technology for blistering fast frame rates in the latest games and a GeForce 9400M GPU to save battery life.

Sound like too much power for you? Then try Dell's new Studio 14z, the latest PC to feature NVIDIA's award-winning GeForce 9400M graphics processor.

"What makes the Studio 14z suited for such a role is its thin and light design that reduces back strain on students, offering a potent combination of Intel mutli-core mobile processors alongside NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics, making sure Jack doesn't remain a dull boy."

The Studio 14z provides 5x the graphics performance of Centrino 2 systems, and offers a great value starting at just $649. It is a great option for students who want a robust multimedia experience (including optional Blu-ray optical drive).

ION Is Good and Wide

Despite the best efforts of Intel, ION is being widely accepted by PC makers.

"Showing absolutely no mercy for those other integrated graphics sets of the world, [NVIDIA] today unveiled 21 new ION-based products in Taiwan, with all but a handful being completely unheard of."

And why shouldn't they, it is the best thing at Computex 2009. And it is enabling some very unique PC designs.

The new NVIDIA ION-based PCs and platform solutions are great for high definition video, mainstream gaming, and GPU-accelerated video and photo editing applications that take advantage of NVIDIA CUDA technology.

Tesla is Record-Breaking

NVIDIA and Supermicro announced the immediate availability of a new class of server that combines massively parallel NVIDIA Tesla GPUs with multi-core CPUs in a single 1U rack-mount server. This unique configuration delivers 12 times the performance of a traditional quad-core CPU-based 1U server, shattering the 1U Server Performance Record.

"This is an intelligent evolution of NVIDIA's strategy, and puts products at all layers of the customer pyramid. The scientific desktop is covered by NVIDIA's 1 TFLOPS cards and the Personal Supercomputer partner program, the mid-range server by the 16-32 TFLOPS Tesla Preconfigured Clusters, and now the high end is explicitly taken care of with the SuperServer building block."

For the first time, massively parallel Tesla GPUs and multi-core CPUs are paired together in a single 1U rack-mount server. Having both CPUs and GPUs integrated into the same 1U extends the host system monitoring and management capabilities to include GPUs. It also allows IT managers to deploy and manage a single computing "building block" as is common in larger datacenters.

Tegra Flood Forecasted

NVIDIA and industry partners used Computex to unveil 12 new high-definition mobile Internet devices (MIDs) all powered by the NVIDIA Tegra processor.

"NVIDIA is becoming a real player in portable mobile devices as the industry embraces its Tegra processors. The company is announcing today that some of the world's biggest gadget manufacturers are designing mobile devices using the Tegra chips."

These include netbooks and tablets that deliver desktop-class Internet browsing with Flash video and animation acceleration, and up to 1080p video playback.

"In a break from Computex tradition, NVIDIA will have phone companies in tow. "We're bringing the carriers in. I've got 100 people showing up from carriers at Computex," said Michael Rayfield, general manager of NVIDIA's mobile business unit, in a phone interview Friday.

Leading worldwide carriers will be offering Tegra-based Internet devices later this year.

Notebook Drivers are a Big Deal

AMD/ATI tried unsuccessfully this week to unseat the GeForce GTX 280M as the world's Fastest Notebook GPU and the GeForce GTX 280M in SLI as the world's fastest notebook graphic solution. Page 2 of a review on Anandtech was all about the greatness of NVIDIA's notebook driver updates.

Put another way: NVIDIA has just moved all-in with pocket aces and there's another ace on the flop. ATI has their work cut out for them if they want to match that high standard, and that goes double for gaming laptops where driver updates are even more crucial. We can basically state that any game launched after a driver release is not likely to have any specific optimizations.

NVIDIA is the only GPU manufacturer that offers quarterly driver updates for our GPUs direct to consumers. Every driver update from NVIDIA will offer new features, improved game and application compatibility, and performance optimizations.

3D Vision is Great, See for Yourself

3D Vision is very cool, you have to see it for yourself.

"NVIDIA 3D vision is the best designed and most considered 3D gaming system yet, with decent out-of-the-box software support and an adjustable, comfortable setup. If you're serious about PC games, you owe it to yourself to try it."

Trying it out just got easier with NVIDIA 3D Vision Discover, a complete stereoscopic 3D solution consisting of custom 3D drivers, 3D media viewers, and optimized anaglyph red/blue glasses that deliver incredible 3D clarity on any desktop LCD. This solution, when paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, immerses you in a world where games, movies, and photos come to life on screen in eye-popping 3D. The advanced NVIDIA software automatically converts over 350 PC games into stereoscopic 3D.

Mid-Week Roundup - 1/21/09 @ 8:43 am - By: DaveC - Source: Email/Browsing
News and Reviews

Monday Edition - 1/12/09 @ 7:52 am - By: DaveC - Source:
News and Reviews
CES 2009 Coverage

Updgrade Time! - 12/21/08 @ 4:47 pm - By: MikeC - Source: N/A
Wahoo, we're taking the plunge and finally switching to Windows Vista exclusively. To celebrate the occasion, we also took the opportunity to perform a few hardware upgrades. In this upgrade we are moving our main test system from NVIDIA's nForce 680i to Intel's X58 chipset.

Please click to enlarge.

Here we have Gigabyte's GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard, an Intel i7 940 2.94GHz Quad-Core processor w/support for Hyper-Threading Technology and a Triple Channel Kit of 2GBx3 (6GB) Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz SDRAM (PC3-12800).

Note that the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 has been "NVIDIA SLI-Ready certified" by NVIDIA.

Please click to enlarge.

So far the main components have been assembled and the system is setting in our testing rack. Now to add a power supply, CD, graphics card, and hard drive and we'll be ready to install the operating system. Went all out on a hard drive with a Western Digitial 300GB VelociRaptor. Christmas comes early around here!

Further progress reports will be forthcoming.

Feedback and discussion here.

Thursday Edition - 12/11/08 @ 6:05 am - By: DaveC - Source:
News and Reviews

Sunday's News - 12/07/08 @ 6:48 am - By: DaveC - Source:
News and Reviews

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