View Full Version : USB Drive. Vista format prompt

10-12-07, 04:16 PM
I have two Corsair USB Flash Drives. They both work well but one prompts me to format the drive every time i plug it into my Vista PC.

They are both formatted with NTFS and both work on any other computer. Even the one that prompts me for a format each time works fine if i 'cancel' the prompt and open the drive via My Computer. (It shows up as 'Unrecognised Drive' when i do this.

I've run error checking on it and the drive is healthy. I've tried different Drive letters assigned to it, different USB ports and even followed the promp to format several times but the same message appears each time i plug it in.

Anyone have any experience with this issue or can anyone suggest anything to get Vista to recognise this Drive?


10-13-07, 12:43 AM
I've had this problem before.....

Try formating it in XP as Fat32 and see if it shows up right on the Vista box.

Also, when you plug it in to the Vista box, try going into device manager and changing the caching options on the disk. I forget if I disabled all caching or selectively changed it.

Let me know if you get it working. I had this same problem, but honestly I forgot EXACTLY how I got it up and running again.

10-18-07, 01:48 AM
I'll try your suggestions, thanks. Just need access to an XP based rig now. :rolleyes: