View Full Version : How many have used 2 - 80 mm fans on there Thermalright HR-03 plus?

10-16-07, 07:29 PM
I am waiting ona Thermalright Hr-03 Plus to show up very soon. I see where some of you are using 92 mm and 120 mm fans. What kind of temps are you getting? And I know of one person here that has tried mounting 2 - 80 mm fans. Has anyone else tried to mount 2? If so what kind of temps?

10-18-07, 02:05 AM
temps would vary based on the fans used and how much air gets into them.

Myself i use a 120mm, but its a bitch to keep the fan un-blocked, so i'm looking into 2x80mm as well - i figure if its on an angle, i can get the air less blocked by my CPU cooler (if mounted above) and my sound card (mounted below)

10-18-07, 03:47 AM
PaiN will likely see this and reply. He is doing two 80mm. I use a 92mm Panflo H1A jacked into a Sunbeam Rheobus myself. I am soon going with water cooling so I won't be switching my fan :p

10-18-07, 07:37 AM
Well from I heard it runs cooler with the two 80's. It may because the center between the two fans is most likely right over the center of the gpu. The fan blades meet over the center of the gpu. So it looks like more direct airflow over the gpu. With the 92 and 120 you have dead space in the center of those fans where there is no airflow.