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Abit Ti/200 DVI-TV Out GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - February 12, 2002

Overclocking Capabilities

As I proposed earlier, can the Abit Ti/200 compete with like-priced cards such as the Gainward Ti/450? We will look at the Abit Ti/200 & the Gainward Ti/450 compared side by side. From this, you should get a good idea of Abit's Ti/200 overclocking and performance capabilities. As I stated earlier, Abit's core fan is tiny and quite anemic. Let's see how it does when compared to the Gainward Ti/450 in regards to clock speeds.

As you can see, Abit clocked it's core at 175MHz, 12.5% lower than Gainward did. It's high-end for overclocking is 220MHz, 20MHz lower than Gainward's 240MHz top-end mark.

Abit's memory comes at a default clock of 400MHz, 50MHz lower than the Gainward's. The high-end for Abit's memory overclock is 490MHz, which is 45MHz lower than the Gainward Ti/450 does with no sweat. Abit says that it uses 4ns RAM on their Ti/200, just as the Gainward Ti/450 does. Judging from it's performance, I would say it uses more like 5ns RAM. Even at a 500Mhz memory setting, the Abit shows unacceptable picture anomalies, like huge sections missing their textures in 3D images and strange solid colored bars within the 3D scenes, a real mess. I find it very hard to believe Abit's memory specs for their Ti/200. When I confronted my Abit rep and asked what ns memory rating their Ti/200 used, he chose not to answer me and avoided the question. The noses must be growing at Abit (like Pinocchio's).  

So as you can see, the Abit Ti/200 loses to the Gainward Ti/450 card when it comes to clock speeds, both default and overclocked. It looks like all that metal on the Abit card amounts to little more than added flash. The Abit Ti/200's low clock speeds have got to take a hit on it's performance capabilities. I'm beginning to smell a loser here, let's see...



Test System:

  • ABIT KR7A (KT266A) motherboard

  • AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU

  • 512MB Crucial PC2100 DDR

  • Maxtor 60GB  7,200rpm ATA/100 HD

  • Creative Audiogy sound card

  • Windows XP Pro OS (fresh installation)

All tests where performed at  32 bit color depths and textures, with v-synch disabled. NVIDIA  Detonator XP 23.11 drivers where used on the Gainward card, Abit (based on NVIDIA Detonator 21.83) drivers where used with the Abit card.

Quake 3

As you can see, the Abit Ti/200 drops below the Gainward Ti/450 at higher resolutions. A weak performance by Abit in this OpenGL test.



3D Mark2001 shows that in Direct3D, the Abit Ti/200 gets trounced by the Gainward Ti/450. At 1600x1200, cards overclocked, the Abit Ti/200 lags a full 599 points behind the Gainward Ti/450. No match here, Abit loses this test too.



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Last Updated on February12, 2002

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