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Gainward Ti/450 Golden Sample GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - February 4, 2002


It's hard to believe that I bought my first Diamond Viper 330 Riva128 4MB video card for $50 more than this card costs. At a price of $150, this card rates as a steal for the avid 3D gamer. It can wipe the floor with most other Ti/200 and GF3 cards. Due to Gainward's use of high quality 4ns DRAM, this card makes a lot of sense for for a GeForce3 card buyer to pick. There is nothing bad that I can report on with this card. The 2D quality was exceptionally good, 3D performance rocked and the overall sense of quality shined with this card. It therefore gets my vote as the smartest GeForce3 card to buy for bang for the buck value. I am very strong on Gainward cards now, as they have proven to be the best designed cards of any that I have tested.

With the GeForce4 cards coming out now, this card may soon cost less. In any event, it's a bargain. I am so impressed with Gainward cards, that I would recommend waiting to investigate their cards before investing in any new NVIDIA based card. Gainward just seems to try a bit harder than most the other companies seem to do these days. Gainward has impressed me with their cards, I feel that they are the best vendor of NVIDIA cards now. Other companies may have generic reference knock-offs, but Gainward produces quality cards with quality components that usually run circles around the competitor's cards.


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A special thanks to Gainward - USA  for providing the review sample.


Last Updated on February 4, 2002

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