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Logitech Optical MouseMan Wheel Review - Installation

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After ripping through the box, I immediately noticed the somewhat heavier weight of the MouseMan Wheel when compared to my slinky 2 year old 3 button Logitech mouse.

I then went to work installing the proper USB drivers (yep, my first USB device), then installing the MouseWare software and a couple reboots later, the neat blue LED illuminates. Definitely useful for showing off to your pals without even saying a word. :)

MouseWare Drivers

Logitech's MouseMan comes with a sweet set of drivers named MouseWare that allows users to customize any aspect of your mouse.

And now for a special surprise:

Yup, I've got both mice working simultaneously. As it is now, I can setup one mouse for my high sensitivity needs in Windows, and use the other for lower sensitivity used to play games.

As an added bonus Logitech added an option to allow my old 3-button PS/2 mouse

to change the report rate at which the position of the mouse is reported to the computer. The normal rate is 40Hz. Third party utilities such as PS2 Rate +, also allow the rate to be changed.

Their suite is easily accessible through the task bar:

But I hate the clutter in my taskbar and Logitech provides a simple, hide icon option, by simply right clicking on the icon.

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Last Updated on October 3, 2000

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