View Full Version : 4GB of RAM supported in Vista 32 bit?

10-16-07, 02:12 AM
I think it ain't but could I see some benefit, and if not those who run 64 bit know of a way to make Lineage II run with Vista 64 bit, and does Vista 64 bit still have as many problems?

I also keep seeing these "Vista Upgrade" packages on Newegg from OCZ, and they say "Quad Channel". I already have 2GB of OCZ Plat and just plan to by the 2GB kit of it again so I can have 4GB, will I also have this "quad channel" or is that specific to the RAM? To me I'd think that quad channel would be 4GB of the same RAM running at the same speed right?

10-16-07, 03:53 AM
No, the cap is 3GB to the best of my knowledge. Even 2GB is preferred.

10-16-07, 06:30 AM
I think the limit for 32bit addressing is 4Gb, but the OS also needs to address the graphics card memory, memory sticks and other things, so all that will be taken away from the RAM, as I understand it..
You wont get the full 4Gb in other words.

10-16-07, 08:58 AM
Yeah thinking of goin 64 bit infact I made my mind up to go 64 bit vista. I have ultimate, and play BF2 so I think I could defiantly benefit from 4GB of RAM.. and according to Mark Rein UT3 will be using quiet a bit of RAM along with Unreal 3 games.. and I already know Crysis is effected by RAM... Its pretty choppy mainly because of my lack of RAM to handle it and Vista in some areas..

10-16-07, 11:12 AM
A nice mix is dualbooting XP 32bit and Vista 64.
XP x64 was sorta abandoned it felt like.. I used it next to my 32bit XP for a while and the support never really cought on that well..
Vista 64 is alot different, it seems to be almost as well supported as Vista 32 this time around.

I ran into some issues with viewportrendering in Maya on XP, so Im mainly using Vista 64 now, but some games run noticable slower on it, WoW runs horrible for example... cant compare with Vista 32.
So I would advice you to run dualboot until the day you feel that you no longer use XP and dont need it.
As it is now I occationally boot over to XP to play games, but most games run acceptably here, albeit a bit slower, so I often dont bother if its just a gaming break.

10-16-07, 12:05 PM
Video codecs are very limited on 64bit OS. Yeah it supports vary depending on the video card used. I had 4GB and had 3.25GB free for the OS Thats due to having a 768MB 8800GTX if you had a 256MB card then you would have 3.75GB for the OS.

10-16-07, 12:34 PM
Why does Windows 32-bit take away RAM from 4GB but not 2GB? :confused:

10-16-07, 12:53 PM
Why does Windows 32-bit take away RAM from 4GB but not 2GB? :confused:
cause it can address 4gb in total.
So there isnt a problem with 2gb + whatever else it needs to address.
As long as the total is under 4gb..
Atleast thats how I understand it..

10-19-07, 08:59 AM
It's to due to the Kenel that assigns IRQ or something of that nature and in doing so to increase stability it uses the memory as cache for the video card.

10-22-07, 06:04 AM
every piece of hardware in your PC needs memory address space. if you go through all your devices in device manager and see what resources they use you'll see a memory range that they use.

Instead of being so IRQ reliant, everything takes a memory address space.

32 bit hardware can see and use a TOTAL of 4GB of memory address space, but all the hardware in your system eats up 512MB to 768MB of address space.

its not using the memory per se, just the address space that would otherwise be available to it.

FYI, i've been using vista 64 for awhile with 0 problems.