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10-09-07, 07:17 PM
I scored on this on...The heat sink is fantastic :)
It looks like this: Orthos(x4) stable @ 3.42ghz 1.45v 57C(fans on MED) not to mention the NB, PWM and likely the RAM are all ~5C cooler under this load
I followed Orthos testing with a 3Dmark06 run that scored 13233 (http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=3329748) and showed CPU temps of 48C (fans on Low)
Running the Sythe Ninja as soon as I got 1.4v or > temps went out of control.
The GTX ran @ 630/1500/2000 and was @ 59C(fans on Low)
I'm very happy with the new clocks and temps. I can't believe the GeminII will be free once I get the MIR back...that rocks
So, what would a project be with out pics?? ..boring hehe






10-09-07, 07:26 PM
looks awesome!

10-10-07, 07:29 AM
Looks great! Tight fit there with the dual 120mm cooler ;)
The Centurion 532 is just a regular ol' mid-tower and yep its about filled :), I want a bigger case like the Cosmos (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119138).....but for some strange reason I can't bring myself to give this one up

10-10-07, 07:34 AM
I count 8 120 fans in your case (including one in the psu I guess) I bet its like a tornado in there :captnkill:

10-11-07, 05:45 AM
I count 8 120 fans in your case (including one in the psu I guess) I bet its like a tornado in there :captnkill:

WRONG!!!! hehehe
six 120mm, four 80mm(one in the PSU).....
I deplore noise....nothing annoys me more than having to hear fan noise while I'm on my PC. I designed this cooling to be quiet and perform. All the the fans are Antec Tri-Cools set on "low", fan graits are removed, the fans are even rubber mounted and I have sound absorbing material on the case sides, top & bottom.
So, all together it sounds like a whisper and the cooling is kick ass :)

10-11-07, 10:24 AM
INSANE!!!! looks killor dewd. Nice temps indeed.