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 eVGA e-GeForce3 - Installation

By: Jonathan Martini - September 12, 2001

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Let's proceed to the installation process as performed by eVGA's installation program.

The utility examines the motherboards AGP drivers, which are crucial for proper functioning of the graphics card on all systems,, especially those with non-Intel chips such as VIA, SiS or Ali based motherboards.

The installer sets the current display driver as a PCI graphics card as it completely removes the current drivers for your video card, reboots the computer, automatically installs the drivers for the  GeForce3, resets the computer once again to load up with the new drivers and voila! Installation completed. I can't imagine an easier way of installing drivers. eVGA's ADM software does everything for you.


What's Included

Here's a picture of everything that's included:

which arrives with:

  • eVGA e-GeForce3

  • Driver CD

  • Quick Installation Manual

  • A few feet of S-Video Cable

The Card

Most manufacturers haven't deviated from the reference design as it has provided a very stable and versatile solution allowing optional TV-out & DVI-out support.

Deviating from the reference design entails additional testing to verify that the new design is acceptable. This additional testing raises the manufacturing fees, thus increasing the manufacturing costs which is bad for both the manufacturer and the consumer. As I previously mentioned, only Asus has modified the reference model extremely slight by moving the memory closer to the GPU.

A quick glance over the pictures quickly demonstrates that eVGA's e-GeForce3 quickly separates itself from the rest of the GeForce3 based crowd by including a TV-out as well as a DVI-out for those lucky few who have monitors that benefit from this feature.

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Last Updated on September 12, 2001

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