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OCZ Technologies Titan 3 GeForce3 Review
By: Mike Chambers - August 10, 2001


Do you crave the need for speed? Does gaming at high resolutions using quality graphics settings appeal to you? What about minimizing the effects of aliasing and being able to maintain playable frame rates? Is 2D image quality important to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then by all means, read on.

Catering to the game enthusiast who isn't willing to modify a stock GeForce3 for better cooling, OCZ Technology has done just that and in conjunction with 3D Chipset have released the Titan 3 GeForce3 graphics card. Here's the full press release.

OCZ Technology group teams up with 3DChipset to release GeForce 3 based graphics card with 515Mhz memory speed

Nampa, Idaho

July 16, 2001 - OCZ Technology Group in cooperation with 3DChipset.com announced the release of the OCZ TITAN 3 video adapter. The Titan 3 is based on the Nvidia Geforce 3 chipset and boasts features such as 3.8ns 526Mhz (2 x 263) DDR ram running at speeds of 515Mhz, GPU speeds of 215Mhz, improved 2D quality and pure copper ram cooling. Complete specifications are available at: ocztech.com/products/titan3.html

Nvidia only specifies a 460Mhz RAM clock for the Geforce 3 card. We based the decision to ramp up the clock speed solely to improve performance, said Melvin Wong, of OCZ Technology Group.

The Titan 3 will be released in a retail box and OEM version. The OEM version in an effort to remain more cost effective for system builders will not include the copper ram coolers.

The Titan 3 64Mb version is expected to begin shipping July 21, 2001. Pre-ordering will be available through several vendors on Tuesday. Pricing for the retail box of the Titan 3 is $369.99 and the cost effective solution for system builders will cost $349.99

Outfitted with copper memory heatsinks and the Thermaltake Blue Orb graphics processor cooler, the Titan 3 isn't your average run-of-the-mill GeForce3. With the standard GeForce3 having a processor clock speed of 200MHz and a memory speed of 460MHz, the Titan 3 sports a processor clock speed of 215MHz and a memory speed of 515MHz.

OCZ Technologies Titan 3 GeForce3

Click to Enlarge - 187KB

It should be noted that since NVIDIA's GeForce3 made its debut a few months ago, fabrication yields have matured to a point where the graphics processing unit has become quite overclockable. On the other hand, memory performance is primarily dictated by its speed rating and quality. The Titan 3 ships with 64MB of 3.8ns rated DDR memory from EliteMT, which is known to reach frequencies of around 526MHz. To determine how overclockable the GeForce3 has become, I decided to conduct my own informal investigation.

I visited a number of hardware message forums, including our own, searching for topics on overclocking the GeForce3. While some of the replies were from those who have taken their own measures to improve cooling, the average speeds from 34 observations were 228MHz for the graphics processor and 525MHz for the memory. Based on this result, the default clock speeds of the Titan 3 may not be that remarkable after all.

But with all this attention given to cooling, the Titan 3 is guaranteed to operate at the higher clock speeds and you just might want to know how it performs when clocked higher. I certainly did, but you'll have to read on to find that out.

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