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128 MB Mushkin High Performance Revision 3 222 Ram Review - SiSoft Sandra Performance

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Test System

Test System:

Pentium 3 550E (@550 and 733 MHz)
Abit BE6-II Motherboard
Hercules 3D Prophet II 32 MB @ 200/350MHz
Beta Detonator Driver version 6.50 (Gateway)
Vsync Disabled
SB Live X-Gamer (High Quality Sound)
20 GB Quantum LM with ATA/66
Windows ME
DirectX 8.0

I tested the memory at a front side bus speed of 100 MHz as well as at 133MHz to see the improvement in performance that CAS 2 holds over CAS 3.

The Contenders

In this corner...

Mushkin Rev 3 PC150 Cas 2 Ram

And in this corner...

Micron Technologies PC133 Ram


They're sizing each other up...

FIGHT!!! ;)


SiSoft Sandra 2001

SiSoft Sandra 2001 is a complete benchmarking suite that is capable of focusing on many aspects of systems running Windows 9x/Me. Let's see the improvement in performance achieved when I switched my 128 MB stick of Micron RAM with the Mushkin sample. I turned the CAS settings of the Mushkin stick down to 3 to compare the performance of both sticks on a level playing field.

I'll begin with the performance with the front side bus speed of 100MHz.

Micron @ 100MHz

Mushkin Cas 3 @ 100 MHz

Mushkin Cas 2 @ 100 MHz

Micron @ 133 MHz

Mushkin Cas 3 @ 133 MHz

Mushkin Cas 2 @ 133 MHz

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Last Updated on February 16, 2001

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