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VisionTek 5564 Everything
The NVIDIA Personal Cinema

By: Brian Gray - October 10, 2001


VisionTek will be one of the first and only companies to produce a video card bundled with the NVIDIA Personal Cinema. The Personal Cinema is NVIDIA's response to the ATI All-in-Wonder line by offering hardware support for TV-in, DVD playback and Audio-Video editing.

VisionTek's new look...

First the hardware...

The Toys

Throw yo hands up!

Inside you'll find a neatly packed bundle including tons of cables, remote control, WDM, video card, install guide, and even a couple of AAA batteries. The egg-crate handles the heaviest bundle for a video card I have come across easily, not allowing components to rattle around.

Loaded with goodies.

Zooming In

Here are close-ups of each of the components.


Still green.

Here you see the possible connections of the Personal Cinema VIVO module. Ports include the CATV/Satellite coax input, S-Video in and out, composite in and out, Audio out (to the sound card in this case), and the control cable connection over to the video card. Unlike many VIVO cards out there, the jumble of cables can be permanently tied down AWAY from the back of your PC.

Active cooling.

Middle connector.

There is a new connector in-between the Twin-View CRT connectors. This is the umbilical over to the VIVO module. The card itself was tagged as a VisionTek MX400 64MB VIVO.

Loaded with goodies.

Full feature remote, you bet. It has a numeric keypad and a four-direction touchpad. The remote has a power button for both WinDVD and WinDVR.


The WDM module houses the receiver for the remote. The module has a red LED that confirms reception of commands from the remote. Range on the remote was more than I could test in the computer room. Like I mentioned before, the batteries are included. Commands like record, pause, and menu are all available.

The hardware is imperative to the Personal Cinema, however the software makes it live. Next up, we will install the hardware and the software and start pushing buttons.

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