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  1. LIVE BLOG: AFDS 2012 Keynote 2 - Gaikai, SRS, Microsoft
  2. Gaikai_Inc: RT @GIBiz: Machinima content comes to Gaikai http://t.co/yfm7eD5o Video c
  3. Gaikai_Inc: Samsung News Center: SAMSUNG Set to Become a Major Force in the Video Gam
  4. Sony Admits Cloud is 'Absolutely Inevitable', is 'Considering How This Can be a
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  6. More Xbox leaks: Microsoft once considered an OnLive acquisition
  7. Leaked Microsoft document details $299 Xbox 720 in 2013, Kinect glasses, OnLive acqui
  8. Gaikai_Inc: Latest Games on Every Computer: Free Cloud Gaming on Gamesrocket http://t
  9. Gaikai_Inc: RT @bburbank: Hey Tera has a free demo now! It runs using Gaikai's stream
  10. Gaikai_Inc: RT @AMDSoftware: David Perry, CEO of Gaikai talks cloud gaming at #afds h
  11. Gaikai_Inc: RT @The_Daily_Net: Woah apparently you can play a demo of TERA right in y
  12. Gaikai_Inc: RT @LogicNamedJesse: Play TERA free for seven days or try the instant, no
  13. Gaikai_Inc: RT @SamFr3sh: Can I just give it up to Tera Online for having the coolest
  14. Gaikai_Inc: RT @_Alethia: Try out #TERA today for FREE! Choose between the demo versi
  15. Gaikai_Inc: We've added Agricultural Simulator 2012 to Gaikai! Play this farm sim fro
  16. Gaikai_Inc: RT @dgvenom: Play Console Games in your browser for free. ?? GaiKai Revi
  17. Gaikai_Inc: RT @anisci: "Game visual will reach new levels, only possible from the cl
  18. Gaikai Reportedly Looking For a Buyer
  19. Gaikai_Inc: RT @Game_Diplomacy: @Gaikai_Inc If you've tried Gaikai you know this is f
  20. Gaikai_Inc: RT @LATimesbiz: Gaikai streams video games the way Netflix streams movies
  21. Gaikai_Inc: Gaikai streams video games the way Netflix streams movies http://t.co/k8z
  22. Gaikai_Inc: RT @kercdbh: We're getting a live demo of Gaikai now, streaming a game di
  23. Gaikai_Inc: RT @neofreko: native games on chrome? #io12 #gaikai
  24. Gaikai_Inc: RT @mcontreras: Una demo de Gaikai en el #io12 !!
  25. Gaikai_Inc: RT @hydroninja9: yes gaikai !!!!!! LOVE IT #io12