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eVGA e-GeForce2 Ultra Review - The Card

By: Jonathan Martini - March 7, 2001

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The Card

The first thing I noticed, after the matching "NVIDIA green" memory and GPU heatsinks, that surprised me was the weight of this card. It's that heavy, and I wouldn't recommend installing this card without attaching the screw holding to this case for fear of ripping your AGP port off your mobo. ;)

Those who've seen pictures of GeForce2 Ultra card know they are all built according to NVIDIA's reference design, thus they all look the same. Nothing new or outstanding here, but nothing wrong either.

The eVGA e-GeForce2 Ultra comes fully equipped with a TV-Out powered by Brooktree Conexant BT869, like most other GeForce2 based cards offering TV-Out.

The e-GeForce2 Ultra arrives fully loaded with features as eVGA also opted to add a DVI-out as a standard feature with their card. This is feature isn't included on many GeForce2 Ultra based cards as monitors utilizing DVI connectors are owned by a very small minority of computer users, yet it's nice to see this optional feature included on the e-GeForce2 Ultra.

The Whole Package

Here's a list of items I've received from eVGA:

which includes:

  • eVGA e-GeForce2 Ultra

  • Installation Manual

  • Driver CD

  • Several feet of S-Video cable

  • Feature Card

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Last Updated on March 7, 2001

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