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NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Preview

3DWinMark 2000 Benchmarks

Ziff-Davis' 3DWinMark 2000 is a synthetic benchmark which runs under DirectX 7 and includes support for hardware transform and lighting. 3DWinMark 2000 is a series of 3D graphics benchmarks in 3DWinbench 2000 which was designed to test specific features and measure performance of the graphics sub-system.

For example, tests 1, 2, and 9 are transform and lighting intensive due to the excessive number of polygons, while tests 3 and 5 are geared towards measuring multi-textured fill rate. Here are a few sample screen shots of the benchmarks, which are obviously geared towards measuring gaming performance:

Test 3 - Rust Valley

Click to enlarge - 369K
Test 5 - Chamber

Click to enlarge - 424K
Test 8 - Racetrack

Click to enlarge - 325K
Test 9 - Chamber

Click to enlarge - 316K

In addition to generating a frames per second result for individual tests, 3DWinMark 2000 provides an overall result.  The frames per second for each individual test are totaled and the average frames per second is calculated.  This result is referred to as the 3D WinMark 2000 score.

The following settings were used in these tests:

  • T&L Enabled
  • 32-Bit Color
  • 24-Bit Z-Buffer Depth
  • Double Buffering
  • Flip Rendering Mode
  • Full Screen
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate

The first chart shows a summary of the benchmark results for the three resolutions tested. The chart measures the percent increase in frames per second of the GeForce2 GTS over the GeForce 256 DDR at resolutions of 1024x768 (red bar) and 1280x1024 (blue bar) in 32-bit color. Detailed benchmark results follow the summary chart.

Similar to the increased performance of the GeForce2 GTS over the GeForce 256 DDR in the DMZG benchmarks, which ranged from 18-28%, the overall 3DWinMark 2000 scores increased by 22% at 1024x768 and 25% at 1280x1024.

Percent Increase In Frames Per Second

3DWinMark 2000 - 1024x768@32bpp

GeForce2 GTS - 91.6    GeForce 256 DDR - 75.3

3DWinMark 2000 - 1280x1024@32bpp

GeForce2 GTS - 57.7    GeForce 256 DDR - 46.2

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Last Updated on May 12, 2000

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