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eVGA GeForce2 MX Showdown


By: Jonathan Martini - June 20, 2001

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Installation of a component with a vital role such as a video card's spooks many people out. There will always be those that are willing to pay someone 30 bucks to open up your case for two minutes and switch the cards but eVGA has developed an amazingly simple installation utility that will do everything for you except place the card in the AGP slot.

Let's take a gander at this patented piece of software. The intro screen appears upon insertion of the CD, followed by the menu.

Before proceeding, I examined their Online Manual which, as opposed to it's name, is available off the CD. It's covers various aspects of your system, explains the software used during the installation process and gives a thorough run down on anything related to the graphics card (i.e. motherboard AGP drivers, chipsets, procedure to install cards and importance of recent drivers).

Know Your System

Automatic Driver Management

Chipset Check




eVGA has also developed a tutorial, which allows a first time user to practice the procedure necessary to install/update drivers for a new video card that are yet to be WHQL'd. The tutorial function is to show newbies that they shouldn't worry about non-WHQL drivers. What really impressed me about the tutorial is that it isn't just a couple of pictures in a slide shown. These are windows that  are identical to those found in windows, and the options must actually be checked and the OK button clicked to go on, just like it really is. Great work eVGA!

Here's a couple screenies of the procedure:



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Last Updated on June 20, 2001

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