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Tweakmonster Copper RAMsinks
By: Jonathan Martini - January 15, 2002


My thoughts on the Tweakmonster Copper RAMsinks are positive. They accomplished what they were designed for and based on other reviews and user testimonials, an additional 15-25MHz in memory speed is attainable. These results are better than my 10MHz increase, but having been able to already reach 550MHz, I wasn't expecting much more of an overclock. I'm pretty sure that if you're stuck at a lower clock speed, say 500MHz, the RAMsinks might work their magic.

Now the big question is are they worth it? That's all up to you. With a set of 8 RAMsinks going for 20 bucks they won't break your wallet and you may be fortunate enough to get an extra 10-20% in 3D graphics performance. I can certainly recommend the Tweakmonster RAMsinks to any hardware enthusiast looking for that extra edge in performance and style.

I'd like to send a special thanks out to Ross over at Tweakmonster for sending nV News the review sample. I'd also like to thank Neil and Ken over at Envy News for donating the 512 megs of DDR memory which powers my test system.

nV News Giveaway!!!

Ross must have been feeling extra giddy the day he sent out the RAMsinks as he seems to have mistakenly added an extra set of 8 copper RAMsinks. ;)

nV News will be giving away the this extra set of RAMsinks to one lucky forum member.


Entering the contest is simple. Provide us with your first and last name, e-mail address, nV News fourm id, and the correct answer to the contest question. Please, only one entry per person (that includes family, friends, deceased, pets, etc.). We will eliminate what we consider duplicate entries, ruling out your chance of winning.

The contest is only open to forum members with 25 or more posts. New to the forum? Then you've got two weeks to get 25 posts.

The contest will conclude at midnight March 1st, 2002 and a winner will be chosen based on a random drawing. The winner will be notified by e-mail using the address submitted on the entry from at which time a mailing address will be requested. The winner's email address must match that of the forum id so be sure to provide the correct e-mail address.

Important: Due to the cost of shipping, this contest is open to those who will be able to provide a mailing address in North America. International readers, and those living in Alaska and Hawaii, can enter the giveaway providing they'll be able to forward the funds to cover shipping (i.e. Internationally viable money order or Paypal). This way, no one gets excluded!

Please don't forget any of the above mentioned required info.

How to enter:

Send an email to nvnews@hotmail.com with all the info mentioned above and the answer to this simple question:

"What's the lowest price for a set of 8 copper RAMsinks without s&h and from which online vendor?" (US vendors only please)

Need a hint?

Good luck!!!

Once again, Thanks to the Tweakmonster for supplying us with this giveaway.

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Last Updated on January 15, 2002

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