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Optical MouseMan Wheel Review - Drivers & Ergonomics

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Special Features

The MouseMan Wheel is perfectly capable of running without the MouseWare software, but it will lose all the added functionality. MouseWare allows you to incorporate many features to your mouse (any Logitech mouse by the way) such as copy, paste, maximize, minimize, all the F keys, enter, backspace, etc. and even incorporates a shortcut to My Computer.

Another feature Logitech has included is the Web Wheel. The purpose of this wheel is for quick navigation around the web.

The simple functions on the right can be set to your favorite sites (and nV News better be there :) The options on the left (starting by the upper one, working my way down) are shortcuts to bookmarks, followed be reload, back, stop, and help.

And finally, another option of the middle wheel is referred to as the universal scroll. Clicking brings up this image:

with it's little arrow going upwards or downwards. Move the mouse in the direction you'd like the screen to scroll towards and you're set. No more controls. Of course, some of you read faster than others, so to make it scroll faster, just move the arrow farther away.

A variation of the above feature is that you can control the scroll of the whole page with the mouse just as you would control the scroll bar.

There is a similar option for pages that also scroll in all directions.

Internal Workings

Caught over at Got Apex? that both the Logitech Optical mice and their Microsoft counterpart are in fact using the same optical sensor manufactured by Agilent Technologies. Here are some links for more info about the chips and the specs of the optical sensor. At 1500 dpi, it's a smooth ride.

Skipping what happens when you move you mouse too fast for it to locate the change in directions. So for those of you that are extremely erratic and have very fast-paced movements of the mouse, I suggest you think twice about considering an optical mouse as this problem is prevalent. This has rarely occurred to me over the last month and a half that I've owned this mouse. Finding the perfect balance of sensitivity is of utmost importance to reduce this annoying effect.


And now to the most important aspect of any mouse - the feel. This is a very sleek mouse. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is extremely comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time. The sides of the mouse are made of a hard rubber that allow additional grip and provide a small window for a very cool transparent effervescence effect.

The wheel is also made of this rubber siding. The contour molding of the mouse may seem odd, but once you rest your hand upon it, you'll be convinced that this is right for you. The shape is an improvement over Logitech's original MouseMan Wheel design. While taking pictures of the mouse shown on the first page, I was using the older three button mouse and already missed using the Optical MouseMan. I guess this is a simple testament of how well this product is designed.

The mouse has a very solid feel to it as Logitech decided to install a weight in the mouse for it not to feel too flimsy or cheap. The wheel scrolls with a solid sensation of every click. Which brings me to the buttons. They have a responsiveness that was lacking in my previous mouse and have a shorter travel distance with a pronounced click at the end.

This mouse does come in one form factor which is tailored for right-handed mouse users only. But lefties aren't left out in the cold. Check out Envy News' review of the Logitech's Wheel Mouse which is smaller and symmetrical and offers left-handed use.

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Last Updated on October 3, 2000

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