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Elsa Erazor X2 Review - Installation and Drivers

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The installation of the Erazor X2 was straightforward. Ensuring that the card fit snugly in the AGP slot on the motherboard, you are greeted with the following panel after firing up the install CD.


Elsaís products are known to have among the best manufacturer drivers around. Elsa named their interface the Winman Suite

With the Winman suite applet embedded in the Windows task bar, you're a click away from changing any of the display settings on this card.

Elsa Display settings. Nice touch allowing the refresh rate to be changed here.

The usual settings found for Direct3D and OpenGL settings.

Elsaís SmartResolution and SmartRefresh utilities. Both utilities allows for the perfect monitor tweaks, such as increasing refresh rates by 1Hz and including options for advanced users.

Video Out screen. Quite a variety of features to tweak the display.

And finally, the Elsa Info screen. It contains all the information you might need to know when calling tech support, such as version numbers, driver files, etc. Basically, anything related to the video card.

More About Drivers

You might have noticed a screen missing that is incorporated into the majority of other drivers - an overclocking applet. Elsa decided not to include this feature in the drivers for the X2, but has incorporated them into the X (SDR) drivers.

Another part of the drivers that are missing in the latest WHQL approved drivers is support for S3TC and FSAA in Direct3D and OpenGL. The reason is because Elsa's X2 drivers are built upon a 3.xx version of the NVIDIA reference drivers. Support for S3TC and FSAA only became available in the leaked incarnations of the 5.xx NVDIA Detonator drivers, and officially in NVIDIA's Detonator II's.

Update: Prior to posting this review, Elsa had released drivers, which are based on NVIDIA's 5.30 reference drivers, for their Erazor X series of cards.

One section where Elsa deserves much credit is with the inclusion of their manual. It's not one of those rip out previous card, place new card in slot, documentation. The manual is over 50 pages long and it covers every aspect of the card and itís included software (as any manual should). Elsa also has an online version in .pdf format of the manual.

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Last Updated on July 19, 2000

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