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Gainward Ti/500 XP GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - January 17, 2002


Gainward is a company which was started about 17 years ago. They have fast become a leader in the graphic card industry. Up to now, I had never had the pleasure of seeing any of their cards in action. They recently sent me the best video card that I have yet reviewed in my five years of doing card reviews. I'll tell you this from the get-go, the Gainward Ti/500 XP GeForce3 card is the first card which I  can honestly say has no faults whatsoever in it's design. It's designed with the NVIDIA fanatic in mind. 

This card does support TV-in and TV-out, which makes it a prime candidate for those whom wish to do video editing or wanting a good card to watch DVD's with. I however am not going to go into the TV in/out features in this review, and will stick mainly to 2D/3D performance and design aspects of the card.

Gainward Ti/500 XP GeForce3

The Card:

Here's a snapshot of the card. As you can see, it's red in color.


Here's a close-up of the cooler fins on this card. They are only about as thick as a razor blade.

Thinner blades = More area for better heat dispersion. This is a very smart design. 

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Last Updated on January 17, 2002

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