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Absolute MultiMedia

Outrageous Ultra GeForce DDR

Direct3D and Conclusions


For Direct3D, I decided to run 3D Mark2000 (despite the recent controversy over T&L) and Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens (which highlights T&L). The benchmarks are very typical for the GeForce DDR, but I wanted to show you the added performance of the higher clockspeeds.

3D Mark 2000
3D Mark 2000 - C566@850

Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens
Quake 3 Arena - 32bit color

The results show us that by overclocking, you negate the fillrate and memory bandwidth penalty of upgrading to 32bit color. I know there has been an on-going debate about 32 vs. 16 bit color. All of you out there that own GeForce or TNT2 Ultra's can attest to the enhanced visual quality.

5.xx Features

Not actually included with the card, FSAA and S3TC are standard features in the new reference drivers from nVIDIA, so I thought I would give you a few thoughts on each.

On FSAA, I like it. No doubt, but given the choice to run at 800x600 with FSAA or 1600x1200 with no FSAA 16x12 wins out. We will see more of the future of FSAA as the NV15 rolls out. For now, I am sticking with 1024x768x32.

S3TC is another bonus feature available to GeForce users that, if you don't mind banding in the sky of Quake3, will get you a couple more frames per second, especially in the heavy textured maps, like Q3dm9 featured in the Quaver Demo. It's nice to have it, but I rarely use it. For the most part the GeForce DDR is fast enough, and the hit in visual quality can be noticable. I recommend turning it on when you need it. I may even write a script to enable a texture compression hotkey for Quake3 for when you face the texture laden maps.

For more details on FSAA and S3TC, be sure to check out Mike's articles:


So what did think I of the Absolute MultiMedia Outrageous Ultra GeForce DDR?

Great card. It overclocks very well, and given an oppurtunity to rip off heatsinks and void some warranties, I am sure I could get it past the 155MHz mark easily.

Like many of the newer card manufacturers, AbsoluteMM chose to let the software team at nVIDIA fill their driver needs. Now while it may leave out some of the high-speed features, such as Asus and ELSA's hardware monitoring, it does make for easy upgrades and fast driver patches available to download for the card's users.

The card does not stand out of the GeForce DDR crowd in a clock for clock comparison, but for the price of $259.00 US, you can not beat the value of the card, given the three free titles available through Software Choice.

Absolute MultiMedia

If you are so inclined to purchase a GeForce card, do a little research into buying the Absoloute MultiMedia Outrageous Ultra GeForce DDR. It is worth the time.

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Last Updated on April 21, 2000

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