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NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra Preview - Detonator 3 Drivers

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Detonator Driver Comparison

Before checking out the performance of the GeForce2 Ultra, let's take a look at the performance of the Detonator 3 drivers and how they stack up against the Detonator 2. The benchmark configuration is based on the following setup:

  • Pentium 3-550E @683MHz
  • 128MB PC100 RAM
  • Abit BH6 Mainboard
  • NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra
  • NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS
  • NVIDIA GeForce2 MX
  • Default Core and Memory Speeds
  • Detonator 2 Driver Version 5.30
  • Detonator 3 Driver Version 6.16
  • Sound and Vsync Disabled - sound enabled for MDK2
  • 85MHz Monitor Refresh Rate
  • Windows 98

Benchmark results are based on a resolution of 1024x768 in 16 and 32-bit color. Graphics were set at maximum detail.

Most of the games tested on this page are getting an increase in performance of around 5-10% with the Detonator 3 drivers. The biggest gains are in 32-bit color (green vs. yellow bar).

The largest increase in performance was with MDK2 in 32-bit color. The Detonator 3 drivers provided a gain of 9%, from 52.5 fps to 57.2 fps on the GeForce2 MX and 13%, from 82.6 fps to 92.6 fps, on the GeForce2 GTS.

Quake 1 - 1024x768

Quake 1 Demo1 - 1024x768

Quake 2 - 1024x768

Quake 2 Demo 1 - 1024x768

Kingpin - 1024x768

Kingpin Timedemo - 1024x768

Soldier of Fortune - 1024x768

Soldier Of Fortune Demo1 - 1024x768

MDK2 - 1024x768

MDK2 - 1024x768

3DMark2000 - 1024x768

3DMark2000 - 1024x768

Not bad, but let's take a look at the performance in Quake3. Get ready to be rocked!

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Last Updated on August 14, 2000

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