View Full Version : Parallel port

10-11-07, 01:37 AM
Hi all. I'm going to buy an ASUS M2N-E Socket AM2 motherboard, but it hasn't LPT port. Does anyone use this port nowadays? And what hardware could to plug to this port?
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10-11-07, 08:15 AM
Its commonly used by older printers and a few scanners. I don't think any new hardware uses these anymore. I've not had a parallel port in my rig in many years.

10-11-07, 08:28 AM
Mostly legacy hardware, serial and parallel have been replaced by USB.

10-11-07, 10:18 AM
Jakup loves that port. :D

10-11-07, 10:40 AM
Jakup loves that port. :Dlol

I'm sure his second favorite would be the much beloved serial port(s). :D

I still use serial - for the APC UPS I got from work for free.