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Absolute Multimedia MORPHEUS GeForce3

By: Brian Gray - August 4, 2001

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Time to welcome Absolute Multimedia back to nV News. It's been quite some time since our last Absolute product review but nV News was selected as one of the lucky sites to get a first crack at their newest card, the Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3 by 3D Power.

Take the blue pill...

Most will assume that The Matrix encouraged the use of the Morpheus tag. What gamer does not love the six foot tall Yoda in a trenchcoat? Absolute let the reviewers know that the Morpheus name was used in its Greek God of Dreams connotation.

You may also be wondering why I included the 3D Power tag. According to Absolute, the card is fabbed by 3D Power. Absolute Multimedia packages the card for retail distribution. Absolute is responsible for support and bundling.

And quite a bundle it is, read on...

The GeForce3

What more needs to be said about the GeForce3? It comes with a clockspeed of 200MHz core and 460MHz memory. With more pixel and texture pipelines than any other graphics chip AND several bandwidth saving techniques, the GeForce3 offers the highest level of performance acheived by a retail 3D accelerator.

From the Preview

Please use Mike's extensive preview and additions to acquaint yourself with the GeForce3. It is an outstanding resource.

NVIDIA currently owns all as the RadeonII is not due for another couple of months and the BitBoys are still in vaporland. The KyroIII should prove to be a worthy contender but again time is not on the side of the tiler as the fabled GeForce3 Ultra could be released as a counter-attack.

The Absolute GeForce3

What makes the Absolute offering stand out?

You could say this card is different right out of the box, erm, in the box.

Packing Crate

Wood. High-tech, eh? I wondered why the use of (what seems to be) balsa wood would even be considered but the only response that I could think of was, "why not?" It is cheap, it is unique and the packaging for this card is the most protective I have ever seen.

The card, software bundle and driver cd are all housed with in a pink bed of anti-static foam packing. Very little chance of damage in route to your PC. More on the card in a secondů

Antistatic Bliss - Full size 82KB

The game bundle is one of the best I have ever seen. Not only do you get full versions of MDK2 and No One Lives Forever, you also get the full version of Dronez. That's right, not just the benchmark/demo, the full game. It seems as though Dronez will be the first GeForce3 enabled game to be released.

Zetha Games presents Dronez - Full size 86KB

Dronez was beautiful, but gameplay is not my style. The early revs of the card may have a voucher for NOLF that needs to be sent in to redeem the game.

Already, Absolute has set themselves apart from the competition. Let's see what else is in store for Absolute customers.

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Last Updated on August 4, 2001

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