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X-Micro Hulk V GeForce2 MX Review

By: Mike Chambers - December 28, 2000

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In an already crowded field of NVIDIA add-on card makers, a relative newcomer has recently joined the scene. X-Micro Technology was established in 1999 and is a leading manufacturer in both the design and distribution of 3D graphics cards in Taiwan. X-Micro's product line is also available throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

X-Micro Hulk V GeForce2 MX

While wandering around their web site and reading the company profile page, it became clear that X-Micro is committed to producing high quality products. The company takes pride in it's rigorous testing thoughout the product lifecycle which ensures that their graphics cards are of the utmost quality. Here is some of the information I copied from the company's profile page:

We have in placed quality programs as Incoming Quality Control, In Process Quality Control, Reliability Testing and Environment Testing to ensure the best qualities in our products. The products that we manufacture are certified by the fulfillment of ISO 9001 standards. We understand and strongly believe that the only way to gain the trust of our customers is to offer the best quality products.

While I find interesting is the phrase "gain the trust of our customers." If X-Micro is sincere in this respect, I see the potential for continued success as new customers become familiar with their GeForce and GeForce2 offerings. Trust is a very powerful word and customers like the reassurance associated with it.

X-Micro Interview

In order to familiarize ourselves with X-Micro, I've included a brief question and answer session with Ling Hsu who has a position in the Marketing Department.

X-Micro Home Page

nV News: Can you give us an overview of X-Micro? What makes X-Micro tick?

Ling: X-Micro is in business to provide advanced and reliable graphics products at competitive prices to our customers. In order to meet our goals we focus on developing new products and technology in a timely manner. We continuously evaluate demand for our products and can respond rapidly to market conditions with a flexible supply chain. Ultimately our primary goal at X-Micro is striving to achieve customer satisfaction.

nV News: The list of NVIDIA add-on card manufacturers is long and filled with established companies such as Asus, Creative Labs, Elsa, Hercules, and Leadtek. How will X-Micro be able to survive against these heavy hitters?

Ling: It will not be easy, but certainly not impossible. The key factor is to constantly enhance our products to exceed customer expectations and offer an effective solution in the after service market. We are a growing company that meets those requirements.

nV News: What are your thoughts on NVIDIA's GeForce chipsets in general? Do you feel that gamers are better off today with a graphics processing unit that can accelerate transform and lighting (T&L)?

Ling: I think the GeForce and GeForce2 chipsets are the best graphics chipsets in the market today. T&L doesn't make a big difference in games yet. However, this may soon change when a programmable T&L unit is offered by NVIDIA. At the moment, games using T&L may run just faster.

nV News: What's on your wish list as far as future technolgy that you would like to see coming from NVIDIA? (Hidden Surface Removal, Embedded Memory, Better FSAA, etc.)

Ling: All of the above - especially improved FSAA and HSR in Hardware.

nV News: Is X-Micro planning to release graphics cards based on future NVIDIA products such as the yet unannounced NV20?

Ling: Actually, we are planning to since we want to continue offering high end products. However, the final decision to allocate mass production is dependent on market demand.

nV News: Any comments on NVIDIA's acquistion of 3dfx.

Ling: I just hope that NVIDIA doesn't get lazy due to the lack of strong competition.

nV News: Where do you see X-Micro a year from now?

Ling: We believe that X-Micro will be a well known brand name around the world and will continue to supply high quality graphics cards.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Ling.

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Last Updated on January 3, 2001

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