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Mouse Bungee Review

By: Brian Gray - July 26, 2000


Late last year, I was blessed to receive a Razer BoomSlang 2000 review unit from Karna.  At the end of the review, I mentioned I was still a bit shaky with the added sensitivity and the difficulty of the "mouse sling" move that was so easy with the lighter Intellimouse.  I am now completely in love with the BoomSlang's performance.  The long cord, though, can be a nuisance so I toyed, reluctantly, with the idea of a cordless mouse.  Most cordless mice, however, do not have sampling rates to appease the hardcore gamer like the BoomSlang does.

We all know the feeling, "one frag left", your tied with some other punk, and your mouse cord snags on your beer causing you to miss the kill shot and lose to your best friend/worst enemy.  I hate the mouse excuse, heh...

Enter the Mouse Bungee...

Make a great mouse better.

Mouse Bungee contacted me and sent a review unit.  When it arrived, I pulled the goofy looking piece plastic with two springs jumping out of it from the mini-shipping tube and marveled at its beautiful simplicity.

Goofy, But Cool

Here is the Mouse Bungee in all it's glory...

Goofy but cool.

Now, I consider myself a pretty bright guy, so why I didn't not think of this first, I dunno'.  I mean, I have seen mouse cord holders before, but this one is obvously geared towards gamers.  For one thing the Mouse Bungee carries some weight.  The weight comes from a ball bearing about an inch in diameter in the center of the plastic base.  Underneath the plastic assembly are no-slip rubber feet, similar to those found on the RatPadz gaming surface.  It will not slide around, even in the most fierce gib fest.

What gives the Mouse Bungee the Bungee part are the springs that tame your mouse's tail.  Even when hitting the limits of available mousing desk space, the springs allow a freedom of movement I have not seen from other mouse cord managers, but at the same time maintain a good tension assuring a well controlled cord.


If you have any questions after viewing the following images from the Mouse Bungee website, you may have some issues.

Even my wife could do it. (Just kidding, honey.)


I had no idea how to benchmark the Mouse Bungee, so I didn't.  Instead, I played Quake3.  :þ   Prior to having the Bungee, I would notice that the very long and heavy cord of the BoomSlang would slip off the edge of the desk when ever making quick movements.  This problem is gone.  Thanks to the Mouse Bungee, the BoomSlang is now THE perfect gaming mouse.

Mouse Bungee and BoomSlang 2K
Ultimate Fragging Gear

I recently tried gaming without the Mouse Bungee and immediately came to the conclusion that I was stupid for doing so.


On my list of must have gaming gear.

Upon rereading the review, I realized this may have sounded a bit like an advertisement.  Good, because it is a great product.  Priced at $16.95 for white or black, and $19.95 for your choice of the five transluscent colors, it is worth it to say goodbye to mouse cord headaches.

Many people spend $20 on a mouse pad, so why not buy a Bungee?

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Last Updated on July 26, 2000

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