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eVGA GeForce2 MX Showdown

The Cards

By: Jonathan Martini - June 20, 2001

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Upclose and Personal

eVGA's only deviation from NVIDIA's reference design is the improved memory speeds for the 32 meg variant. I have yet to see one video card manufacture deviate from the reference design as it has provided a very stable and versatile solution allowing TV-out support, DVI-out support as well as support for a second monitor.

Deviating from the reference design entails additional testing to verify that the new design is acceptable. This additional testing raises the manufacturing fees, thus increasing the manufacturing costs which is bad for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

eVGA e-GeForce2 MX400 32 MB

This is the most basic form of the card, providing no additional options such as TV-out or TwinView support, but eVGA has  a  lineup of MX400 variants that are sure to provide you with every option that the GeForce2 MX400 can offer.

Unfortunately, the e-GeForce2 MX400 32MB does not support eVGA's VIVO module in case you order the base model and desire to add a TV-out at a later date. The TV-out TwinView model is only 10 dollars more though.

eVGA e-GeForce2 MX400 64MB

The 64 meg card is about a half inch shorter than the already small GeForce2 MX400 card, but is wider to accommodate the memory modules located above the GPU.

The eVGA e-GeForce2 MX400 64MB also doesn't support the VIVO module to cut down on costs.

Both cards use 8 meg memory modules, so the 64 MB variant has placed half the memory on the underside of the card to accommodate the modules.

What's Included

Here's a picture of the item I've received from eVGA:

which arrives with:

  • eVGA e-GeForce2 MX400

  • Installation Manual

  • Driver/Demo CD


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Last Updated on June 20, 2001

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