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Abit Ti/200 DVI-TV Out GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - February 12, 2002


* NVIDIAR GeForce3TM Ti200 GPU working on 175MHz with 256-bit Graphics Core

* 64MB 4ns DDR SDRAM working on 400-MHz with 6.4GB/sec memory bandwidth

* 2.8 billion samples per second full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) fill rate

* 700 billion operations per second

* AGP 2X/4X, AGP texturing and Fast Writes Support

* Integrated 350MHz RAMDAC·nFinite FXTM engine for full programmability

* Lightspeed Memory ArchitectureTM for unsurpassed game play speeds even in the highest resolutions

* Support Shadow Buffer technology and 3D Textures

* Support programmable Vertex Shaders and Pixel Shaders technology

* High-Resolution Anti-aliasing (HRAA)

* Integrated hardware Transform and Lighting Engines

* Fully-compliant professional OpenGLR 1.3 and Microsoft  DirectX 8.1 support for all Windows operating     systems

* High-quality HDTV/DVD playback support

* On board TV-Out supports S-Video/RCA

* On board DVI supports Digital Video Interface for LCD monitor (Optional)

* ABIT-Designed Dynamic heat-sink and cooling fan module for  GPU and memory
 Software & Accessory Package

Abit includes the following full version program and accessories with this card. 

  • Win DVD

  • S-Video connector cable

  • DVI video cable

Image Quality

To be honest, this card tended to shrink my desktop fonts too much. I use a high resolution on a 19" monitor, and set my fonts to large to make it easier to read. With the same settings, this card made it hard to read. I did not care for it's 2D quality. 3D was good, but just a little too slow for my taste. I would put this card in the average category for image quality.

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Last Updated on February 12, 2002

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