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Absolute MultiMedia

Outrageous Ultra GeForce DDR

Installation and Benchmarks

Installation was easy, but I have installed more video cards than I care to remember. What about the first time upgrader?

Driver CD Menu

This little panel greets you after inserting the driver CD. The buttons from left to right are:

  • Installation Movie
  • Acrobat Electronic Manual
  • Driver Pre-Install
  • MusicMatch JukeBox Installer (?)
  • WinDVD Installer
  • Software Choice
  • Contact Absolute
  • Exit

The movie uses a strictly visual presentation to help take the fear out of the new tweakers heart. It was a bit of a surprise and given the space on install CD's more companies should do this sort of visual install aid. After running the software pre-install, you then remove the existing card and replace it with the AbsMM GeForce. Windows recognizes the new card and a-gaming-you-will-go.

Software Choice is one of the most appealing features of the Absolute cards. Drakan is included in the box. Available games include Unreal Tournament, Driver, and Heretic II. After purchasing the card, selection of the games is made through the Software Choice website which is linked on the Driver CD's menu window.

The drivers are the nVIDIA reference drivers, save that the device description is changed to "Absolute MultiMedia Outrageous 3D GeForce DDR". Everything else is straight reference driver. The Coolbits tweak works to unleash the overclocking applet in the drivers and I see no reason for the well-minded user to not upgrade to a newer version, as the CD's drivers will always be outdated by the time you open the box. I made the decision to run the 5.13 drivers for the review, because by the time you buy the card, the 5.xx detonators will most likely be in the box.

So how does the card run?

Test System:
  • CeleronII 566@850MHz
  • Celeron 366@550MHz
    • 128MB SDRAM
    • 9.1GB SCSI-2 HD
    • Creative 5X DVD
    • Turtle Beach MontegoII
    • Absolute MultiMedia Outrageous Ultra GeForce DDR


For OpenGL, I chose to use Quake3. Simple choice as it is the most demanding OpenGL game available.

OpenGL - Quake3 1.16 - 16bpp
Quake 3 Arena - 16bit color

Quake3 1.16 - 32bpp
Quake 3 Arena - 32bit color

Quake3 1.16 - 32bpp
Overclocking Results

Quake3 Arena - Overclocking Results

The board revision helps as this is the most highly overclockable GeForce card I have used. Prior to the Absolute GeForce, I was lucky to get a VERY overclockable TNT2 Ultra but GeForce? Not so lucky, until now. The Core was very comfortable throughout the overclocked benchmarks, It did not sit well at 150MHz so I settled at 145MHz for benchmarking. 150MHz was stable for short duration bursts (like when showing off at the next LAN party). I did detect a hint of pixel discoloration at the end of benching from the memory clock. Reinstalling my CardCooler would have probably cleared the problem up.

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Last Updated on April 21, 2000

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