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MSI StarForce 822 GeForce3 Review
By: Pakman - November 16, 2001


Well, what's not to like about this card? Low price is about $237 right now at For that, you get a GeForce3 card which overclocked, can go toe to toe with a Ti500 card running at default settings. You get great 2D quality, TV-in/out, free DVD software and of course top notch 3D performance and quality. About the only thing lacking are some freebie games. But heck, freebie games usually suck anyway,

I'd have to say that this is a good choice for those looking to spend less than $240 on a GeForce3 card and wanting TV-in/out. Heck, if someone is scoring 9,394 in 3DMark2001 default test with one, who can knock this card? I give it a solid thumbs up rating, MSI has delivered a good product. It's no wonder that they are the #1 producer of GeForce3 cards.



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A special thanks to Philip of MSI for providing the review sample.


Last Updated on November 16, 2001

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