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  1. Gaikai_Inc: Video: Gaikai at Google I/O -- Captured from Live Google I/O Keynote Stre
  2. Gaikai_Inc: RT @dperry: Gaikai was just demonstrated live streaming Bulletstorm to Ch
  3. Gaikai at Google I/O -- Captured from Live Google I/O Keynote Stream -- June 28, 2012
  4. Gaikai_Inc: RT @GamesBeat: Gaikai streams Bulletstorm console game in the Chrome brow
  5. Gaikai_Inc: Gaikai shows cloud gaming at Google I/O http://t.co/8ythstIp via @Fudzill
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  9. Gaikai_Inc: At Google I/O this week Gaikai demonstrated a version of the service that
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  11. Gaikai_Inc: RT @ratneshpkn: This is insane! http://t.co/WmPVFit0
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  13. What Sony's Gaikai purchase means to PlayStation's cloud gaming future
  14. Sony buys Gaikai cloud gaming service
  15. Gaikai_Inc: Sony Computer Entertainment to Acquire Gaikai Inc., a Leading Interactive
  16. Sony Buys Out Gaikai for $380 Million, A Stormy Future for Cloud Gaming?
  17. Samsung Display Company is World's Largest Display Maker
  18. Gaikai Beta Available Now On Samsung Smart TVs
  19. Sony‚??s $380 Million Gaikai Acquisition Shows LA‚??s Technical Talent
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  23. Gaikai_Inc: RT @JLockwoodVT: welcome to the future... streaming video games from the
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