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Absolute Multimedia MORPHEUS GeForce3

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The Verdict

What's the big deal?

Why should you choose the Absolute Morpheus GeForce3?

Three reasons.

  1. The Game Bundle
  2. The Game Bundle
  3. The Game Bundle

The Thought Process

If you already have two of three of the games, the price difference of going with a stripped down GeForce3 will make sense. What if you want to stock up on a few of the latest and greatest games that really scream and show-off the GeForce3 at the same time you buy a GeForce3? Go Morpheus. The box alone will impress your friends.

Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3

The GeForce3 is proving to be much more than just a refresh of old technology. It is a solid bundle of performance, visual quality and future-proof features (at least the near future).

Likewise the Absolute MORPHEUS GeForce3 is proving to be more than just a refresh of the boring box and instruction manual. You will get solid value out of the Absolute bundle. This is the card that I would recommend to a newbie wanting to game like the pros, or at least look like it. I would also recommend this card to anyone waiting for a good excuse to upgrade who does not always put the lowest price at the top of the list.

Second Thoughts

Another important question you should ask yourself when debating the leap to GeForce3 is "what type of gaming do I do?"

That may seem a bit silly, but if you are still hooked on Half-Life/OpFor, you might get an extra kick from the GeForce3 over the GeForce2, but do you have the monitor to take advantage? If you are still running a 17" monitor, buy a 19" or 21". Then you will be forced to save up your money to buy a GeForce3 because you will finally understand the term "jaggie".

If you like to rip through the latest and greatest games one after another, you owe it to yourself to buy the GeForce3. You will be amazed by how much more involved you are in the gaming experience when Quincunx and 32-tap Aniso team up to give you the outstanding visual quality at a very high level of performance.

With the Absolute MORPHEUS, you get three of the latest and greatest games to round out your catalog, as well as the option to buy even more at discounted rates.  Bonus.

Finishing Up

Absolute studied the gamer. They found the hardcore gamer wants great performance. They must also have found the hardcore gamer to have a short attention span because they bundled three very addictive games with their card. My sample card was not the best overclocker, but yields continue to improve so your results may be better than mine.

Go see for yourself...

While the GeForce3 is damn fast on its own, you need the games to prove it. Absolute delivers both.

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Last Updated on August 4, 2001

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