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Gainward Ti/450 Golden Sample GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - February 4, 2002

Overclocking Capability

As I mentioned earlier, the unique core cooler found on the Gainward Ti/550 is not on this card. However, the RAM is rated at 4ns. This card comes with default clocks of 200 core and 450 memory, which are higher than most other Ti/200 class cards.  The top stable overclocked ratio that the Ti/450 was able to run at was 240 core and 535 memory in long continuous loop tests. That's a great ratio and is essentially what serves to set this card apart from other vendor's cards. Gainward has once again used a good choice of RAM for their card.

I have talked with my rep at Gainward and explained that the thin blade design of fan is superior, and if at all possible to test a heatsink with thin blades across it's entire surface, with a fan placed on top of it. I explained that the loss of a PCI slot would readily be sacrificed by most in exchange for better core overclocking success. At least he listened to me and followed my logic, but I doubt that they will risk losing some sales due to the PCI slot loss issue. So, if it has to be an orb design, the thin bladed fan is preferable. Bottom line is though, RAM is more important than the core to overclock and yields the most performance increase. This card has RAM which is ideal for overclocking.



Test System:

  • ABIT KR7A (KT266A) motherboard

  • AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU

  • 512MB Crucial PC2100 DDR

  • Maxtor 60GB  7,200rpm ATA/100 HD

  • Creative Audiogy sound card

  • Windows XP Pro OS (fresh installation)

All tests where performed at  32 bit color depths and textures, with v-synch disabled. NVIDIA  Detonator XP 23.11 drivers where used. 

Quake 3

As you can see. This card can match and do better than most higher priced Standard GeForce3 cards can.



3D Mark2001 proves that this card is no slouch in DirectX performance. Very impressive. For example, if you hop over and look at the MSI GeForce3 card which I recently reviewed, you'll see that on the same rig and same driver set, the highest default score that I could pull out of it when over-clocked was 7188. While this Ti/200 class card was able to pull 7339. I would recommend the Gainward Ti/450 over the MSI GF3 without question.



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Last Updated on February 4, 2002

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