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Tweakmonster Copper RAMsinks
By: Jonathan Martini - January 15, 2002


Once the RAMsinks were ready for installation, I proceeded to ready the patient - my eVGA e-GeForce3. I readied the card by applying a couple of protective layers of masking tape on each end of the heatsinks. I began to pry off the heatsinks by twisting a butter knife between the layers of tape and the heatsinks. They were attatched quite well and had to use a surprising amount of twisting before the adhesive finally gave way.

Now that the standard heatsinks are off, let's compare them to the Tweakmonster RAMsinks.

It's easy to see that the RAMsinks aren't as wide as the standard model as the RAMsinks are the exact size of the memory modules. The picture below displays the height advantage that the RAMsinks have which helps compensate for their smaller width.

The last preparation step for the card before adhesion of the RAMsinks is a light sanding of the memory modules. Next is the preparation of the adhesive. I used Nanotherm's non-conductive thermal epoxy which I received through a contact from Envy News.

After mixing the contents of both syringes in a 1:1 ratio I proceeded to spread a thin amount of the solution on each of the RAMsinks and positioned them on the memory modules. After applying pressure for several minutes, installation was complete. To be safe, I allowed the thermal epoxy 12 hours to harden which is more than ample time as it solidified after 15 minutes. Detailed installation instructions can be found Tweakmonster. The result...

Mission accomplished!!!

Some of you may have noticed the striking similarity with the RAMsinks on OCZ's Titan3 (reviewed here). OCZ purchased a ton of the Tweakmonster's heatsinks to get their GeForce3 card to reach higher memory speeds.

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