View Full Version : AV on Windows Mobile

10-11-07, 10:06 PM
OK. I have an imate JasJam (HTC Hermes), it comes with WM5 and CA AV. Now I usually remove the Anti-Virus from the get go, but I'm wondering if any one actually uses AV for their PDA and should I actually be concerned about it? I have Bluetooth and Wireless turned off 95% of the time.

10-11-07, 10:37 PM
I don't, I just scan for virus's about once a month manually with it synced to my PC (you can set the program to scan certain directories and I just choose the device)

10-12-07, 12:16 AM
Sounds like a plan to me. I just wonder if my PC AV (Avast Free as I'm a cheap skate) has Windows Mobile viruses in it's database...