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NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 Experiences
By: Jonathan Martini - April 9, 2002

F1 2001

In my search for diversity, I heard my friend rambling about EA Sports' latest open-wheel racing opus, F1 2001. I borrowed the game from my buddy as within .2 ns was instantly hooked. While I'm a great admirer of this sport, I must admit that my enthusiasm can't help my horrible racing performance. While toying around with various driving aids, I stumbled across a beginner setting in which the car drives itself (all you have to do is press the gas). The lap times from this setting are nearly identical (within couple hundredths of a second), so I fired up FRAPS and took my Ferrari for a spin around the hustle and bustle of the Monaco circuit.

Monaco, with its luxury high-rises and residences placed just a few feet from the track is a very taxing performance test and can be comparable to the famous q2crusher demo in which the worst case scenario is tested.

Test runs consisted of four practice laps around the track with FRAPS being enabled just as the car exited the pit area. The scores below are averages of three separate runs of the program.

The GeForce4 MX 440 enjoys its first win in this racing benchmark. The GeForce3 Ti 200 and GeForce4 MX's enjoy the Z-buffer compression capabilities of the LMA as they catapulted past the GeForce2 Ultra, which doesn't incorporate such a feature.


Dronez was another game released around the GeForce3's launch that had capabilities to utilize GeForce3 specific nFinite effect engine.

Once again, the GeForce3 was tested with and without it's special features enabled.

Aquamark made use of the GF3 features to improve performance, whereas in Dronez the GF3 features improve image quality features such as texture shaders and vertex programs. The GF3 Ti 200 flexes it's programmable muscles once again as it smokes it's competitors with identical settings (GeForce2 Pro/Ultra) and provides the image quality features at performance similar to that of the GeForce4 MX 440. 

Return to Castle Wolfenstien

Return to Castle Wolfenstein uses an updated version of the Quake 3 Arena : Team Arena engine to power its splendid scenes. The demo utilized for testing purposes is 3DCenter's Checkpoint demo.

All three cards handle themselves very respectably, with the GF3 Ti 200 distancing itself from the GF4 MX 440 at 1024x768 and again at 1600x1200. 

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