View Full Version : Can you SLI 2 diferent GPU's

10-17-07, 05:53 PM
I have a Sparkle GeForce 6800XT 256mb I whant to put another GPU and I dont know if i can yoin them together

10-17-07, 06:35 PM
They have to be the same two graphics cards!

10-18-07, 07:11 AM

10-19-07, 08:39 AM
They can be two different brands ,but they have to have the same GPU chip and the same size memory.

10-19-07, 10:36 AM
so i canīt have a 8800GTX and GTS?

10-19-07, 10:49 AM
Dude! ... the cards have to be the same board, i.e same memory size, same same speeds, same model cards, .... two GTS's will work, two GTX's will work! .... a GT, GTS or GTX will not work in sli! TWO OF THE SAME CARDS ONLY! .. as said they can be different brands!

10-19-07, 11:29 AM
Actually the memory clocks can be off, and clock speed as long as its the same GPU, it can be a different brand. I saw a post where someone had tried to SLI a XFX 8800 with a BFG and they said it was a different reference design, and it didn't work or something but I think that was just someone talking out their ass.

10-19-07, 01:09 PM
not yet you cant.