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Gainward Ti/500 XP GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - January 17, 2002



NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 GPU, 256-bit 2D & 3D graphics architecture 
Support AGP 2X/4X 
Memory size up to 64MB with ultra fast DDR SDRAM 
Support high resolution up to 2048x1536@75Hz 
Build-in 350MHz RAMDAC with gamma correction 
NTSC / PAL TV-Out with flicker filter 
TV-Out resolution up to 800x600 
Support Composite & S-Video TV-Out 
DirectX and S3CT texture compression 
nfiniteFX engine for full programmability 
Lightspeed Memory Architecture for unmatched performance 
Surface engine for high-order surfaces and patches 
Programmable Vertex Shader 
Programmable Pixel Shader 
HRAA-high-resolution antialiasing 
Integrated hardware transform engine 
Integrated hardware lighting engine 
Dual cube environment mapping capability 
Hardware accelerated real-time shadows 
Support LCD output with DVI connector, the resolution up to 1600x1200(optional) 
High-quality HDTV / DVD playback 

High-definition video processor (HDVP) for full-screen, full-frame video playback of HDTV and DVD content 
Independent hardware color controls for video overlay 
Hardware color-space conversion (YUV 4:2:2 and 4:2:0) 
Per-pixel color keying 
Multiple video windows supported for CSC and filtering 
DVD sub-picture alpha-blended compositing 
 Software Package

Gainward is of the same mindset as I am on the subject of software bundles. That being, that it's more important to include useful utility programs than a couple of junky throw away games with a card. Gainward includes the following full version programs with this card:

  • Win DVD

  • Win Producer

  • Win Coder

  • Adobe ActiveShare

  • Imagemore

  • E-Color 3Deep

  • Gainward Expertool

 As you can see, this card comes with a whole list of programs to view and edit video and watch DVD titles with. It's an ideal card for those who want a good game card, yet also want to be able to create videos with.
Image Quality

The Gainward Ti/500 XP has some of the cleanest 2D that I have ever seen. It's crystal clear and a joy to use compared to some other companies cards which I can remember reviewing. They obviously choose to use high quality filters on this card. The 3D image quality is of course great. The gamma is not set too dark with this card, and I would have to rate this card as excellent in terms of image quality.

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Last Updated on January 17, 2002

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