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Abit Ti/200 DVI-TV Out GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - February 12, 2002


Abit is a great motherboard maker, and a known manufacturer of fine NVIDIA based graphic cards. Their Ti/200 represents the low end of the scale for Ti GeForce3 card. Did Abit make a good product with the Ti/200? Can it hold up to the competition from other companies such as the Gainward Ti/450

Well, it does support TV- S-Video and DVI out. But other than that, is this card very special? We'll see if the $159 price of this card warrants picking it over the Gainward Ti/450, which is available at the same price.

Abit Ti/200 GeForce3

The Card:

Here's a snapshot of the card. It sports DVI-TV out and S-Video out connectors. The heat-sinks are actually divided into three different components. One for the core, and two others for the memory modules. The thermal compound for the core was not applied correctly, and a good portion of the GPU's surface was not coated with thermal compound. It was easy to fix that in a minute or two. All in all, it's a lot of flash for what is in essence a very anemic cooling system. The fan is quite small on this card. It may look neat, but it's poorly designed. For the same price as what all that fancy metal and shiny logo cost, Abit probably could of installed a much better heat-sink and a larger fan on this card to cool the core with.


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