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Overclockerz Store - OCZ GeForce2 PRO 64Meg Review

By: Brian Gray - December 17, 2000

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The Overclockerz Store has burst onto the hardware web scene by providing the overclocker the gear necessary to get the extra MHz out of that PentiumIII or T-Bird. Recently, OCZ decided to get into the graphics business. By working closely with a couple of OEM suppliers, OCZ hopes to give users with overclocking in minda break on the cost of a video card.

The first card to be sent into the lab from OCZ is a GeForce2 PRO based model. Here comes a bit of history and some specs for the Pro.

The GeForce2 Pro

When the Ultra made its debut, many OEMs were left with a bit of sticker shock. Those OEMs asked for a performance solution for their PCs that was not quite at the price level of the Ultra. NVIDIA answered with the GeForce2 Pro.

Packaged with 64MB of 5ns DDR SDRAM, the GeForce2 GTS gets a face lift and a performance boost thanks to the 6.4GB/s of memory bandwidth of the faster memory. If you look at a comparison chart of specs, you will see the Pro to be a stop-gap performer.

GeForce2 Pro Specifications

  GeForce2 GTS GeForce2 Pro GeForce2 Ultra
Process Technology .18 micron .18 micron .18 micron
Core/Memory Speed 200MHz/333MHz 200MHz/400MHz 250MHz/460MHz
Memory Amount 32/64MB 64MB 64MB
Memory Bandwidth 5.3GB/Sec 6.4GB/Sec 7.4GB/Sec
Pixels/Clock 4 4 4
Pixels/Second 800 Million 800 Million 1000 Million
Texels/Clock 8 8 8
Texels/Second 1600 Million 1600 Million 2000 Million
Polygons/Second 25 Million 25 Million 31 Million

Most specs there look fimiliar and look similar to the standard GTS, but the added memory bandwidth is key to the performance of the Pro. Now able to get closer to theoretical limits, the faster memory breathes new life into the GeForce2 chip. No longer bound by only 32MB of memory at 333MHz, NVIDIA does their version of scalability to acheive more bang for the buck.

OCZ and The Pro

We have seen several of the card makers decide to skip the Pro and just focus on the Ultra and GTS, Creative for example. However Guillemot, Leadtek and many more have decided to offer the Pro as a filler card, of course for the retail level but also for the system builders. Many PC companies want a boost of performance and a 64MB card, but are not willing to dive into the Ultra's price territory for it.

OCZ saw an excelent oppurtunity for the overclocker to acheive near Ultra performance with out the Ultra price. By overclocking, of course...

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Last Updated on December 17, 2000

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